Bishop James Wingle BIO

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James M. Wingle

(Bishop Emeritus St. Catherine’s Ontario)


DOB: 23 September 1946

Raised in EGANVILLE, Ontario (Diocese of Pembroke).  Attended Catholic and public school in the area.

May 1965: – Graduated from ST. MARY’S COLLEGE, Brockville, Ontario (high school)

1965 – 66 – REDEMPTORIST NOVITIATE, St. Gerard’s, Keswick, Ontario

1966 – 69:  – HOLY REDEEMER COLLEGE, Windsor, ON

1969:   B.A., UINVERSIT OF WINDSOR, Ontario

(According to the Canadian Catholic Church Directory he pursued studies in philosophy and sociology at the University of Windsor.  There is no mention in CCCD of Holy Redeemer College. 

According to the CCCD, he obtained a BA and later an MA from Western)

1969 – 70: – Theology, University of ST. MICHAL’S COLLEGE

(There is no mention of University of St. Michael’s College in the CCCD)

1970 – 75: – Employed, GOVERNMENT OF ONTARIO, Ministry of the Attorney General, PROBATION AND PAROLE SERVICES  (later Ministry of Correctional Services)


1975 – 77 :- ST. AUGUSTINE’S SEMINARY, Toronto

April 16, 1977: – Ordained priest for the DIOCESE of PEMBROKE in EGANVILLE, Ontario

April – Sept. 1977: – Assistant priest, ST. JAMES Parish, EGANVILLE, ON

1977 – 79 – Parochial Vicar, ST. ANNES’ Parish, MATTAWA, ON

served as a member of the Pembroke Diocese Senate of Priests

1979 – 84: – Graduate Studies, Moral Theology, Accademia Alfonsiana, Rome


1984:   Appointed to the Faculty of ST. AUGUSTINE’S SEMINARY, Toronto

(according to the CCCD he was loaned to the Archdiocese of Toronto and assigned to the staff at St. Augustine’s Seminary.

His appointed would have come on the heels of the purge at St. Augustine’s Seminary at which 14 professors were fired.  The purge was referred to as a homosexual scandal)

 1984 – 93: – Lecturer in Moral Theology, ST. AUGUSTINE’S SEMINARY and TORONTO SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY

August 1987: – Appointed President and Rector of ST. AUGUSTINE’S SEMINARY

31 May 1993: – Named Bishop of YARMOUTH , Nova Scotia

24 August 1993: – Ordained Bishop, St. Bernard, Nova Scotia

1993 – 2002: – Installed, St. Ambrose Cathedral Bishop of the DIOCESE OF YARMOUTH, Nova Scotia

Principal Consecrator:

Archbishop Austin-Emile BURKE (Halifax)

Principal Co-Consecrators:

Aloysius Matthew Cardinal AMBROZIC (Toronto)

Bishop Joseph Raymond WINDLE (Pembroke)

09 November 2001: – Named Bishop of ST. CATHARINE’s, Ontario

24 January 2002: – Installed as BISHOP OF ST. CATHARINE’S


1993-96: – Member, Episcopal Commission for Canon Law (CCCB)

1997 – 2010: – Member, Episcopal Commission for Ecumenism (CCCB)

1998 – 2010 – Representative of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops to CHAC

 Episcopal Advisor, Canada Council of Serra International

2002 – 2010 – Appointed to the Pontifical Council for Health Care by Pope John Paul II

New York, 2003 – Doctor of Humane Letters (DBL, honori causa) Christ the King

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