Szymanski: Father Czeslaw Szymanski osp

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Czeslaw Szymanski (Father Czeslaw Szymanski osp- “Father Chet”)

(also listed in USA Official Catholic Directory as Tadeusz K. Szymanski)


Polish priest, – order of  Order of St. Paul the First Hermit (Pauline Fathers)  – designated by initials osspe or osp behind name.  Died in car accident  in 1987 (age 45)  en route to Ontario- body not found for two weeks.  Believed to have relocated to the Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario, this would be given credence by the fact that  Father Martin Wain (convicted molester) , then Chancellor of the Peterborough Diocese. concelebrated the funeral Mass in Lowell, Massachusetts (Archdiocese of Boston).

Allegations of sexual abuse in December 2010 by three former altar boys at Holy Trinity Church in Lowell MA.  According to information provided by Boston lawyer Carmen L. Durso the boys were between the ages of 6 and 1o, the alleged molestations transpired on a daily basis from 1983 or 1984 until 1987 when  Szymanski left for Canada, and the complainants say they had seen  Szymanski abuse at least 10-20 other boys.

According to Durso the complainants allege that Szymanski “would fondle the genitals of altar boys, just before going to celebrate Mass. He would also grab the boys by the genitals, lift them off the ground, and hold them over his head, in a manoeuvre he called the airplane.  He was able to do this because his victims were all very young and small.”

The boys called Szymanski “Father Chet.”

On 11 December 2010 Monsignor Stanislaw Kempa, the current pastor of Szymanski’s former parish in Lowell, MA, used the pulpit to denounce the men who filed sex abuse complaints against Szymanski as “cowards.”  Kempa was reprimanded the following Sunday, also from the pulpit,  in a letter by Boston’s Cardinal Archibisop Sean O’Malley read by the Auxiliary Bishop Peter Uglietto.

[There are a series of gaps and questions regarding Szymanski’s move to Canada. Over the next few weeks I will be trying to confirm whether  Father Szymanski did in fact serve in the Diocese of Peterborough for several months before his death.  He would probably have been serving in a Polish parish. If he was not in the Peterborough Diocese, to which Diocese did he relocate? Was it perhaps the Archdiocese of Ottawa?  Any information would be greatly appreciated . It seems too that Szymanski had either left the Pauline Fathers or was in the process of leaving – I will try to get that clarified ]


Father Czeslaw Szymanski with graduating class graduating class from St. Stanislaus, the school connected to Hoy Trinity Parish in Lowell, MA

19 December 2010:  Boston Cardinal Shaun O’Malley Letter to parishioners of Holy Trinity in Lowell, MA re Father Kempa’s comments on Szymanski sex abuse allegations


The following information is drawn from media accounts (M), lawyer and/or legal documents (L) and information from Bishop Accountability website (BA).   

December 2010:  law suit launched by three men alleging childhood sexual abuse by Szymanski. (L)

2009: allegation of sex abuse reported to law enforcement (L)

12 October 1987:  Funeral Mass in Lowell, MA (M)

May 1987:  moved to Ontario (may actually have moved in 1986).  Made several trips moving his belongs, the last being the trip in October in which he was killed.(L)

1981 – 1987:  Holy Trinity, Lowell, Mass. (M) 

 (according to Bishop Accountability website was not listed in the Official Church Directory as an ordered priest during this assignment.  Priest with him at the parish [probably Pastor] for those years  listed as Father  John A. Abucewicz.  In the 1982 Listed in Official Catholic Directory as Father Tadeusz K. Szymanski)

1979 -1981:   Our Lady of Czenstochowa in Coventry, R.I. (Providence Diocese) (M) Listed as Czeslaw Szymanski, O.S.P., indicating he is a member of the Order of St. Paul the Frist Hermit (BA) the order is also known as the Pauline Fathers

(according to Bishop Accountability website priest with him at the parish [probably Pastor] Father Peter Peter Narewski and “in residence, Father Stephan Kaczmarek, S. Ch.) 

Born In Poland (L)


21 December 2010:  O’Malley apology elicits a rebuke

20 December 2010: Mass. cardinal sorry for priest’s ‘cowards’ remark

19 December 2010: Archdiocese Apologizes for Lowell Pastor’s Criticism of Abuse Allegations

11 December 2010:  BLOG Any information?

10 December 2010:  Three accuse priest of  sexual abuse

10 December 2010: Former altar boys accuse dead Lowell priest of sex abuse

09 December 2010:  Former Lowell Priest Accused Of Abuse


Funeral services for Rev. Czeslaw Szymanski

14 October 1987

Lowell Sun

The funeral service of Rev. Czeslaw Szymanski, assistant at the Holy Trinity Polish Church for the past six years, took place Sunday October 11 at 7:00 p.m.

Cardinal Law, Archbishop of Boston, presided and spoke at the Vesper service which was conducted by Msgr. John Abucewicz, pastor. assisted by Rev. Louis Bilicky and Rev. Fabian Czarnecki, O.F.M.

•On Monday. October 12, Most Rev. Albert Hughes, Regional Bishop of Lowell, celebrated the Mass of the Resurrection with Msgr. John Abucewicz, who preached the homily, and Msgr. Wain, Chancellor of the Diocesse of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada as designated concelebrants.

Also concelebrating were the following: Msgr. Stanislaus Sypek, Rev. Francis Strykowski, Rev. James Radochia, Rev. Ferdinand Slejzer, Rev. P. Narewski, Rev. •Kazimiez Zastawany, Rev. Joseph Lukas. Rev. F. Bigowski, Rev. Armand Morissette, Rev. J. Kuchel and Rev. Fabian Czarnecki.

Officers of the Holy Name Society acted as pallbearers and the Knights of Columbus acted as Honor Guard.


Rev. Czeslavv Szymanski

Lowell Sun

10 October 1987

Rev. Czeslavv Szymanski, 45, a priest formerly stationed at the Holy Trinity Polish Church at 340 High St., Lowell, died in a car accident Sept. 24, in upper New York state.

A native of Poland, Fr. Szymanski, served with the Holy Trinity Polish Church in Lowell for six years, but was transferred to a church in Ontario, Canada.

He is survived by his sister and three brothers, all of Poland.


Lowell Sun

08 October 1987

ALBANY, N.Y. — A priest formerly stationed here in Lowell was found dead in a creek off the New York  Thruway yesterday afternoon, the victim or an apparent car accident.

Rev. Czeslavv Szymanski, 45, a priest formerly stationed at the Holy Trinity Polish Church at 340 High St., Lowell, died in a car accident on Sept. 24, according to police.

His body was not discovered until yesterday by Public Works crews because his car ran off the highway about 150 feet and was hidden in heavy brush.

“A native of Polandl-Szymanski served with the Holy Trinity Polish Church in Lowell for six years, but was transferred four months ago to a church in Ontario, California, according to Msgr. John  Abucewicz, pastor at Holy Trinity

In the past four months, he has made several trips from Lowell to Canada, moving his property to his new home. He was on one of those trips on Sept. 24, Abucewlcz said.

Szymanski apparently lost control of his car, which went off the Thruway near the Mass. line, crashed through some trees and came to a stop in Frisbee Creek. Police said,”

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