New: 31 July to 30 September 2010

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Below are links to articles, documents and other information which were been posted on Sylvia’s Site from 31 July 2010 to 30 September 2010.  (Links to other pages of past postings: March 2012;  25 January to 29 February 2012; 02 January to 25 January 2012; November and December 2011; October 2011;   August and September 2011; 01 December 2010 to 30 July 2011 ; June and July 2011April and May 201101 October 2010 to 30 November 2010; 01 August to 31 September 2010; August 2012New to the Site links pre-31 July 2010; New to the Site pre-30 March 2010 [on website])

30 September 2010

 29 September 2010: Fugitive Brazil priest convicted of abuse arrested (RC Scandal/Other coutnries/Brazil)

 17 September 2010: Adult Community Healing Resource Centre Opens October 1, 2010 in Cornwall Ontario (Cornwall/Cornwall Public Inquiry)

29 September 2010:  Catholic order knew of alleged abuse (RC Scandal/Canada)

29 September 2010

28 September 2010:  Archdiocese to seek laicization of two priests convicted of child sexual abuse from 1970s and 1980s. (RC Scandal/USA)

29 September 2010: Bishops summonded to Rome for abuse crisis talks (RC Scandal/Ireland)

28 September 2010

23 September 2010: Runaway Nunavut priest left few good memories (Accused/Dejaeger: Father Eric Dejaeger omi)

 28 September 2010:  Cardinal Brady summoned to Vatican (RC Scandal/Ireland)

25 September 2010: Italian priest abuse victims hold first public meeting (RC Scandal/Europe/Italy)

23 September 2010:  Abuse help plan flawed: survivors (Cornwall/Cornwall Public Inquiry)

09 May 2010: Sex Offenders living next door (Cornwall)

22 September 2010:  Lawyer for Prince victims wants to hear from others (Accused/Prince: Monsignor Bernard Prince)

26 September 2010

22 September 2010:  Belgium: Bishops Address Celibacy Rule (RC Scandal/Europe/Belgium)

25 September 2010

   25 September 2010:  Child abuse victims to protest outside Vatican (RC Scandal/Vatican)

 24 September 2010: German Catholic bishops say church must discuss taboos. compensate abuse victims (RC Scandal/Germany)

24 September 2010:  New bishop for city: Hamilton has a new bishop (Misc)

24 September 2010

23 September 2010:  Priest charged with sexual assault files appeal (Accused/Cloutier: Father Bernard Cloutier)

24 September 2010:  Catholic school’s ex-princial faces more charges (Accused/Marshall: Father William Hodgson (Hod) Marshall)

24 September 2010:  Windsor man shattered by alleged assaults of Rev. William Hodgson  (Accused/Marshall: Father William Hodgson (Hod) Marshall)

23 September 2010

 23 September 2010: Adult Healing Centre schedueld to open October 1 (Cornwall/Victims)

23 September 2010:  Another comes forward (Accused/Marshall: Father William Hodgson (Hod) Marshall)

23 September 2010:  More media on new Toronto sex charges against Father Hod Marshall (Accused/Marshall: Father William Hodgson (Hod) Marshall)

23 September 2010: Former St. Mike’s teacher charged with sexual abuse (Accused/Marshall: Father William Hodgson (Hod) Marshall)

22 September 2010

 22 September 2010: Toronto Police Service News Release: Man faces two charges in sexual assault investigation  (Accused/Marshall: Father William Hodgson (Hod) Marshall)

November 2000:  An Abysmal Performance (Accused/Boll: Father Richard Boll)

Link to Father George Berthold page added to Accused page (Accused/Berthold: Father George Berthold)

21 September 2010

Father Des McGrath name added to Accused page.  Father Des McGrath page and info added

21 September 2010: Vatican Bank Chairman Under Investigation for Money Laundering (RC Scandal/Vatican)

21 September 2010: Italian police seize $30M from Vatican (RC Scandal/Vatican)

25 March 2004:  John Doe v. Bennett (Supreme Court of Canada) (Accused/Bennett: Father Kevin Bennett)

Information added to Father Kevin Bennett page (Accused/Bennett: Father Kevin Bennett)

20 September 2010

04 October 1991:  R. v. Aloysius Antle (Accused/Antle: Father Aloysius Antle)

Link to Father Aloysius Antle page added to Accused page (Accused/Antle: Father Aloysius Antle)

19 September 2010

18 September 2010:  Cheryl Helena Delacroix Thompson Letter to The Editor re Most Reverend Martin W. Currie  (Accused/Walsh: Father Michael Walsh)

