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Father Peter Sanczenko

Polish-born priest, Diocese of London, Ontario.  Ordained 1954.  2010 charges laid in relation to allegations of two men alleging child sex abuse which began when they were under 12-years-of-age in 1963 and continuing until 1973.  There may be charges related to a third victim as well.

On 05 March 2013 the charges with withdrawn and stayed


Next court date: 05 March 2013CHARGES STAYED;  06 March 2013:  12 noon, “for possible resolution,” Chatham Ontario court house; 25 February 2013: 1o am, assignment court in Chatham Ontario court house, to set trial date19 November 2012: 1o am, assignment court in Chatham Ontario court house, to set trial date ; 17 September 2012: 1o am assignment court in Chatham Ontario court house, to set trial date;  22 May 2012:  assignment court in Chatham Ontario court house – to set trial date {put over to September);  assignment court in 27 February 2012:  assignment court in Chatham Ontario court house to set trial date, 10 am, court room #20111 April 2011 (pre-trial hearing);  17 January 2011 ordered to stand trial in Ontario Superior Court of Justice; 20 September 2010 (bail hearing); 04 May 2010;


Bishops of London Diocese from time of  Father  Sanczenko’s  ordination to present: John Christopher Cody (02 Jun 1950  – 05 December 1963); Gerald Emmett Carter  (17 February 1964 – 29 April 1978 -Appointed, Archbishop of Toronto, Ontario)   John Michael Sherlock (o7 July 1978 – 27 April 2002 ); Ronald Peter Fabbro, C.S.B. (27 Apr 2002 – – )

Coadjutor Bishops:  John Christopher Cody  (06 April 1946 – Bishop: 02 Jun 1950 to 05 Dec 1963)

Auxiliary Bishops:  Gerald Emmett Carter  (01 December 1961; Bishop: 17 Feb 1964); John Michael Sherlock (25 June 1974 – Bishop: 7 Jul 1978); Marcel André J. Gervais (19 April 1980 – 03 May 1985); Frederick Bernard Henry (18 April 1986 – 24 March 1995);  Richard John Grecco (05 December 1997 – 27 April 2002); Robert Anthony Daniels ( 21 September 2004 – 1 March 2011)


28 June 2018:  Accused priests. Millions in quiet payouts. And it was all kept on a list

06 March 2013:  Sex charges dropped against retired priest

26 February 2012: Long process


The following information is drawn form Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD) which I have available, media (M), Diocesan Statement (D) and the 1980 Ontario Catholic Directory (OCD)

2011:  address on Langlois Ave., Windsor, Ontario (CCCD)

11 April 2011:  Pre-trial hearing (not open to public) – trial date to be scheduled following the hearing (M)

March 2010:  CHARGED

March 2006:  ” I would like to welcome all new members who recently earned their first and second degree on January 20th at Council 9528 in District 39. Four candidates have become members of our order. Welcome Brother Knights Msgr. Roman Waszkiewicz, Msgr. Peter Sanczenko, Rev. Canon Mitchell Kaminski and Walter Kozakowski. Also, thanks to all Brother Knights who came out to support these candidates on their first step into our order.”  (Knights of Columbus Distirct 75 – District 76 © 2006-2007)

November 2009:  Investigation commenced

2003:  Retired (D).

1983-2003: Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, Windsor, Ontario (D)

2002, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1985-1986:  Pastor, Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, Windsor, Ontario (CCCD)

also serving at St. Michael Roman Catholic Church in Windsor 2000-2003 (D)

1973-1983:  Our Lady of Czestochowa, London, Ontario (D)

1980: Our Lady of Czestochowa, London, Ontario  with Father W. Krukar (OCD)

1964-1973:  Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church, Chatham, Ontario (D)

allegations of sex abuse relate to Sanczenko’s time at Out Lady of Victory from 1963-1973 beginning when the now adult male complainants were under age 12.

1973-74:  Pastor, Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church, Chatham, Ontario (CCCD)

one of the contacts for Catholic Women’s League (CCCD) (Diocesan Director Father A. P. Spencer) (CCCD)

1971-72:  Pastor, Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church, Chatham, Ontario (CCCD)

one of the contacts for Catholic Women’s League (CCCD) (Diocesan Director Father J.L. Hennessey) (CCCD)

1968-69:  Pastor, Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church, Chatham, Ontario (CCCD)

Associate Director, Catholic Women’s League (CCCD) (Diocesan Director Father J.L. Hennessey)

contact in the Kent Deanery for the Girl Guide Association (CCCD) (Diocesan Director Father J.L. Hennessey)

1967:  Pastor, Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church, Chatham, Ontario (CCCD)

1963-64: Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, Windsor, Ontario (D)

1954-1963: Our Lady of Czestochowa. London, Ontario (D)

1959:  Our Lady of Czestochowa. London, Ontario (CCCD)


Superior Court Cases Scheduled

23 February 2011

Chatham Daily News

A pre-trial in the case of a retired Catholic priest will be held April 11.

Following the hearing, which is not open to the public, a trial date will be scheduled.

Piotr (Peter) Sanczenko, 83, of Windsor, faces three counts of indecent assault dating back four decades. The allegations involve young, male parishioners.

During his career, he served at Our Lady of Victory in Chatham, as well as at several parishes in London and Windsor. Twitter: DailyNewsEB



The Chatham Daily News

14 September 2010


A date is expected to be set next week for a preliminary hearing in connection with allegations of abuse by a retired Catholic priest.

Piotr Sanczenko’s matter is scheduled for bail court in Chatham on Sept. 20.

The Windsor resident is facing five counts of indecent assault dating back four decades ago, allegedly involving young, male parishioners.

He served at Our Lady of Victory in Chatham, as well as at several parishes in London and Windsor over his career.


Retired priest facing molestation charges

Chatham Daily News

21 March 2010

By Erica Bajer

A retired priest is charged in connection with alleged sexual assaults that took place approximately 40 years ago.

An investigation was launched in November after a man came forward with allegations of molestation against retired priest Piotr Sanczenko, said Insp. George Flikweert, head of the Chatham-Kent Police Service’s major crime unit.

“During the course of our investigation, we learned of a second (alleged) victim,” he said.

He said both male complainants were under the age of 12 when the alleged incidents occurred.

“There was physical contact between the accused and the two alleged victims . . . it was sexual in nature,” Flikweert alleged. “They occurred in his role as a priest.”

He said the incidents are alleged to have taken place when Sanczenko, 83, served at Our Lady of Victory Church in Chatham from 1963-1973. Because the investigation is ongoing, Flikweert declined comment on details of the alleged incidents.

The inspector said investigators want to speak with anyone who has information about other possible incidents or knows anything that could assist in the investigation.

People are asked to call the major crime unit at 519-436-6616. Anonymous callers can contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Flikweert said both men have moved out of Chatham-Kent.

Sanczenko, who turned himself in to police Saturday, was released from custody. He is scheduled to appear in court May 4.

Mark Adkinson, director of communications with the Diocese of London, said “these are the only allegations of improper conduct by Rev. Sanczenko that we have received.”

He said the diocese takes all allegations seriously and has co-operated fully with police.”

We’re sad to hear the news about Father Piotr’s arrest,” he said. “It’s disappointing, but we’re going to co-operate with authorities, which we have been doing.”

Adkinson said Sanczenko served at the following parishes: Our Lady of Czestochowa, London (1954-1963), Holy Trinity, Windsor (1963-1964), Our Lady of Victory, Chatham (1964-1973), Our Lady of Czestochowa, London (1973-1983), Holy Trinity, Windsor (1983-2003) as well as St. Michael, Windsor (2000-2003). He has resided in Windsor since his retirement in 2003.

Adkinson said the complainants in this case have been offered counselling.

“We pray for them,” he said.


We need to protect our children

The Windsor Star

Letter to the Editor

Published: 15 March 2010

Tim Stewart

Re: Charging priest appalling, by Elizabeth A. Kasprzak, March 9.

Letter writer, Elizabeth A. Kasprzak, claims to be “shocked and appalled” at the charges facing Fr. Peter Sanczenko. I’m equally dismayed by the questions and suggestions put forward by Ms. Kasprzak.

While claiming that she would not deny a person justice, she then implies that Fr. Sanczenko is too old to be charged. Ms. Kasprzak then asks what if the allegations are proven false? I would ask what if the allegations are true?

 There are few statutes of limitations on sexual assaults and for good reason. The victims of these crimes are often children.


The predators’ liberty depends on the fearful silence of their young victims. Several church organizations and society in general further exacerbated the situation by building a culture of silence and denial.

It can take a child many years to simply understand what happened to them. Then one must build the courage to confide in someone who will believe and help you.

In this particular case, keep in mind that the person accused is usually held in high regard in the community and will have many supporters, not to mention the intimidating backing of a vastly powerful and well-respected organization.

God bless the child who has the strength to face such a challenge. We must not punish them for taking some time to build the necessary courage.

It is disheartening to know that there are still those among us who condone and promote the code of silence with regard to sexual assaults. With everything we know now, we should have evolved past such thinking long ago.

We need to protect our children from the predators no matter what uniform they wear or how old they happen to be.

To suggest otherwise perverts justice and punishes the victims.



Rev. Peter a great man

The Windsor Star

Letter to the Editor

Publishedl Friday, 12 March 2010

Robert Jeffrey, Windsor Star

In regards to the accusations against Rev. Peter Sanczenko of Windsor, I can assure you from knowing Rev. Peter almost my entire life, that these allegations are entirely false. Does it not occur to anyone that there are people out there willing to fabricate accusations?

What do they have to lose? Their names are not the ones being printed in the papers. It’s terrible to think there are people like that in our world.

Rev. Peter, stay strong. Anyone who knows you, knows that these allegations are false. Don’t let those people bring you down. You are a great man.



‘Caring’ priest innocent of sex charges, supporters say

The Windsor Star

09 March 2010

By: Dalson Chen

Supporters of a Polish Catholic priest accused of sexual misdeeds are rallying behind the 84-year-old clergyman.

Rev. Piotr (Peter) Sanczenko of Windsor has been charged with two counts of indecent assault due to statements made by two males about incidents that allegedly happened around 40 years ago, when they were under 12 years old.

But people who knew Sanczenko as children say they don’t believe the accusations.

“It’s absurd,” said 31-year-old Grzegorz (Greg) Wolak. “He is a very sincere, very honest, caring man. I can’t even imagine this man hurting anybody.”

Wolak said he has known Sanczenko for more than two decades, and he was an altar server for many years under Sanczenko’s guidance at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic church in Windsor. “I still keep in touch with him to this day.”

Wolak noted Sanczenko was a teenager in Poland when the country was annexed by Nazi Germany, and Sanczenko is a survivor of the concentration camps.

After the allegations came to light, Wolak created a Facebook group entitled “Father Piotr Sanczenko is innocent.” The group has attracted more than 250 members — most of them young people raised in Windsor’s Polish Catholic community.

Monika Ohl, a 20-year-old Polish-born nursing student, said she would not be in Canada if it weren’t for Sanczenko’s sponsorship of her immigrant family.

“Us, and many other families,” Ohl said. “He has helped us a lot… Whether it be helping many people find jobs, or just (being) there praying with us.”

Ohl said her two brothers were also altar servers at Holy Trinity. “They never had that impression that he could do something like (the allegations),” Ohl said.

“Now, it doesn’t matter whether he’s proven guilty or not, because his name has been tarnished worldwide. Not just Windsor, not just Chatham. There’s been articles in Poland, on the radio, on the TV here. I think it’s ridiculous.”

Michal Brichacek, 22, another former altar server, described Sanczenko as a role model. “I personally think (the allegations) are totally false.”

