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Mark Christopher Baggio

Roman Catholic School teacher in Windsor, Ontario (Diocese of London, Ontario  – Windsor-Essex school board. ) Age 34 in 2008.

Initially taught at St. Rose Elementary School in Windsor, Ontario.  Started sexually abusing a female student at the school.  Later taught at J. F. Brennan High School in Windsor, Ontario.  At Brennan he was a guidance counsellor and taught Religion and Leadership.   Baggio also coached basketball, volleyball and track and field.  At Brennan the sex abuse continued.  Was abusing two girls at the high school.

2008 CONVICTED.  Abuse spanned the years 2000 to 2005:  it started when one girl was 13 and another 15


18 October 2011:  Teachers license revoked by Ontario College of Teacher’s at disciplinary hearing

May 2011: teacher’s license suspended by Ontario College of teachers , NOT because of his conviction, but for failure to pay his annual $120 fee

January 2011:  Appeal of conviction dismissed by Ontario Court of Appeal.  Baggio, who had been free on bail since his conviction in 2008, was off to jail to serve his four year sentence

conviction appealed.  Baggio’s lawyer on appeal was Marie Henein

January 2009:  released on bail after filing an appeal

September 2008:  CONVICTED two counts each of sexual assault, sexual exploitation and corrupting a child – charges related to sex abuse of two girls between the years 2000 and 2005.

20 December 2005:  arrested


18 October 2011: Baggio loses teaching licence 3 years after conviction


Baggio’s teaching licence suspended

Windsor Star

28 May 2011

By Sarah Sacheli

The Ontario College of Teachers has finally seen fit to suspend the licence of sex offender Mark Baggio.

But the sanction has nothing to do with Baggio being convicted in 2008 of sexually assaulting two female students. Baggio has been suspended for not paying the college his $120 annual fee.

The optics are bad, said lawyer Richard Pollock, who represents one of Baggio’s victims in a $6.9-million lawsuit against the former teacher and the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board.

“It’s surprising the college is more interested in collecting its dues than earning the public’s confidence,” Pollock said.

Baggio was convicted in September 2008 of two counts of sexual assault, two counts of sexual exploitation and two counts of corrupting a child for affairs with two students between 2000 and 2005. Both victims were Baggio’s students at F.J. Brennan high school where Baggio taught religion and leadership, was a guidance counsellor and coached basketball, volleyball and track and field. Baggio began grooming them for sex while the girls were still in elementary school.

Despite Baggio’s conviction and the Ontario Court of Appeal’s agreement with the trial judge’s ruling, Baggio had remained a teacher “in good standing” until this month. Baggio is currently in a maximum-security prison serving a four-year term.

Philip Carter, spokesman for the Ontario College of Teachers, said Baggio was entitled to his licence despite his criminal record because the teacher has yet to have a disciplinary hearing before the college.

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Mark Baggio goes to jail


26 January 2011

A former Windsor, Ont., high school teacher will serve four years in prison for sex crimes involving two students.

Ontario’s highest court has denied Mark Baggio’s appeal.

Baggio was convicted three years ago of sexual assault, sexual exploitation, and corrupting a child, for having sex with two female students over a five-year period while he taught and coached at Brennan High School. He has been free on bail, pending the appeal hearing.

Baggio will have to provide a DNA sample and will be registered in a sex offender database for 20 years.

On Wednesday, Baggio was at the Windsor jail awaiting assessment before being transferred to a federal prison.

Police said he will serve his time in protective custody.


Baggio Appeal Dismissed (Update) 

The Rock 95.1 100.7

25 January 2011

More than two years after being convicted for sexual assaulting and sexual exploiting two female students, former F.J. Brennan high school teacher Mark Baggio is going to prison. He will begin serving four years in a federal penitentiary. Baggio, 37, was found originally found guilty in September 2008 on two counts of sexual assault, two counts of sexual exploitation and two counts of corrupting a child for affairs with two female students between 2000 and 2005, beginning when the students were 13 and 15 years old. At the time he worked at their high school as a teacher, guidance counsellor and coach.

Baggio was released on bail in January 2009 after filing an appeal; his case would not be addressed for another two years.

