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Slaney Patrick 2010 Toronto

Father Patrick Slaney – in Toronto, Ontario, 2010

Patrick Joseph Slaney

priest, Archdiocese of St. John’s Newfoundland.  Ordained 1982. Originally studied to be a priest with the Spiritans/Holy Ghost Fathers – spent time at the order’s St. Mary’s Seminary/”Fernwood” in Norwalk, Connecticut.  Was in seminary in Fernwood with now ex-priest and sexual predator Patrick Callaghan.  It is unknown at this time  if in fact Father Slaney was ordained for the Spiritans or if, for whatever reason, he had decided to become a diocesan priest and left the Spiritans prior to ordination.

1993 CONVICTED for sex abuse while serving at St. Bernard’s in Fortune Bay, Newfoundland.  No longer listed in Church directories after 1997.  It seems however that Slaney is still incardinated in the Archdiocese of St. John’s and may have had no faculties since his conviction.  Despite this Slaney has been saying Mass, hearing confessions, conducting retreats and soliciting for Mass intentions.  As you will see below, there are warnings out about him in the States.


A young  Patrick Slaney:

Grade II photo in the 1968 Prologue, yearbook of St. Mary’s College in Brockville, Ontario (St. Mary’s was a Junior Seminary of the Redemptorist Fathers)


24 February 2012:  BLOG Quite a saga

30 April 1993:  30R. v. Slaney:  Supreme Court of Canada – dismissal of appeal of  August 1992 Newfoundland Supreme Court of Appeal order for new trial

13 August 1992:  R v Slaney Supreme Court of Newfoundland – Court of Appeal:  stay of proceedings on Charter challenge overturned and new trial ordered


February 2012:  Archdiocese of Cincinnati website:

“Fr. Patrick Slaney

“The Diocese of Manchester has advised the USCCB that Fr. Patrick Slaney, a priest of the Archdiocese of St. John’s, Newfoundland, has made solicitations for Mass intentions and stipends to Catholic faithful. Fr. Slaney has had no canonical faculties for many years following a criminal conviction for sex abuse. If further information is needed, please contact the Chancellor of the Archdiocese of St. John’s, Fr. Francis Puddister, at 709.726.3660.”

May 2008:   Father Slaney is now said to be from Toronto, and was preaching a retreat at St. Mary’s Abbey, Colwich Stafford, England in May 2008, and was then heading off to serve as chaplain on a cruise ship:

(1)  From the  Colwich Chronicle, Advent 2008:

 “This year we had our Annual Retreat in May, in preparation for Pentecost. It was given by a Canadian priest, Father Patrick Slaney from Toronto.” ()

(2)  From the Colwich Novitiate, 25 March 2008:


Posted on 25 May, 2008

Our retreat finished a couple of weeks ago so i thought i would share a bit about it with you all.

It was led by Fr Patrick Slaney who came here from Toronto in Canada for his private retreat and stayed to lead ours for us. As it was held in the week leading to Pentecost the theme was the Holy Spirit; each address began with a prayer – Epesians [sic] 3:14–19 – followed by a short story with a big impact and a reflection. I don’t have the stories but i have found another site that has some great ones in a similar vein – .

“Over the week we were challenged to look at what was keeping the Holy Spirit from entering us and preventing us from receiving the Gifts God wants to give us – such as the seven deadly sins. Wow! It was powerful, cleansing and refreshing; most sisters enjoyed the retreat, some did not but it did make an impact in some way. Personally i found it very cathartic though not a rest and i was exhausted at times. We were able to talk personally to Fr Patrick and make confession if we chose to – i was invited to look at an empty chair, imagine Jesus was sitting in it and talk to Him… this was amaging [sic] for me and a new and richer way…Fr Patrick was very good to be with, he seems to have something special. Now he is off on a cruise ship as Chaplain for a few weeks, please keep him in your prayers, it was a gift for us to have him here.”

05 September 2007Pastoral Bulletin Archdiocese of Miami

02 May 2008: from the Colwich Novitiate 02 May 2008

“quick update.

