Prosecutor in Dominican Republic concludes former nuncio abused 5 boys

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19 November 2013

CWN – November 19, 2013

Prosecutors in the Dominican Republic have concluded that the former apostolic nuncio there, Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, was guilty of molesting at least five boys.

Archbishop Wesolowski was relieved of his duties and recalled to Rome in August, after Church leaders in the Dominican Republic informed Pope Francis that they had uncovered evidence of sexual abuse by the papal representative. The Vatican turned over the evidence to the Dominican government, and has pledged to cooperate with prosecutors there.

The Dominican prosecutors, in turn, report that they have sent the final results of their investigation to the Vatican, including testimony from five young men who say they were molested, and from a deacon who admitted to having relations with the former nuncio and adds a charge that the archbishop bought and used cocaine.

1 Response to Prosecutor in Dominican Republic concludes former nuncio abused 5 boys

  1. Sylvia says:

    The legal system in the Dominican Repubic is very different than ours. We would never hear a Crown in Canada say that anyone is guilty before standing trial. The DR prosecutors, like those in the States, actively investigate allegations to have charges laid. I actually think that is a good idea. Who better to investigate than the prosecutor who has to take the case to trial and is therefore familiar with every facet of the case ?

    And that aside, what now with the former Nuncio?

    Prosecutors have no doubt that Archbishop Wesolowski is guilty. Teh results of the DR investigation have been sent to the Vatican.

    The Vatican had previously pledged to cooperate with DR prosecutors.

    Will the Vatican now pack Archbishop Wesolowski off to the Dominican Republic to stand trial?

    We shall see. I hope that’s the next step, but I won’t hold my breath.

    And note, another charge added: “that the archbishop bought and used cocaine”

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