Brichacek said Sanczenko is still heavily involved in church activities. “A lot of stuff with young people, too. That’s why you’re hearing a lot of (support) from young people. He’s always been very involved in the youth community… He has always been there for young people.”

Paul Grzeszczak, a 35-year-old University of Windsor staff member, said he first met Sanczenko around 1990.

“I believe he is innocent. I don’t think you’re going to find one person in the community that will say otherwise,” Grzeszczak said. “Personally, I think he was the best priest I’ve ever known. He was the kindest, gentlest man. I have nothing but good to say about him.”

When visited by reporters at his Windsor residence, Sanczenko answered the door but declined to comment on his situation.

According to Chatham-Kent police, the statements of the two male victims in the case indicate the alleged sexual assaults took place when Sanczenko was serving Our Lady Victory Church in Chatham from 1963 to 1973.

Chatham-Kent police spokesman Const. Michael Pearce said no other people have come to police with accusations against Sanczenko.

Sanczenko’s next court appearance in the case takes place May 4 in Chatham.

“Whatever we needed, he was there to help us,” Ohl said. “So we’re there to help him, during this hard time.”


Retired priest faces sex charges


Last Updated: March 1, 2010 3:31pm

CHATHAM, Ont. – A retired priest in southwestern Ontario has been charged with sexual assault in connection with two cases that were alleged to have happened about 40 years ago.

Father Piotr Sanczenko, 83, turned himself in to Chatham, Ont., police on Saturday.

Police say the investigation started in November when a man came forward with allegations of molestation.

“During the course of our investigation, we learned of a second (alleged) victim,” said Insp. George Flikweert, head of the Chatham-Kent Police Service’s major crime unit.

Both men were younger than 12 when the abuse happened, say police.

Investigators believe there might be more cases and are asking to speak with anyone who has information about other possible incidents or anyone who can assist in the investigation.

Police say the assaults took place when Sanczenko served at Our Lady of Victory Church in the city from 1963 to 1973.

The priest also served at parishes in London, Ont., and Windsor, Ont. during the course of his career.

Mark Adkinson, director of communications with the Diocese of London, said the church has not received any other allegations of improper conduct against Sanczenko, and said the diocese is helping police with their investigation.

“We’re sad to hear the news about Father Piotr’s arrest,” he said. “It’s disappointing, but we’re going to co-operate with authorities, which we have been doing.”

Adkinson said the complainants in the case, who have since moved out of Chatham, have been offered counselling.

Sanczenko was released from custody. He is scheduled to appear in court May 4.


Stand behind accused priest

The Windsor Star

Letter to the Editor

17 March 2011

Jerry Kowalski, Windsor Star

Re: ‘Caring’ priest innocent of sex charges, supporters say, by Dalson Chen, March 9.

I am 27 years old, currently serving in the Canadian Navy in Halifax, N.S. I, too, was an altar server under the guidance of Rev. Peter Sanczenko.

He has also been a friend of my family’s since my parents and brothers immigrated to Canada in 1970. Rev. Peter helped my mother and father and many other Polish people find employment in their first few years.

As was written in the article, Rev. Peter was a role model to many.

I do not understand why someone would come up with these allegations.

As mentioned in the article by Monika Ohl, Rev. Peter has always helped us in times of need — so we stand behind him all the way.



We need to protect our children

The Windsor Star

15 March 2010

Tim Stewart, Windsor Star

Re: Charging priest appalling, by Elizabeth A. Kasprzak, March 9.

Letter writer, Elizabeth A. Kasprzak, claims to be “shocked and appalled” at the charges facing Fr. Peter Sanczenko. I’m equally dismayed by the questions and suggestions put forward by Ms. Kasprzak.

While claiming that she would not deny a person justice, she then implies that Fr. Sanczenko is too old to be charged. Ms. Kasprzak then asks what if the allegations are proven false? I would ask what if the allegations are true?

There are few statutes of limitations on sexual assaults and for good reason. The victims of these crimes are often children.

The predators’ liberty depends on the fearful silence of their young victims. Several church organizations and society in general further exacerbated the situation by building a culture of silence and denial.

It can take a child many years to simply understand what happened to them. Then one must build the courage to confide in someone who will believe and help you.

In this particular case, keep in mind that the person accused is usually held in high regard in the community and will have many supporters, not to mention the intimidating backing of a vastly powerful and well-respected organization.

God bless the child who has the strength to face such a challenge. We must not punish them for taking some time to build the necessary courage.

It is disheartening to know that there are still those among us who condone and promote the code of silence with regard to sexual assaults. With everything we know now, we should have evolved past such thinking long ago.

We need to protect our children from the predators no matter what uniform they wear or how old they happen to be.

To suggest otherwise perverts justice and punishes the victims.



Charging priest appalling

The Windsor Star

Tuesday, 09 March 2010

Elizabeth A. Kasprzak, Windsor Star

I am shocked and appalled at the charges which have been levelled at Father Peter Sanczenko. I first met Father Peter in 1963 at Holy Trinity Church. His behaviour with the young men and women, boys and girls of the parish, was always impeccable and above board.

I would never deny a victim of any kind of abuse his absolute right to justice, still I wonder just how right it is to accuse a person in his 80s.

What if, and it is only an if, these allegations are proven to be false? Do we say, oh, sorry Father, it’s OK now, and expect him to blithely continue with his life?

I cannot help but wonder just how bringing these accusations out now will actually help those accusing Father Peter Sanczenko.



Diocese of London Statement Regarding the Arrest of Rev. Piotr (Peter) Sanczenko

Undated – text as found on Diocese of London Website

The Diocese of London is saddened by the news of the arrest of Rev. Piotr (Peter) Sanczenko on charges of indecent assault stemming from alleged incidents when he served at Our Lady of Victory inChatham40 years ago.

The Diocese of London takes any allegation very seriously and have cooperated fully with the authorities. These are the only allegations of improper conduct by Rev. Sanczenko that we have received.

Rev. Piotr (Peter) Sanczenko, 83, served at the following parishes: Our Lady of Czestowchowa,London(1954-1963), Holy Trinity,Windsor(1963-1964), Our Lady of Victory,Chatham(1964-1973), Our Lady of Czestochowa,London(1973-1983), Holy Trinity,Windsor(1983-2003) as well as St. Michael,Windsor(2000-2003). He has resided inWindsorsince his retirement in 2003.

We all must act deliberately to protect children and other vulnerable persons. The Diocese of London has had a sexual abuse policy since 1989. The current policy, A Safe Environment Policy for the Diocese of London, is online at

Contact :


Retired area priest charged with sexually abusing two boys

Windsor Star

Published: Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Trevor Wilhelm, The Windsor Star

A four-month investigation has led to the arrest of a retired Windsor priest for the alleged decade-long sexual abuse of two young boys.

Chatham-Kent Police said the abuse began at Our Lady of Victory Church in Chatham when the victims were under 12 years old. It lasted a decade until the priest left the parish in 1973, police said.

Spokesman Mark Adkinson urged parishioners not to lose faith in the wake of the most recent priest sex abuse scandal to hit the London diocese.

“We realize that it’s not an easy thing for people to hear about in their parishes,” Adkinson said. “We just want to emphasize this is a tiny minority of priests. The majority are good holy men who are serving the people in the best way they can. We want to tell people not to be discouraged in their faith.”

Piotr (Peter) Sanczenko, 83, who worked for decades in Windsor and still lives here, is charged with two counts of indecent assault. Police said Canada no longer has a charge of indecent assault on the books, but they laid it in this case to reflect the wording of the Criminal Code at the time of the alleged offences.

Chatham-Kent’s major crime unit started investigating after an alleged victim came forward to police in November. That person told investigators he thought he knew of another person who had suffered abuse. Investigators later interviewed that second alleged victim.

Police offered no details about the nature of the abuse, except to say there were “various incidents.”

Sanczenko was ordained in 1954. His assignments included Our Lady of Czestowchowa in London from 1954 to 1963 and 1973 to 1983, Holy Trinity in Windsor from 1963 to 1964 and Our Lady of Victory in Chatham from 1964 to 1973.

He returned to Holy Trinity in Windsor from 1983 to 2003, and also served at St. Michael in Windsor from 2000 to 2003. He stayed in Windsor after retiring in 2003.

In a written statement, the diocese said it was “saddened” by news of Sanczenko’s arrest, but added “these are only allegations of improper conduct.”

Adkinson added in an interview that the diocese has no knowledge of any other allegations against the retired priest.

“These are the only allegations we’ve ever received regarding Father Sanczenko,” he said.

Adkinson said police made the diocese aware an investigation was underway, and church officials gave their full co-operation. But they only heard Monday morning police had made an arrest.

“We’re just getting word out to the parishes now and taking things one step at a time,” he said in an interview.

Adkinson, who talked with at least one member of a church where Sanczenko has served, said the news has stunned parishioners.

“She said it’s just unbelievable,” he said. “She just can’t believe it.”

Following a string of high-profile cases — including that of Rev. Charles Sylvestre who confessed to abusing 47 girls before dying in prison — the diocese implemented several measures to stop abuse in the church.

The diocese has had a sexual abuse policy since 1989, which it has repeatedly updated. Recent additions include a “two deep” rule, where a child or vulnerable person can’t be alone in a room with a priest or diocese employee.

Another policy requires windows or clear openings in all meeting places in parishes, from offices to confessionals.

“Any space that could be used as a meeting space,” Adkinson.

“It’s another step in terms of transparency and accountability. We’ve even put that into effect at the offices here at the chancery here as well. ”

Police said they continue to investigate and want to hear from other victims, if there are any.

If you have information about this case, you can call the Chatham-Kent major crime unit at 519-436-6616 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS


March Newsletter 

Dear Brother Knights:

By the time reaches you we will be well into our Lenten journey and looking forward to Easter. The Easter solemnity is to the year what Sunday is to the week. Without a doubt Easter is the greatest feast of the year. A Happy, Blessed Easter is wished to you and all your Family!


Firstly, I would like to welcome all new members who recently earned their first and second degree on January 20th at Council 9528 in District 39. Four candidates have become members of our order. Welcome Brother Knights Msgr. Roman Waszkiewicz, Msgr. Peter Sanczenko, Rev. Canon Mitchell Kaminski and Walter Kozakowski. Also, thanks to all Brother Knights who came out to support these candidates on their first step into our order.

Plan your Council Membership Nationwide “Blitz” for the Weekend March 29-30. If it cannot be on Founder’s Day weekend please make sure it is scheduled for a weekend that will allow you to bring in more members by June 30. Use husband & wife recruiting teams to tell the whole story of what the Knights of Columbus has to offer families.

On April 20th, District 76 will be hosting a third degree at Council 4375 in Tecumseh. Candidates must arrive by 1:00pm, and the degree begins at 2:00pm. Please let me know your number of candidates by April 15th as well as who will be attending the dinner afterwards.

Remember that over the next few months many men will be initiated into our Order. Do not only keep these men in your prayers, but help them get involved in your Councils activities. By doing so we can be assured that these men will become an integral part of their Councils future.

The District level Basketball Free Throw Competition was held on January 26th at St. Bernard Catholic School. It was a big success and thanks go out to the Brother Knights who volunteered their time. Special thanks go to Paul Laroque of Council 9645 for his efforts and Brother Knights from Councils 9645 and 9671 for their help. The Regional Competition is Saturday, March 1st, 2008 at Western Secondary School in Amherstburg, Ontario.

Our appreciation goes out to all those who entered our substance and drug abuse contest. We are currently waiting for the regional winners results.

Councils have been planning events for the May Ontario State Convention. Delegates and alternates should be elected. Registration applications should be forwarded. Every council must be represented at the State Convention. It is not too soon to start thinking about our annual May Councils election. Encourage new blood with fresh ideas to consider running for office.

