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07 November 2019:  “Monk accused of Scottish child abuse loses extradition appeal” & relates articles

15 October 2019:  “George Pell’s lawyers accuse prosecutors of ‘mischaracterising’ cardinal’s appeal” & relates article

17 September 2019:  Cardinal George Pell to appeal to high court over child sexual abuse conviction

25 August 2019:  “George Pell to take his case to the High Court” & related articles

22 August 2019:  “Melbourne archbishop says George Pell innocent and questions if victim mistaken” & related articles

20 August 2019:Reasons of the Court of Appeal (Cardinal Pell sex abuse conviction upheld.  This file includes the dissenting opinion of Justice J.A. Weinberg starting on page 121, para 353)

15 August 2019:  “George Pell’s appeal against his child sex abuse convictions will be decided by a court next week” & related article

06 June 2019:  George Pell appeal: prosecutor struggles to answer judges’ questions

05 June 2019:  “Crown expected to mount tough fight against George Pell appeal” & related articles

04 June 2019:  All you need to know about George Pell’s appeal

30 May 2019:  Pell conviction appeal to be live streamed

16 April 2019:  “George Pell media contempt case could have ‘chilling effect’ on open justice, court hears” & related articles

13 March 2019:  “Reasons for Sentence” (Cardinal Pell conviction)

12 March 2019:  “Cardinal George Pell sentenced to six years jail” & related articles

12 March 2019:  ‘I want him to rot in jail’: Pell victim’s father speaks on eve of sentencing

06 March 2019:   “Cardinal Pell’s Appeal Process to Begin in June” & related articles

05 March 2019:  “George Pell’s barrister Robert Richter too ‘angry, emotional’ to lead defence team” & related articles

27 February 2019:  “Fr Frank Brennan SJ: The Pell Verdict” & related articles

27 February 2019:  “George Pell remanded in custody after bail revoked at court hearing for child sex offences” & related article

26 February 2019:  Inside George Pell’s trial: The victim’s words, the lawyers’ arguments

25 February 2019:  “Archbishop of Brisbane under investigation over alleged response to child abuse information” related article & text of his homily at closing Mass at Vatican Summit

25 February 2019:  “‘Shame, loneliness, depression’: George Pell’s victim releases statement” & related article

26 February 2019:  Dozens of journalists accused of breaking Pell suppression order face possible jail terms

26 February 2019:  George Pell: Cardinal found guilty of sexual offences in Australia” & related article

25 February 2019:  “George Pell guilty of sexually abusing choirboys” & related article

31 July 2018:  Pope Francis accepts resignation of Archbishop Philip Wilson

31 May 2018:  “Anglicans, YMCA, Scouts, Salvos join child sexual abuse redress scheme” & related article

26 May 2018:  The archbishop, the paedophile priest, the compassionate church employee and the damage done

23 May 2018:  “Philip Wilson to step down as Archbishop of Adelaide after conviction, but refuses to resign” & related articles

22 May 2018:  “Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson found guilty of concealing child sexual abuse” & related articles

08 May 2018:  “Sydney archdiocese runs ads seeking donations for Cardinal George Pell’s legal fees” & elated articles

07 May 2018:  “Ex-detective Denis Ryan wins compensation decades after being pushed out of Victoria Police” & related articles

05 May 2018:  Exclusive: Vatican won’t pay for cardinal’s defence

01 May 2018:  “Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell faces historical sexual offences trial” & related article

30 April 2018:  Decision day has arrived for George Pell, as magistrate weighs options

17 April 2018:  “Cardinal George Pell allegations a ‘product of fantasy’ to punish him, court told” & related articles

14 April 2018:  Archbishop accused of concealing abuse ‘duck and wove’ in trial” & related article

12 April 2018:  “Archbishop needs confession or conviction” & related articles

11 April 2018:  Archbishop denies in Australian court knowledge of pedophile

29 March 2018:  “Pell’s lawyer asks why police trusted a ‘nutter’ and a ‘troubled soul'” & related articles

30 March 2018:  “Pell lawyer asks magistrate to step down, she tells him to stop shouting” & related articles

27 March 2018:  “ABC Journalist challenged on Pell book in committal hearing” & related articles

23 March 2018:  “Cardinal George Pell case: Alleged inappropriate conduct occurred in public pool, court hears” & related articles

22 March 2018:  Why the public isn’t allowed to know specifics about the George Pell case

22 March 2018:  “‘Impossible’ for Pell to reveal genitals from under robes, court told” & related articles

21 March 2018:  “George Pell was a ‘bully’: court witness” & related articles

20 March 2018:  “Cardinal George Pell could face fresh charges after new witness statement emerges” & related articles

19 March 2018:  “George Pell committal: Complainant came forward after seeing cardinal on TV” & related articles

15 March 2018:  “Pell hearing: Accuser’s father rejects ‘insult’ that he ‘made up’ evidence” & related articles

14 March 2018:  “George Pell: Father of alleged victim speaks in first open court session” & related articles

09 March 2018:  “Cardinal George Pell’s first week in court ends behind closed doors” & related article

07 March 2018:  Cardinal George Pell returned to court for the third day of evidence from people accusing him of multiple historical sex offences.

