Dunlop loses appeal of contempt convictions

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Cornwall Standard Freeholder

28 April 2010

CORNWALL (Staff) – Former Cornwall police officer and central figure for the Cornwall Public Inquiry Perry Dunlop has seen his appeal of contempt charges dismissed by the Court of Appeal for Ontario in Toronto, Wednesday.

Dunlop served six months in jail after being found guilty on civil contempt charges in November 2007 for refusing to testify at the inquiry. He spent a further 30 days in jail in March 2008 for criminal contempt as he continued to remain silent.

Currently residing in Duncan, B.C., Dunlop led a crusade into claims of a pedophile ring and of rampant sexual abuse within local public institutions, including the Roman Catholic church and the justice system.

His investigations eventually led to Project Truth by the Ontario Provincial Police as well as the Cornwall Public Inquiry itself.

Dunlop was called to testify in Cornwall in September 2007. He attended the proceedings but refused to anwer questions.

In filing his appeal, Dunlop described his time in jail as “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Dunlop did not appear when his appeal was scheduled to be heard orally in Toronto this January, so it proceeded in writing instead.

According to The Canadian Press, the Court of Appeal for Ontario, in dismissing the criminal and civil appeals, said “given the serious nature of the contempt,” there is no basis to interfere with the sentences, which Dunlop has long since served.

The findings of contempt are fully supported by the record, wrote the three-judge panel.

“In his notices of appeal the appellant makes vague allegations about denial of his charter rights,” the judges wrote.

“The record, however, shows that the appellant was given numerous opportunities to obtain counsel, make submissions and purge his contempt. His other claims, for example, that he was unlawfully arrested and denied his right to fundamental justice are spurious.”


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Kangaroo court system all that were guilty of real crimes were left to go free while the one that revealed their crimes was charged with contempt. The inquiry had nothing to do with seeking the truth rather it was to silence the messenger.

Post #1 By dodger, 11 hours ago | 1 Votes | Vote:

Gimme a break. He was given every opportunity to defend himself and put forward his rationale for not appearing at the tribunal and he refused in every instance. If he refuses to accept the laws of the land, so be it, but he is left with dealing with the judgment it offers, like it or not. He may be be hero for some, but I believe he broke that confidence when he showed he was not prepared to stand up for what he believed. Tough nuts! Deal with it

Post #2 By echo_juliet, 9 hours ago | -1 Votes | Vote:

Sorry Perry on behalf of most of us in Cornwall. It is truly a sad day.

Post #3 By ezbutton, 9 hours ago | 1 Votes | Vote:

Sorry “dodger” all Perry had to do was to testify in court and as a trained Police Officer he certainly knew how to testify and to answer any lawyers questions as to “silence the messenger”, he refused to testify.. Its too bad as he lost a very good job and a fantastic pension, his ego got in the way and he has paid a heck of a price. His victims testified and he should also have. But you certainly are entitled to your opinion as his supporters are also entitled to there’s and I am entitled to mine.. Now I am sure that some bloggers will have something rude to add to my comments and its okay I have thick skin.

Post #4 By rkake, 9 hours ago | 2 Votes | Vote:

dodger would be the first one posting here, *l* always blames the system for his or her inadequacies and poor outlook on life

There is an operation for that dodger, they clip the cord connecting your visual cortex from your anal orifice . That way you do not always have such a poopie outlook on life

Post #5 By itinerant, 9 hours ago | -1 Votes | Vote:

rkake, bang on !

Post #6 By notagain, 9 hours ago | 0 Votes | Vote:

I agree with dodger.
I think the rest of you are blind and brainwashed to love the system that owns you, your all cattle. Serfs for the elite. Property of the state, and you love it….silly cow.

To put Perry in jail for not wanting to speak AGAIN, as he DID testify, is BULL****. POLICE STATE.