Fraternally Yours,
Joe Banovic | DD 76


Bulletin:  The Windsor Star

01 May 2004

Vigil — The Alliance of Two Hearts vigil of communion of reparation in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary to pray for conversion of sinners and world peace will be held Friday at Assumption Church, 350 Huron Church Rd. Rosary at 8:30 p.m., mass at 9 p.m., followed by exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, praise, worship, rosary and culminating with 6 a.m. mass. Celebrant will be Rev. Peter Sanczenko.


Holy Trinity parish a haven for 75 years

The Windsor Star

21 October 1991

By Ian Timberlake

Unemployed, penniless and stranded in the strange city of Windsor, Richard Kusmierczyk thought of only one place that could help him.

“I reached for the phone book and called the Polish parish,” the 42-year-old Polish refugee recalled Sunday.

Without hesitation, a pastor from the church went to get Kusmierczyk, fed him, and sent him comfortably on his way.

Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church has played that role not just for recent immigrants like Kusmierczyk, but for others who came before him during the church’s 75-year history that hundreds of people celebrated Sunday.

Immigrants looking for a new life in Canada built the Ellis Street East church in 1916 and 1917. After the Second World War, others fled Europe’s devastation to fill its pews.

And over the last decade, the congregation swelled with many more like Kusmierczyk who left the crumbling Communist regime.

Rev. Peter Sanczenko, pastor of Holy Trinity, said in an interview that close to 1,000 refugees came to his parish over the last few years. Many brought young families who pushed the number of people in his congregation to almost 3,000.

THROUGHOUT its history, the church has been the centre of religious and secular life, Sanczenko said.

“We are a very unified community.”

“The parish becomes really a support system,” said Most Rev. John Sherlock, bishop of the London diocese that includes Windsor and four other Southwestern Ontario Polish parishes.

Sherlock attended the banquet at the Caboto Club with nearly 600 other guests including about 15 Canadian and American Polish priests, MP Herb Gray (L-Windsor West), Senator Stanley Haidasz – Canada’s first minister of multiculturalism – and Polish government representatives.

They watched as the Tatry song and dance ensemble, with flowers in their hair and wearing gaily-decorated costumes representing various regions of Poland, leaped about a stage in the dances of Dozynki, a festival held to give thanks for the harvest.

The banquet followed a packed afternoon service at the church.

For Kusmierczyk, it was a chance to reflect on how much his life has changed – partly because of the church.

AN ENGINEER in Poland, his activities in the Solidarity trade union movement led to his arrest on Dec. 31, 1981.

The government declared martial law at midnight and 20 minutes later officers came to arrest him at his home, he said.

After three months in a cramped cell, he was released and applied to Canada for refugee status.

Arriving in 1983, Kusmierczyk spent one year in Toronto before making his eventful trip to Windsor for a job interview with Lamb Technicon.

He got the job and has been there as an engineer ever since.

Beginning that day, the church stood by him. It arranged housing for his wife and two sons, and a parishioner helped him get a car loan.

“When we came here we didn’t know anybody. The parish was our island of tranquility, of peace,” Kusmierczyk said.

Now a Canadian citizen settled in his own home in Forest Glade, he has started to return the favors by helping other newcomers to the church.

“I think we’ve found our home, our place.”

98 Responses to Sanczenko: Father Piotr Sanczenko

  1. Sylvia says:

    Father Sanczenkov was committed to stand trial on the Ontario Superior Court of Justice last January. There was a pre-trial in April. I have heard no more. I am trying to find out if a trial date has been set, and if so, the dates. As soon as I hear more I will pass it along.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Father Peter Sanczenkov’s next court date is 10 am, 27 February 2012, courtroom # 201. This is assignment court – a date for trial will be set.

  3. Deborah Kloos says:

    I have met Fr Peter and I don’t believe he is guilty of this crime he is accused of. He is a good man.

  4. jon smith says:

    Thanks Deborah – too often people are guilty of this site long before they are convicted. How un-Canadian!

  5. prima facie says:

    Yes, in many, not all cases, Canadian is beer, hockey and bashing the U.S.A. Canadian is apathy, complacency and trusting the elitist untrustworthy-because we are suppose to. Canadian is relying totally on our government and “the powers that be” to guide us like blind sheep, without comment, opinion or challenge or face the consequence of being ostracized and cast aside as an outsider. In most cases, not all, Canadian is to remain silent, to remain a victim and to die with our secrets-sooner than later. Canadian is to leave the authorities and prominent citizens/institutions, etc., to “police themselves” and in non-disclosure. You know what “Father” Yon, I believe most Canadians really ARE NOT what the powers that be, have worked so hard to keep us. New media is present, voices will be heard. “Un Canadian”…don’t push that “bull” on me.

  6. RealityChecker says:

    The Chatam-Kent major crimes unit had to have had something credible to lay charges against such a “good man”. You make it sound like the police (major crimes) investigate and substantiate and lay charges on a whim!!! I don’t think so…….

    • Deborah Kloos says:

      I was sexually abused by a priest when I was a teenager. I was separated from the Catholic church for 20 years and kept what happened a secret due to shame. I never thought this could happen to anyone and that I was a bad person. The priest was 63 y old and I was a teen. I have really had a lot of anger and sadness and mistrust toward the Catholic church over these years, but at the same time, the Lord brought me back to my faith. It is very precious to me. When Father Sancjenko’s case was in the Windsor Star, my friend Nicole said that he was a friend of her family. She said she did not believe he did it. I was not sure, but I asked her if I could meet Fr Peter and pray with him. I kept thinking of the scriptures to forgive those who hurt you 70 X 7 and the image of Jesus on the cross between the two thieves giving the one who asked for mercy His unconditional forgiveness. It has been hard, but I thought that if I am truly a Christian woman than I must follow the footsteps of Jesus so Nicole and I knocked on the door of Father Peter. He answered the door and welcomed us in his home. He was an elderly, kind man who was very much shaken up by the charges. He said that he did not even know these accusers personally. They lived in the neighbourhood and he saw them around but never knew them personally. I told him what happened to me and how the scriptures spoke to me about forgiveness and mercy. I told him when I came to his door I did not know whether he was guilty or innocent of this crime but I just wanted to give him this rosary I made and pray for him. He looked me in the eye with tears and said I never hurt anyone and I would never hurt anyone. We prayed together. He told us how he survived being in a war camp in World War 2. He reminded me of my father in law. It has been about 2 years since I have met Fr. Peter. I send him cards to tell him that I still pray for him. He talks to me occasionally. He just wants all this court stuff to come to a close. It is a nightmare. It keeps getting delayed. He is in his 80’s and I really believe he would never or has ever hurt anyone. I am still effected by the abuse. I have been already to 3 Catholic churches because of a lack of trust. The Diocese of London has been kind to me. I know that this abuse has effected my life and separated me from my faith, but I chose not to sue the church. I am not saying that this is the right thing to do. People have to do what they feel they need to do to heal. I pray for all those effected by this terrible burden of abuse. I also pray for our Bishop because it is hard for them. There are a lot of good priests that are dedicated to the faith. The London Diocese gave me counseling with a therapist and covered the costs without questions or proof or courts or lawyers. I am grateful to them for trying to help pick up the pieces. I am not saying that mistakes were not made or anything like that, but I do know that they did the best they could. They were not experienced or skilled in dealing with this terrible situation and I know that they would never intend for anyone to be hurt. They just did not know how to handle things and now it is all coming out in public and it is sad for everyone. I sincerely pray for the clergy everyday. I find healing in my faith in the Lord and I don’t think any amount of money could make up for what happened to me or replace my faith in God. I give my suffering to the Lord and pray for all those effected by the abuse. Everytime I read a new case about abuse it tears my heart out and it makes me very sad for everyone involved so I just pray for everyone. I ask the Lord to bless everyone and give them healing, love, mercy, and forgiveness. I know that when a person does wrong, especially if they are in a field of working with vulnerable people, they must be accountable for their actions. I think they give those priests who have committed these crimes a slap on the wrist. I believe that these priests are mentally ill and will never be safe around vulnerable people. It does make me distrust them but at the same time I pray for them too. It is really hard, but I am trying and just focusing on the Lord because His will is that we pray for those who hurt us and keep praying for the Lord to lead moral men of faith to the priesthood to serve Him and to help those priests serving Him now to have strength to lead people in a moral way so that others may see Christ through their ministry.

  7. Sylvia says:

    Deborah, as a victim of clerical sexual abuse yourself I suggest you think of the complainants who have alleged that they were sexually abused by Father Sancjenko. Offer your sufferings up for them. By all means pray for Father Sancjenko, but you are in no more a position than I to decide that Father Sancjenko is innocent and that therefore the complainants are liars. Please remember your own pain as a victim before you make comments which disparage the complainants. And never for a moment forget that the police saw fit to lay charges.

    • Deborah Kloos says:

      That is true about considering those who filed charges against him. I never personally met them and I believe it must be pretty tough for them to bring these charges forward. After meeting Fr. Peter, I don’t see him as a threat to people, but at the same time people who abuse others can have charming personalities too. I think that the media is really making things tough because once a person’s name is out there then it is difficult to clear their name if they are innocent. The nature of these cases makes it difficult to find proof of the allegations. This puts the accused in a very tough situation. I guess they have to make things publicized in order to see if other people will come forward. It is really hard since so many years have passed. I know it is because of the shame associated with the situation that makes people not come forward until several years later. It is possible for someone to be falsely accused but I guess only the courts and a jury could decide. I just feel sad about everything because there seems to be no end to it. Everytime these news articles come out it gets me really upset. I don’t think I will ever be okay after what happened to me. It is like there is this part of me that wants to forgive and a part of me that is very mistrustful and angry about it. People don’t really understand. They think you should just get over stuff that happens to you and move on. My emotions keep going up and down all the time and I don’t mean to offend anyone by the way I feel. I try to look at all sides of it and I don’t know what to think. I feel confused and sometimes I sit in the Catholic church and feel like I will never fit in there, but at the same time I love to sing in the choir and be involved in the ministry there. I feel like there is much more to the church than the scandals. There is beauty in worshiping God using all my senses. I feel the Lord there, despite everything.
      I still feel very hurt. I think that the Catholic church should offer masses up once a year to pray for the victims of the sexual abuse or offer it up in the prayer intentions during mass. I think that they don’t mention it because they think if they don’t talk about it that it will go away, but the pain of it never does.

  8. Leona says:

    I have often heard that when the media puts someone’s name out there that ‘it is difficult to clear their name if they are innocent’. I wonder if that is really true? As difficult as the process may be for someone to go through if they indeed were innocent, it seems like for Catholic priests especially, there good name seems to stand with many people even aftere they have been convicted of a crime. Take a look at the article I linked to on the accused list McCann. 20 years after being convicted, an article in a newspaper references him in a positive way.
    Knowing personally how difficult the process of bringing a case forward in our court system is, it’s difficult for me to believe that anyone would come forward just to be vindictive. If the police see fit to bring charges ther is usually something behind them.
    What is difficult for me as a survivor is that each new case I see only intensifies the wrong that was done.
    Thank you for coming forward on this blog and sharing your story and your pain. Every voice is important.

  9. jon smith says:


    You are in my prayers as well.