“Posted on 2 May, 2008

“This has to be a quick update – none of my verbal diarrohea [sic] as an old nursing tutor used to put it – as we go into retreat tomorrow for about 8 days. Our retreat conductor is Fr Patrick Slaney, a Canadian priest who came last year for a visit ( he found us online) then asked to come here for his own retreat  with ours to follow. We are looking forward to it. Please pray for us over the next week or so, thank you.”

2007: making solicitations for Mass intentions and stipends from Catholics in the Diocese of Marquette, MI (The Diocesan Communicator, Diocese of Marquette, 9/12/2007)

“Fr. Patrick Slaney: The Diocese of Manchester has raised concerns regarding
Fr. Patrick Slaney, a priest of the Archdiocese of St. John’s, Newfoundland. Fr.
Slaney has allegedly made solicitations for Mass intentions and stipends to
Catholic faithful in the Diocese of Manchester. Fr. Slaney has no canonical
faculties in the Archdiocese following a criminal conviction for sexual abuse.
After serving his criminal sentence, it had been reported that Fr. Slaney had been
uncooperative and absent from his Archdiocese without permission.”

13 October 2006:  in Cape Town, S. Africa from 5 am to 5pm as chaplain on a cruise ship.  From the  Archdiocese of Cape Town bulletin:

“Fr Patrick Slaney and Fr Frank Keane from Toronto will be in Cape Town on October 13th from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. as chaplains on a cruise ship. Should you know of someone who would be able to share part of the day with them and give them a brief tour of Cape Town, especially some of the Catholic highlights, please call Stephen at 021 462 2417.”

(Who is Father Frank Keane?  I can find a Father Edward Keane a few years back from the Diocese of London, Ontario, but no Father Frank Keane.  Does anyone know who he is, or where he might be now?)

1998 to present:  not listed in directory (CCCD)

1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993:  address for diocesan centre, St. John’s, Newfoundland (CCCD)

October 1993:  sentenced to 7 months in jail

1992, 1991:  address for diocesan centre, St. John’s, Newfoundland (CCCD)

November 1989:  preliminary hearing

working at Southdown in Aurora, Ontario when he was arrested (M)

1985-86:  Pastor, St. Bernard’s Roman Catholic Church, Fortune Bay, Newfoundland

1982:  St. Lawrence, Newfoundland (online) (“Dec 24 1982 – Father Patrick Slaney of St. Lawrence remembers past Christmases”)


Originally studied to be a priest with the Spiritans/Holy Ghost Fathers – spent time at the order’s St. Mary’s Seminary/”Fernwood” in Norwalk, Connecticut.


October 29, 1993  15.32 EDT

Canadian Press

ST. JOHN’S, Nfld. (CP) ‑‑ A Roman Catholic priest in Newfoundland was sentenced Friday to seven months in jail for sex offences involving two boys.

Rev. Patrick Joseph Slaney, 46, was convicted of gross indecency.

The charges relate to incidents when Slaney was a parish priest in St. Bernard’s on Newfoundland’s Burin Peninsula.


04 July 1989  20.29 EDT

Canadian Press


A 42-year-old Roman Catholic priest facing three charges of gross indecency against teenage boys will appear in provincial court for preliminary hearing Nov. 28.

Rev. Patrick Slaney, of St. Lawrence, Nfld., elected trial by judge alone when he appeared in court Tuesday in Grand Bank.

Slaney was arrested last week in Toronto and had been working at a rehabilitation home for Roman Catholic clergy in Aurora, Ont.

He’s free on his own recognizance pending his trial.

The charges came from an investigation into incidents that allegedly occurred while Slaney was a Newfoundland parish priest on the Burin Peninsula and Bell Island.

Slaney is the latest of 17 priests, former priests and other members of Newfoundland’s Roman Catholic community to be charged or convicted of sex-related offences against boys.

Both the provincial government and the church are holding inquiries into the scandal.