Post #7 By junglelord, 8 hours ago | 0 Votes | Vote:

While I believe Mr. Dunlop’s intentions were genuine, he let down his supporters by refusing not to testify. While I imagine he and his family went through a tough time when he brought his alleged findings to the attention of his supervisors, his testimony would be not nearly as painful as the victims who had been abused yet showed courage to testify. I’m 100% with rkake on this one.

Post #8 By veryconcerned1, 8 hours ago | 1 Votes | Vote:

cruel and unusal punishment. 100%
If we had whistleblower protection, then we would not have any of this crap.
You will not see a corrupt parliment and judicial system legistlate any of that protection. Expect the whistleblower to lose his job and get outed….over and over and over, each and every whistleblower gets fired.
From the sponsership scandle to this…those who rise to the occasion get the worst treatment of all, much worse then any of the crooks.

What a corrupt world.
The newest whistleblower has made huge accusations about judges and their appointments…this is right now, and your proud of Perry going to jail?

I really think that response is one step away from Nazi Germany.
Or waterboarding like the Bush and Obama era….where torture is legal.

Sure lets torture Perry, why not, we are all sick.

Post #9 By junglelord, 8 hours ago | 0 Votes | Vote:

junglelord…..parnoid much????

Post #10 By veryconcerned1, 8 hours ago | 0 Votes | Vote:

Junglelord has a good point, but fails to understand the difference between a whistle blower and a coward.

Perry is not in trouble for exposing what happened, he is in trouble for not standing behind his information and providing his accusers a chance to question the iformation. The same chances we would all want from our accusers.

That is why the padre was allowed to walk, it took too long to come to court.

I think the results of this whole so called inquiry is another thorn in the judicial systems side. Public proof we in Canada do not have a fair and just system.

Nazi Germany *lol* if we had a good Nazi regime there would be no child abuse nor pornography let alone a failing judicial system as we have now. Best get your facts straight in that ine jungle lord. Do not get your information only from the movies.

What we have here now is the result of democracy and the Trudeau era. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We have what we asked for and still complain

Post #11 By itinerant, 2 hours ago | 0 Votes | Vote:

I don’t understand, he started the whole thing and then refused to answer the questions. I didn’t follow the whole story, maybe he had a good reason???Maybe a lack of support from the system?

Post #12 By bothside, 1 hour ago | 0 Votes | Vote: 

There is no doubt on that bothside, the system isless then stellar.
However when that many people are depending on your trust the system should pale in comparison.
Who knows Perry may have been able to fix the whole works. Now we will never know.

Post #13 By itinerant

I have a feeling he was just to afraid of getting caught in a lie. Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies. One of his victims even testified that his statement was embellished. If he is the great savior, he should have testified and faced his accusers.

Post #14 By thesilentmajority1, 5 hours ago | 0 Votes | Vote:

What I learned through this fiasco is keep your mouth shut. When government wants to get to you, there is no place to hide. So much for democracy.
A whistle blowing law is needed.

Post #15 By willie191, 5 hours ago | 0 Votes | Vote:

Mr. Dunlop was a hero to those he tried to help, but since he believed what he was being told did not expect to be lied to. He took these folks at there word. Then he lied about the crusier getting damaged and folks figured that he lied about everything. Willie is right but Willie is wrong sometimes you must take a stand for what you believe in and yes you are going to get screwed in some cases cause you will always find someone who wants to hide something or the truth. We have a good example with our government how many times do they lie and get away with it because we cannot do anything about it till the next election we put in another party and guess what they prove to be not any better and the wheel keeps on turning but it does not get better. As for Mr.Dunlop he did what he felt was right and paid the price it is to bad. Once again the crooks won out. It reminds me of our system why know will come to the aid of someone in trouble, as they could end up being charged or found guility of wrong doing, yet alll they wanted to do was help. as for all of you who are finding faults with what he did put yourself in his shoes would you have done what was right, I think not. There was know winner here just a group of victims who are trying to get there lives back that was taken away from them by a group of cowards and sickos. also the parents of those victims who did not believe there children when they were told what happened. You see I REMEMBER AS A KID GROWING UP BEING TOLD BY ONE OF THESE VICTIMS THAT HE WAS BEING ABUSED BY HIS TEACHER, BUT IN OUR DAY WE THOUGHT HE WAS BEING PUNISHED BY BEING GIVEN THE STRAP FOR BEING BAD, NOT SEXUALLY ABUSED WE AS KIDS HAD KNOW IDEA ABOUT SEX ABUSE. So I say to each of you who comments here if you have not stood in there shoes be carefull what you say.

