Abandoned sex ed changes would have meant nothing to Catholic schools: Bishop

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Cornwall Standard Freeholder

24 April 2010


CORNWALL – As the province rethinks its new approach to sex education for kids, the local Bishop said its no weight off the shoulders of Catholic parents, whose children study a curriculum developed separately from the Ministry of Education.

On Thursday, Premier Dalton McGuinty backed off plans that would have seen the ministry add controversial classroom teaching points on subjects ranging from same-sex couples to masturbation and vaginal lubrication.

“We were ahead of the government on this one, and we have the right to teach our own faith in our own schools,” said Alexandria-Cornwall Bishop Paul-André Durocher.

Many Catholic schools in the area work from a curriculum resource called “Fully Alive”, developed in part by Catholic Bishops across Ontario.

While the Ministry of Education hasn’t updated its sex education content in 12 years, the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops is currently working on a revised second edition of “Fully Alive” for use in Catholic classrooms. It’s an expansion of the curriculum that’s been used in Catholic classrooms for more than 20 years.

Durocher said the Catholic texts allow teachers to explore issues such as sexual orientation starting in Grade 7.

“We teach that some people are not oriented towards people of other sexes, so we speak about it as a fact,” Durocher said. “We also explain that in the biblical vision sexuality is meant to unite a man and a woman together, and that it is meant to lead towards marriage and eventually towards the procreation of new life. In that sense all people are called to exercise their sexuality within that framework, whether you’re homosexual or heterosexual.”

Durocher said teachings for Catholic elementary school students are age appropriate, which means an emphasis on chastity or abstinence.

“We teach sexual education in the context of healthy relationships and a good sense of one’s self, as well as an understanding of the biblical view of sexuality and of the church’s teachings,” Durocher said.

Those teachings start as early as Grade 1 and continue throughout Catholic elementary school.

Durocher said the firestorm of controversy this week over sex ed revisions from the ministry show that its two-year consultation process was flawed.

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And that is why you see so many pregnant Catholic school girls. Abstinence teaching has proven ineffective. Kids are going to do it – harm reduction strategies are needed.

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Post #1 By rumyqtpi2, 2 days ago | 1 Votes | Vote:

eah and the catholic hiearchy would have taken good care of all our children. Sorry but I myself do not have much faith in Dalton with his sex ed proposals nor the leadership of the catholic church. We can see how that has gotten us by so far with all the sex abuse alligations against the church.

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Post #2 By dodger, 2 days ago | 0 Votes | Vote:

What has occured, is the rape and abduction of our childrens mind and bodies.




We should return to community living as it was before public school.

The Iroquois way…

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Post #3 By junglelord, 2 days ago | -1 Votes | Vote:

hehe, Cornwall could have used this revamped sex-ed.. don’t know about how many other places though. I have never ever seen a city more full of statistics, than Cornwall so far. First day I got here, must have been a 16 or 17yo pushing 3-4 babies down Pitt street. And they were all her’s. And then the next block, again. Ive lived in much larger cities across the country and never saw that as much as I’ve seen it here. Kids are getting out of hand these days, I remember growing up that it was bad, but nowhere near as bad as it is today. Now maybe not this particular revamp would have been smart, but some sort of revamp is needed. And I repeat again, especially for Cornwall!

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Post #4 By grimalot, 2 days ago | 1 Votes | Vote:

Parents educate your own children. Abstinence would be embraced if adults set an example. Children get an education by observing how adults live. Sad to say but society would have you believe that as long as one is happy and it feels good do what ever you like. We are in for a real wake up call and it will come sooner than we think. Parents must look after their own kids, stop looking at the government, social agencies, teachers to raise kids. Special intrest groups are sitting back just waiting for the oppertunity to take over. STOP BEING LAZY PARENTS.

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Post #5 By oneeyedjack, 2 days ago | 0 Votes | Vote:

One issue we may have over looked is the timing relation to the implementation of the HST.

Could this have beed a smoke screen to take people focus off of the HST?

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Post #6 By itinerant, 2 days ago | -1 Votes | Vote:

Mc Guinty, what a tyrant. He and his elite group think that teaching children about sex at the age of 8 is important. At the age of 9 teach about same sex arrangements and at the age of 11 enlighten them about anal sex also known as buggery or sodomy and illegal in many places. It was the liberal party, Trudeau actually, which aided passing bill C-150 which allowed anal sex. The liberals had to pass a bill for bum drilling.

Trudeau stated at that time and rightfully so “Politics has no business in the bedroom of the people”. This idealism like the charter has been the demise of Canada since the Trudeau liberal years. We all have rights but somebody forgot to add obligations responsibility and responsibility to the mix.

Mc Guinty and Smitherman also decided to provide funding for transgender assignment rather then the PSA test for cancer. They were responsible for telling society we must accept gay rights which to some in a moral offence. Why did these people get overlooked.

I am not too sure if anyone else here can see a pattern, but it appears the liberals are patterning Canada to be diverse and morally dysfunctional society. We have moral changes and no responsibility or accountability. The minority begins to rule and the average individual is tossed aside as an outcast. All the while charging us tax dollars to propagate their agenda
Like it was stated in another post, “ The Lunatics are running the asylum”

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Post #7 By itinerant, 2 days ago

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