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Letters to the Editor

26 August 2010

Re: St. Catharines’ Runaway Bishop, John Sainsbury, Aug. 25.

How disingenuous was this column where the writer tells us the rumour mills regarding the resignation of Bishop James Wingle are working overtime — and then goes on to add more grist to the mill. And, he chooses to finish with this coup de grâce: “none [of the parishioners] could look forward to a sabbatical for personal renewal of the sort that their former bishop has granted himself.”

Bishop Wingle inherited a troubled diocese. It is known in Catholic circles this diocese has had problems, and I would imagine there are more than a few auxiliary bishops in Canada right now hoping they are not tapped as its next bishop.

We are all vulnerable and fallible. Perhaps Bishop Wingle’s resignation was a result of a combination of overwhelming physical, mental and emotional health problems, coupled with difficult pastoral situations.

We were told the writer’s congregation “listened stoically” to the announcement of the Bishop’s resignation. Good on them. Wisdom, a gift of baptism, strengthened in Confirmation, dictates we should listen stoically and check our judgment until we know the full story.

Donna Procher, Innisfil, Ont.

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