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Roman Catholic teacher. Charged and convicted of sex abuse.  Brother of convicted clerical molester in Peterborough Diocese Father William Russell  Is currently into antiques and collectibles.   I have very limited information on Frank Russell at this time.  Any information would be appreciated.

Undated: Convicted teacher given funds for trip

2013:  Living in Oshawa, Ontario. Still working at Main Thru Church Antique Market in Orono, Ontario

2011:  Manager Main Thru Church Antique Market in Orono, Ontario  (at some time was Manager at Antiques at the Barn in Peterborough?  – Perhaps he still is?  Or, he may have given up work at the barn when he started Main Thru Church Antiques in Orono?)

specializing in bookkeeping and tax services for small businesses

1995 ?:  after his conviction and prior to sentencing the union for Ontario English Catholic Teachers Assocation funded a trip of some sort for Frank Russell

11 October 1994:  resigned from Separate School Board (probably after allegations or charges were laid?)

1985-86:  in charge of Office of Religious Education for the Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario (CCCD)

Fall 1982:  “The fall of 1982 marked the establishment of ‘St. Peter’s Alumni and Friends’ under the direction of Father Bill Russell.  This group was organized to raise sufficient capital funds to generate at least $100,000 a year to balance the budget of the senior school. Bishop Doyle spoke of the sacrifices necessary to preserve the dream of continuing Catholic Secondary Education in Peterborough and his challenge was met with a warm, optimistic responses from all parts of the community. Project after project, from cookbooks to spice sets, to a student Dance-a-Thon raising $10,000, proceeded successfully climaxing with an Alumni Homecoming Weekend held in May 1983 to mark the seventieth birthday of St. Peter’s Secondary School.  ” (History of St. Peter’s High School)

1973-1981:  according to media was teaching at and sexually abusing students from St. Paul’s Elementary School in Lakefield, Ontario (part of Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario)


Manager, Antiques at the Barn


Wayback Times (post April 2011)

It’s official: John Dunbar, a long time quality antique dealer, will join Frank Russell at Main Thru Church Antiques in Orono. A fond farewell to Don Gauvreau. It was a pleasure, Don.  file:///C:/Users/Syl/Documents/Molesters/Frank%20Russell%20WaybackTimes%20Buzz.htm

Obit: Peter A. Sutton-Smith, husband of deceased antiques writer/collector  Barbara Sutton-Smith, died suddenly of a heart attack in  Penngrove,  California, on April 16, 2011. ….


Wayback Times (date unknown)

Bookkeeping & Tax Services: Qualified professional services • Specializing in small business (including antique dealers) and personal returns. Over 12
years of experience. Call Frank Russell: 905 983-9588.  (same phone number as Main Thru Church Antiques

2 Responses to Russell: Frank Russell

  1. Sylvia says:

    I have been advised that Frank Russell has suffered a heart attack and is a patient at the Oshawa hospital. Let’s pray that this will be a time for Russell to acknowledge the damage he has done and reach out to a and apologize to his victims.

  2. chris parish says:

    I went to St Paul’s in lakefield in 78-79 and was assaulted by Frank Russell. I just called (April 7) today Main St Church Market in Orono and he still works there, the address is
    xxxx Main St, Orono, ON xxxx
    (905) 983-xxxx i was told he cant come to the phone because he had a stroke I hope the piece of shit is suffering and i might go and see him to laugh in his face. I am still trying to find his priest brother too. I am friends with his younger brother who has nothing to do with either of these men.

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