On Tuesday morning, in a quiet, sparsely populated courtroom, Baggio’s lawyer Marie Heinen spent 40 minutes arguing that the original trial judge for Baggio’s case, Superior Court Justice Joseph Quinn, did not account for the possibility that Baggio’s victims, whose identities are under publication ban, could have influenced or distorted each other’s testimonies.

Baggio, having surrendered to the authorities the day before, was not present at the hearing. A handful of friends and relatives of Baggio, grouped together to the left of the courtroom, attended the hearing.

Among many arguments, Heinen highlighted the fact that the two victims had been attending the same school during the time they were both reported to be having sexual relationships with Baggio. She underscored the fact that one victim said they had been closely acquainted, even friends, for a year and a half.

As such, Heinen argued, there was a greater probability of “collusion,” or the coordination of testimonies, between the two girls when, on a pivotal evening prior to Baggio’s arrest, they discussed each other’s relationship with Baggio, which subsequently prompted one of them to go to the authorities.

Heinen drew attention to inconsistencies between the two victims’ accounts of that evening, as well as the fact that records of their online communication that night could not be recovered, since one victim said she “gave away her computer” and the other said she deleted Baggio-related correspondence as part of “a bad memory.”

Throughout the appeal, the three judges repeatedly asked for clarification about the technical subtleties of Heinen’s appeal, which largely hinged on the argument that Justice Quinn limited his definition of “collusion” solely to intentional conspiring between the victims and failed to weigh how the prior acquaintance between the two students may have led them to distort and coordinate their accounts of their relationships with Baggio.

In contrast to Heinen’s detailed appeal, the judges’ ruling was brief. No response to the appeal from the Crown would be necessary, Justice David Doherty said, further stating: “We have concluded that the appeal be dismissed … In our view, the trial judge thoroughly and correctly addressed the possibility of collusion between the two complainants.”

“We cannot accept that the trial judge limited his consideration to collusion in the narrow sense of a deliberate, bilateral concoction of evidence,” he continued. “The trial judge’s reasons, especially as they relate to the details of the evidence, are thorough, indeed.” “We find ourselves in agreement with the Crown’s characterization of an ‘overwhelming’ case against the appellant (Baggio),” Doherty concluded, ruling the matter closed.

Outside the courtroom, Heinen could be heard comforting Baggio’s supporters, who were noticeable grave and drawn. However, after more than two years on bail, no other means legal recourse remains for Baggio: “This is the final disposition and (Baggio) will commence serving his sentence,” Heinen said curtly after the hearing, referring to his original sentence of four years in prison. She declined any further comments on the ruling or Baggio’s case.

Supporters of former  Windsor  high school teacher and convicted sex offender Mark Baggio leaving Osgoode Hall inTorontoon Tuesday, January 25, 2011. Baggio’s appeal hearing for his conviction on charges of sexual assault and sexual exploitation of two former female students was dismissed Tuesday; he now begins his sentence of four years in a federal penitentiary.


Teacher Baggio guilty of sex assaults on girls

Mark Baggio had a “specific propensity to have sexual relations with students,” a Windsor judge said Friday in finding the former Catholic high school teacher guilty of sexually assaulting two female students. 

The Windsor Star

20 September 2008  

Mark Baggio had a “specific propensity to have sexual relations with students,” a Windsor judge said Friday in finding the former Catholic high school teacher guilty of sexually assaulting two female students.

Superior Court Justice Joseph Quinn found the former F.J. Brennan teacher guilty of two counts of sexual assault, two counts of sexual exploitation and two counts of corrupting a child in relation to affairs with two students between 2000 and 2005. Both girls were students of Baggio’s at Brennan, where he taught religion, leadership, was a guidance counsellor and coached basketball, volleyball and track and field.

In a judgment that took 21/2 hours to read, Quinn found Baggio, 35, guilty on all six counts.

The girls had testified Baggio befriended them in grade school. He taught at St. Rose Catholic elementary school before transferring to Brennan. They “valued his attention,” said Quinn, because Baggio was a “cool teacher.”

Quinn said Baggio used the Internet to secretly communicate with the girls, “instigating incrementally the sexual activity” which progressed from kissing and fondling to oral sex and intercourse.

Baggio counselled the girls to lie to their parents and sneak away for encounters with him. One girl would pretend to go for a jog. The other would climb out her bedroom window late at night.