05 March 2018:  “Cardinal George Pell: committal hearing begins into sexual offence charges” & related article

02 March 2018:  “Key abuse charge against Cardinal Pell withdrawn” & related article

27 February 2018:   Pell’s lawyers refused access on alleged victim’s criminal history

17 February 2018:  “Cardinal George Pell’s barrister: loud, socially progressive and an avowed atheist” & related articles

16 February 2018:  Court likely to withdraw charge of key accuser in Cardinal Pell abuse case

10 January 2017:  “Cardinal Pell living at Sydney seminary ahead of historic sex abuse hearing” & related articles

28 November 2017:  “Archbishop could be malingering: NSW court” & related articles

07 October 2017:  “50 witnesses to be called in Cardinal George Pell hearing” & related articles

27 July 2017:  Salesian priest Frank De Dood admits child sex crimes

26 July 2917:  Secrecy and security envelop George Pell’s magistrates court show

26 July 2017: Cardinal George Pell faces court over historical sex offences

13 July 20117:  WA bishop hired paedophile priest despite previous sex abuse, letters reveals

11 June 2017:  Cardinal Pell hires ‘Rolls Royce’ silk and Art of War aficionado to defend alleged sex abuse charges

10 July 2017:  “Cardinal Pell back in Australia to face abuse charges” & related article

29 June 2017:  Cardinal George Pell’s legal bills won’t be paid by Sydney Archdiocese, Archbishop says

29 June 2017:  “Senior Vatican official Cardinal George Pell facing multiple sex assault charges in Australia” & related articles & VIDEO

01 June 2017:  “George Pell says ‘I’m hanging in there’ as he waits to find out if he will be prosecuted over historic child sex charges” & related article

30 May 2017:  “Paedophiles could have passports cancelled in ‘world first’ bid to prevent sexual abuse of children overseas” & related articles

29 May 2017:  “Advocate for abuse survivors to receive state funeral” & related articles

18 May 2017:  “Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson seeks to have charge of hiding child sex abuse thrown out” & related article

18 May 2017:  “‘Even churchmen have a right to a fair go’: Top cleric backs Cardinal George Pell” & related article

17 May 2017:  “Call to charge Pell rests with police ” & related articles

16 May 2017:  Cardinal George Pell demands apology over new book claims

13 May 2017:  “Cardinal George Pell accused of sexually abusing two choirboys, book claims” & related articles

11 May 2017:  Abuse accused monk eligible for extradition from Australia

o3 April 2017:  “Sexual abuse survivor Andrew Collins has called on Ballarat Diocese Bishop Paul Bird to resign” & related articles

23 February 2017:  “Archbishop makes explosive claim at Royal Commission” & related articles

22 February 2017:  “Christian Brothers ‘will disappear from Australia’ because of ageing membership” & related articles

February 2017:  Australian Royal Commission: “Proportion of priests and non ordained religious subject to a claim of child sexual abuse 1950- 2010”

14 February 2017:  Assessment for clergy candidates flawed, sex inquiry hears

08 February 2017:  “Catholic Church a “law unto itself” Archbishop tells royal commission” & related articles

08 February 2017:  “Senate calls on Pell to return to Australia” & related articles

04 February 2017:  Barbara Blaine, leader of priest sex-abuse survivors group, steps down

07 February 2017:  Transcript- Canon lawyer Father Tom Doyle testimony at Australian Royal Commission Case Study 50

07 February 2017:  “Father Thomas Doyle tells royal commission Vatican failed sex abuse victims” & related articles

06 February 2017:  “4,444 victims: extent of abuse in Catholic church in Australia revealed” & related articles

February 2017:  Royal Commission Case Study 50 witness list February 2017

06 February 2017:  Here is the shocking opening address to the royal commission about child abuse in the Catholic church

February 2017:  Australian Royal Commission Proportion of Priests and non ordained religious subject to a claim of sexual abuse claims 1950 to 2010

