Maloney elected administrator for diocese

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Cornwall Standard Freeholder

06 December 2011 

By Staff 

CORNWALL – Father Kelvin Maloney has been elected administrator of the diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall to fill in until a new bishop is chosen.

Paul-Andre Durocher was appointed archbishop of Gatineau late last month, leaving a vacancy at the diocese helm.

A group of six priests from the local diocese, called the College of Consultors, is charged with overseeing the churches in the meantime.

Maloney, originally from St. Andrews West, has been a priest here for 48 years. He also served as administrator before Durocher was installed as bishop nearly 10 years ago. He has held the position of vicar general, and continues to serve as pastor for St. Finnan’s Cathedral in Alexandria and St. Catherine of Sienna in Greenfield.

The process to secure a new bishop has begun, but the timeline for when someone will be chosen is uncertain.

1 Response to Maloney elected administrator for diocese

  1. Sylvia says:

    Note that it is Father KeLvin Maloney, NOT Father Kevin Maloney.

    Word has been floating about for quite some time of talks of a merger of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall with either the Archdiocese of Ottawa or the Archdiocese of Kingston. I don’t know if there’s anything to it or not, but I’ve heard it from enough diverse sources to conclude that it must be at least on the table for discussion?

    All is eerily quiet in Cornwall these days. The $60M Cornwall Public Inquiry did its job and did it well. Perry Dunlop went to jail. Canon lawyer/lawyer Jacques Leduc never set foot in jail and is still out and about a free man. Ditto Father Charles MacDonald.

    No questions asked of Justice Colin McKinnon.

    I could go on and on. Bottom line, it’s all over. Buried. There are many with stories to tell – some day, by the grace of God, they will find their tongues – and their courage – to speak publicly.

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