Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall: Diocesan Guidelines on Sexual Abuse by Priests, Deacons, Seminarians and Pastoral Assistants

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Phase I – Recieving a complaint

The first person recieving a complaint has to report it immediately to the
Children’s Aid Society, if the victim is under 16 years of age at the time
of the offence, or to the police. The person recieving the complaint should
not accept nor withhold any material proof. He writes personal notes about
the reception of the complaint.

Phase II – Informing the Bishop of the Diocese

The Bishop is informed of the complaint that was recieved.

Phase III – Investigation by the proper authority

This phase is the responsibility of the C.A.S. and the police in regards to any

Phase IV – Decision of the Bishop

The Bishop waits for the investigation to take place. If the situation warrants it,
(because there is a risk to the alleged aggressor, or the possibility of a risk to
other members of the community, because the events have become public,
because charges will be laid, because a trial will take place) the Bishop removes
the suspected aggressor from Church duties.

Phase V – Offering to help

Depending on the circumstances, help and support is offered to the alleged victim
and his family, taking into consideration the guidelines given by the C.A.S. and the

N.B. These guidelines have been drawn up in consultation with the C.A.S. of
Cornwall and both the O.P.P. and Cornwall Police.

Approved by: (signed Eugene LaRocque)
Date: June (day can’t be made out), 1995

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