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09 April 2013: Ex-priest charged in 15 cases of alleged child sexual abuse while heading school in Austria

20 May 2011: Priest Prohibited Signs Enflame Austrian Passions

29 June 2010:  Holy See tried to end damaging squabble between two cardinals

29 June 2010:  Pope rebukes Austrian cardinal who accused peer

23 June 2010:  Austrian Catholics ramp up quest for church reform

19 May 2010:  Let priests marry?  Ausrian Cardinal Schonbonr roils the Vatican

12 May 2010:  Austrian bishop questions celibacy

10 May 2010: More coverage on Cardinal Christoph Schonborn’s attack on Vatican Secretay of State Cardinal Angelo Sodana 

07 May 2010:  Report:  Cardinal attacks former Vatican No. 2

28 April 2010: Report: Austrian cardinal accused of sex abuse stayed a member of Vatican congregations

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