Of the specific sex acts, the locations and circumstances, Quinn said he found the girls’ testimony “extremely detailed and consistent.”

Both girls were in the courtroom Friday morning. Some family members waited in an anteroom to avoid hearing the judge’s recital of the details of the sexual relationships.

A publication ban protects the girls’ identities.

Windsor police Det. Glenn Gervais said the conviction came as a relief to the victims and their families.

“I think today is the first part of justice for them,” he said.

Baggio, dressed in a dark suit and with dozens of supporters seated behind him in the overflowing courtroom, sat emotionless as the judge delivered his ruling.

Afterward, Baggio tried unsuccessfully to find a back door through which to exit the courthouse, away from media cameras. When forced to face the clutch of reporters, he said “No comment,” and smiled. His eyes were red and glassy.

While the assistant Crown attorney requested Baggio’s immediate arrest, Quinn allowed Baggio to remain free on bail. He must live with his parents and obey an 11 p.m. curfew until his sentencing hearing, scheduled for Dec. 19.

The maximum sentence for the crimes of which Baggio has been convicted is 10 years in prison.

Defence lawyer Patrick Ducharme said Baggio was “realistic” about the prospect of being found guilty.

“We accept his findings,” Ducharme said of the judge’s ruling. He said it was too soon to consider the possibility of an appeal.

In his written judgment, Quinn included a chart of the many similarities in the girls’ evidence. The judge said the similarities did not prove the two girls compared testimony before coming to court, as Baggio suggested, but pointed to Baggio’s pattern of behaviour in grooming girls for sex.

The judge said he was not troubled by any discrepancies in what the girls said at trial compared to what they said at the preliminary hearing or in police interviews.

“It is natural to have some inconsistencies,” Quinn said.

Quinn pointed to all the corroborating evidence presented at trial to back up the girls’ stories. Other teachers and students saw Baggio alone with the students in some of the instances the girls described.


Especially compelling to the judge was the volume of phone calls made and received by Baggio to the two girls.

In the period between December 2003 and 2005, Baggio’s cellphone records showed 2,345 calls to and from one girl and 437 calls to and from the other.

Many of the calls from Baggio were made after midnight, consistent with the girls’ testimony that he would call them late at night while their parents were asleep.

Quinn said the calls were not consistent with a “normal teacher-student relationship.”

Quinn also pointed to the 93 e-mails entered as evidence of Baggio’s affairs with the girls. Baggio testified he never sent or received any e-mails from the girls. But on this point and every other, Quinn did not find Baggio credible.

One of the e-mails contained photographs of male genitalia. One girl identified them as Baggio’s penis. Baggio denied this, and had his father take photos of his penis to enter as evidence at the trial.

Quinn said he was “unable to distinguish” between the two sets of pictures.

On this point and all of Baggio’s other denials, Quinn said: “I am satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt as to Mark Baggio’s guilt.”

Baggio was suspended by the school board Dec. 19, 2005, the day he was arrested. He was fired in February 2006.

Joseph Berthiaume, director of the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board, said Baggio’s conviction shows “the board acted in a judicious manner in terminating him and was acting to protect the well-being of students.”

Baggio still has a valid teaching certificate. Brian Jamieson, a spokesman for The Ontario College of Teachers, said the body, which regulates teachers in the province, is “aware” of Baggio’s case.

“The college generally awaits the conclusion of the criminal trial before proceeding with a discipline hearing.”

The college last year revoked the licences of 12 teachers for sexual misconduct.


Seduced by ‘the cool teacher’ 

Editor’s note: This story is based on the testimony of Mark Baggio’s two victims during his trial. It contains graphic content. Parental discretion is advised. 


SEPTEMBER 20, 2008 

Editor’s note: This story is based on the testimony of Mark Baggio’s two victims during his trial. It contains graphic content. Parental discretion is advised.

– – –

She was barely 14 and had never kissed a boy.

But star teacher Mark Baggio taught her how to perform oral sex.

It was in a school storage closet, filled with papers and boxes and the janitor’s floor polishing machine. He told her to get on her knees. Down the hall, kids were playing basketball.

The first time they had intercourse, he said, “I want to be inside you.” She had no idea what he meant.

