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Duty to report

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The pending Diocese of Bathurst/Bastarche- victim “compensation” package has resurrected an all too familiar issue: the duty to report.   Former Justice Micehl Bastarache has the names of a number of clerical molesters, both dead and alive, which he, he says, he … Continue reading

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Be prepared

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A few things I want to get out that I had jotted down to pass along, and a few comments about media coverage re the latest developments: (1) The purge at St. Augustine’s  The purge as I understand it entailed … Continue reading

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They didn’t know?

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I must get to preparations for Easter dinner .  Much to do on that front 🙂 A quick reference with comment to three articles which have been added to Sylvia’s Site today.  (I now list them under the “New” tab … Continue reading

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Group sex?

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Just in case people miss the blog re ex priest Donald Grecco posted today on the Why Four years? … With no word re Grecco’s latest court appearance I called the Cayuga courthouse today to check the outcome of the … Continue reading

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Truth and justice don’t stand a chance

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Re the Cornwall Standard Freeholder article and the attempts by the office the Attorney General to extricate itself by interfering directly with the course of this inquiry. A few comments:. (1) The article erroneously implies that Gerald Renshaw testified that … Continue reading

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Judges and Crown accused of obstructing justice

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Two Ontario judges and a Cornwall Crown attorney have been formally accused of obstructing justice. All three, Robert Pelletier, Peter Griffiths and Murray MacDonald, were at one time Crown attorneys involved in the prosecution, or, as in the case of … Continue reading

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