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01 June 2018:  “Pope sends abuse investigators back to Chile, ‘ashamed’ church didn’t listen” & related articles

23 May 2018:  “Pope Francis Will Receive 5 Priests Who Were Victims of Abuse in Chile” & related article

22 May 2018:  “Chilean Bishop Suspends 12 Priests, Apologizes for Not Acting Sooner” & related articles

18 May 2018:   “Chilean bishops implore forgiveness for sex abuse scandal and offer to resign” & related articles

18 May 2018:  “Chile’s bishops resign en masse over sex abuse cover-up” & related articles

15 May 2018:  Pope gives Chile bishops something to pray on for abuse summit

15 May 2018:   “Chile archbishop defends himself as pope’s summit opens” & related articles

15 May 2018:  Chileans denounce suffering sex abuse by Marists, priests

10 May 2018:  “Chilean cardinal at center of abuse scandal won’t travel to Rome” & related article

02 May 2018:  “Pope to Chile abuse victims: ‘I was part of the problem'” & related article

30 April 2018:  Pope receives victims of Chilean paedophile priest

25 April 2018:  “Chilean clerical sex abuse victim urges pope to fire “toxic” bishops” *& related articles

11 April 2018:  “Pope begs for forgiveness as he admits making ‘grave errors’ in defending a Chilean bishop accused of ignoring child abuse” & related articles and VIDEO

21 February 2018:  “Vatican sex abuse investigator hospitalized in Chile” & related articles

05 February 2018:  “Pope’s advisers say he got abuse victim’s letter, despite denial” & related article

31 January 2018:   Pope Francis Letter to Chilean Bishops

30 January 2018:  Pope Francis sends envoy to Chile to investigate sexual abuse claims

22 January 2018: “Contrite pope apologises for sexual abuse comments that ‘wounded many'” & related article

18 January 2018:  Pope Francis shocks Chile by accusing sex abuse victims of slander

17 January 2018:  “Why this Chilean abuse survivor refuses to accept Pope Francis’ apology” & related articles

13 April 2o15:  “Papal sex abuse commission members meet over Chilean bishop” & related articles

31 March 2015:   “Vatican supports Chilean bishop despite allegations of sex abuse cover-up” & related articles & VIDEO

21 March 2015:  “New Chilean bishop faces outcries for suspected pederasty cover-up” & related articles

19 March 2015:  Chile’s bishops back prelate linked to notorious abuser priest

16 March 2015:  Pope’s zero tolerance for pedophiles faces test in Chile

08 January 2015:  “Chilean legislators vote to strip priest of honorary nationality” & related articles

09 March 2015:  “Pope Francis meets with Chilean leaders amid sex abuse controversy” & related articles

07 February 2014:  Vatican investigates Chilean bishop for sex abuse

28 August 2013:  “Irish priest faces sex abuse charges in Chilean court” & related articles

21 August 2013:  “Chile priest Rogel Pinuer faces jail in Temuco sex case” & related article

10 October 2012: “Pope accepts resignation of Chilean bishop accused of abusing a minor” & related articles

09 January 2012: Priest charged with child abuse in Chile gets four years parole

14 November 2011: Chilean Judge Drops Abuse Case but Condemns Priest

18 October 2011: Chile could try ex-priest sanctioned by Vatican

06 October 2011: Influential Chilean priest denies claims of sexual abuse

08 September 2011: Controversial evidence permitted in high-profile sex abuse case

19 April 2011:  Chilean Police Seize Vatican Documents on Priest Abuse Case

27 October 2010: Handling of abuse in Chilean church questioned

21 June 2010:  Vatican asked to investigate Chilean priest sex abuse accusations

03 May 2010:  The sexual abuse charges facing Chile’s Catholic Church

27 April 2010:  Chile Catholic Church hit by abuse claims, bomb

15 April 2020:  Chile: Priest charged with eight cases of sexually abusing minors

4 Responses to Chile

  1. bc says:

    -‘I have incurred grave mistakes of judgment and perception of the situation`

    now says Pope Francis about his mishandling of the Bishop Juan Barros scandal in Chile's-bishops-after-receiving-sex-abuse-report

  2. BC says:

    Pope now says that Chilean Bishops deserve a reward from God; praises them.

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