Their three-year affair began at Brennan high school where Baggio was her homeroom teacher in Grade 9. He taught her religion and later, leadership.

He pulled her out of class one day to talk. Before long, they were on the phone together every night. This gave way to e-mails, using fictitious names on accounts only the other knew.

She was Lenny. He was Terrence Rollo.

“I want to kiss you,” he wrote in one of the early messages. One day, as he gave her a ride to a school sports tournament, he did just that.

He said he needed to stop at his Coventry Court home along the way to pick up a gym bag. He invited his young passenger into the red brick bungalow. Inside the front door, he took her by the waist and put his tongue in her mouth.

Before long, she was sneaking out her bedroom window late at night to meet him for sex. He’d be waiting down the street in his SUV.

Their trysts were at his house or, when his roommate was home, in parking lots. It was in the back seat of his car, parked off Riverside Drive, that she lost her virginity.

In class, he would call on her to go fill his water bottle in the handicapped washroom across the hall. He would appear and unzip his pants.

He’d have her stay behind in the classroom after everyone else had gone. He’d turn his back to the door and say, “Slob me.” It was code for oral sex.

The pleasure was one-sided, she later realized, but she was smitten.

Baggio was the young, popular teacher who listened to music like Sloan and Radiohead. He impressed the students with tales about playing basketball in his university days. He let them call him Baggs, cementing his status as “the cool teacher.”

Other teachers called him “The Big Guy.” It didn’t refer just to his six-foot-five-inch frame, but to the esteem in which he was held.

The fact someone like Baggio was interested in her made her feel special. He told her she was beautiful. He said he wanted to make her his wife.

Then she started hearing rumours at school about Baggio’s conquests of other female students. She confronted him. He dismissed it as the gossipy culture at Brennan that went back to his own high school days there when two teachers dated students, then later married them. Baggio’s words placated her until the next time the rumour mill would heat up with new, juicy tidbits.

Baggio was dating another teacher at Brennan — a pretty, petite woman who looked like a high school student herself. Baggio had moved on, the girl thought, dejected and hurt. Then on a class trip, Baggio came to her cabin looking for oral sex.

She was confused.

Her parents had her seeing a therapist. All the lies, the guilt and sneaking around were taking their toll. She went to the appointments, but she never divulged she had slept with her teacher. She was an emotional wreck.

All her feelings fused into rage one day when she learned of a “sleepover” Baggio and a friend had had with two student teachers.


“Don’t you care about your girlfriend?” she shouted at him in the school gymnasium. “Mind your own f…ing business,” he told her.

On Dec. 19, 2005, she wrote Baggio a final, angry e-mail. “You used me for three years,” she wrote, putting the word “used” in capital letters.

“Finally, I think I am accepting what I’ve known all along. I mean nothing to you,” she continued. “I am just another notch in your bed post.”

The girl thought back to all the murmurings she’d heard at school about Baggio’s active sex life. She provided police with names. No one backed her up.

Then one day, as she fiddled with Christmas lights outside her parents’ home, she came face to face with another victim who could help bring Baggio to justice.

The other girl was out for a run in her parents’ neighbourhood. The police had already come calling. She had told them Baggio had been her teacher and nothing else.

She had lied.

“I was protecting him.” she said. “He said he wanted to put a ring on my finger.”

Baggio was her grade school teacher when he started paying attention to her. He’d start up conversations about school, sports or movies. Then one day, he suggested they chat online.

“He said it wouldn’t look good if people knew we were talking,” she said, explaining why they soon set up e-mail accounts using pseudonyms Baggio suggested.

With this girl, Baggio was Mane Banez.

At school, he would call her cute names like Gypsy. She would find notes and poems from him tucked in her pencil case.

On her Grade 8 trip to Muskoka Woods, he tripped over a bag and landed on top of her. Certain he had done it on purpose, she got butterflies in her stomach.

Their relationship became physical after the summer day when she jogged past the teacher’s house and saw him outside washing his black Ford Explorer. From then on, she’d tell her parents, “I’m going for a jog” to sneak out to meet Baggio. They would go to the parking lots at Princess Elizabeth or Princess Anne school.

“I’d hop in his car and we’d talk,” she said. Then one day, as she jogged away, he honked the horn and motioned her back. She went to his driver’s side window. He leaned out and gave her a peck on the lips.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” he said.