  10. Mike Mc says:

    Dear Deborah,
    I want to share with you my frank thoughts. I do not mean to hurt you with these remarks.
    First of all,……Thankyou for sharing your deepest concerns and hurt. When you say, …..” It is like there is this part of me that wants to forgive and a part of me that is very mistrustful and angry about it.”,… I truly know what you mean. For me, although I was never abused and came from a family and parish where our priests were solid men who even came to dinner (my father was also a lay reader in the 60s in the Church etc), I still feel like I am a victim. Others know in this thread that two priests and a Bishop, ….that I knew Personally and trusted!!!, …. sexually abused minors. Bishop Lahey, while not accused of actually physically abusing children (that we know of!!), was my Bishop and confirmed my students and my own child…a adolescent too at that time! The other priests said Mass and one even gave my highschool teens (grade 9) a “day of awareness” retreat. So I feel, in a way, abused as a Catholic, and have tried to come to grips with what has happened in the RC Church. So YES, a part of me wants to FORGIVE and a part of me is now ANGRY and DISTRUSTFUL of the priesthood.
    So when I first heard of the accusations, of course it was shock, disbelief and sadness. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and hoped it was all a big misunderstanding. Then when the news broke out of these men ADMITTING their guilt, then it became controlled anger. One of the priests may have even commited suicide…we don’t know to this day, except that he didn’t appear for his court date and died the next day I believe in his garage.
    Then reading Sylvia’s site only finally made me FULLY aware of the problems in the priesthood with sexual abuse. I mean we have been shocked REPEATEDLY not only in Newfoundland, but in Canada, Ireland, the States and everywhere!! It’s a major problem and I would even go as far to say that it a major EVIL and CRIME against humanity…as one person put it in here.
    So Deborah, I can understand fully how you feel about Fr Pete Sanczenko. I admire you for even going to see him and pray with him.
    But that’s as far as I can agree with you.
    It’s obvious to me you are a pious person and a dedicated Catholic even though you were abused and basically hid the abuse for so many years. You say you even got funding from the Church to seek counselling. But Deborah, that WAS NOT ENOUGH!
    You are still suffering today. We can read between the lines. You are wounded (aren’t we all in some way)…and for any victim to just seek prayer and counselling and NOT bring these priests to justice……so the CHURCH can be whole again….is wrong.
    So we will definitely have to wait and see what the courts will decide about Fr Pete, but I’ve no if he did moleste 2 kids back in the 60s, no matter if he is 83 or 93, it has to be brought out….if for anyone….THOSE kids who are suffering today… like you still are. They need to know that the man who molested them has been brought to justice….and if anything….his power….even if its only a VERY TERRIBLE MEMORY NOW, ….that this POWER he had over them can be released.
    Deborah, I too wished only the best for those accused priests and hoped it was all a misunderstanding. But alas, not so. People don’t come out 40-50 years later just to pick on an old priest. So please wake up to the reality, Deborah.
    And Deborah, I have found Sylvia’site to be a warning to the Catholic Church …from the Pope on down to Cardinals, Bishops, and priests……that what I like to call “the old boys’ club”…..cannot continue to exist as it does. It is becoming too apparent that the sexual abuse problem has been going on for DECADES, if not CENTURIES….. and has been HIDDEN by those Bishops and Cardinals in authority. The day and time for this “club” has come to an end….I truly hope. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, ….well you will appreciate this: May the Church come to FULL repentance and open its dirty vaults and begin a new phase of honesty and integrity….and may its first duty be to the victims of its evil abuse.

    • Mike Mc says:

      I’m just wondering if Deborah has read this or if she has any reaction.

    • Deborah Kloos says:

      Hi. I did read what you wrote and I am not offended. I understand where you are coming from. I don’t feel like the church is truly repentant of the sexual abuse because if they were then they would offer up prayer intentions and masses for those victims of clergy abuse but they don’t like to talk about it. They think if they don’t mention it in church then it will go away, but I think that this is why things got so bad in the church with the abuse. They saw something and just turned their head in the other direction pretending that nothing happened and maybe it would go away, but this caused things to be worse. I think if people were accountable and would own up to these wrongs instead of pretending it did not exist maybe this would not have went on so long and maybe it would not be hitting the church in the face now. People would not be so upset if their pain would just be acknowledged and people would own up to their wrong doings. This is what makes me very upset. I wrote letters to bishops all over Canada and asked them if they could consider having a designated day where they would all pray for the victims of clergy abuse and those effected by the abuse. I made each of these bishops including our pope a rosary and asked them to use it to pray for victims of the clergy abuse. They sent me lots of letters including one from the Vatican saying thank you but I have not seen any church actually setting aside a day of prayers for the victims of clergy abuse. They set a day to pray for priests, but not victims of abuse. This really disappoints me because I think the church should acknowledge this pain associated with the clergy abuse instead of only addressing it when a new lawsuit comes up. It is not right. I think the Catholic church and the clergy need lots of prayer because there is so much pain there regarding this issue and no one wants to talk about it at church but this is where we should ask for repentance and mercy and forgiveness.

      I left my last parish because the priest there was very insensitive and outright rude to me. He knew what happened to me and told me that all I was allowed to say to him was hi and bye. He did not want anything to do with me and I felt very hurt by him. It was like he hurt me upon the hurt I already had. He got me so upset that I filed a lawsuit against the church because of him. I thought about it and felt really upset so I retracted the lawsuit because I did not want money from the church. I did not want it because it can’t repair the damage and hurt done. I don’t really think anything can except forgiveness and turning to the Lord in my vulnerability. My son is 13. He has seen my pain and as a result decided not to go to the Catholic church and he does not want to be confirmed either. I respect that he can make his own choice. He goes to a Protestant church on Sundays and it is okay with me. He goes to Catholic school and I think with the teaching in school and teaching he receives at the Church of the Nazarene he is fine and I am proud of him. He is his own person, but you can see that what happened to me has effected my own son and that is sad.

  11. Mike Mc says:

    Deborah, thankyou for reading my words above and reflecting on them and furthering your story. If I was a therapist, I think I would be able to see between every line you wrote. But it “is” obvious that you are still suffering quietly the emotional rollercoaster of your own abuse. I have re-read carefully this entire thread and what you first wrote above and then the longer two passages. It is an amazing revelation. Let me explain.
    You say you have received counseling…without need of proof or lawyers etc…free from the district of London diocese….and that it has helped. But then later you speak of a local priest who merely wants you to say “hello and goodbye” and nothing more. I can only assume you started to talk to him about your own abuse and he didn’t want to get involved? That is sad…but can you blame him? I mean don’t get me wrong, I feel he SHOULD be listening to you and giving you guidance!! But depending on whether you corner him or scare him with threatof law suits etc, gosh,I would be scared too. You also say earlier above that a priest abused you. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did you ever reveal to the proper authorities who that priest was? You didn’t reveal his name here, understandably. Or maybe you should have. Sylvia might wish to comment here on this. Did that priset ever get convicted? Defrocked? Or did they make you look responsible? Was the counselling you got of yur own choice? (I mean the therapist…did you choose him or her?)
    So Deborah, I am saddened that you have not gotten all the necessary help you need. You have changed churches to suit what fits you….until something comes up and then you switch again. Now even your son is affected. You seem to be still haunted by the abuse but I will admit you have forgiveness in your heart. But I say, “Is forgiveness enough?” Well, yes it can be for some and life moves on. But for you I feel a confusion between forgiveness and what actually happened to you. I think yu are still suffering. Well, I know you are still suffering….even you admit that….but what I mean is perhaps your abuser never was convicted? And that is why you still suffer this emotional roller coaster. Or parhaps your abuser was just placed elsewhere.
    And as for Fr Peter, I re-read your first remarks where you pretty much said you didn’t ” believe he is guilty of this crime he is accused of. ” Remember saying that? And I said that I knew where you were coming from….disbelief turns to shock and then shock turns to confusion and then confusion turns to reality-check……and then for me it was ANGER! I’m still lashing out. This site is going in the record books and is being talked about in high places. The Church is in turmoil!
    But on this same page, reporter Tim Stewarts says: “It is disheartening to know that there are still those among us who condone and promote the code of silence with regard to sexual assaults. With everything we know now, we should have evolved past such thinking long ago.”
    Deborah, we will have to wait and see about Fr Peter and let the courts and investigation decide. I know you want only the best results as you have prayed with this man and met him personally. But Tim goes on to say: “We need to protect our children from the predators no matter what uniform they wear or how old they happen to be.”
    Deborah, it seems that because of his age and the fact that he may already have personally repented etc, that you wish to see this old priest absolved? I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way. And the reason why it doesn’t can be seen with your own case. Perhaps there are two other abused “kids” out there…just like you……and I mean 40-60 yr old “kids”…..yes your age…….that are crying out to tell this story and get counselling to be healed. But as you well know yourself, can you ever be healed of this? Possibly. Keep an eye open on your son……I sense he too is confused and suffering in his own 13 yr old way.

  12. Deborah Kloos says:

    The priest who abused me is deceased. He has a huge family and I figure that a deceased person can no longer hurt anyone else, but if I bring out his name then his family would be hurt. I don’t want anyone else to hurt from this. I don’t see his name anywhere in the Registry of abusers. If I did then I would support the person who brought out his name, but I don’t want to do it because I don’t want anyone else to be hurt. I pray for him and ask the Lord for Mercy and Forgiveness towards him because I think it is what is right in my own moral conscience. I am suffering and it is not something that just goes away. It is a process that goes away and comes back depending on the newspaper articles of new accusations. I have been doing my best but sometimes I get really depressed. I think Bishop Fabbro could have been abused by Fr Marshall because he was his school teacher in Sudbury and he urged him to join the math club and be a tutor according to an article I read. A classmate Bishop Fabbro tutored was being molested by Father Marshall who was tutoring him so he went to Bishop Fabbro instead for tutoring and did not say why he stopped seeing Father Marshall. Bishop Fabbro’s family had Fr Marshall in their home when he was growing up. Fr Marshall was the principal of a school Bishop Fabbro taught at. I wonder if anything happened to him and if he was hurt too???? This makes me so sad and upset. I don’t want to see people suffering like this. I don’t think men come forward as openly about this type of abuse. I mailed Bishop Fabbro a card and a booklet about coping with Child Sexual abuse and prayers too. I think it is hard on him especially that this upcoming lawsuit with Fr Marshall is so close to home for him because one of the people suing the London Diocese is his own classmate and the person accused is the priest who was his teacher and who was welcomed in his own home in Sudbury where he grew up. I am hurting still. This article I read really upset me. Bishop Fabbro has wrote me so many letters saying he was praying for me and I am praying for him too. I am praying for everyone…..all the victims and all those effected by the abuse because it is heartbreaking.

  13. Deborah Kloos says:

    I really don’t have anyone to talk to that really understands how hurt I feel. People from the Catholic church want to avoid this issue like the plague. Priests get edgy about it. My family and friends say it is time to move on and I should be over this but I am not over it because it keeps on coming and coming up over and over again in the media and it keeps opening up my old wounds. Sometimes I have difficulty sleeping or feel very edgy. It was like that when the priests from the church I really loved went to a new assignment and then there was this new priest there who I did not know or did not trust. I wanted to get to know him so I could trust him but he was rude to me. I think his rudeness stemmed from a mistrust of me because I was a victim of clergy abuse. Sometimes I need to talk to someone about the abuse who will understand where I am coming from and who will listen to me because I am really hurting. I wish when those articles come out in the media the priest would put the victims of clerical abuse in the church prayer intentions and offer up prayers during mass for them. Just acknowledge the suffering and lift it up to the Lord instead of always avoiding it.

  14. jon smith says:


    Your ramblings are not helpful – let us keep to the facts!

