Labatt Enters Plea

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Written by Clark Stork

A Regina man charged by the Lanigan RCMP in January of 2015 was back on the docket in a Humboldt court room Monday morning.

Not guilty pleas have been entered in Humboldt Provincial Court by a man facing sex charges out of Lanigan.

25 year-old Nathan Michael Labatt is charged with sexual exploitation, invitation to sexual touching and possesion of child pornography, he was arrested in January of 2015 by the Lanigan RCMP.

Monday in court, Judge Brent Klause set a preliminary hearing date for December 19th. That hearing will determine if there is enough evidence to move forward with a trial.

Labatt was an active volunteer with a number of youth groups within the Roman Catholic church, the Ukrainian catholic church and Scouts Canada, he also attended various youth camps, retreats, and other events with these organizations in the province over the past five years.

Over the sluggish court proceedings it’s also been revealed he is facing charges out of Regina as well.

3 Responses to Labatt Enters Plea

  1. Sylvia says:

    Note first that Labatt has entered not guilty pleas to the Humboldt charges, and then note that a preliminary hearing on those charges has been set for 19 December 2016.

    Unless something has radically changed since one month ago when I spoke to a clerk at the Yorkton courthouse, that means that Labatt is going to trial on charges in Kamsack (YORKTON courthouse) 22 November 2016, and then on to a preliminary hearing in HUMBOLDT 19 December. Further to that, he has a court-date scheduled on the REGINA charges this coming Monday (23 August 2016) at 09:3o am.

    Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

    • Sylvia says:

      Thanks Anne. Yes, I have that article posted. You have to scroll down the Nathan Labatt page to find it in text, not as a link t0 an article. I always tell people to keep sending links. I miss many articles. If I already have the article, – not harm done. If I don’t have, fantastic: I can post it.

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