03 February 2017:  “Australian Catholic Church warns congregation ahead of final ‘grim’ royal commission hearing” & related articles

01 November 2016:  “Cardinal Pell says he won’t yet respond to criticism of his evidence on paedophile priest” & related articles

25 October 2016;  Cardinal George Pell interviewed by Australian police in Rome over sexual abuse claims

24 September 2016:  Farrell scandal puts Catholic church’s attitude to Australian law under the microscope

08 September 2016:  Survivors still picking up the pieces decades after abuse at hands of paedophile priest Vincent Ryan

07 September 2016:  Brother put Jaws 2 line in child sex email

06 September 2016:  “Marist Brothers looked for abuse evidence after teen’s death, royal commission told” & related articles

17 August 2016:  “Cardinal George Pell to face police questioning in Rome over historic child sex abuse claims” & related articles

12 August 2016:  “Catholic priest John Casey found not guilty of 16 child abuse charges” & related articles

28 July 2016:  “George Pell sex files: police sought advice from prosecutors” & related articles

27 July 2016:  “Cardinal George Pell ‘facing sex abuse charges after two men claim he groped them at a pool in 1970s'” & related articles

27 July 2016:  George Pell: The swimming pool allegations

11 July 2016:  “Cardinal Pell’s role at Vatican reduced after Pope approves decree” & related articles

06 July 2016:  Priest accused of paedophilia loses right to work with children, again

01 July 2016:  Pervert priest free to work with children after getting ban overturned

13 April 2016:  “George Pell’s lawyers score small victory at Royal Commission” & related articles & VIDEO

04 March 2016:  “Cardinal Pell holds ‘hard, honest’ meeting with Ballarat victims” & related articles

20 February 2016:  “Cardinal George Pell ‘under investigation’ over allegations of child abuse” & related article

11 December 2015:  “Child abuse inquiry: George Pell sick note delays appearance” & related article

08 December 2015:  Victoria Police to apologise for forcing out officer pursuing paedophile priest

08 December 2015:  “Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson applies for permanent stay on charge of concealing child sexual abuse” & related articles

08 December 2015:  Inquiry: Pell overheard discussing abuse of boys by Ridsdale” & related articles

01 December 2015: “Unholy secrets tumble out in sex abuse commission” & related article

26 November 2015:  Church’s failure to address paedophile priests ‘shameful’, says George Pell“ & related articles

21 July 2015:  Child sex abuse: Former bishop Ronald Mulkearns ordered to court

08 June 2015:  “‘Once again the Catholic Church is out of touch and closing ranks’: 60 Minutes hits back at Cardinal George Pell after he demands apology from sex abuse victim” & related article

04 June 2015:  “Papal abuse commission steers clear of Pell-Saunders dispute” & related article

01 June 2015:  Vatican finance chief George Pell summoned to Australia child abuse inquiry

28 May 2015:  “Child sexual abuse inquiry: Notorious paedophile Gerald Ridsdale raped girl at home he shared with George Pell, ‘and another priest heard'” & related articles

28 May 2015:  Transcript of Gerald Ridsdale testimony at Royal Commission Ballarat hearings

27 May 2015:  “Paedophile priest lived with George Pell and had him as a character witness at his trial for abusing 30 boys… but the evil predator ‘can’t remember dealing’ with the man who would become a Vatican Cardinal” & related articles

27 May 2015:  Transcript of  Gerald  Ridsdale testimony at Royal Commission Ballart hearings

26 May 2015:  “Cardinal George Pell willing to give evidence at Ballarat Royal Commission hearing” & related articles

26 May 2015:  Paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale said abuse ‘no secret’, royal commission reveals

26 May 2015:  Transcript of Father Adrian Francis MacInerney testimony at Australian Royal Commission hearings in Ballarat

26 May 2015: Child abuse inquiry hears of Ballarat priest’s regrets on paedophile Gerald Ridsdale

26 May 2015:  “Royal commission: Ballarat priest provided character reference for Gerald Ridsdale” & related articles

24 May 2015:  Catholic church ‘buried head’ to abuse, says priest convicted of indecent assault

22 May 2015:  Christian Brother Peter Clinch testimony at Australian Royal Commission hearings in Ballarat (22 May 2015)

22 May 2015:  “Paedophile Robert Best still a Christian Brother” & related articles

21 May 2015:  “‘Pell a bully’: David Ridsdale” & related articles

20 May 2015:  Full text of statement from Cardinal George Pell (20 May 2015)

20 May 2015: Cardinal George Pell responds to child sex allegations

20 May 2015:  Nun laughed after priest’s abuse: victim

20 May 2015:  “Royal commission told Cardinal George Pell tried to buy victim’s silence about abuse” & related articles

19 May 2015:  “Cardinal George Pell may have known about priest’s crimes against children, royal commission hears” & related articles

