Charges against Bryant dropped

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Sudbury Star

25 May 2010

Posted By SAM PAZZANO and DON PEAT, QMI Agency

Special prosecutor Richard Peck dropped criminal charges against former attorney general Michael Bryant this morning

Peck is expected to deliver an almost two-hour statement that will say the prosecution had no reasonable prospect of conviction.

Sources said Peck will also say the charges should never have been laid.

Bryant has never attended any of the earlier court appearances.

He was charged in connection with a fatal crash last September that claimed the life of Darcy Allan Sheppard, 33, on Bloor St. W. near Avenue Rd.

Hours after Sheppard’s death, Toronto Police charged Bryant with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death.

Peck — brought in by the province to handle the case due to Bryant’s previous position — advised the media Tuesday morning that he would be in Old City Hall at 9:30 a.m. to address the court.

On the day police charged him, he left Toronto Police traffic services headquarters without a bail hearing.

Last month, a Toronto lawyer acting as an agent for Peck advised the court “some follow-up investigative steps ought to be taken” including re-interviewing some witnesses and forensic testing.

Court was told Peck made the decision after reviewing the evidence against Bryant.



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What a shocker!!!!I knew he was innocent,a high ranking politician would never break the law.My father predicted this outcome months ago.

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Post #1 By technics, 52 mins ago | 1 Votes | Vote:


Why did they even bother telling the public? we knew the outcome before we saw the hit and run. Must be nice to be apart of the law and way above it.. He prevented police officers from being held accountable in the amendments to allow investigations of police officers in Bill 103 and he just got the ultimate payback. Enjoy your freedom nobody else would have got sir. sorry I’m wrong about that I do remember another politician getting off of DUI and cocaine position..

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Post #2 By Bill93, 47 mins ago | 1 Votes | Vote:


I think this is probably what was expected, but did think maybe justice would be fair for once.

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Post #3 By nelliegwynne, 16 mins ago | 0 Votes | Vote:


i made myself a lovely little breakfast …
scrambling those 3 eggs just so ;
i dumped catch-up all over the thing like you wouldn’t believe,
and now i’m just kind of sitting here with my mouth open

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Post #4 By mary mary, 10 mins ago | 0 Votes | Vote:


Two justice systems. One for the rich and well-connected, the other for the rest of us.

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Post #5 By The_Reagan, 5 mins ago | 0 Votes | Vote:


Somehow I think more than the eggs are scrambled!!!!

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Post #6 By marauder, 3 mins ago | 0 Votes | Vote:


What a joke!!!! The next thing you’ll tell me is that he’s being transferred to Sudbury to work with the Sudbury Crown!!! LMFAO!!!!

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Post #7 By richardbriscoe,

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