  15. Mike Mc says:

    Deborah, I have to admit I am alarmed by what you write. I am trying to piece this together. You say: “The priest who abused me is deceased. He has a huge family and I figure that a deceased person can no longer hurt anyone else, but if I bring out his name then his family would be hurt.”
    What if you are not the only person this priest has abused in the past? You say you got FREE counselling. What about them who also may have been abused? Maybe they have kept this hidden all these years and are suffering. This priest’s name should have been on the registry of sex offenders, even if after being deceased. Did the free service you got from the Diocese of London know about this priest? Or did they just cover it up….since as you laywers were involved.
    You also say you would “support the person” who brought out his name (assuming there was another person. Maybe there were two or three victims). Don’t you think you need to “support” yourself on this? Yes, I feel bad for this deceased abusive priest’s family to know about this…..but perhaps it is a HUSHED UP secret in this family anyways. I’d hate to think there are relations of this priest…..maybe neices or nephews…who might have suffered this similar abuse you went through. Did you ever think of that?
    Finally, you seem to get upset about all these happenings you see in here and in the news about “another priest or Bishop”. Well, this is the reality of this site on “Blogging the sex abuse scandal and betrayals of trust in the Roman Catholic Church in Canada” as Sylvia so aptly calls it. The key word here, Deborah, is “betrayal”. You have been a forgiving person, but you have been betrayed by a priest, and perhaps a London Diocese appointed counsellor. And maybe you have not allowed others to come forward about your abuser because they are too intimidated and don’t know your story or have not heard the priest’s name in the news. There’s power in numbers, you know.
    If I sound harsh, I’m sorry and do not intend to be. It’s just that you have been abused, and even though you received counselling, you still have difficulty sleeping and others have even said you should get over this and move on. How dare them! This is hardly being cured. The forgiveness is great in your HEART, but the dreams and hurt are of your MIND. Please seek more counselling and talk it out with the “proper” people. It seems you wish to do so by your comments in here. In fact it’s obvious….I know I have spoken out because I am angry and very disappointed in that “old boys club” I refer to….that crowd of men who have only begun to reveal the truth because at last the lay courts have “forced” them to. But Deborah, your comments are so revealing. I can feel the hurt and confusion. I can also feel the distrust…..God only knows I feel it myself…about our once revered Church. Sylvia on this site is not on a witch hunt; she is exposing the truth about centuries of abuse in a supposedly “holy order” that has gone extremely sour in many aspects.

    • Deborah Kloos says:

      I think Sylvia’s site is very good because she lists all the accused priests and it helps to know this for me to feel safe in the church.

      • Mike Mc says:

        Not sure Deborah if you read or understood my point. Yes, Sylvia’s site lists all the accused priests. Why isn’t the priest who abused you mentoned here? Just because he is deceased? Please read my points above again. I thought I made them clear. I also thought I made it clear that I don’t intend to sound harsh to you.
        I know this has all been an eye opener. I checked google and saw your comments on divorce and mortal sin etc. I know yu are a devout catholic. Forgiveness ranks big in your heart. But as I said, it’s your mind that needs guidance. JG says you need to speak up. I agree.

  16. JG says:

    I read once , tried to read again…but I have to skip from line to line…I just don’t understand! I don’t,… I can’t understand how anyone, let alone the so called “religious” people within the church, the priests, bishops and the “infallible” one, can read testimonials such as yours from so many victims and not do everything in their power to stop and correct this evil wrong you have all had to suffer through.
    It is incomprehensible that they could pretend to such goodness and yet allow themselves to be the tools for such horrific pain….
    That is their problem, not yours! …and because you have Faith you should not worry about what will come next, if you speak up. From personal experience, when you accept to share that pain, everything will start to fall in place. Guaranteed! You can’t take the pain of the world, of “their” families on your shoulders…You will help more people than you can ever imagine…even the families of your abuser may understand their lives better in relation to that family member.
    If you keep things in the dark, you will continue to feel in the dark…and so will your son.
    Remember, when in doubt, tell the truth.
    I can tell you that regardless of some negative impacts in the short term, telling my Father’s story has helped at least a dozen people( I know of!) who were hurting like you…others will take longer to understand but that is OK also. We all have different clocks to work with!
    You are a person of great Faith, vulnerable, generous, Loving… My Dear Deborah, He went to the cross for YOU so you would not have to do it.
    Have Faith without trying to second guess what will happen!
    It will all be Good and you will sleep like a baby at night!
    Do what your heart tells you but be on your guard!…Take counsel, be prepared and patient!
    “Look after the small stuff, He will handle the BIG stuff!”
    Take care of your son. “He” is your charge.

  17. Deborah Kloos says:

    I feel very depressed about everything.

  18. Mike says:

    I sense that you are a good, but hurting person. You are not alone! If you watch TV, try to find the victim impact statement from Theoren Fleury (NHL hockey player). His statement to the effect that “he has triumphed over these sick people” is very powerful.
    You too can rise above these sick people. Just think of the good that you can do for others, just simply by saying what happenned to you. Please hang in there, we’re all with you. Mike

  19. Mike says:

    For all concerned on this site, I would suggest that you take a look at the web-site of Mr. Richard Sipe, a former R.C. priest, now author and teacher. His research and outlook on these matters is very revealing. Mike

    • Lina says:

      Thank you Mike for that info about the website of Richard Sipe.

      There is a link there for Patrick J.Wall.

      I remember him being interviewed on C.B.C. radio. He use to be a fixer for his Bishop.
      The bishop would send him to deal with troubled priests who got themselves in somewhat serious troubled.

  20. Mike says:

    You never answered my question to you. I am becoming increasingly weary of your pointed, sharp attacks on people from this site. Could you find something constructive, or supportive to say? What do you want?
    Do you know what it feels like to be on the other end of sexual abuse? Are you a priest? You appear (note – I said “appear” which is just an opinion, not slander, or lies) to be very supportive of the actions of some of these priests. Is secrecy your claim to fame? Mike

  21. Edward says:

    Pfffff if I were you dear I wouldn’t worry about what he has to say or think. It’s like a cult they cover up and defend for each other and usually when there defensive they are probably guilty or hiding something themselves and remember opinions are like assholes everybody has one . We’re all entitled to freedom of speech

  22. Mike says:

    Isn’t it so true. But remember, according to jon, we must be careful about slander or jumping to conclusions? Perhaps the O.P.P. is jumping to conclusions. Hah……………………………………………! I doubt it. Mike

  23. edward busko says:

    i was an altar boy in the 1960s and 70s at holy trinity polish roman catholic church in windsor ontario. Fr, Peter Sanczenko was not the pastor of our parish at that time, but when he came to visit from chatham and say Mass he was revered by the altar boys almost like the Pope coming to your parish. we had respect for father, but in return, he gave us respect. we were like a holy team with only the commitment to serve Mass. Fr. Sanczenko was a priest that made the priesthood appealing to altar boys. Now, to hear these allegations against this Holy priest and devoted servant to our Lord disturbs me. remember, Our Lord was falsely accused for blasphemy when He was was the TRUE GOD. and look what the end result was for our Lord. there are wicked people with a personal agenda that want to smear the good name of others. these people will someday die and have to face their Judge. in the case of Fr. Sanczenko this is nothing more than calumny. i know Father, i truly believe he is innocent. remember Father, undeserved suffering is redemptive. i pray for you everyday Father. St. Rita will help you

    • edward busko says:

      ive had time to reflect on the counter statements made to my comments. i am choosing my words carefully after this reflection. most people who make comments about Fr. Sanczenko do not even personally know this priest. all they speak about is based upon hearsay. how can you judge someone that you do not personally know ? oh yes, i have received comments from Sylvia. she has set up this web site to PROMOTE scandal. i have a GOD given discernment for people. i can easily pick out the bad apples. i sense and my feelings are strong, that Sylvia will not be satisfied until every accused Roman Catholic priest is convicted.Sylvia promotes that every priest that wears the Roman collar is suspect to crime. well at least the accused ones. Sylvia is a delusional person that has stigmatized the priesthood with the word PREDATOR. sickening. at least that is the thought she is trying to portray. she is on board with a mentally ill society to condemn GOOD. Does Sylvia have a conscience ? she is culpable for promoting scandal. does she not care for her soul and where it might end up for eternity ? when Fr. Sanczenko and other accused priests are vindicated and proven innocent, will Sylvia be furious and outraged because she did not achieve her end result ? Sylvia at this point portrays herself like she HATES the priesthood. seems like a very bitter person towards the priests in the Roman Catholic church. wants to do whatever she can to have them convicted. well Sylvia if you talk about priests in this manner in public, i wonder what you also say about others. i am not in a state of denial about Fr. sanczenko. i see him and talk to him frequently. he does not look like someone that is worried or concerned about these allegations. hes relaxed, and just being the Fr. Sanczenko i knew since i was young. He does NOT seem nervous at all. im sure he realizes that this is a CROSS that GOD has given him and hes willing to carry it for OUR LORD. hes like a modern day St. Simon. back to you Sylvia. you know, you are like Hitler. he said, tell a lie, tell it often enough and people will believe it. thats what you are doing. SHAME ON YOU. Edmund Burke said , all that is necessary for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing. thats where i step in. i will be a defender of TRUTH, so that people like you Sylvia dont get away with the scandal you are promoting. if i offended you Sylvia, GOOD. you deserve the words that i have spoken. may GOD have mercy on your soul Sylvia and convert you back to kindness and charity towards others. im sure you would appreciate the kindness of others also.

      • Larry Green says:

        Try it all over again choosing your words even more carefully Eddy!

      • 1 abandoned sheep says:

        Ed, your chest must be sore after thumping it so much. Are you Catholic, or just a Priest in defensive mode ?

      • Mike Mc says:

        Ed B, I can feel your anger. One thing about this site is it allows people to express their anger, shock, disbelief, sadness, confusion, disallusionment, mistrust, even anxiety and so much more. Notice, however, the word “express”. You have every right to express yourself, even if it goes beyond anger. But “hate” is a different word and feeling. But when something as precious as our faith and priesthood gets under the microscope, I think people like you will really get disturbed. But the truth to the matter is that Fr Pete is now in the hands of the law. This site blogs “the sex abuse scandal and betrayals of trust in the Roman Catholic Church in Canada”. It is an eye opener for many…and our sacred “priesthood” has been proven time and again not to be so sacred. It’s a fact, Ed. It’s time to wake up to the reality that something is rotten in the state of Vatican on downward. And it’s my hope that this “badness” will be cleaned up. It will take a while..perhaps a whole generation…but I hope it will happen. In a day and age when women, for example, are still not allowed in priesthood, you can see the problem that exists in the Church. As for Fr Pete, time will tell. Yes, for sure.

        • JG says:

          The truth of it is simply that you don’t really know this person, Sanczenko…Right?…he wasn’t the parish priest when you were an altar boy…now he is an 83 year old you see once in a while…What is true probably is that you have had him and other priests on a pedestal where they have placed themselves…terribly painful to see them tumble down and to feel something called “betrayal”…I feel like that now about a simple $200. item from an E-Bay “swindler”…I understand a lifetime of “spiritual” investment flushed down the toilet!…is a lot more painful!! Should you take the time to reflect on the whole situation after you have dealt with the anger of betrayal, you may realize that maybe the inspirational priest of your youth was human and weak also…You don’t want him to be judged or even questioned about what you say are all false accusations.
          Maybe the charm of the priest in the eyes of a 13 year was the “grooming” of a weak, lonely human being…maybe you were lucky!
          Maybe the charm of the 80+ old man is the lack of remorse of a sociopath personality…or of the criminal caught for a crime he considers menial in comparison to the crimes he has committed…It is like the one “joint” on a person who traffics in cocaine!..
          He too has a peaceful look..even a little smile on the corner of his mouth!…Because he knows he got away.
          If this all turns out in your “friends” favor, which I would applaud with relief, I’m sure you will return to let us all know how wrong this site is …and we all are!
          Should the opposite occur, you should be just as quick to return to apologize and humble yourself…
          I know that everyone who has answered to your lashing out will be the first ones to understand, give you support and to feel there is nothing to forgive.
          Sylvia would probably be the first one on top of that list even after you threw all of your “kitchen pots” in her face.
          Be Christian, be patient but don’t be fooled by a smiling face …we are all fighting the same battle.
          At 50 years old(?), this would not be the first time you felt cheated…
          Welcome to the club! …question without the hate and anger…that is the first step! You will feel everything without hurting everyone…Yourself included.
          I wish you Peace.


