Abuse victims left hanging

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Cornwall Standard Freeholder

Letters to the Editor

23 July 2010 

The Honourable Attorney General Chris Bentley stated that “no one is going to be left hanging” in reference to victims of historical sexual abuse in Cornwall. Well Chris, you’ve left almost 200 people hanging for over seven months. Remember when you canceled recommended counselling services and tried to replace them with a ‘Next Steps’ program? Even though Commissioner Normand Glaude expressly stated in his report, “Client-specific information, expert testimony on counselling needs, the strong Phase 2 submissions in favour of Counselling Support, and the absence of comprehensive and realistic alternatives have convinced me of the need to extend counselling support. The period selected for extension is five years, with a cost of approximately $2.7 million for the whole period.” The commissioner also wrote that approximately 170-195 individuals were still “actively attending counselling.” Only 16 people took part in the Next Steps program. What happened to the others? I would venture to say that they’ve been left hanging. I hope that their grip is strong because it doesn’t appear that Chris Bentley, his ministry or MPP Jim Brownell will be reaching out to them any time soon.

Gabriel Riviere-Reid, Cornwall

3 Responses to Abuse victims left hanging

  1. Brigette says:

    I read this article and yes, some/most of us are left hanging! I was sexually abuse by my father and some priests and had to endure the pain all over again with this inquiry. I went for councilling and still need it, but because of transportation I had to stop! Not good, and the government should be ashamed for opening up wounds that are to hard to stomache and with our “guts” ripped out and left on the floor, for them to say we are done with you and were not paying anymore for councilling because we already heard what you have to say and we brought your story to the courts and said it the way WE wanted to…we don’t need you anymore!! Thats how I feel….used and abused all over again! I would love to be a part of society…work and bring home a paycheck like the rest of the people…maybe even feel important..maybe have money and be treated with respect..maybe have a husband that I can cuddle up to..and love..and live life with my husband with no fear that I would be abused again! Live a normal life like everyone else! You know, that was all taken from me…my kids are now affected from my past, they didn’t ask for this..nor did I or my husband! But like the government is saying in a matter of speach…”get over it, we did, we did this inquiry for you guys..what more do you want?” Thats how I feel!! I believe the government is finacially responsible to help the victims…you used us, you brought our abuse back to us to face again..do something…let us know that someone cares! Make the punishment for perpetrators stronger so they don’t have the chance to revictimize again!

  2. Sylvia says:

    Hi Brigette

    Goodness but it’s been ages since we have chatted. I just checked – I found your number. If it’s the same number I’ll give you call next week. Is that OK?

  3. Pauline Symith says:

    Why so many perverts from Cornwall? Don’t they raise corn and not [word deleted by Sylvia]?

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