Convicted Priest to Stop Attending Church Services: Archbishop

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06 October 2010

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of St. John’s, Martin Currie, says a priest convicted of sexual abuse almost two decades ago has agreed to discontinue attending church services in the community of St. Brendan’s. Father Michael Walsh returned to St. Brendan’s after leaving his job as a hospital chaplain in Halifax last year, and Archbishop Currie admits the community has become divided over his presence.The priest had been allowed to assist the parish priest in celebrating mass, but he has had no other pastoral duties. Currie says the priest is suffering from memory loss and forgetfulness, and has a lot of family in the community. Archbishop Currie says he doesn’t feel there is anything for residents to be upset about, but indicates he may suggest the priest move from the community. Currie will head to the community Friday to meet with people and to celebrate mass.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Here is a link to hear a very short clip of Archbishop Currie on VOCM saying he cannot see that there’s any danger to people in the community

    Click on the Media Player button

  2. Admilson says:

    Sylvia, this is almost to idcnerible to even believe that we are here in 2013 and nothing has changed. Trust this information, I approached the Basilian Order in 2009, who in turn approached the Diocese of London immediately as their reason was that they have a very strict policy on childhood sexual abuse and any complaint brought to their attention they must report to the Bishop . At no time did they bring my complaint to the Police Department, nor did they ever advise me to notify the police. Instead, they provided me with their policy and told me they are very proud of the policy they adhere to. Well, my regret is that I did not know any better at the time, I did not go to the police on my own . ignorance on my part is why my perp is living in the wing with all the other Basilian priest who molested children in Toronto ONtario instead of behind bars. Yes, I am angry with myself for being so naive. My case of course settled outside of court in July 2012. I truly believed that I would be involved heavy with the trial by jury that was scheduled for Sept. 2014. I was certain at that time, that not only would Fallona be sent to prison, but also, all those that covered up for his actions would be outed and exploited for the disgusting secrets they kept.I can’t undo what has happened, but I would encourage anyone that is coming forward with complaints today, to first notify the Police, then if you still feel the need to contact the church, only do so if you have someone to accompany you. The Public Relations Statement we read over and over again, anyone who has suffered abuse by clergy please come forward so that we can begin the healing process for you is nonsense . I bought into that line and believed they were sincere Because of that, Fallon is free, he no longer can take on any roles as a priest, but he is still Fr. Michael Fallona and living quite comfortably in Toronto with his like brothers in christ.February 4 is the beginning date that HBO will be airing MEA MAXIMA CULPA At 8:00 pm CST time. HBO will be airing this documentary throughout the month of February. I was able to watch it last week, and if anyone has any doubts before watching this film, I guarantee that all doubts will be lifted long before this film ends.Welcome to February my friends, we hopefully will be looking at Spring in the not to far distance. Keep talking, keep exposing the truth, collectively we can and will shatter the silence once and for all.With warmest regards,Brenda Brunellevictim of Fr. Michael Fallona

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