10 September 2010:  Former priest jailed in child porn case (Child porn)

19 September 2010:  As it happened: Pope in Britain: 19 September 2010 (RC Scandal/UK)

15 September 2010:  Belgian Bishop wants more Vatican action against abusive prelate (RC Scandal/Europe/Belgium)

19 September 2010:  Benedict bites back:  How the Pope tried to stem the tide of criticism (RC Scandal/UK)

19 September 2010:  Pope’s message chimes with push to create a ‘big society’ – David Cameron

19 September 2010:  Pope sees police role in abuse inquiries (RC Scandal/UK)

09 September 2010:  30 Antigonish diocese properties for sale (Accused/Lahey: Bishop Raymond Lahey)

17 September 2010:  Lawyers to present pretrial motions Nov. 22 in bishop’s child porn case (Accused/Lahey: Bishop Raymond Lahey)

17 September 2010

16 September 2010:  Pope: Catholic church too slow to tackle clerical sex abuse (RC Scandal/UK)

17 September 2010:  Hecklers accuse pope of covering up abuse, demand his resignation (RC Scandal/UK)

18 September 2010:  After 20 years, former priest abuser Peter Chalk is revealed (RC Scandal/Other  Countries/Australia)

17 September 2010:  Priest abuse allegations investigated (RC Scandal/UK)

 16 September 2010:  Pope visit: ‘Grogreous’ Georg Ganswein, the Pope’s right-hand man (RC Scandal/UK)

17 September 2010;  Pope’s visit:  Repent, resign, hosanna – it isn’t easy being pontiff (RC Scandal/UK)

18 September 2010:  Pope protestors to gather for march on Downing Street (RC Scandal/UK)

17 September 2010:  Prince Philip’s bloomer as he asks Scottish Tory leader if she is wearing tartan knickers (RC Scandal/UK)

17 September 2010:  Six quizzed over alleged plot against pope’s visit (RC Scandal/UK)

New timelines added to Father Michael Walsh page (Accused/Walsh: Father Michael Walsh)

16 September 2010

16 September 2010:  Fugitive priest may be extradited to Canada

16 September 2010:  14 Convicted Abusers Remain Priests in U.K. (RC Scandal/UK)

16 September 2010:  Pope starts U.K. visit (RC Scandal/UK)

16 September 2010:  Pope on UK visit admits failures in abuse scandal  (RC Scandal/UK)

16 September 2010: Court process continues (Accused/Borne: Monsignor Robert Borne)

15 September 2010

15 September 2010:  Bernard Prince gets parole (Accused/Prince:  Monsignor Bernard Prince)

15 September 2010: Father Dejaeger’s nationality -statement by  Belgian Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation (Accused/Dejaeger: Father Eric Dejaeger omi)

 15 September 2010:  Fugitive priest living in Belgium (Accused/Dejaeger: Father Eric Dejaeger omi)

 13 September 2010:  Belgian archbishop vows to clean slate (RC Scandal/Europe/Belgium)

 15 September 2010:  On eve of pope’s visit, victims of childhood abuse demand Vatican hand over records on priests (RC Scandal/UK)

 Picture of Oblate ‘retreat’ house in Blanden Belgium added to Father Eric Dejaeger page

 13 September 2010:  Media coverage 13 September 2010 on Father Eric Dejaeger (Accused/Dejaeger: Father Eric Dejaeger omi)

