English Public School Board Issues Apology

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AM 1220

29 June 2010

June 29, 2010 — Decades after allegations of sexual abuse in the Cornwall-area, there’s an apology from the English public school board. Spokesman Greg Pietersma made the announcement during a news conference this afternoon. The apology came in the very spot inquiry commissioner Normand Glaude delivered his final report six months ago criticizing nearly every institution for their handling of allegations of abuse in the Cornwall-area. In the school board’s case, the inquiry focused on the actions of four workers with the former SD&G County Board of Education. Education Director David Thomas tells AM 1220 News victims are being offered education and counselling. (Hear audio clip below) As for financial compensation, officials say it’s out of their hands. Officials say the Catholic board had been asked to be part of the apology but declined.

Transcript of audio clip

“We have said to many of them who did not get their high school diplomas or had difficulty in high school, that we make free of charge – we will allow any of the victims AND the victims’ families to access our  [??] Leger adult education program”

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