Three Trappist Priests Establish New Monastery

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Lewiston  Evening  Journal

07 April 1966

NEWBOSTON, N. H. (A.P) – Three Trappist priests, on leave from monasteries in Spencer,Mass., and  Berryville,Va., have established a new monastery and guest house in an experiment to fit monastic life into a contemporary pattern.

The priests, excused from the strict observances of the Cistercian Order, are worging [sic] under the direction of their order but under the jurisdiction of Most. Rev. Ernest J. Primeau, Roman Catholic archbishop of  Manchester.

The monastery is located on a 100-acre estate on a dirt road and was used as a summer home for many years.

The founders of the monastery are the Revs. James Schine of  St.Joseph’s Abbey, Spencer, and Paul Fitzgerald and Benedict Lohr of Our Lady of the Holy Cross, Berryville, Va.

A spokesman in the  Manchester  diocese said the experiment is an “attempt to interpret monastic life in contemporary terms,” in the spirit of renewal advanced by Pope John XXIII.

Father Fitzgerald said the three priest hope to support themselves by cabinet making, selling handicraft works and through the guest house.

No payment is required for staying at the guest house, capable of accommodating 11 persons, but donations are accepted.  The guest house is open to Catholics.

The priests, Father Fitzgerald said, are not prohibited from talking as are some members of their order.  They wear work or street clothes and are not restricted to the monastery grounds, he said.

Retreats are informal and unorganized, he said.  The priests conduct religious services in a glassed-in porch at the main house and eventually plan to build another chapel in a barn.

The property also includes a small cottage and a garage which has been outfitted as a wood-working shop.

2 Responses to Three Trappist Priests Establish New Monastery

  1. Michael Vona says:

    I wouldd be interested in knowing more aabout the monastery…..what rule or custom to they follow. I woould like to visit as well. Thank you. mike vona mvo31

    Hi: does the new monastery have a patron-name ? I would like to receive email on the progress and news of the monastery.…thank you. Mike Vona

  2. Daniel Marshall says:

    This monastery closed some time ago after the last monk died and was sold to a private party. In the interim it was used by St. Anselm’s College. If you Google further, you should be able to find more information.

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