18 May 2015:  “Catholic brother convicted of sex abuse” & related articles

15 May 2015:  Catholic bishop to stand trial in Western Australia for child sex offences

07 May 2015:  “Archbishop Philip Wilson pleads not guilty to concealing child sex abuse” & related articles

28 April 2015:  Hamilton newspaper slammed for ‘appalling’ child sex abuse blog

22 April 2015:  “Child sex abuse inquiry: Senior Catholic nun apologises to victims from Neerkol orphanage in Queensland: & related articles

21 April 2015:  Nun says MP sensationalised abuse claims at Neerkol Orphanage” & related articles

17 April 2015:  “Ex-bishop ‘deeply regrets’ response to abuse allegations at Neerkol orphanage” & related articles & VIDEO

16 April 2015:  “Royal Commission continues into alleged abuse at Neerkol orphanage: & related articles & VIDEO

14 April 2015:  “Child sex abuse inquiry: Rockhampton priest ‘raped me well over 100 times’, witness says” & related articles

18 March 2015:  Ian Temby QC: the ‘$1000 an hour’ barrister who will defend Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson against sex abuse cover up claims

17 March 2015:  “Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson charged with concealing child sex abuse” & related articles

11 February 2015:  “Cardinal George Pell, Sydney Archdiocese failed child sex abuse victim John Ellis, inquiry finds” & related articles

10 Marc h 2015:  Former Illawarra priest charged with indecent assault

25 August 2014:  Vatican orders Sydney Archdiocese to reopen abuse inquiry

22 August 2014:  Victims of ex-Catholic priest reveal torment

22 August 2014:  Abuse victims happy with response: church

22 August 2014:  “Royal commission: Child abuse victim support groups outraged over Cardinal George Pell’s testimony” & related articles

21 August 2014:  Ex-Victorian priest to face 2015 retrial

21 August 2014:  “Royal Commission: Cardinal George Pell ‘never anticipated’ number of complaints made to Catholic Church” & VIDEOS & related articles

21 August 2014:  Australian Commission re Melbourne Response Transcript Leder and Cardinal George Pell testimony

20 August 2014:  Australian Commission re Melbourne Response – Richard Leder & Cardinal Pell testimomy

20 August 2014:  “Church’s investigator grilled on independence” & related articles

19 August 2014:  “O’Callaghan QC tells Royal Commission he doesn’t report priest abuse claims to police” & related articles

18 August 2014:  Child sex abuse royal commission: Child abuse claims in Victoria cost Catholic Church $34m, inquiry hears

18 August 2014:  Australian Commission Transcript (Case 16) re Melbourne Response Day One 18 August 2014

18 August 2014:  Child sex abuse royal commission: Child abuse claims in Victoria cost Catholic Church $34m, inquiry hears

15 August 2014:  “Clergy sex abuse victim to take stand at Royal Commission’s Melbourne hearings” & related article

27 July 2014:  Australian Catholic bishop charged with child sex abuse case

30 June 2014:  “Military bishop Max Davis charged with child sex offence” & related article

30 May 2014: NSW child sexual abuse inquiry finds evidence to charge senior Catholic Church official

08 May 2014:  Policeman Peter Fox’s cover-up claims rejected

08 April 2014:  More jail for abuser priest Ridsdale

08 April 2014:  Catholic priest sorry for abuse: court

2014:  Crimes Amendment (Grooming)  Act 2014 (Victoria, Australia)

27 March 2014:  Cardinal George Pell testimony at Australian Royal Commission – Day three (Transcript)

27 March 2014:  “Child sex abuse royal commission: George Pell publicly apologises to victim John Ellis” & related articles & AUDIO

26 March 2014:  “George Pell approved use of a court ‘tactic’ against abuse claims” & related articles (& AUDIO file)

26 March 2014:   Cardinal George Pell testimony at Australian Royal Commission – Day two (Transcript)

26 March 2014: George Pell tells sex abuse royal commission case against John Ellis was unfair ‘from a Christian point of view’

25 March 2014:  New laws to protect children from sexual abuse (Media Release Hon Dr Denis Napthine MP and Hon Robert Clark MP  – Victoria Legislature)

THE LIES OF GEORGE PELL: Loss of Faith – 60 minutes (2002)

