Cornwall Sex Abuse Victims Reach Settlement: CTV

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10 June 2010

Josh Pringle

Several victims of the Cornwall sex abuse scandal have agreed to financial settlements.

CTV News reports the Attorney General has confirmed some victims have settled out of court with the Catholic Diocese, the Ontario Government and other Catholic organizations.

Former MPP Gary Guzzo estimates the settlements total as much as $100 million.

A public inquiry found the Catholic church, police, the provincial government and the legal system all failed to protect the victims.


Diocese, province settle with sex assault victims

Cornwall Standard Freeholder

10 June 2010

Posted By STAFF

 (Staff)– CTV news has reported that several sexual assault victims have settled out of court with the diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall and the provincial government and it could be costing millions of dollars before all outstanding cases are settled.

No details have been reported on the specific amounts of the settlements, due to confidentiality clauses, but Ontario’s Attorney General said several settlements have been reached and more cases are outstanding. Allegations of sexual abuse in the area, and a coverup, sparked the lengthy Cornwall Public Inquiry.

Alleged victim Steve Parisien said in an interview with CTV that “no amunt of dollars is going to change one iota my life, but the healing process in just being validated.”

Parisien says he doesn’t want a large settlement personally: “just for my lost wages. I don’t want nothing else from these people. They’ve done enough damage.”

A London lawyer representing dozens of plaintiffs, wouldn’t tell CTV how much money is involved, but did confirm the settlements involve the Cornwall-based diocese, the Ontario government and other Catholic organizations.

Former Tory MPP Gary Guzzo estimates the settlements could total as much “$70 million to $100 million” when all cases have been brought to completion.

Parisien said he thinks taxpayers and parishoners have a right to know how much money is involved in the settlements.

Comments on this Article.

I can’t think of any other establishment that could get away with buying out the victims of a sexual assault while casually avoiding all responsibility.

 Post #1 By Hades,


Another gross waste of my tax dollar…when all is said and done only the bottom feeding lawyers will profit…

Post #2 By mensa2,


I can’t think of any other establishment that could get away with buying out the victims of a sexual assault while casually avoiding all responsibility.

me neither…

Post #3 By junglelord,


Me either, where are all the naysayers that basically said this could not have happened. Well if none of it happened why are they settling with victims? The church and all other agencies would not pay out if they had outed the abuse when it happened.

Post #4 By dodger,


Why are the tax payer paying for this, I didn’t do it. Hit the church up and Jail the perverts

Post #5 By jonnie,


The whole system is complicit in the crimes against the victims even the ones that were supposed to protect the children the most allowed atraucities to happen.

Post #6 By dodger


And it was all operated out of The Crown Attorneys office here in Cornwall.

Post #7 By willie191,


Though most will not agree, by people receiving these monetary pay outs the church is affected a little at a time financially. This could be an aid in the future when they run out of money to pay for lawyers.

Remember, It is not only the church effecting the outcome in this case but also the people accepting the money with all the clauses pertaining to it.

It is a choice by both sides 

Post #8 By itinerant,


yeah like they had a choice when they wqere molested and abused. The churches reputation is in a sink hole they are doing damage control. Pay them to keep their mouths shut they are still doing what they did before except now we know that there are pay outs they cannot hide it completely. The hush money is what started all this crap.

Post #9 By dodger,
You keep on defending the church and don’t open your eyes sooner or later the truth will come out. The victims committed no crimes so who is the church protecting.
Post #10 By dodger,

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  1. Pauline Symith says:

    We have one of your imports here in Sun City West,Az. The Ostler boys from Cornwall,Ont. Gary Ostler died, but David Ostler is assigned to Prince of Peace church and doing the same thing the “Clan” members did in Cornwall,

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