Eugene Larocque, Bishop Emeritus of Alexandria-Cornwall, now ministering at St. Anne’s in Tecumseh (Diocese of London – right beside Windsor, Ontario)

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Eugene Larocque, former Bishop of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, now ministers to the flock at St. Anne R. C. Church in Tecumseh and lives in St. Anne’s rectory adjacent to the church.

Adrian St. Louis alleged he was sexually abused by Larocque.  A lawsuit field by St. Louiswound up in a legal quagmire.  In December 2008 the diocese issued a statement saying that St. Louis exonerated Larocque.  I had heard that St. Louis was going to rebut that claim.  To date, that has not happened. My understanding is that St. Louis still alleges he was sexually abused by Larocque.

Ron Leroux alleged he was sexually abused by Larocque.  Leroux took the stand at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.  Leroux truly didn’t know whether he was coming or going when he took the stand and should never have been allowed to testify in that condition.  His testimony ended prematurely when he was finally deemed unfit to testify.

Leroux’s muddled testimony was allowed to stand and claims were made that he recanted his previous allegations of a paedophile ring.  In truth Ron recanted and then recanted his recantations and finally admitted he was so confused he didn’t know what he was talking about anymore.

True enough too, Ron was not what one would call a stellar witness.  However, Ron claims that he was interrogated and/or coached for hours on end before taking the stand and that by the time he took the stand he was so confused he didn’t know whether he was coming or going.  To top it off, he was in there without a lawyer!

It was quite a dirty mess.  I have talked to Ron since, and, with his permission, have our conversation on tape.  Ron Leroux did not, as is claimed by so many,  recant.  But, alas, thanks to his stint on the stand at the inquiry, he has lost all credibility.  For the record though, Ron Leroux never once recanted his sex abuse allegations against “Father” Eugene Larocque.  And, for the record and for those who know nothing of this, Ron Leroux admitted to a CBC reporter that he himself had been part of the paedophile ring (scroll down to “Breach of Trust).

A mess!  

Back then to Bishop Larocque and why, while visiting Windsor, I snapped the pictures below.

For several years – as a result of the allegations against him – Larocque was not permitted to say public masses or hear confessions. I have been told that last year the powers that be decided that there were no credible allegations against Larocque and that hence he could resume actively ministering to the Roman Catholic flock in Tecumseh.  It is unknown if a canonical inquiry was ever conducted into the sex abuse allegations against Larocque.

One final note here:  It was Bishop Eugene Larocque who pulled political strings which allowed convicted clerical molester and Montfortian priest Carl Stone to serve in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall and, believe it or not, serve his probation in Canada (Stone was convicted in Albany, NY).  Stone’s probation officer was Ken Seguin, an ex-seminarian turned probation officer who was later the subject of numerous allegations of sex abuse. Seguin committed suicide.

St. Anne R.C. Church Tecumseh, Ontario, where Eugene Larocque, Bishop Emeritus of the Alexandria-Cornwall Diocese now ministers

St. Anne’s rectory to the rear

St. Anne’s rectory where Eugene Larocque, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, now resides with two other priests

18 Responses to Eugene Larocque, Bishop Emeritus of Alexandria-Cornwall, now ministering at St. Anne’s in Tecumseh (Diocese of London – right beside Windsor, Ontario)

  1. Horrified says:

    I am a survivor from a master manipulator and predator and have an open civil case pending. I consider myself to be a practicing Catholic and after years of staying away from church and holding on to my hatred of the institution that allowed and facilitated my abuse I have recently decided to return home to my faith. I have resolved myself with the thought that I will not allow the sins of any Man to determine what I believe in. I have decided that I need to be the change that I want to see in my Church. It isn’t easy. My parish is Ste. Anne’s. I have been at Mass with Bishop Larocque as the celebrant as he described allegations against the church as Bad “PR”. Two weeks ago he interrupted Mass that Fr. Roy was celebrating and about to give the final blessing and asked that someone move their car. The arrogance of this Man is evident. His contempt for the victims is evident. The diocese has said to me that “they understand” what happened to me was real and significant and has apologized. How can I trust them when they allow people like this to lead our community and celebration sacraments? I live in fear that I will be further victimized and ostracized if my name is ever made public. It is me n like Bishop Larocque that makes it very difficult and frightening for victims to come forward. Please get this man out of our parish!

  2. Sylvia says:

    How sad that in this day and age victims live in fear that they might be ostracized and further victimized if they are identified. I wish I could assure you that that would and could not not happen, but, I can not. It is in the hands of our bishops and clergy to ensure that no victim ever feels as you do. Things are changing slowly, but there is still a long long way to go.

    Stay strong “Horrifed.” Stay strong. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. I,ve known bishop larocque for 40 years when he was here at st.anne,s and now that he is here the people of st anne,s doesn,t want nothing to with him after what he did in cornwall and also he should not be here at st anne,s

  4. Mike says:

    Dear “Horrified”
    I’m a bit behind in reading your statement from July of last year. I’m rather new on Sylvia’s site.
    Please do not live in fear of this bishop, or of anyone else for that matter. You seem to be a strong person. I believe you should have nothing to fear, or to be embarrassed about. I hope you will come to the point where you can feel proud for standing up for yourself, and saying it like it is.
    I am going through it now, and I know how hard it is to convince yourself that there is nothing wrong with you. Be proud of yourself, hold your head high, and elevate yourself above these sick creatures who would do such horrible harm to you.
    You aren’t alone. Mike

  5. John says:

    I just want to go on record to say that I was ‘approached and improperly touched’ by LaRoque at Christ the King’s College in the mid 1960s. I have a friend in Toronto that I met on the first day at King’s College and we have been in constant touch over the years. He was best man at my wedding. After all those interactions over forty years, it was just in the past five years that he admitted to me that he had also been inappropriately propositioned by LaRoque in his office at the college. LaRoque may think he can hide and deny his past but there obviously is a legion of people that he has literally touched. I, for one, know he is not innocent.