24 Responses to Slaney: Father Patrick Slaney

  1. Sylvia says:

    And here he is on 13 October 2006 – on a cruise ship pulling into Cape Town for 12 hours. And a note in the Archdiocese of Cape Town bulletin looking for someone who might squire he and a Father Frank Keane around:

    ” Fr Patrick Slaney and Fr Frank Keane from Toronto will be in Cape Town on October 13th from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. as chaplains on a cruise ship. Should you know of someone who would be able to share part of the day with them and give them a brief tour of Cape Town, especially some of the Catholic highlights, please call Stephen at 021 462 2417.”

    Note both Fathers Keane and Slaney are identified as “from Toronto.”

    Does anyone know who this Father Frank Keane is?

  2. RealityChecker says:

    Did a little bit of a search for you on “Fr Frank Keane”….don’t think he’s a priest….maybe a Christian brother…. and I have no idea what Bat Kol is.

    Pulled this off because it seemed somewhat interesting…….might help your efforts to find out WHO Fr Frank Keane is…..

    ZAMBIA, Lusaka: Br Frank Keane cfc Bat Kol 2008 is becoming a world traveler.―I have little difficulty in empathizing with the Israelites during their meandering in the desertfor forty years. Since last year my own life has been following different stars, all leading,temporarily, to places of quiet peace and rest. At present I am in Zambia.―My two periods of study in Jerusalem at Ecce Homo and with Bat Kol in 2008, resulted inan interim period of meandering in Jordan and India. The actual Bat Kol program with itsclasses, participants, lecturers, socials, liturgies, study, reading, excursions and trips, proved amost useful and full program. Leviticus, judiciously occupying the chiastic fulcrum ofimportance between Genesis/Exodus, and Numbers/Deuteronomy provided enough inspirationto fire our love for Scripture and thus getting to know more about God.―Two things occupied my mind when I eventually returned to Ireland first how best to sharethe acquired Biblical knowledge in the wider Dublin/Irish church and secondly, where to find aBat Kol group in which to participate on a weekly basis. With the latter in mind I contactedboth Helena O‘Donoghue and Mary O‘Sullivan, both have heavy schedules and new ministriesand were particularly busy. Tentative plans were made to revive the Bat Kol group in Dublin.―I drew up a schedule of lectures/classes for Advent in the local parish. Suddenly, withoutexpecting anything, a Bat Kol, a gentle voice, called me. My congregation leaders were lookingfor volunteers to provide a ‗gently supportive presence‘ in some community in Africa. Africa isa big place where the Christian Brothers have a presence in twelve countries. I was accepted forSouth Africa. Before I could even think of changing my mind, I was assigned to Zambia. ―In November I arrived at the Catholic Bible College, La Rochelle, Johannesburg. Under theguidance of the Director, Brother Kevin McDonnell, I followed a program ‗QALEHONG, in theBeginning, Creation, Evolution and Eco-justice in the Cradle of Humankind.‘ There was a verystrong emphasis, especially on Genesis, during this program; I was thrilled to meet Sister Marie-André and her local Bat Kol group on Thursday mornings. ―I arrived in Lusaka a few days before Christmas. Fortunately Br Liguori Gillespie cfc andan alumnus of Bat Kol, resides nearby. Immediately a Bat Kol group, consisting of two, cameinto being and we meet weekly. Then Sister Sue McGregor, a New Zealander, returned to theInternational Spirituality Center in Lusaka, so between the Irish, English and New Zealandnationalities, opinions are limitless. There will be some interruptions over the coming months.Temporarily, Br Liguori will return to England, and take the opportunity to study at Ecce Homoin June. Shalom and Salaam, Frank Keane c.f.c‖.__________________________________________________________Bat Kol Institute, Jerusalem~~1983-2009~~“Christians Studying the Bible within its Jewish milieu, using Jewish Sources”Marie Andre Mitchell, SND de Namur, Editor. Bat Kol Alumna 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008Please send submissions to
    Page 7

  3. RealityChecker says:

    Sylvia……type in “Br”Frank Keane -NOT “Fr”….whole different picture!

  4. Sylvia says:

    I’m not sure Reality Checker. It may be him, but I’m not sure. This link shows Keane visiting in Cape Town in January 2007 as Brother Frank Keene from Dublin. Would he show up as a priest from Toronto one year and as a Brother from Dublin the next?

