Savage: Father Allan Savage

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Allan M Savage
Diocesan priest ordained 1978.  Originally ordained for Diocese of Timmins, Ontario – later changed his incardination to Diocese of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  At some point was employed by Lakehead psychiatric hospital and also provided chaplain services to adjacent Northwestern Regional Centre.   March 1991 charged with sexually assaulting two male residents age 19 and 23.  ACQUITTED.  

 Father Savage now serves as Pastor at St. Patrick’s, the one and only English-speaking parish in the Archdiocese of Quebec, Quebec.  I am told that arrangements were made to ‘loan’ Savage to the Quebec Archdiocese just prior to Cardinal Marc Ouellet’s move to Rome in 2010.

Father Savage operates a website:



Unless otherwise indicated the following dates are drawn from the Canadian Catholic Church directories (CCCD) of that date and media (M)

2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011:  Pastor, St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church, Quebec City, Quebec (CCCD)

2010: according to his website attained a Doctor of Letters (or Literature) European American University (webbased)  (2010, D.Litt. European-American University (web-based), “Interdisciplinary Insights Applied within a Theological Context.”)

2010:  address St. Andrew Church, Thunder Bay (Pastor Father L. Filippini) (Fred Colli Bishop of Thunder Bay ) (CCCD)

2007:  according to his website Savage attained a Doctorate in Sacred Theology at St. Elias School of Orthodox Theology in Media, Pennsylvania (2007, S.T.D. St Elias School of Orthodox Theology, Media, PA. “Phenomenology and Social Construction within Orthodox Theology.”)

Director of Adult Education for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Thunder Bay, Ontario ) (

 2003:  “Allan Savage is Priest Chaplain to Thunder Bay Regional Hospital, Thunder Bay, Ontario and Sessional Lecturer in the Faculty of Theology, University of Winnipeg”

2002:  address St. Andrew Church, Thunder Bay (Pastor Father S. Galee) (Fred Colli Bishop of Thunder Bay ) (CCCD)

(Was Savage assisting at St. Andrew’s?  If yes, why after years as Rector at the Cathedral was he not pastor?)

2000: Rector Saint Patrick Cathedral Thunder Bay, Ontario (Fred Colli Bishop of Thunder Bay as of March 1999) (CCCD)

1999: Rector Saint Patrick Cathedral Thunder Bay, Ontario  (Diocesan Administrator of the diocese Msgr. Roger Bazin ) (CCCD)

1998: Rector Saint Patrick Cathedral Thunder Bay, Ontario (Fred Henry Bishop of Thunder Bay until March 1998 – diocese administered by Msgr. Roger Bazin for about one year) (CCCD)

(was Savage perhaps appointed to serve as Rector of the Cathedral by Bazin?)

1996: address for Diocesan Centre of Timmins Diocese (65  av Jubilee Est, Timmins)  (Gilles Cazabon omi Bishop of Timmins, Fred Henry Bishop of Thunder Bay as of March 1995) (CCCD)

according to his website Savage attained a Doctorate of Theology at the University of South Africa in Pretoria (1996, D.Th. University of South Africa, Pretoria. “An Enquiry into Advent and Lenten Cycles of the Anglican and Roman Catholic Eucharistic Collects.”)

1993, 1994, 1995, :  address for St. Andrew Church, Thunder Bay (pastor Father E. Merhcant sj) (CCCD)

1992: address c/o Chancery Office Thunder Bay, Ontario (John A. O’Mara Bishop of Thunder Bay) (CCCD)

1991: acquitted (M)

address in CCCD for 1991 that of St. Margaret Church, Thunder Bay (Pastor Msgr. R. A. Carey) (CCCD)

now shown as incardinated in Thunder Bay, Ontario (CCCD)

1985-86: address in CCCD for 1991 that of St. Margaret Church, Thunder Bay  (Pastor Msgr. R. A. Carey) (CCCD)

Savage still shown as incardinated in Timmins but now serving in Thunder Bay, Ontario. (Bishop of Thunder Bay from 1976 was John O’Mara) (CCCD)

1980: Holy Name of Jesus, Kirkland Lake, Ontario.  (This is part of their Diocese of Timmins, Ontario.  Savage is listed as incardinated in the Timmins Diocese.  Bishop of Timmins was Jacques Landriault) (CCCD)



Canadian Press

June 17, 1991  23.56 EDT


A Roman Catholic priest was cleared Monday of charges he sexually abused two men at a psychiatric hospital where he worked.

Rev. Allan Savage, 44, was acquitted by a judge of one count of sexual assault after the Crown offered no evidence in the provincial division of Ontario Court.

Judge Rod Clarke also discharged Savage on the second count after deciding a preliminary hearing failed to present enough evidence to proceed to trial.

Savage pleaded not guilty last April to the charges stemming from complaints by two mentally retarded men — aged 19 and 23 — at Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital.

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