Labatt Adjourns Matters Again

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Nathan Michael Labatt’s lawyer appeared via phone again Monday in Humboldt Provincial Court. Photo from the RCMP.

Another court appearance was scheduled Monday for a Regina man who was arrested by the Lanigan RCMP in January on charges of sexual exploitation, invitation to sexual touching and possession of child pornography.

24 year-old Nathan Michael Labatt had the charges adjourned until August 24th back here in Humboldt.

The RCMP began an investigation after they received a complaint of inappropriate text messages between a teenage boy and the alleged suspect.

Labatt was an active volunteer with a number of youth groups within the Roman Catholic church, the Ukrainian catholic church and Scouts Canada, he also attended various youth camps, retreats, and other events with these organizations in the province over the past five years.

3 Responses to Labatt Adjourns Matters Again

  1. Sylvia says:

    The next courtdate for Nathan Labatt is:

    24 August 2015: 10 am, Humboldt courthouse, Humboldt, Sask (805 8th Avenue)

  2. leakyperson says:

    Once again the court has adjourned Labatt’s case. The article below indicates it has been adjourned for another two weeks. He is now due back in Humbolt on September 14, however that is actually three weeks.

    • Sylvia says:

      Thanks so much lp. I have just posted the article here: 24 August 2015: Labatt Case Adjourned for Two More Weeks

      I don’t know how lawyers get away with these adjournments, I truly don’t. One adjournment after the other after the other. I know it’s par for the course in most of Canada, but it’s surely not right?

      Please keep those who filed complaints against this man in your prayers.

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