25 March 2014:  Failure to report child sex abuse in Victoria punishable by three years’ jail

25 March 2014:  “Sydney church’s $1.2b wealth revealed ” & related articles

24 March 2014:  Cardinal George Pell testimony at Australian Royal Commission – Day one (Transcript)

24 March 2014:  Pell defends abuse case handling

24 March 2014:  Abuse victims should be able to sue Church, says George Pell

February 2014:  Cardinal George Pell statement for Australian Commission of Inquiry

24 March 2014:  George Pell removed expression of regret from letter to abuse victim John Ellis

24 March 2014:  ” Cardinal Pell has said sorry over the Catholic church’s handling of altar boy sexual abuse case” & related articles

21 March 2014:  “Child sex abuse royal commission: George Pell’s private secretary grilled over legal tactics in John Ellis case” & related articles & VIDEO

20 March 2014:  “Police pressured by archbishop to extradite pedophile bus driver ” & related articles

20 March 2014:  “Pell’s legal view long held, inquiry told ” & related articles

18 March 2014:  Priest called abuse the ‘Lord’s work’

17 March 2014:  “Pell’s statement to abuse inquiry disputed” & related articles

27 February 2014:  Rape victim unwilling to face Denham again

26 February 2014: Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge dismayed by Catholic Church sex abuse claims

21 February 2014:  Vatican attacks abuse victims, offered payout to ‘appear concerned’

19 February 2014:  “Catholic school principal opted to protect Bishop rather than tell police of sexual abuse allegations” & related article & VIDEO

17 February 2014:  “Toowoomba principal Terence Hayes knew pedophile teacher was a risk ” & related articles & VIDEO

12 February 2014:  Ex-Catholic priest faces trial accused of molesting boys

31 January 2014:  Sydney priest charged with sexual assault

10 December 2013:  Hush fund: Catholic Church paid $43 million to keep abuse secret

10 December 2013:  Church’s insurer wanted changes in letter to abuse victim: inquiry

27 November 2013:  “Retired Catholic priest Edward Sedevic banned from internet after being charged over allegedly accessing child sex abuse content from Canadian website” & related article 

12 November 2013:  Catholic Church protected abuse priest Russell Walker, says judge

30 October 2013:  Victim attacks paedophile’s resting place

17 October 2013:  Former priest jailed for ‘cruel and sadistic’ sexual abuse

15 October 2013:  Priest on trial over abuse

09 October 2013:  Man ‘on the run’ from paedophile priest

09 October 2013:  Court told of ‘sadistic’ abuse by former Catholic school principal

03 & 04 October 2013:  “FOI reveals church attempt to conceal crimes” & VIDEOS & related articles

30 September 2013:  Leaders of the Catholic Church in Australia submission: ” Truth Justice Healing Council” (Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse:  Issues Paper No. 2 – Towards Healing)

25 September 2013: “Predator priest’s conduct ‘horrific'” & related articles

19 September 2013:   “Judge’s eyes open to pain – child sex abuse testimony gives commissioner Peter McClellan a sense of victims’ scars ” & related articles

09 September 2013: “Brian Lucas and John Usher’s pedophile priest evidence conflicts” & related articles

06 September 2013:  Retired Catholic priest on child porn charges

30 August 2013:  “Former Vic priest guilty of sex abuse” & and related articles

28 August 2013:  “Secret files detail alleged priest abuse” & related article

27 August 2013:  “Allegations too old to find priest guilty of sexual abuse, court told ” & related articles

21 August 2013:  “Retired priest charged with two counts of possession of child abuse material” & related articles

19 August 2013:  New delay in Queensland court hearing over priest abuse allegations

16 August 2013:  Boy punched priest in head, court hears

30 July 2013: “Catholic priest charged over child pornography after raid on presbytery” & related articles

30 July 2013:  “Principal not told about Catholic abuse” & related articles (NSW Hunter Valley abuse inquiry)

24 July 2013:  “NSW abuse inquiry hears Catholic Church official was willing to risk breaking the law by not reporting child sexual abuse allegations” with VIDEO & related articles

23 July 2013: “Victim gives evidence at child abuse inquiry in Newcastle” with VIDEO and related articles

AH statement given at the inquiry relating to police invest of child abuse in Maitland Diocese Australia