      • Lina says:

        Its obvious Edward is not happy with Sylvia and this website and he is not the only one who has problems with this blog:

        “Blogging the sex abuse scandal and betrayals of trust in the Roman Catholic Church in Canada.”

        There are many other people and Roman Catholic clergy are not happy campers about this site.

        People do not want to hear about any Roman Catholic priest or especially a priest that they know of being described as a convicted predator or a known sexual molester etc… Their image of that priest and the Roman Catholic Church is being challenged and it is a painful process to come to grips with.

        Sylvia gets priests/clergymen peeved off at her; it only goes with the territory.

        In my humble opinion, if Sylvia is getting bad feedback it means she’s doing a something right.

        Who knows? Some folks who are complaining…deep down are really glad there is such a website. What some of these priests wish their bishops would do is being done with this site.

        How many times we hear from priests their bishop’s keeps them in the dark, they get zero support from their bishop or the Chancery and so on.

        Face it folks…if these priests cannot make any headway with their own bishop what are the chances of you and I have with that same bishop?

        We the laity are getting better inform and we are not so easily tricked and are not putting up about being kept in the dark like ages ago.

        There is not much support out there in the Roman Catholic Church for clergy abuse victims. These clergy abuse victims are lucky if they are mentioned at prayers at during Mass.

        The Roman Catholic Church’s credibility is bad and furthermore it’s at all time low and sadly it’s getting worst.

        The Catholic Church officials cannot be TRUSTED to be truly fair to these abuse victims.
        No wonder we hear from the police, if you have a complaint against a priest do not go to Roman Catholic Church officials.

        God only knows what CERTAIN priests do when a victims comes looking for help (especially in the confessional) because of the abuse in one way or another by a certain clergyman?

        The Roman Catholic Church’s track record speaks for itself.

        I’m glad this website exists. It surely beats spending an evening with the Bishop and leaving that session more confused than before you started the evening with him.

        I want to believe there is still hope for the Roman Catholic Church.

        • Deborah Kloos says:

          Kudos to you Lina. We have to talk about this. The darkness must come into the Light and then healing can begin but as long as it is kept in the dark then it will keep going on and on. Our faith is too sacred for that.

      • Sylvia says:

        I don’t believe I promote scandal Edward. I do where possible try to expose scandal and and cover-ups in the Church in Canada. I believe that children must be protected from predatory priests, and I also believe that parents have a right to know if and/or when when their children are or may be placed at risk.

        I also believe in the sanctity of the priesthood.

        I know countless victims of clerical sexual predators who have been called liars to their face – and and have literally been spat upon by Catholics who refused to believe that the priest they know and revere could possibly have laid a wayward hand on a child.

        I have seen Catholics willfully deceived when they were subjected to a ‘recycled’ predatory priest – and I know of their dismay when they happened upon the harsh truth and the painful reality that not a soul told or warned them, and that they had been deceived and betrayed.

        I know of countless priests who denied that they had committed these atrocities for months on end, and in so doing were not in the least distressed that their victims were made to look like liars, and were treated accordingly by Church officials, lawyers and Roman Catholics. And, even with a guilty plea, I know of countless cruel Catholics who continued to treat the victims like lepers.

        You think the complainants are lying? The numbers who do are few and far between, but, if indeed that happens to be the case then I will tell now you as I have said in the past: they should be charged.

        You pray for me edward, and I in turn will pray for you.

        Meanwhile, we must all wait and hope and pray that justice is done.

        • Mike Mc says:

          I would just like to back Sylvia, Edward, when she says: “I have seen Catholics willfully deceived when they were subjected to a ‘recycled’ predatory priest – and I know of their dismay when they happened upon the harsh truth and the painful reality that not a soul told or warned them, and that they had been deceived and betrayed.”
          This is so true! This is also about deceit and betrayal. And I think the Bishops are to blame often in these cases. This so called “secrecy of confession” should not have been used if a fellow priest knew what another priest had done. There is something fundamentally wrong with this idea within the Church. Just as Cardinals take an oath to secrecy in Rome. Secrecy of what? Stuff like Fatima? History of bad Popes? Sexual abuse within the priesthood? and so much more! There should be NO SECRECY! The priest should be a humble servant of God and his flock. But Catholics are too much like sheep. We should be aware of everything within our church and strive to free the oppressed, heal the sick, etc etc…..We all know the Good News! But secrecy????? Why?
          So deceit and betrayal are sad but honest words. And Edward,if a priest is under investigation, then let no secrets be surrounding him. It will be a sad day for Fr Pete if he is found to be guilty. But the reality is if it happened, then victims have a right to be healed. We’ve all see enough suffering and statements from people here on this site who have been abused.

      • Deborah Kloos says:

        Hi Edward. I just wanted to say that this morning I offer up all effected by clergy sexual abuse in prayer, that justice will prevail. I am a victim and I did go to meet Fr Peter at his home because I wanted to meet the one accused to help me understand why??? I was only a teen when I was abused and it has haunted me over these past 20 years. He is a very nice man and he says sincerely that he did not commit this crime. We said prayers together. I believe him. I think it is possible for there to be false accusations as well as most accusations to be valid. I don’t want anyone to be hurt but that is impossible because the damage is done. I have not met the men who filed the charges. I feel really sad that they are going through this and I ask the Lord for healing for them too. I wish I could meet them because then it would help me get a full understanding. I just know that today it will be hard for everyone involved and I just ask the Lord for justice to prevail and I pray for each person in the courtroom today.

        I want to add that Silvia and I talked on the phone. She cared enough to talk to me personally and I think what she is doing is great. I have been looking at her website because it helps me understand what I have been going through these past years through reading the testimonies of other victims. I did return to my faith but I am still very distrustful of clergy I don’t know so I looked on her list of those accused and convicted to help me. One of them is Bishop LeRoc who is still very active in the church despite being involved in sexual abuse of minors. I know of another priest who is not listed. I left that parish because of his behaviour and he is still there at the church. I had to go somewhere else. This makes me very distrustful so I did look on the site to find out which people I could not trust. Sylvia was very supportative and caring toward me. She is a faithful person who just wants to help people and to put an end to all this abuse. I am grateful to Sylvia for spending time talking to me. She is a very honest, good person. This sensitive issue is something people don’t want to talk about. They feel uncomfortable. I tried talking about it at my Catholic prayer group. The women there have never had anything bad happen to them by a priest. They go to mass faithfully. They are nice women but I can tell they feel uncomfortable talking about clergy abuse. I think people just don’t know how to handle it and I understand that. Priests don’t like talking about it either but I know that they are hurting too. The problem with this clergy abuse is that it really hurts those innocent priests who are good men of God. It is sad and they need our prayers too. I don’t know any other people who have experienced clergy abuse. I think people deal with it in their own ways. I think the people who put their testimonies on this website are brave and my heart goes out to them because they are so wounded and no amount of money can bring back all those years that were taken from them because of this disgusting thing that happened to them. They need lots of prayers. As each of the stories of abuse are revealed it is a way of taking control over something that has wounded the soul. It has to come out. It was hidden so long and people carried these burdens all on their own who no support. People’s lives were destroyed…… Relationships ruined, health destroyed by alcoholism and drug abuse and suicide attempts, sleepless nights, psychological stress on the body from nightmares, lack of sleep, being separated from the church where they were once faithful people because the person who was supposed to be their spiritual role model violated their trust and used his power to hurt them for his own pleasure. People not understanding what is going on so you live alone with all this pain. The victims who tell the world what happened to them are taking back their life and taking control. Sylvia’s site enables people who were victims of clergy sexual abuse the opportunity to share with each other their pain and for people to have someone to talk to that understands. Thank you Sylvia for talking to me and for all the time and effort you put into this website.

        Deborah Kloos

        • Mike Mc says:

          Very well said, Deborah. It takes courage to write as you do. I hope only the best for you in your turmoil turned to peace. When I hear of a women’s prayer group, I know there is hope for the Church. I think we will all see in the next 20 years a profound role for women in the RC Church!

      • truth seeker says:

        truth I used to be a person that didnt believe a priest could ever molest a child, I thought they must just want money. but I was wrong a priest is human and can molest.Just because you think a person is so kind hearted or helpful doesnt mean that person is not capable of horrific things. people that have children teach them not to go with strangers ever. we teach them what a stranger looks like, we say they might be well dressed look very nice even friendly, they may even offer you candy, or to come look at a puppy, and since 90% of kidnappers are friends or family people parents trust, we teach are children never go with no one. The scary part of being a parent is we will never be smart enough to know what a monster with a perverted mind looks like. Because they never just openly start fondling kids or asking ” hey can i molest your kid” they are way smarter and wisely choose their weak victum. It is very sad but true a monster will look like the most trusting sweet person that take a childs spirit, and most times the only time the monster gets caught is when the child grows up and is no longer afraid and understands why there life has been such a mess and so out of control and they must face the monster to heal and save anyone else that has been hurt or could get hurt. which takes so much strength because not only will they have to relive the molesting , they will have to defend themselves from all the monsters helpers that stand by him. when all the defeated child within wants is for the monster to stop so the healing and forgiveness can begin.

        • MikeMc says:

          ………..”Because they never just openly start fondling kids or asking ” hey can i molest your kid” they are way smarter and wisely choose their weak victum. It is very sad but true a monster will look like the most trusting sweet person that take a childs spirit, and most times the only time the monster gets caught is when the child grows up and is no longer afraid and understands why there life has been such a mess and so out of control and they must face the monster to heal and save anyone else that has been hurt or could get hurt.”

          You have said it very well. I’m not sure if you are an abused victim…I hope not…..but you are right that victims should face their abusers. As tough as it may be, it’s part of the healng process and recognizing that the abuser now has NO power of them. And it puts the abuser in jail and on the sex offenders list for the crimes against humanity that he has cimmitted. Hopefully it will not happen again with public supervision.

          Thankyou for sharing.

  24. jon smith says:

    JG and Mike

    I have not been attacking anyone – I merely caution people when I think that they cross the line. An example is when someone named the wife of an accused abuser (Gabe DelBianco) and I thought that this was inappropriate.

  25. Mike Mc says:

    To Edward Busko……..I said above to someone else……..”And as for Fr Peter, I re-read your first remarks where you pretty much said you didn’t ” believe he is guilty of this crime he is accused of. “.. And I said that I knew where you were coming from….disbelief turns to shock and then shock turns to confusion and then confusion turns to reality-check……and then for me it was ANGER! I’m still lashing out. This site is going in the record books and is being talked about in high places. The Church is in turmoil!
    But on this same page, reporter Tim Stewarts says: “It is disheartening to know that there are still those among us who condone and promote the code of silence with regard to sexual assaults. With everything we know now, we should have evolved past such thinking long ago.”
    Ed B.,…I know well the shock of finding out a revered priest or Bishop gets arrested for abuse. This incident with Fr pete may have been a one time affair or done during a confused lonely time in his life. I don’t know. But I know ONE time is one time too many and it was a crime! Again Ed B,., I don’t think someone would pick on an old priest just to do so or gain money. We will wait and see; but based on the proven terrible facts of this site, it’s time the truth gets revealed. The victims need help…and that’s what’s most important.