  5. Sylvia says:

    And then there is this 2009 blog which references a Mr. Patrick Slaney in Dublin who, the blogger says, was from Newfoundland and an entertainer on a cruise ship. There’s just enough there that makes me think it MAY be our Patrick Slaney, but, I’m not convinced that it is.

  6. RealityChecker says:

    Do you not find it ODD the type of web sites you get when you search Patrick Slaney or Fr Patrick Slaney on Google??? I don’t dare click on some of these sites for fear of what they might expose. Very ODD!!!

  7. Sylvia says:

    Yes, I came across a few of those – wanted to take a boo but, like you wasn’t sure what they are and decided best not to risk it 🙂

  8. Sylvia says:

    I received a call back this morning from Monsignor Franic Puddister, the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of St. John’s.

    Here is what I learned about Father Patrick Slaney and what the archdiocese knows about him and is or is not doing regarding his status:

    (1) Father Slaney is still a priest;

    (2) Father Slaney is living in Toronto;

    (3) Father Slaney is working in Toronto, but not as a priest;

    (4) According to Monsignor Puddister, the Archdiocese of St. John’s is not sending Father Slaney any stipend, he’s on his own financially;

    (5) Father Slaney’s ‘faculties” to say Mass and hear confessions were revoked after his conviction. That means he can not hear confessions or say public Masses;

    (6) Father Slaney’s faculties to say Mass were not “suspended.” That means he can say Mass privately “for his own devotion.” Asked if that means Father Slaney could say Mass in my living room Msgr. Puddister was uncertain, but thought probably not. Asked if it means others could attend a Mass which Father Slaney offers in his own home, Msgr Puddister thought it might be alright for his, Father Slaney’s, family members to attend;

    (7) There has been no attempt by the Archdiocese of St. John’s to have Father Slaney laicized. Monsignor Puddister believes that Rome would not grant such a request because his, Slaney’s, crimes are not as serious as some others;

    (8) Monsignor Puddister thought there was ‘only’ one Slaney victim. He said he had not looked at the file for some time. When I told him that, according to media reports there were two, he accepted my word;

    (9) Monsignor Puddister was aware that Father Slaney was solicting for Mass stipends and intentions in the States;

    (10) Monsignor Puddister did not know that Father Slaney was over in England in 2008 conducting a retreat for the Benedictine nuns at the Colwich Novitiate, hearing their confessions, and without doubt saying Mass;

    (11) Monsignor Puddister did not know that Father Slaney has been working as a Chaplain on cruise ships;

    (12) There have been no further sex abuse allegations against Father Slaney;

    Monsignor Puddister agreed that Father Slaney has been misrepresenting himself to both the Benedcitine nuns and the cruise lines. He speculated on the need to send an alert to England. He will contact the Benedictine nuns to learn more and alert them, as well as to find out if Father Slaney has been there in more recent years. He will update me by email..

  9. Cyril North says:

    *This sounds like just another example of church authorities trying to wash their hands in the case of a paedphile priest.   They stripped him of his faculties and cut him loose.   In the meantime he seems to have been going round claiming to have faculties for confession and saying public masses.   The guys back in Newfoundland act as if this has nothing to do with them.    Typical of all we have read about the hierarchy over the past decade.

  10. Sylvia says:

    I have added a picture of Father Slaney taken in Toronto in 2010. Note the collar! He has no faculties, but he’s obviously running around misrepresenting himself as a priest ‘in good standing.’

    Why this man has not been defrocked is beyond me!

  11. John Baxter says:

    “Fr” Slaney does get around. Several years back we ran into him while he was staying with a family member in Portugal, and of course representing himself as Father Slaney and able to say Mass in the apartment, etc. By using his supposed clerical status he invites himself here and there and pushes the limits of what is right and wrong.
    Wife and I laid the law down to him and got him out of the aunt’s condo and life. He had a nice place to go for several weeks in the Algarve for several years in this fashion.
    Have not seen him since in the same Algarve area but I am sure that he is still gaming the system.
    Yes, a shame that Newfoundland is neglecting this person. by giving the Church a bad name he should certainly be defrocked; Question- who and why is someo0pne shielding hjim ? Usually indicates complicity .
    Keep up the good work.
    Oh yes, we also heard about cruise ships from him.