19 July 2013:  “Priest pedophilia complaint ‘bishop’s responsibility, inquiry told’ ” & related articles

18 July 2013:  `Priest’s memory fails at abuse inquiry` & related article

17 July 2013: Bishop’s assistant didn’t read files (VIDEO)

15 July 2013:  “School principal disputes Malone’s evidence” & VIDEO

11 July 2013:  “Diocese knew of possible concealment charges: inquiry ” & related files

09 July 2013:  “Commission to hear final evidence from police whistleblower Peter Fox” & related articles

05 July 2013:  “Paedophile priest’s parish expanded despite abuse accusations” & related articles

03 July 2013: “Catholic Church abuse processes ‘deeply flawed’: new inquiry submission” & related articles 

26 June 2013: “Vic priest to stand trial for 1970s abuse” & related article

25 June 2013:  “Whistleblower cop a zealot: NSW inquiry” & related articles

11 June 2013: Victims outraged clergy can give evidence in private.

Statement by Robert Lipari regarding sex abuse by a previously convicted molester at Christian Brothers school in Australia

06 June 2013: Why these two men are still part of the problem

02 June 2013:  Archbishop Denis Hart begs forgiveness for church mishandling child abuse

28 May 2013: Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry Statement by His Eminence Cardinal George Pell

27 May 2013: “Cardinal George Pell says sorry for abuse by clergy and admits celibacy is a factor” & related article

27 May 2013: “Pell makes admissions” & related articles and VIDEO

23 May 2013: Catholic church interfered in investigation – VIDEO

22 May 2013:  “Prosecution not in ‘public interest’” with VIDEO

20 May 2013:  “Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart appears before Facing the Truth sex abuse inquiry ” & related article

17 May 2013:  “Priest ‘refused to be questioned’ over abuse” & related articles & VIDEO

13 May 2013: “Police ‘not concerned’ about clergy’s reputation” & related article

13 May 2013:  Police investigate former Parramatta priest for alleged assaults on alter boys

13 May 2013:  Priest child-sex case delayed due to ‘continuing health’ reasons

13 May 2013: Sex crimes investigation hampered by resources: inquiry

13 May 2013:  “Sex abuse whistleblower’s misleading tweet” & related article

12 May 2013: Accused priest ‘said he’d beat charges’

10 May 2013:  INQUIRY: Officer agrees investigator was ‘shut down’

10 May 2013:  NSW police warned of a possible Catholic Church paedophile network as early as 2004

10 May 2013:  Accused priest ‘said he’d beat charges’

09 May 2013: Naming ban to remain

09 May 2013:  Pell to appear before Vic abuse inquiry

09 May 2013: “INQUIRY: Church delivers warning” & “Whistleblower cop axed, abuse probe told”

09 May 2013:  “Grant denies reference to ‘Catholic mafia'” & related article

08 May 2013:  Catholic nun ‘tipped off priest’ under investigation for pedophile crimes

07 May 2013:  “Police colluded with priests, says detective” & related articles

03 May 2013:  Four paedophiles in same parish an accident of history, Christian Brothers tell parliamentary inquiry ” & related articles

01 May 2013:  “Paedophile priests advised never to admit guilt to limit payouts, Catholic church insurer says” & other related articles

01 May 2013:  “Abuse victim won $450,000 payout” & related articles

30 April 2013:  JOANNE MCCARTHY: ‘Mistakes’ of the past

29 April 2013:  Brother avoids charges

29 April 2013: “Catholic orders deny protecting pedophiles” & related articles

23 April 2013:  Whistle blowing priest

22 April 2013: “Former Catholic principal Julian Fox returns from Rome to face child sex charges“ & related articles

22 April 2013: `Vic priest charged over sex abuse cases“ & related article

08 April 2013: Abuser priest led Catholic Church insurance scheme

05 April 2013: Breaking down Catholic Church’s shield over sex abuse

04 April 2013: Our Shame: Royal Commission into sexual abuse of children

04 April 2013:  Abusive priests prey on the devout: expert

02 April 2013: “Cardinal Pell to give evidence in Victorian clergy child abuse inquiry” & related article

26 March 2013: Jesuit priest ‘preyed on young boys’

23 March 2013: Former priest faces Armidale Court again

20 March 2013: “Call for paedophile priest to front abuse inquiries” & related article

12 March 2013:  Ex Qld priest on almost 60 sex charges

24 February 2013: “Church backflips on predator priest” & related article

20 January 2013: Predator priest returns to duty

16 January 2013:  Media Statement from Justice Peter McClellan AM – Chair of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