  26. Sylvia says:

    Edward Busko, Mike Mc is right. I will add to that that, unfortunately, the large majority of convicted and known clerical predators managed to very successfully beguile most of their parishioners and the the Catholic laity with whom they interacted. It is not at all uncommon to hear Catholics praise what they view as the good nature and good character of a predatory priest – even after he has been convicted. These predatory priest are, of necessity, manipulative masters of deception.

    It is also good to remember that the priest who molests children does not molest every single child who crosses his path. The fact that some were left unscathed does not mean others were not molested. As a wise man once said: “A thief doesn’t hit every house on the block.” The same holds true for predatory priests.

    So don’t be too quick to label the complainants as liars edward. Rest assured that it is no easy journey for a victim to go to police, and rest assured that they too have feelings and can hurt from being falsely accused.

  27. Edward says:

    Pffff those preist that are guilty of wrong doings of being a queer and pedofiles especially towards little boys and girls deserve the worst , I’m sure there are some wonderful preist out there , that are honest and truly do what’s right . However the ones that are sick need to know its Adam and eave , Not Adam and Steve and Definitly no to little boys . So on that token. The catholic mess is losing its control and power and I hope it crumbles . And those that are sick and did damage to kids ! I hope they get the worst punishment that can be given , and I hope they deal with that pope standing there in his stupid bed sheet , I hope they deal with him aswell for all the dirt and secrets that he’s been covering up . Pffffff. What a joke .

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Edward, Just because you hate the Catholic Church, and probably are angry with GOD, those are not reasons for the above rant.
      If you hate that deeply, then it is likely there are persons who hate you as deeply. Neither of those are good scenarios!
      Save your rants for your doctor, and spare your family. You need healing.

  28. Edward says:

    Dude I think you got issues of being brainwashed not to mention denial . Put an elastic band around your head and snap out of it . That whole catholic empire crap is corrupt dishonest and very seceritive . Not to mention the dirt that the pope has been hiding to protect his little churches . And your making it very clear that you hate hearing the truth and opions of others . Question for ya . Did you ever hear the saying written by Christ himself ? Beleave in no buildings made of wood and stone , split a peace of wood and you will find me , I am everywhere . But I no not with tyne catholic crap , they want people to stay ignorant and beleive differently by coming to there church and give us your money . Tobad your not catching on to there brainwashing scam . And I’m not an angry person , im humble and love god and see and here god everyday in the mountains people and in wildlife aswell as creations and it’s Definitly not in some stupid church or Beleave in some dude dress in a bed sheet or the pope whatever they call him lol, how pathetic . Cheers to you mate .

  29. 1 abandoned sheep says:

    Eddy, the white sheet you see is one for you. It will also have some restraints, and the carriers will take you to a place where you will not be able to harm yourself or anyone else. I hope the restraints are not too tight.

  30. Edward says:

    Lol so your probably. Thinking I’ve got mental issues do ya ???? Instead of pointing the finger at me , maybe you might want to look at the other three pointing back at yourself . So now who’s really got the issues ???? Hmmmm. Stay ignorant for all I care and choose not to see the truth for what it is with the catholic mockery . I pray for the Safty of innocent children and know that there should never be any queer fudgepackers or pedofiles ever , as. a preist . But as I said before I’m sure there are some good preist doing what’s right in society, however the rotten ones are making it bad for what good ones there are . And as you can see the catholic religion is loseing it’s powers by the day and slowly crumbling . So if you choose to support it so be it . I prefer not to with many of millions .

  31. Brian wolf says:

    Hey , I’m with you Edward , way to go, and couldn’t of said it better myself . Lmao.

  32. jon smith says:

    This discussion is distracting from the issue of ensuring that children are protected.

  33. Sylvia says:

    Any further comments which are unrelated to this Father Sanczenko will be deleted. When you blog on a thread please check the thread to ensure that what you have to say is relevant to that thread.

  34. Deborah Kloos says:

    Did anyone hear anything about the trial today? I prayed for justice to prevail this morning at mass. I got some priests to pray for justice to prevail too and I wrote a letter to Bishop Fabbro asking him to say prayers for victims of clergy sexual abuse at mass during Lent because this is a time where people should repent and it starts with our church. I told the priests that your website was awesome because it helps us know what is happening with everything. There are some really good priests who do care and pray for victims of clergy abuse. I know them because they have been kindhearted to me during this journey of healing. I told them to read the testimonies of the victims and pray for them. Reading the testimonies would help them understand better about how this abuse has wounded people and has separated them from God. They need to read it and hear it. Tomorrow I am going to lift up prayer intentions out loud at mass for victims of clergy abuse. I know that people might be upset, but I think it is important to pray for people at mass and not be afraid to do so even if people don’t like it much. The problem is this subject is so taboo that people don’t want to talk about it or hear about it in the church and unfortunately this further isolates victims and their family. These people came from strong Catholic backgrounds and it has caused them to be separated from something that was really important to them…….their relationship with God. Today, at mass I paid particular attention to something the priest said that I never really paid attention to before. It made me feel sad because the sin of sexual abuse shatters the trust and faith in clergy and in the church which is something so devastating because these victims were just kids who trusted people once. There parents trusted the clergy once too and they were families who were faithful Catholics. What was said at mass that I hear everyday was, “LOOK NOT ON OUR SINS, BUT ON THE FAITH OF OUR CHURCH.” Our faith is so important. It is our salvation and it is our relationship with God that matters. I think that this clergy abuse topic should not be taboo to talk about in the church because the church is where it started and the silence is what kept it going on for so long and people suffered in silence. They deserve prayer and love so I will do so in the church during prayer intentions where everyone in the congregation will hear me, even if people don’t want to talk to me anymore.

    I feel that the perpetrators are not getting enough time in prison if they continue to be involved with vulnerable populations after they have served jail time. I don’t understand how this can happen. I thought once a person was convicted of a sexual crime to a vulnerable population, they would be monitored and never be allowed to be around vulnerable people again but I have been reading that this is not the case. To be a Eucharistic Minister to the sick and to work with the Bereavement Group at the church I had a current police clearance done and it is in the church files. I was very happy to provide this information to be able to help out in the ministries, yet there are sex offenders providing counseling services to vulnerable populations and priests who have traveled to different countries that practice as priests after they have been convicted of sexual abuse. I don’t understand why people who go abroad to practice don’t have to show credentials and have police clearance too? I work in the states as an RN and had to go through customs and also write papers to get a license there. The hospital does a background check and we are accountable. I am upset because this man Bishop LeRoc still helps do Confirmations and is still at St Anne’s parish and I read about him on this site. I am glad my son has decided not to be confirmed because I don’t want someone that would desecrate this Sacrament of Confirmation to place his hands on my 13 y old son. If my son decided to get Confirmation and I saw his name as the Bishop who would do the Confirmation I would pull him out of it because it is a desecration of something sacred and I won’t tolerate it. I know this seems strong to say, but it is how I feel. As a Catholic, I believe the Sacraments to be sacred and it is a sacred privilege for the priest or bishop who gives us Sacraments. I don’t want the Sacraments from someone with tainted hands. I am not saying that people can’t make mistakes and sin … of course they do, but something like sexual abuse is beyond what I can accept as a sin that people do and then go perform Sacraments. This is disgusting to me and I am sure Jesus is crying from heaven seeing this desecration of the Sacraments that has occurred time after time by sexual predators. I can pray for them and I don’t want to see people hurt in any way, but the Sacraments are too sacred to be desecrated. We should not receive Eucharist in a state of sin so the same goes for clergy who give us Sacraments. If they are sexual predators and have wounded children for their own pleasure then they are not fit to put on those clerical robes and call themselves priests nor do I want their hands to give me Eucharist, hear my confession, baptize my children, give me the Sacrament of marriage or confirm my son, but at the same time I will pray for them as the Lord has asked of us to do. If I was their nurse, I would care for them like I would anyone in need of help because this is who I am and what I am called to do, but if I was dying and needed the Sacrament of the Sick, I would not let someone who has abused their power and hurt people who looked to them as Spiritual leaders anywhere near my ailing, dying body. It is not right and I won’t accept it.

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Deborah, the administering of a Sacrament does NOT depend on the saintlyness of the Priest ! It is a GIFT from God- that is how the Grace comes upon us. St John Vianney was a great example of the , when he dealt with the Pastor of a Church who was living in sin.
      Please do not take away the Grace of Confirmation from your son- he is not mature enough to make the life-changing decision on his own.

      • Deborah Kloos says:

        I am not taking the Sacrament of Confirmation away from my son. It is his choice and if he is not ready, I will not force him to do it. He has been going to all the Confirmation classes but he thinks he is there because he is helping with them. The priest said that you don’t have to be confirmed but I need you to help me with the classes, so he has been going and has had a good experience meeting other kids his own age. Ultimately if he decides to be confirmed with the other kids he will be prepared because he would have attended the classes. I thought this was the best way to at least let him have the experience and spiritual growth the classes offer, but I can’t force him to be confirmed. I am hoping he will be confirmed. I hope that the parish priest will be the one confirming the kids because he is a great guy. I am leary about Bishop LaRoque and I know that the Sacraments are still valid even if they are given to someone by a pedophile but I don’t want to accept Sacraments from a pedophile because that would justify him being in this role that he has desecrated through his actions. I just can’t accept that even though I know that the Sacrament is valid from him because I don’t want to condone him still being able to be in this role with vulnerable people. Maybe it sounds judgemental and I am sorry if it does but I think I have to draw the line. There is another priest who I will not go to that parish because I don’t think he should be a priest either, but I still pray for him.

        • Sylvia says:

          Just to clarify – I don’t think you are specifically calling Bishop Larocque a paedophile but I must point out here that Bishop Eugene Larocque was never charged. he was investigated, yes, but charges were never laid.

          There was also a lawsuit which came to a grinding halt. I spoke to the plaintiff afterwards and at that time he still stood by his allegations, but – the lawsuit was never settled. So, legally we are in no position to refer to Bishop Larocque as a paedophile.

          Larocque did however provide safe haven in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall for convicted molester Father Carl Stone. He also was also the bishop of the diocese when a sex abuse ‘victim’ David Silmser was quietly paid off by the diocese ($32,000) and illegally gagged.

          So, while we can’t call him a paedohile or a molester, we certainly say he was up to no good when it came to dealing with clergy both in and out of his diocese who were.

          • Deborah Kloos says:

            Dear Sylvia, thank you very much for clarifying that because I was not sure what was going on with him. I read the file on him and was pretty upset about it. I guess I am too emotional about this stuff. I still would not trust him anyway.

  35. Brian wolf says:

    Good for you , thank you for sharing . And remember what GOD stands for good orderly direction . Im sure there are some good preist but who do you trust now adays ? The pope can’t even be trusted because of all the dirt and secrets that he’s been covering up over the years so how is it ever going to get better and were does it start ?

  36. Sylvia says:

    Father Sanczenko’s court date of yesterday has been rescheduled to 10 am, 22May 2012 at the Chatham, Ontario courthouse. This once again is assignment court to set a trial date.

  37. Deborah Kloos says:

    It must be really difficult for all those effected when the court dates keep being postponed. If it was me, I know it would be really hard, because you get yourself mentally prepared for something like that and if they cancel it there is more anxiety.

    Lord, I ask those in this court case to not be anxious and to feel Your Presence as they await the new trial date. Please bless them with good health, strength, and courage to face the future. May justice prevail in the courtroom. Amen

  38. Sylvia says:

    Father Piotr Sanzcenko court date of yesterday (to set a trial date) has been set over to 17 September 2012:  10 am, Chatham Ontario courthouse.

    I don’t know – by the time he finally gets to trial sometime in 2013 it will probably be three years since charges were laid.  Unless the delays in getting to trial are attributable to Sanczenko/his lawyer, or unless Sanczenko has waived his Charter right to a speedy trial (11b) a “good” defence lawyer could probably argue that his client’s right to a speedy trial has been violated and, if the court concurs, the charges would be stayed.  I shudder at the thought.

