Appeal denied

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Cornwall Standard Freeholder

29 April 2010

Posted By STAFF

Former Cornwall police officer and central figure for the Cornwall Public Inquiry Perry Dunlop has seen his appeal of contempt charges dismissed by the Court of Appeal for Ontario in Toronto, Wednesday.

Dunlop served six months in jail after being found guilty on civil contempt charges in November 2007 for refusing to testify at the inquiry. He spent a further 30 days in jail in March 2008 for criminal contempt as he remain silent.

Currently residing in Duncan, B.C., Dunlop led a crusade into claims of a pedophile ring and of rampant sexual abuse within local public institutions, including the Roman Catholic church and the justice system.

His investigations eventually led the OPP’s Project? Truth, as well as the inquiry itself.

Dunlop was called to testify in Cornwall in September 2007. He attended the proceedings but refused to anwer questions.

In filing his appeal, Dunlop described his time in jail as “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Dunlop did not appear when his appeal was scheduled to be heard orally in Toronto this January, so it proceeded in writing instead. According to CP, the Court of Appeal for Ontario, in dismissing the criminal and civil appeals, said “given the serious nature of the contempt,” there is no basis to interfere with the sentences, which Dunlop has long since served.

The findings of contempt are fully supported by the record, wrote the three-judge panel.

“In his notices of appeal the appellant makes vague allegations about denial of his charter rights,” the judges wrote.

“The record, however, shows that the appellant was given numerous opportunities to obtain counsel, make submissions and purge his contempt. His other claims, for example, that he was unlawfully arrested and denied his right to fundamental justice are spurious.”

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 Perry Dunlop could have avoided going to jail, all he had to do was to testify at a inquiry that he wanted in the first place, sorry folks Perry got what he deserved, his heart was in the right place but his head was not and he probably listened to the wrong people. If the victim’s could testify so could he…..

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Post #1 By rkake, 3 hours ago | 0 Votes | Vote:

Once again the pedophiles and the church officials,civil officials and police officials have used the corrupt court system to vilify and denounce a man who stepped up to protect innocent children.
Regardless of whether he testified or not there were not going to be anyconsequences for the perpetrators.
We know people were abused that is a fact recognized by the courts – we also know that victims were coerced into signing “no tell” statements after the fact especially driven by the Catholic Diocese in Cornwall to cover up the abuse.
These pedophiles are still amongst us and there are people who know who they are but refuse to step up and protect the community from these pieces of human filth.
All truth eventually sees the light of day and when it does Cornwall will certainly deserve the name of the city where pedophiles can live peacefully and without fear and continue to abuse our children – what a great motto for the city ” Please come to Cornwall our children are yours to do what with you wish and we won’t charge you.”

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Post #2 By the Coach, 1 hour ago | 0 Votes | Vote:

Good motto – what a great motto for the city ” Please come to Cornwall our children are yours to do what with you wish and we won’t charge you.”

Can I add – have children in Cornwall so the “authorities” can come take them away at any time, never have to prove themselves or their accusations in court, tell outright lies but don’t give the victims the chance to rebut and ruin families lives and create stress for all involved.

Shame on you Cornwall and all the citizens who act like sheeple and let this go on and on and on. Time to come out of the backwoods and stand up and say NO MORE>

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Post #3 By majekin, 1 hour ago | 0 Votes | Vote:

Perry had had enough and moved away!!!!!! How could he have wanted this then?
He moved away to keep his sanity and he did a good thing in doing this. His children will forever pay for his standing up and doing the right thing. The Standard freeholder said that the inquiry was,”was largely of his own doing.” and this is totally false. He was TRYING TO KEEP HIS SANITY AND THEY CRUCIFIED HIM INSTEAD! Perry you are right, the institutions are not to be trusted.

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Post #4 By ezbutton, 25 mins ago | 0 Votes | Vote

1 Response to Appeal denied

  1. Heartbroken says:

    I have been following this story since it began. I stand behind Perry Dunlop completely. One man who stood alone for justice and was alienated for doing his job. I left Cornwall shortly after this story broke because I lost pride, love and faith in the people of my hometown. If authoritative figures can not be trusted, then there is no hope left for our children. My son and I are also victims of the system but not of Project Truth. There is much more to this story than anyone will ever know. Thank you Perry, you are a hero and I will always remember you that way.

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