16 January 2013: Huge task facing Royal Commission: McClellan

11 January 2013: Transcript of Joint Press Conference

11 January 2013: Terms of Reference for Australian Royal Commission (Letters Patent)

11 January 2013:  Priest allegedly indecently assaulted two boys on eight separate occasions

08 January 2013: “‘Orphans need say at abuse probe'” & related articles

05 January 2013: Retired priest on charge of hiding sex crimes

21 November 2012: Australian inquiry into child sex abuse ‘should have focused on Catholic Church’, former priest says

17 November 2012: Catholic Church’s secret sex files

13 November 2012: Australia’s Catholic church acknowledges “shame” of child abuse


10 November 2012: Imported priests pose risk, church abuse inquiry told

10 November 2012: Calls to widen clergy inquiry across state

10 November 2012: Church abuse inquiry told of cover-up

08 November 2012: “Detective challenges O’Farrell over Catholic abuse claims” with VIDEOS

08 November 2012: OPINION: Don’t block your ears to abuse, Mr Premier (Det. Chief Insp. Peter Fox letter to NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell)

08 November 2012: Former Ballarat bishop knew of sex abuse: report

03 November 2012: Three  Catholic clergy in spotlight in sex cover-up investigation

02 November 2012: Call for state input on abuse by priests

27 October 2012: Punishment, penance should come via a royal commission

26 October 2012: Hope for victims in church abuse inquiry

19 October 2012: “Police scathing of Church’s handling of abuse” with VIDEO

19 October 2012: Victoria Police slams Catholic Church (with VIDEO)

18 October 2012: “Former priest charged with 25 sex offences” & related articles

12 October 2012: “Cardinal George Pell says he was out of the country when boy told of rape by priest ” & related article

11 October 2012: “Police slam Catholic Church” & related article

02 October 2012: Priest charged with abuse cover-up dies

September 2012: Melbourne Response 2012 brochure (Melbourne Response first introduced in 1996)

24 September 2012: Anglican Archbishop Hepworth faces charges of financial impropriety

22 & 24 September 2012: “Monsignor Ian Dempsey returns to work despite police sex-crimes investigation” & “Archbishop John Hepworth quizzed on renovation funds”

21 September 2012: Catholic Church admits 620 cases of child sexual abuse

19 September 2012:  Former teachers speak out about abuse allegations (with VIDEO)

15 September 2012: Charges ‘likely’ over alleged rape of Archbishop

10 September 2012: “Anglican priests defrocked over abuse claims” & “Fears Anglican abuse linked to Catholics”

31 August 2012: Priest charged with abuse cover-up

30 August 2012: “CORRECTION Catholic priest charged with historical child sex offences – Lake Macquarie LAC” & related articles

24 August 2012: George Pell puts abuse at arm’s length

20 August 2012: Sexual Abuse: The Response of the Archdiocese of Sydney

18 August 2012: Secret tapes reveal church reluctance to report abuser

05 August 2012: Ministering over abuse claims takes toll on bishop

02 August 2012: Former principal, victim’s mother challenge archbishop’s claims on abuse

01 August 2012: Calls for royal commission into church abuse

01 August 2012: Plea for inquiry into church sex abuse

01 August 2012: Senior Catholic cleric ‘pledged silence’ on child abuse

31 July 2012: Senior Catholics implicated in child sex cover-up

31 July 2012: Greens MP mistrusts Church’s inquiry into sexual abuse

31 July 2012:  Church to face probe over paedophilia cover-up

31 July 2012: Police to allege senior catholic priests concealed sexual assaults

27 July 2012: Man abused as a child by pedophile priest found dead in car

27 July 2012: “Inquiry bungles church abuse complaint” & “Abuse inquiry process too hard for victims”

24 July 2012: Victim comes forward over priest’s sex abuse

23 July 2012: “Crucial meeting with accused paedophile priest to go under microscope” & related articles

16 July 2012: Priest helped by his police friend to bring charges against boy

12 July 2012:  Sex claims ‘met with violence’

09 July 2012: More sex abuse claims levelled at Catholic priest

09 July 2012: Charged priest’s political link

07 July 2012: Former DPP slams priests for failing to report abuse

05 July 2012: VIDEO Armidale reacts to church abuse investigation

05 July 2012: “Senior clergy could face charges over abuse” & related articles

04 July 2012: Calls for royal commission over alleged cover-up of Catholic abuse

03 July 2012: Priests failed to pass on sexual assault admission to police

02 July 2012: Disgraced priest ‘living a normal life’

02 July 2012:  “Catholic church faces fresh allegations of ignoring child abuse” & related article

06 June 2012: One man’s struggle to be delivered from evil – and indifference

23 May 2012: Former priest in court over alleged child sex abuse

15 May 2012: Priest gyrated on boy, court hears

09 May 2012: Priest pleads not guilty to child sex charges

02 May 2012: Married Catholic priest to out others

01 May 2012: ‘It’s been 33 years in the making’: ex-priest charged over sexual abuse

18 April 2012:  Mother can’t forget the day she lost her ‘beautiful boy’

14 April 2012: Inquiry looms as more suicides linked to sexual abuse by Catholic priests

13 April 2012: Church’s suicide victims

09 April 2012: Convicted Hunter priest to retire

05 April 2012: O’Farrell defends A-G over alleged abuse comments

Video – 04 April 2012:  Attorney-General faces accusations of denigrating alleged sexual abuse victim (Video)