On subsequent meetings, the kissing progressed to touching. He’d run his fingers up through the leg of her shorts. Then came oral sex. She remembers the first time. He was in the driver’s seat and she had to lean over the centre console. It hurt her ribs.


He would ejaculate into a T-shirt he kept in the car for that very purpose.

After she started high school, she continued to see Baggio two or three times a week. He was still teaching at St. Rose elementary. Baggio told her he wanted to see her more often.

The following fall, he transferred to her high school.

Baggio made no secret about giving the girl rides home from school and sporting events. Her parents appreciated it.

She told her mother Baggio had also offered to tutor her in math. The mom drove her daughter to Baggio’s home.

He hadn’t yet purchased his first house and was still living with his parents. They weren’t at home. He showed the girl around — the living room with the green, leather sofa and the elephant figurines his mother collected. He took her to his bedroom where they got under the covers.

The girl failed math that year.

The first time they had intercourse, he told her it didn’t count as sex. She told him it hurt, so he stopped. Then, when he’d instruct her to straddle his erect penis, that didn’t count either. “It’s not really sex if we don’t move,” he’d tell her.

She was 18 when, for the first time during sex, Baggio ejaculated. Under his tutelage, that became her definition of intercourse.

Over time, they developed a secret language to refer to what they’d done the night before. Squiggly brackets meant kissing and “&” meant cuddling.

They would write the code for oral sex on blackboards, confident no one else would understand.

The codes were in the daily e-mails they exchanged. In one message, Baggio included a photograph of his penis.

To take it, he had held the camera in one hand and lowered the waistband of his boxers with the other. He told the girl he had been careful to crop out the What Would Jesus Do bracelet he wore on his wrist.

The girl used the word “scrub” in her e-mails. It was one of Baggio’s favourite words. He’d use it in their fleeting moments alone together during the school day. He’d call her into an empty classroom or office. “Scrub me,” he’d say. She would lift her top.

She would go to Baggio’s house every morning before school to perform oral sex on him.

After school, he’d give her a ride back to his house. He’d drop her off in the driveway and she’d pretend to start walking home. Baggio would check to see no one was watching, then call her back by flicking the porch light on and off.

In Baggio’s Grade 11 class, she never presented the project that was to count for a significant portion of her grade. She got an A nonetheless.

She tried to pretend she was as “normal” as her classmates. She dated boys her age, but the relationships were strained. What teenaged boy could compete with a guy who owned a house?

One boyfriend suspected Baggio was the hidden force that had come between him and his girl. He went to the school principal. The girl denied the affair.

She remained silent while the boy was reprimanded and made to apologize to Baggio.

She and Baggio exchanged 2,345 cellphone calls in the two-year period ending December 2005. Baggio “would be bitter” if she didn’t call him at appointed times, she said, explaining the sometimes frenetic pace of the calls recorded on his bill.

Baggio had once called her from a friend’s wedding. He told her that as the bride came down the aisle, it was her he pictured in the white dress instead. He said he imagined himself the groom waiting to take her hand.

As her graduation approached, Baggio told her the plan of how they could get married without anyone getting wise to the fact they’d been dating while she was in high school. She would go to university and after awhile, they could begin to date publicly. They would get engaged and for all appearances their relationship was entirely proper.

That plan came crashing down the day she went for a jog in her parent’s neighbourhood and happened upon the younger girl Baggio had victimized. The younger girl apologized for giving her name to police.

When she returned home from her run, an e-mail from the younger girl was waiting. It described how Baggio had professed his love and spoke of marriage, using the exact, same words he had spoken to her.

“It hit home.”

She went back to the police and agreed to testify against Baggio.

On the witness stand, she glared over at her former lover, with his legion of unwavering supporters seated behind him.

When Baggio’s lawyer accused her of lying, she spoke of justice.

“I’m only here to see that this doesn’t happen to any other girl.”


Details of student-teacher e-mails read in Baggio sex trial

A female student who says she had a sexual relationship with teacher Mark Baggio kept on her computer an image he sent to her of a man’s penis, Baggio’s trial heard Tuesday.

