Lorne Whalen Documents

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Father Lorne Whalen: relevant documents

Below are documents related to the recyling of clerical sexual predator Father Lorne Whalen. (1956 -2004).  These relate solely to Father Whalen’s years as a priest with the Diocese of Pembroke Ontario and time served as a military chaplain.  Click here for bio and further info 



19 February 2004:  Father Steve Ballard (Chancellor) reply to Sylvia MacEachern email of 17 February 2004 re Father Lorne Whalen death

17 February 2004:  Sylvia MacEachern  email to Pembroke Bishop Richard Smith re Father Lorne Whalen death

April 2001:  Around April 2001 ran an ad on a phone sex cruise line which, according to him, read:

Hi, guys, what is going on? I am an attractive, masculine, ex-military guy.  Used to work with cops. Looking for someone similar, someone to appreciate a guy who is educated, professional, someone disciplined, romantic, live alone, have my own place, straight looking, considered attractive, well endowed, somewhat versatile.  Get back to me, guys, and call west of Ottawa.  Hey, get up the nerve.  Get back to me

February 1999: Lorne Whalen Amended Statement of Claim (increased claim for damages from $70,000 to $3,500,000)

 23 May 1998:  Lawsuit launched against The Ottawa Sun, Jacki Leroux (Reporter) and Sylvia MacEachern.  The claim erroneously states that MacEachern is not a parishioner of St. Brigid’s Church, Ottawa – she had in fact been a parishioner at St. Brigid’s for 8 years

14 May 1998:  Bishop Brendan O’Brien to Father Father Lorne Whalen essentially advising that Archbishop Ambrozic will not reinstate Whalen’s faculties for the Archdiocese of Toronto

04 May 1998:  Bishop Brendan OBrien to Archbishop Amrozic pleading Father Lorne Whalen’s cause

17 March 1998:  Bishop Brendan O’Brien letter to Father Lorne Whalen referencing and enclosing copy of “Sins of the Fathers (n March 1998 (Ottawa Sun, 23 November 1997)

22 February 1998:  Father Lorne Whalen letter to to Bishop Brendan O’Brien referencing meeting that day and asking for a copy of the Ottawa Sun article (Sins of the Fathers, 23 November 1997)

23 November 1997:  ‘Sins of the Fathers:  ‘These people give religion a bad name’ (Jacki Leroux, Ottawa Sun)  (This is the article which initiated Whalen’s legal action against the Ottawa Sun, Jacki Leroux and Sylvia MacEachern.  Errors referenced on page one regarding the whereabouts of Father Rene Poirier have been redacted)

14 November 1996:  Father Lorne Whalen wrote to Bishop Brendan O’Brien apparently asking O’Brien to send him, Whalen, to a centre such as the House of Affirmation.  That did not happen.

24 October 1996:  Archbishop Aloysius Ambrozic letter to Bishop Brendan O’Brien regarding a complaint filed against Father Lorne Whalen in the Toronto Archdiocese – withdrawing Whalen’s faculties to say public Masses and hear confessions in Archdiocese of Toronto

14 July 1995:   Father Lorne Whalen letter to Bishop Brendan O’Brien asking that O’Brien advise Archbisop Ambrozic that Whalen was studying in Toronto and would like to assist at Masses while in the Archdiocse.

16 November 1994:  Transcript of Simon Gardner’s CBC television Broadcast re Father Lorne Whalen at St. Brigid’s church, Ottawa

31 October 1994:  Michael MacEachern letter to Father Pedro Arana (administrator at St. Brigid’s, Ottawa) re Father Lorner Whalen (copy sent to Ottawa’s Archbishop Marcel Gervais)

20 September 1994: Ex 4 Wing Chaplain removed as DND priest

26 August 1994:  Bishop Andre Valee pme (Military Ordinary of Canada) to Father Lorne Whalen revoking Whalen’s pastoral mandate, effective 29 August 1994

23 August 1994:  Brigadier General Roger Bazin (Chaplain General) “Withdrawal of Ecclesiastical Mandate K39 624 447 Capt. L.P. Whalen – Chap(RC) 62A” 

06 August 1994: Msgr J. Barry (Vicar General, Diocese of Pembroke, Ontario) “To Whom it May Conern” letter of recommend re Father Lorne Whalen

05 August 1994: Father Patrick McKelvie C.R., Rector of the Cathedral in Hamilton Bermuda, to Father Lorne Whalen, advising amongst other things, that the Bishop of the Diocese of Hamilton Bermuda understood there was a possibility that charges of “sexual impropriety” would be laid against Whalen and that therefore all job offers were to be withdrawn.

13 June 1994:  Sister Judith Marie Rollo (High School Principal at Mount Saint Agnes Academy, Hamilton, Bermuda) to Father Lorne Whalen rescinding a previous agreement to employ Whalen as a both a chaplain and teacher at the school.

06 December 1993:  Excerpt from Significant Incident report

November 1993:   Christmas card sent by Father Lorne Whalen to the young Private at CFB Cold Lake Alberta

31 October 1993:   Father Lorne Whalen note which was slipped under the barrack room door of a young Private at CFB Cold Lake Alberta – includes directions to Whalen’s house CFB Cold Lake

29 March 1993:  Father Lorne Whalen note to a young North Bay Ontario man whom he had talked to briefly after a Sunday Mass

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