04 April 2012:  Attorney-General faces accusations of denigrating alleged sexual abuse victim

08 March 2012:  “Qld priest guilty of child pornography” & “‘There is goodness in this person before you'”

07 March 2012: Qld priest guilty of child pornography

19 February 2012: Catholic victims claim new betrayal

17 January 2012: Catholic church denies negligence over Hunter paedophile

29 November 2011: Archbishop takes abuse allegations to police

07 November 2011: Archbishop John Hepworth denies move to drop abuse claim

08 October 2011: Church documents reveal plan to shunt Hunter paedophile priest

27 September 2011: No need for inquiry, SA archbishop says

26 September 2011: Church denies disabled kids’ sex abuse cover-up

21 September 2011: Greens push for sexual abuse victims’ right to sue parishes

21 September 2011: Archbishop ‘ignored’ church offer

20 September 2011: Monsignor Ian Dempsey denies sexual relationship with accuser Archbishop John Hepworth

19 September 2011: Father Ian Dempsey letter to Senator Xenophon

17 September 2011: One man’s life, and how the church he loved let him down

17 September 2011:  Nick Xenophon’s defends his actions to name and shame a Catholic priest

16 September 2011: Calls for coroner to re-open abuse suicide cases

16 September 2011: Senator accuses Catholic archbishop of having double standards on abuse

15 September 2011: Senator sets sights on Victorian case

15 September 2011: Church tried to help: Archbishop

14 September 2011:  Archbishop Philip Wilson (Adelaide Diocese) re sex abuse allegations by Archbishop John Hepworth

14 September 2011:  Former navy chaplain named in Parliament over rape claims

12 September 2011: Govt should sack priest: Xenophon

12 September 2011: Church, leader at odds over rape claim

05 September 2011: Man tells of alleged abuse

31 August 2011: Salesians ‘accused journalist’

30 August 2011: Suffer little children

29 August 2011: Chch priest suspended from duty

27 August 2011: Bishop to meet parents

23 August 2011: Accused priest fails to have his case determined by a judge

22 August 2011: Former priest jailed for abuse

13 August 2011: Catholic abuse inquiry to be considered

03 August 2011: Church sex abuse inquiry ‘not needed’

30 July 2011: Sex abuse led to 26 suicides says policeman

25 July 2011: If you tell anyone, I’ll kill you: Priest told sex abuse victim

25 July 2011: Christian Brother ‘a sadistic predator’

25 July 2011: Ex-Catholic priest defrocked over sex abuse

24 July 2011: Priest urges clergy abuse reform

22 July 2011: Catholic Church won`t give up its secrets

22 July 2011: Call to end confessional confidentiality

20 July 2011: Maitland-Newcastle Catholic diocese pays $13m compo to abuse victims

27 June 2011: Accused child porn priest in court again

31 May 2011: Brisbane priest on exploitation charge

31 May 2011: Church sex case ‘shows double standards’

26 December 2010: Fears Australia ‘abuse’ priest is working in Ireland

18 September 2010:  After 20 years, former priest abuser Peter Chalk is revealed

10 September 2010:  Court rules priest too ill to face abuse charges

02 July 2010:  20 years for child abuse priest

01 July 2010: A Pastoral Letter on Sexual Abuse (01 July 2010 – Abp. of Melbourne) with VIDEO

June 2010:  Father David Anthony O’Hearn was “tipped off” about a church inquiry, a court is told

21 June 2010:  Australian bishop presses colleague to answer ‘cover-up’ charges

10 June 2010:  Maltese priest based in Melbourne charged with sexual assault

14 June 2010:  Cardinal Pell ‘blocked’ on top Vatican post

24 May 2010:  Australia archbishop:  Church culture tied to abuse

20 May 2010:  Pell and ‘sex deacon’ at same conference

07 May 2010:  Keep out Pell, say Irish sex victims

07 April 2010:  Church scandal: paedophile monks released

07 April 2010: Catholic Church allegedly tried to buy silence over sex abuse claim

15 October 2002:  Catholic Archbishop is cleared of sexual abuse allegations

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