    • Matt says:

      As a resident of Christ the King College (as it was known back in 1965-66) at the university of Western Ontario, my room was directly opposite Laroque’s apartment. I was in the apartment a few times on Student Council business and always felt uncomfortable but wasn’t sure why. Fortunately nothing ever happened but after stumbling on these posting when I began wondering what ever happened to Laroque’s, I realize how lucky I was.

  6. 1yellowknife says:

    John: Your posting will be widely read in Canada and beyond. Your posting gives credibility to those who tried to voice their experience of abuse with LaRoque but could not.

    Sylvia/Carol Beausoleil: Is LaRoque still “ministering”? If he becomes enough of a liability, the Church may reconsider backing him. Any updates welcome.

  7. Sylvia says:

    I have been in touch with John.

    1yellowknife, the last I knew Bishop Larocque was still around St. Anne’s. If anyone in the Windsor area knows please post or send me an email.

  8. Lisa says:

    Yes, Bishop Larocque is still in residence at St. Anne’s in Tecumseh.

  9. Matt says:

    As a resident of Christ the King College (as it was known back in 1965-66) at the university of Western Ontario, my room was directly opposite Laroque’s apartment. I was in the apartment a few times on Student Council business and always felt uncomfortable but wasn’t sure why. Fortunately nothing ever happened but after stumbling on these posting when I began wondering what ever happened to Laroque’s, I realize how lucky I was.

  10. Sam not my real name nor my email address. says:

    I was sexually abused at St Annes Church Tecumseh Ont. Canada in the rectory I hope this church burns to the ground. I and another alter boy had a special job for the priest, don’t remember the details just remember the other alter boy crying when he came back and it was my turn. I quit the church, and my dad backed me ( thanks Dad ) as not wanting to be a alter boy anymore when the priest showed up at our house. Now at 57 I’m a complete wreck My second marriage is on the rocks, and am spinning out of control Long term depression, suicidal thoughts have been the norm for the past 30 years couldn’t figure out why until I stated to get flashbacks to that day. Now uncontrolled crying, is the daily norm, is suicide going to be the final conclusion to the pain I am going thru. BURN THAT DAM CHURCH TO THE GROUND. Sam is not my real name and using a friends email with out him knowing so do not contact me.

    • Sylvia says:

      Please don’t even think of suicide “Sam.”

      Please, all of you other victims who know exactly what “Sam” is going through right now, give him a few words of comfort and hope.

      My thoughts and prayers are with you “Sam.” Hang in there Please hang in there.

      • Sam not my real name nor my email address. says:

        Prayers are working I haven’t lost the faith, The wounds that were opened up when i read this page were just amazing how deeply the wounds are and how fresh they can be after so many years.

        I see some are speculating on who I am age etc. No you don’t know me and I would not want you to know who I am anyway.

        I don’t get to Tecumseh any more most of my family has moved elsewhere. When ever i see the bell tower sitting on the ground looking for money to repair it to its former grandeur I smile at how little they have collected.

        Please take pleasure that i will survive,

    • Tim says:

      Sam, please take a few deep breaths and then do not give them there victory by your committing suicide.
      I have a friend who was much that way, but, the above suggestion, as well as many talks with me and a few others who know what it is like to be abused, helped to know he is not alone.
      The healing begins, when we reach out to other victims, and, sometimes, to professionals
      who we can share with in confidence.
      Know that God loves you, your family loves you, and we love you. You are not garbage- but a human being created by God.
      I will pray for you. Tim

    • PJ says:

      Hi Sam: I too want the church I was abused in burnt down and I sometimes dream of doing it, but I know I won’t. I don’t want to be put in a position to be punished for carrying out such an act because then it would be like I’m being abused all over again. I have sometimes felt the same despair you are feeling about life but I have a support net of people to talk to when I’m overwhelmed. I’ve also sought therapy including medication for when those times were unbearable. Believe me, it helped and I’m here today to attest to that! I am also resolved to continue fighting that church, the pervert collar that ruined my life and the collars protecting them. If I were to give in to taking my life then that collar has won…I will NEVER let that happen. I do have a plan though…I won’t share publicly for now but if you want to know what it is (my own version of therapy), Sylvia can give you my email address. Sam, you have reached out for help via this website, please reach out even more and seek professional help at least during this low point in your life. We’ll pray for you and support you in any way we can. If you lived in my area I would even offer to meet with you. Please hang in and really read what I have offered…you need professional help just for now…don’t wait any longer! God bless you.

  11. Sam not my real name nor my email address. says:

    I just needed a safe place to talk, Thanks

  12. Miecul says:

    Sam take this advice from Tim and PJ. Get some help. I went through this abuse a long time ago and the wounds have been freshly opened because he’s been charged and pleaded guilty. I know about the sleepless nights and the waking up every hour or two. It’s his voice that haunts me. He abused you. You did nothing wrong. Stay strong Sam. I wished I lived closer to you so we could talk. If not me find someone to talk to. It’s helping me get through the rough parts. Fortunately I have a strong family who are going down this road with me. Easy! it’s not easy Sam. Life’s a SOB, but it will get better. Dwell on the good parts of your life right now and talk with someone. Don’t let them win. Get him and see him convicted. Any chance any of the other Alter Boys will come forward? God Bless.

  13. Lisa says:

    Hi Sam – I am from Tecumseh too and guessing from your age (the same as my husband) we probably know each other. I am so very sorry that you are suffering and that this happened to you. Please know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and that many of us here have had similar feelings of anger, pain and frustration. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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