Diocese not involved with government lawsuits

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Cornwall Standard Freeholder

Letter to the Editor

11 June

A front-page article published Thursday in the Standard- Freeholder could lead some readers to believe that the Diocese of Alexandria- Cornwall has been involved with the government of Ontario in settling lawsuits brought forward by victims of historical sexual abuse in our area. This is not true. The Diocese has never been involved with the government in settling such lawsuits. 

Since my arrival in the area eight years ago, 16 lawsuits have been launched against the diocese by various individuals alleging historical sexual abuse by members of the clergy. Many of these lawsuits were launched quite publicly with extensive reports in this newspaper. A few of these lawsuits also named local school boards or religious orders. All of these lawsuits concerned priests or religious brothers who are dead or retired from ministry. The one exception concerned an elderly priest who was removed from ministry as soon as the lawsuit was launched and will not be returning to ministry.

Over the past years, our insurance companies have been involved in settling these lawsuits, often with the help of court-appointed mediators. The last of these lawsuits was settled a few weeks ago. A total of about $1.25 million has been disbursed by our insurance companies in compensation to the victims, which works out to an average of less than $100,000 per individual case. The insurance companies have also covered the legal costs associated to these proceedings. These lawsuits have therefore had minimal financial impact on the diocese itself.

No confidentiality clause is included in any of these settlements. All those who have settled with the diocese are therefore at completely liberty to speak of their experience and of the settlement itself. Out of respect for their privacy, I leave such a decision up to them.

I shared all this information publicly during the press conference last Dec. 15 for the report of the Cornwall Inquiry. Now that the last lawsuit has been settled, I will be preparing a more detailed account of these settlements for the members of our diocese.

Paul-André Durocher, Bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall


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not us but OUR insurance company, what is that, two degrees of seperation?


Post #1 By junglelord,


http://www.ottawasun.com/​news/world/2010/06​/11/14345386.html the pope apologizing too little too late kind of like the kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar

 Post #2 By dodger,


they got rid of Larocque and replaced him with a pretty boy 

Post #3 By dodger,


These lawsuits have therefore had minimal financial impact on the diocese itself. Then why is the pope apologizing and every means being used to set things right.

 Post #4 By dodger,

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