  12. Richard Evans says:

    Slaney was at the Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd in Toronto until 1999 as the head of the transition programme. he left under very suspicious and cloudy circumstances which possibly included a “dalliance” with one of the men in the programme. Concerns about his behavbiour were brought before the head Brother who denied any misbehaviour on Slaneys part but did admit to his past criminal activity with the excuse that Slaney had issues with alcohol. The entire staff were aware of his behaviour and all was swept under the rug.

  13. David Bourque says:

    As of March, 2014, Mr. Slaney is living in Toronto. I know that he is living alone downtown. He has a connection with seniors, sometimes saying Masses in private homes, and he does charitable work in Toronto. Hope that this is helpful.

  14. Brenda says:

    Fr. Slaney worked at the shrine in Fatima said mass and heard confessions; He helped people in a very spiritual way. Obviously the shrine had not checked him out, he did a wonderful job in his ministry. Reading this site he has paid his price publicly for his wrongs. Every one deserves a chance and forgiveness. It is up to the Church to support him in whatever way they can. This other side of him is a gift of getting the message of Christ to others. Hindering Conditions seem to be what is given to him. Under the right Parish Priest let him continue his mission.

    • noah says:

      brenda, diaper snipers never get better. It has been proven scientifically. Google the mind of a child molester and you will find dozens of articles written by people with a string of acronyms after their name

      bless your heart though, for being so forgiving.

  15. Richard Evans says:

    Brenda, as one who was acquainted with Slaney and had to deal with the fallout from
    his behaviour at the G.S. I can only believe that his mission is to be a predator. He was
    forgiven and showed his remorse by exhibiting the very same behaviour again! I do hope that the church, priests etc.will stop enabling this person.

  16. eamon fitsimons says:

    would brenda be the same brenda cleary who runs the so called irish centre in fatima fr slaney didnt work or say masses at the shrine but he did in her centre and was paid for doing so until he was exsposed by the late fr gordon the blind priest in 2006

  17. Miecul says:

    Maybe forgiveness Brenda, but certainly no second chances of being a priest ever again, where there is even 1 iota of a chance of him being around children. Would you give a loaded gun to a child, I think not. So why would you put a child, any child around a sexual predator. I don’t care if he’s a Priest Rabi, Judge, Senator, He’s out of a job and has to be marked for life of what he is. There are lines you don’t cross. What if he was a rapist and he worked at the woman’s shelter and was the best counsellor ever. Would you continue to let him work there? Da

  18. kevin kerr says:

    maybe its her trying to forgive herself

  19. kay mcgerty says:

    this peadophile priest was in and out of fatima 2004 to 2006 while there agnes craig from karrinne drive finaghy road south was running the servants of mary known as irish centre while he was there agnes craig was selling fake mass cards for him at 10 euro a time and was deviding the money 50 / 50 with him in 2006 aug he was exsposed by the well known blind priest fr gordon rip agnes craig was put out of the centre and ever since she has been telling every one a lot of lies that after 3 yrs when she and him fell out that it was she who exsposed him lies*** she is now back in belfast and will be traveling to fatima in june this year so watch for her she also took money from centre as pay

  20. rita says:

    and she lets on she is ever so holy butits true what they say we have to keep our guard up for the devil comes in many forms this woman appeared in fruithill fold to live started a lot of trouble and stayed a few weeks and left and its katraine park she lives finaghy

  21. maureen says:

    I met agnes craig when I was in Fatima im from England in 2005 I was in irish centre were she was in charge and selling mass cards for him at a charge of ten euro I thought there was something funny going on as card was just signed fr patrick with no surname. when iasked her about this she just walked away down corridor into a room and never came back and left a young girl who was working there and she didn’t have a clue about it and told me she was only there for two weeks so I think this woman craig has a lot of questions to answer regarding her association with this paedophile impersonating a bonefide priest

  22. rosin says:

    maybe its the same old story with craig she is good living to make a living

  23. brenda says:

    be careful in june and dont buy mass cards of agnes craig if you meet her in fatima in june

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