 14 September 2010

09 September 2010:  Inquiry funding denied (Cornwall)

14 September 2010:  Sex-assault priest out on parole (Accused/Prince: Monsignor Bernard Prince)

14 September 2010: Priest convicted of sexual abuse to be paroled (Accused/Prince: Monsignor Bernard Prince)

13 September 2010

13 September 2010: Belgian priest wanted for Canada abuse surfaces (Accused/Dejaeger: Father Eric Dejaeger omi)

11 September 2010

10 September 2010:  Court rules priest too ill to face abuse charges (RC Scandal/Other countries/Australia)

09 September 2010:  Convicted rapist files suit alleging sexual abuse by Catholic priest (RC Scandal/USA)

10 September 2010: Priest abuse linked to 13 suicides in Belgium (RC Scandal/Europe/Belgium)

10 September 2010: Protests begin over UK papal visit (RC Scandal/UK)

10 September 2010:  Belgian child abuse report exposes Catholic clergy (RC Scandal/Europe/Belgium)

09 September 2010

08 September 2010:  Cleared once Catholic priest faces new sex abuse allegations (RC Scandal/USA)

08 September 2010:  Roman Catholic Church should be as Christ intended it to be (RC Scandal/Canada)

05 September 2010

17 August 2010:  Octogenarian Dutch priest heard in child sex abuse case (RC Scandal/Europe/Holland)

05 September 2010:  Catholic church accuses BBC of ‘anti-Christian’ bias (RC Scandal/UK)

07 September 2010:  Catholic Church misogynist and homophobic, says reform group (RC Scandal/UK)

05 September 2010:  Pope bids to defuse clercial abuse row by meeting victims on visit to Britain (RC Scandal/UK)

03 September 2010

02 September 2010:  Sex abuse lawsuit targets school for deaf (RC Scandal/Canada)

 03 September 2010:  Belfast priest jailed for indecent assault, abuse of three sisters (RC Scandal/Ireland)

 25 August 2010: 900 abuse cases in Dutch clergy (RC Scandal/Europe/Holland)

 02 September 2010:  Lawyer wants Dutch cardinal’s evidence on sex abuse (RC Scandal/Europe/Holland)

 01 September 2010:  Cardinal, Who Mediated in Belgian Abuse Case, Says He Was Misled (RC Scandal/Europe/Belgium)

 03 September 2010:  Portugese TV presenter found guilty of beig in paedophile ring (Misc)

 link to further info on Father Kevin Rolston added to Accused page (Accused/Rolston: Father Kevin Rolson)

 link to further info on Father William White added to Accused page (Accused/White: Father William White or Father V. White)

 02 September 2010

link to futher information on Father Paul Egan added to Accused page (Accused/Egan:  Father Paul Egan)

01 September 2010:  German Church Sets Rules on Abuse (RC Scandal/Germany)

01 September 2010:  Priest case back in court September  29 (Accused/O’Keefe: Father Kenneth O’Keefe csb)

01 September 2010

31 August 2010:  Vatican official seeks ‘closure’ on abuse (RC Scandal/Europe/Malta)

31 August 2010

31 August 2010:  Under-fire Irish Cardinal vows to join Pope on visit to Britain (RC Scandal/Ireland)

30 August 2010

30 August 2010: Priest accused of abuse in US in ministry in Philippines (RC Scandal/Other countries/Philippines)

30 August 2010:  Belgian cardinal: I was ‘naive’ to meet victim (RC Scandal/Europe/Belgium)

 29 August 2010

29 August 2010: Belgian Church Leader Urged Abuse Victim to Keep Silent (RC Scandal/Europe/Belgium)

27 August 2010:

25 February 1997: Priest pleads guilty to sex assault (Accused/Stamp:  Father Douglas Stamp)

26 August 2010

27 January 1994: Pedersen v. Fulton (Legal/Whistleblowers)

 19 August 2010:  Cardinal to set tone for Church (RC Scandal/Canada)

 August 2010:  National Post Letters to the Editor (RC Scandal/Canada)

 26 August 2010:  Pope, Bishop deserve better (RC Scandal/Canada/Wingle: Bishop James Wingle)

 24 August 2010

 23 August 2010:  Bishops ’should do time’ for sex abuse cover-ups (RC Scandal/Ireland)

 24 August 2010: Catholicism’s culture of secrecy (RC Scandal/Canada/In the News)

 19 August 2010: 7 sue California diocese over alleged sex abuse (RC Scandal/USA)

24 August 2010:  Rival Catholic group launched ahead of UK papal visit (RC Scandal/UK)

 23 August 2010

12 August 2010:  Investigation of priest slow: RCMP (Accused/Smith: Father George Smith)

18 August 2010

18 August 2010: Fr. Joseph Redican, CSB, Responds to Serious Charges Against Basilians – August 18 2010 (Accused/Marshall: Father William Hodgson Marshall csb)

 17 August 2010

11 August 2010:  Diocese: Abuse charges against former Charleroi priest credible (RC Scandal/USA)

13 August 2010:  The Vatican’s right to secrets (RC Scandal/UK)

 17 August 2010: Belgian Victims of Sexual Abuse Complain to Judiciary about Lack of Information (RC Scandal/Europe/Belgium)

 17 August 2010:  Vatican’s Irish decision complicates O’Malley’s task  (RC Scandal/Ireland)

15 August 2010

13 August 2010: Charges laid against priest (Accused/Marshall:Father William Hodgson Marshall)

13 August 2010

11 August 2010:  Father Marshall accused of one incident of abuse that’s said to have took place in Sault Ste. Marie (access via Accused/Marsdhall:  Father William Hodgson Marshall)

Picture added to John Huels page(Accused/Huels, Father John Huels)