Post #16 By what Justice, 4 hours ago | 0 Votes | Vote: 

“junglelord” as much as you hate the system and we all know that the system needs all the help it can get, it doesn’t change the fact that Perry Dunlop wanted a inquiry started and he did not follow through by refusing to testify or co-operate with the inquiry. He paid a heavy price for his actions but so did the victims who did there part by testifying, so try and justify Perry Dunlop’s actions all you want he let all the people down..

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Post #17 By rkake, 4 hours ago | 0 Votes | Vote:

itinerant let me get this straight you blame all the pedophile activity in Cornwall on Trudeau damn you must be the smartest man around. And any way you look at it Perry Dunlop exposed a whole pile of pedophile activity in Cornwall that connects to the church and many of their powerful friends. The vatican and all their friends are in a heap of trouble now because people know what they have done and will no longer walk blindly into their so called light. And Rkake name one single victim that is willing to say that perry disappointed them or let them down all i see in here is people that say they represent most of the views in Cornwall well they do not represent my views especially not the views of blind sheep like some I see in here. The old it didn’t happen to me so it could not have happened view does not work in this situation anymore. Wake up people the ****e has hit the fan and all the dirty crap that was doen has been exposed and no way to stop the knowledge from getting around no more denials . You did your best Perry and I am sure the people you did all this for appreciate what you did.

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Post #18 By dodger, 3 hours ago | 0 Votes | Vote:

wow they now edit even partial words such as s h i t e

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Post #19 By dodger, 3 hours ago | 0 Votes | Vote: 

thesilentmajority1 you are not what you purport yourself to be. The silent majority are the victims.

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Post #20 By dodger, 3 hours ago | 0 Votes | Vote: 

“dodger” you still are entitled to your opinion, but it still does not change the fact, Perry Dunlop did not testify and the victim’s did, he went to jail and he did not have to, all he had to do was testify. He CHOSE not to testify???? now don’t tell me that the courts are rotten, we all know that the court system needs changing, but tell me what did Mr Perry Dunlop accomplish by going to jail, look at the price he has paid for his ego.

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Post #21 By rkake, 3 hours ago | 0 Votes | Vote:

what justice, i have to disagree.

Priests and alter boys were often the brunt of jokes in the sacristy and that darn toilette which was so cold in the winter.

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Post #22 By itinerant, 3 hours ago | 0 Votes | Vote:

dodger always entertaining to say the least.
Trudeau gave us the rights and freedoms we all want and use to our benefits. With rights and freedoms you loose responsibility and accountability to the clouded judgment of people enacting said rights and freedoms.

Now we have all kinds of people breaking the law and acting immorally all under that act. What about all the people you accuse of being a pedophile? how do you feel about their lawyers enacting issues extracted from the rights and freedoms?
So yes he is in some part responsible for the travesty of our judicial system

Perry Dunlop accused people, he exposed nothing. If he had the evidence to expose why is he is he unwilling to prove what he knows. If all that evidence exists why do the victims not pool together their information and take a stand alone.
Please do not bore people with your small minded conspiracy theory. If there was a problem relating to a conspiracy of threats we would have already seen results.

The only thing Dunlop and people such as you have done is discredit a bunch of people with no proof or evidence. What does the motto on the police emblem read again, and how did Perry ensure that was applied..

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Post #23 By itinerant, 1 hour ago | 0 Votes | Vote

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