The Windsor Star

03 June 2008


A female student who says she had a sexual relationship with teacher Mark Baggio kept on her computer an image he sent to her of a man’s penis, Baggio’s trial heard Tuesday.

The image was attached to an e-mail sent from Baggio’s account, court heard, and was one of 93 intimate messages retrieved from the girl’s home computer and read out in court by the lead detective investigating sexual assault allegations against the teacher.

Baggio, 34, is charged with two counts of sexual assault, two counts of sexual exploitation and two counts of corrupting a child in relation to two girls he is alleged to have had sexual relationships with between 2000 and 2005, beginning when the girls were 14. The girls were students of Baggio’s at F.J. Brennan Catholic high school.

He is charged with sexual assault and sexual exploitation in relation to a third student, but Baggio will be tried separately on those charges, Superior Court Justice Joseph Quinn ruled Tuesday.

The e-mails, exchanged over three years, suggested a long-term romantic relationship. The girl would often begin her messages with the words, “Hey, sexy” and sign off as “Your girl.”

E-mail was used to set up rendezvous between the alleged lovers. The girl wrote of her mom’s work schedule and suggested times when the two could “hook up.” She wrote of using her dad’s car under the guise of going to the grocery store, sporting events or a friend’s party.

The e-mails were sent and received at all hours of the day and night.

Messages that originated from Baggio’s account suggested he would block his phone number before calling the girl’s home. One e-mail suggested the girl’s mother had demanded to know who the “private caller” constantly phoning was. The girl wrote she told her mother it was a boy in Grade 12.

Most of the messages read into court by Windsor police Det. Glenn Gervais Tuesday showed only the girl’s side of the exchanges. On a few occasions the original messages from a Yahoo account Gervais said belonged to Baggio were still appended to the reply message.

“Hey, it’s 5:40. I will be gone until about 7:30/8:00  — THEN I’M ALL YOURS. So stay by the phone. I’ll call you,” read one. “Had a dream you kissed my legs,” read another.

The girl gave police several letters, drawings and poems she said Baggio gave her during their alleged affair. Court heard forensic officers were able to pull Baggio’s prints off the documents. One was signed: “Who loves you, Baggio.”

The trial is expected to hear from forensic investigators and a handwriting analyst.

Baggio is also expected to testify.

Baggio was arrested Dec. 20, 2005. Police searched his Coventry Court home the day after his arrest, finding the central processing unit to his computer had been removed. Calling the removal “after the fact conduct,” that points to Baggio’s guilt, assistant Crown attorney Craig Sigurdson said “this is significant because there likely would have been traces of evidence of the relationships.”

Entered as evidence Tuesday were photos of Baggio’s Coventry Court residence, including his messy bedroom where a computer disk with one alleged victim’s name written on it was found. In another room were computer components — a monitor, printer, wireless router, speakers, keyboard and mouse — all still plugged into a power cord and set up as they would be if they were hooked up to the central processing unit. But the unit was missing, the cables lying on the ground around where it would have been, Gervais testified.

Gervais testified he went to Baggio in the Windsor police holding cells and asked him what happened to the tower. “I threw it out,” Baggio nervously told him, Gervais said.

Sigurdson told the court it will hear from Baggio’s housemate, who will testify the tower had been in place in the days leading up to Baggio’s arrest.

The trial continues Wednesday.

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  1. Wayne St.Louis says:

    This morning someone brought up the news that one of the girls, now an adult, confessed that they all conspired and lied. I gave great warning to people at the time, that the whole story sounded impossible. I feel so very sorry for Mr. Baggio for the horrendous things he has had to undergo because of these very rotten young ‘ladies’. Repaying to Mr. Baggio every dollar they earn for the rest of their lives, would not be enough compensation. There is no amount of money that the government should pay, that will be enough. Imprisonment for these women?… of course! And lengthy!

    • PJ says:

      Really….somehow I doubt everything you wrote! As Sylvia asked, where’s the proof?? Reread the lengthy documentation, especially about all the texts and emails plus records of his calls to each girl…then maybe you’ll realize how blind you really are.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Would you please find and post a link to the news Wayne? I can find nothing.

  3. Unknown says:

    I went to this high school at this time and I believe it 110% wish I know what happened to him …

  4. Unknown says:

    And no one is blind all our teachers hid the story … There is even more girls who have not came forward

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