12 August 2010:  Basilian priest charged with abusing Ottawa student in 1972 (Accused/O’Keefe: Father Kenneth O’Keefe)

12 August 2010

 12 August 2010:  Cornwall man faces sexual assault charges (Cornwall)

 10 August 2010:  Supreme Court upholds publication ban for bail hearings (Legal)

11 August 2010

 11 August 2010:  Pope Benedict rejects Irish bishops’ resignations (Accused/O’Keefe:  Father Kenneth O’Keefe)

11 August 2010:  Ex priest facing sex assault charge gets bail  (Accused/O’Keefe:  Father Kenneth O’Keefe)

 11 August 2010:  Priest charged with decades old sex assault  (Accused/O’Keefe:  Father Kennth O’Keefe)

 11 August 2010:  Former priest faces Ottawa sex charge  (Accused/O’Keefe:  Father Kenneth O’Keefe)

 28 September 2009:  Leo Campbell:  Statement of Claim – Plaintiff name redacted.  Defendants Father Leo Campbell, Diocese Sault Ste Marie (since dropped from the claim), Congregation of St. Basil and Huron Superior Catholic District Catholic School Board

11 August 2010:  Ex priest charged with sex assault in Ottawa and comments  (Accused/O’Keefe:  Father Kenneth O’Keefe)

Father Kenneth O’Keefe name andlink to Father O’Keefe page added to Accused page (Accused/O’Keefe:  Father Kenneth O’Keefe)

 06 August 2010:  Retired priest headed to trial (access via Accused/Picot: Father Charles Picot)

 10 August 2010

10 August 2010:  ‘Not much we can do’  (access via Accused/Marsdhall:  Father William Hodgson Marshall)

 10 August 2010:  Priest faces more sex charges: 3 more alleged victims step forward (access via Accused/Marsdhall:  Father William Hodgson Marshall)

 09 August 2010:  John Patrick Grace: Catholic Church takes steps to counter abuse (RC Scandal/USA)

 09 August 2010:  Kentucky plaintiffs give up sex abuse case against Vatican (RC Scandal/USA)

 09 August 2010

09 August 2010:  Former Windsor principal faces more indecent assault charges  (access via Accused/Marsdhall:  Father William Hodgson Marshall)

 07 August 2010:  May 5, 2002:  The two faces of Father Jacobs:  How a dirty little secret caught up with the ‘perfect’ priest (access link via Accused/Jacobs: Father Phillip Jacobs)

 07 August 2010:  Ousted Columbus priest arrested: Sex crime allegations surface in Canada (access link via Accused/Jacobs: Father Phillip Jacobs)

 09 August 2010:  Basilians say money was to help alleged victim heal (access via Accused/Marsdhall:  Father William Hodgson Marshall)

07 August 2010

07 August 2010:  Ex Saanich priest hit with four sex charges (Accused/Jacobs: Father Phillip Jacobs)

 06 August 2010: Sex charges laid against a B.C. priest wanted on oustanding country-wide warrants (Accused/Jacobs: Father Phillip Jacobs)

 07 August 2010: Priest faces sex charges involving three children  (Accused/Jacobs: Father Phillip Jacobs)

 07 August 2010: Priest charged with sex crimes, had been removed from Ohio ministry for alleged molestation (Accused/Jacobs: Father Phillip Jacobs)

 06 August 2010

 10 June 2009: Priest is charged for sexual assaults (Accused/Borne:  Monsignor Robert Borne)

 27 July 2008:  “Youth accused of sexual assault” and related articles (Misc)

 03 August 2010

03 August 2010:  St. Catharine’s Bishop James Wingle breaks his silence after sudden disappearance  (RC Scandal/Canada/Wingle, Bishop James Wingle)

 03 August 2010:  Bishop Wingle breaks his silence (RC Scandal/Canada/Wingle, Bishop James Wingle)

 03 August 2010:  Letter from Bishop Wingle read at Masses (RC Scandal/Canada/Wingle, Bishop James Wingle)

 03 August 2010:  Bishop Wingle breaks silence on disappearance (RC Scandal/Canada/Wingle, Bishop James Wingle)

 02 August 2010

 02 August 2010:  American to oversee Catholic orders (RC Scandal/Vatican)

 01 August 2010

31 July 2010:  SNAP delivers ‘donation’ to Chicago Archdiocese (RC Scandal/USA)

 Comments posted on the St. Catharine Standard website added to 31 July 2010:  Where on earth is Bishop Wingle? (RC Scandal/Canada/In the News/Wingle: Bishop James Wingle)

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