  39. Mike Mc says:

    Sept 17th? I wonder what the victims think of this? In the meantime, are they getting any counselling?

  40. truth seeker says:

    *someone very close to me is going through this.I know how hard it must of been to come forward. I myself am  a victim of sexual abuse. I at this point in my life am not strong enough to come forward and press charges, not sure if I will ever be ready for that. seeing the strength it has taken to come forward is heroic. I know that nobody could ever even try to understand unless they themselves have been through it.The shame, feeling thou your not normal, everyday trying to hide it from pp, because u feel as thou the world can see what u think you did, so you do everything to hide it u drink u do drugs u do anything u can to numb the thinking, u ruin every relationship, because if someone gets to close they may see the ugly person you are.u dont know how to act around your own kids or other pp. it is a nightmare that wont go away,And u cant tell pp because u where 12 , 13, 14, maybe even older when it happened. and u feel as thou u should of been able to say no better or walk away, u dont understand why u allowed it to happen, there must be something wrong with u, u feel its your fault, and if u feel its ur fault, u know everybody else will to.and ur disgusted with ur self, the shame never leaves, u feel its ur  fault in everyway, maybe u lead them on? u think, or u are to friendly, to nice, u must of done something, ur worst fear is if anyone ever finds out this about u, because u in everyway already feel as thou its all ur fault,so u spend ur life hiding this terrible thing, and u change, the guilt eats at u, and to forget about it, u drink it away or take drugs , or sleep around so sex is not so intimate anymore, u keep everyone at arms length, and u become so frusterated with ur screwed up life, and u definitly TRUST no one. sometimes some pp get lucky and hit bottom where there is nothing left in there life anyway, there marrige failed , they lost there job, there kids wont speak to them, there only friend is jack daniels and life really aint worth living, and its at that point that they are so low anyway that who cares if the molesting was there fault because they cant go any lower. And its at that point they can say what happened and get help, and throu lots of support and therapy sometimes they can rebuild there life…. im not saying that is exactly everyones jorney that come forward , but i know the pain and shame is. i cannot understand thou how pp can be so insensitive and blame the victim of abuse or say they are lying, I myself have heard from different family members when talking about what happened to this close person to me, they said things like, when we where kids i remember a time when our parents dropped us off with a drunk old man to babysit us all, and we both new this man was pervert and we had enough brains to stay away. I said that is so different, she said ,”no its not , its the same thing. I said ” the man that did this was a place of god, a place where u were all raised to respect and trust and listen to, this man was trusted by the community and liked by many pp.His position was of authority and to believe. He is not at all the same as a dirty old drunk man. I am very sad that she is, in my eyes saying that this person had the power to say no. She is more worried about having her religion frowned on, then defending her family member. what pp dont understand is that a child molester knows what kind of child he can prey on. usually the troubled child,or the child with low confidence maybe a che ild with one parent thats not around or where the parents are alcholics or a child that is being beating at home a child that doesn’t have parents around alot. they groom the child for along time before they ever start molesting and get  trust.They become the childs friend and give the child exactly what the child is missing in its life. they get the child to depend on them, and make them feel happy, it takes along time to get the child to feel very comfotable with them,that child becomes dependent on the relationship, they make them feel good about themselves and happy, they give them presents, money, things they love, the child really likes them maybe even loves them, they are the only person that understands them, the child appreciates and is so greatful to have someone so great in there life, but then it starts, they hug them a little longer, get them comfortable with resting hand on there shoulder, maybe they walk out shower naked, ask for them to scratch there back, show them a body massage the helps with stress, they get them so comfortable with touching them , when the actual molesting starts the child has been groomed for so long its impossible to say no, and thats where the child doesnt understand how they let it happen, I am not saying all molesting happens like that, im saying that the child was brainwashed, and in no way is the childs fault. Even if a child walks infront of a adult naked and says have sex with me, the adult in that situation would say” you go get your clothes on now , you are a child.” and if the adult did not do that then that adult needs to go to be charged and go to jail. ….. i just wish pp stop blaming and protecting child molesters , and thank god for victims to come forward at any age and not call them liars or not believe them, because if you are protecting the child molester because you think he didnt do it, but he is guilty, then how are you any different then the child molester? and if you protected him and he molests again, then you should also be held responsible for the molesting if the child , because you help him molest again.



  41. PJ says:

    Truth Seeker – I feel your pain as one that is there too. Although I and 8 others came forward and laid charges, the guilt and shame remain. You are right when you said that those who protect the molester is just as guilty. The more victims that step forward to say no to these enablers and protectors, the more healing will happen, and the less the chances of this happening to another child. That church and it’s “protectors” need to be brought to their knees. This can only be done through the legal system because the only truth that church knows is the truth of money. They don’t give a sh!t about the victims…never have, never will…unless we keep hammering away at them. The truth will set them free but they refuse to believe it. God bless you for having the courage to write what you have written…it is a start for you and that is where we all begin. You are not alone, and don’t be afraid to come out…but make it at your own pace. You and only you will know when it’s time to come fully out and pursue legal action against the monster church. They speak of the “mother church” but they’re wrong about the mother part because NO mother would allow her child to go through what we have gone through. Your words have touched me deeply my friend.

  42. Mike says:

         I too am very moved by your testamonial. You are so right about the guilt and shame, which never leaves! It is usually replaced by a dull throbbing anger, which we all have to try to control, for the good of all.
         I hope and pray that you can find solace and comfort in knowing that you are not alone, that we victims are with you! Please do not let these pathetic, cowardly sexually deviant “men of God” get to you any more! You sound like a good person and you deserve to be happy and at peace.
         Hang in there please. Better days to come!     Mike.

  43. Sylvia says:

    truth seeker, I am sure there are countless other victims out there reading your comments who feel they are reading their own thoughts.  You did it so well.  You took a chance and allowed us into that deep part of your being.  I dare say that most victims of clerical sex abuse can relate to your description of a predatory priest’s grooming and seduction of his victims.  And many can relate to your difficulties with family members.

    Thank you.  Believe it or not, in sharing as you did you have without doubt helped others who, like you, are struggling. 

    As PJ says, you will know when you are ready to come forward.   And, as Mike says, take solace and comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone. There are many out here who know and understand what you are going through, and please believe that there are many who care.

    If your molester is still alive, please, when the time is right,  consider going to police.  It is so important that these predators are identified to one and all as the criminals that they are.

    And, you are absolutely right.  There is no excuse for an adult to sexually abuse a child.  None.  Ever.  Never ever forget that the shame you feel so often is not yours to bear.  Not one smidgen of it is yours. The shame belongs squarely in the shoulders of your molester.   Remind yourself constantly that you are not to blame and that the shame belongs to your molester, with goodly portions going to those who may have enabled or cover-ed up for him.  Put it where it belongs.  Every time it creeps back and starts to overwhelm you (and it will), put it right back where it belongs. In time the feelings of shame will start to diminish.  You can do it.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you  truth seeker.  Keep seeking. Keep talking.  

  44. JG says:

    *Truth Seeker,

    Thank You for speaking out as you do here. Your words help me to understand what my Father never had a chance to say, probably. He took his explanation, his torments to the grave and by the looks of it, I will be saddled with an unknown baggage for the rest of my days…

    Strange that a man who had little time for me as a child should occupy a large part of my time…You have taken a great step here and I cannot but remember the relief my Father expressed after breaking his silence…I wish you the courage and the strength to go that extra distance to give you and maybe your close ones some sense of Peace…and not let your abuser’s memory persist and haunt your relations…

    I wish you the strength and the wisdom to break this cycle of ”violence”…and to leave happy memories with a better understanding of your struggles for your Loved ones.  Never consider doing this out of shame …the shame is not yours, never was…

    Whatever you do out of Love will be rewarded a thousand fold. I wish you and yours more happiness as you come out of this dark place. You are an important part to their well-being and  lot of things will become clear when you decide to give the ”gift” of understanding…

    I wish I was given that opportunity now…

    Please come back to let us know if you ever get some of that relief  and Peace. You are never alone.


  45. Sylvia says:

    Father Peter Sanczenko’s next court date is 19 November 2012:  10 am, in assignment court, Chatham Ontario courthouse, to set a trial date.  And yes, this is exactly what his last court date of Monday 17 Sept. was supposed to be for.  Whatever happened in court last Monday the trial date was not set, and so another date was set to set a trial date.

    Terribly frustrating for the complainants and all concerned. The charges were laid March 2010.  I hope he has waived his Charter right to a speedy trial.

  46. Sylvia says:

    Father Sanczenko’s court date of yesterday at assignment court was adjourned – next court date is 05 March 2013: 12 noon, “for possible resolution,” Chatham Ontario courthouse.

    Please, please, anyone living in the Chatham area who might be free to attend, mark your calendar now and try your utmost to be there, both to support the complainants and so we can find out what is going on here. Is this a guilty plea in the offing? or withdrawal of charges? What’s happening now, over two years after charges were first laid?

  47. edward busko says:

    to all the negative people that are trying to hang Fr. Peter Sanczenko, all the time spent in the Chatham court should be noted accordingly. all this time and no CONVICTION. interesting. witnesses have backed down and fallen away. interesting. no concrete proof of Fr. Sanczenko doing anything wrong. interesting. cases like Fathers should have been finished a long time ago. DONT say that its because he has a cunning lawyer. you cant hide the truth for long. if Fr. Sanczenko was truly guilty, he would have had to exchange his Roman Collar for a prison uniform by now. that didnt happen. and it WONT. simple fact, the accusers were looking for extortion money from the Diocese of London. it didnt happen and WONT. these accusers should be charged with PERJURY and locked up in the klink. people that make accusations like this without proof are the lowest form of society and punished for their LIES to get financial gain. i say lets turn the table around and get these LIARS in prison and make THEM suffer for trying to destroy someones life, especially at an elderly age. Fr. Sanczenko you carried your CROSS valiantly. sick people in this world tried to crucify you, but you did not make it to CALVARY. that frustrates MANY people who wanted to see your end. but your innocence and St. Rita helped you in the end. its a sick world Father where good is perceived as evil and evil perceived as good. i feel bad you had to go through this Father. Sylvia can keep her mouth closed until she knows what she is talking about. she is looking for personal attention on her site. i dont think she can live without attention now. if sylvia ever went to confession and wasnt remorseful for her words on this site, as a priest i would REFUSE to give her absolution. i came back on this site to support you Father Sanczenko and to update my comments. the light is at the end of the tunnel for you now Father and im so happy for you. as for you SYLVIA, i hope you like it hot unless you beg of GODS forgiveness. EDWARD BUSKO

  48. Sylvia says:

    I hope you feel better having gotten all of that vile off your chest Edward.

  49. PJ says:

    Edward Busko is an idiot. To defend this collar based on HIS own dealings with the man and with the court proceedings just makes Edward look foolish. Do yourself a favour and read the comment written by Truth Seeker. The pain he feels and not being able to come forward yet speaks volumes about why it’s so hard for victims to stay the course. You defend this collar like he was your own father and damn everyone on this site who criticizes that church. Sylvia has done more to further justice for victims by creating this website than anyone else. Yes, some collars identified here are not convicted but not always because they are innocent…but because the trial became too difficult for the victims to continue. I’m not saying your precious collar is guilty but I am saying your attack on this site and it’s contributors is extreme and counterproductive. Let the courts do their job and let this site do it’s job.

  50. JG says:

    In one quick moment at your keyboard you sent yourself right back to the days of the “Old Testament” and felt the temporary satisfaction of “an eye for an eye…” Very contemporary of you to preach without understanding your own way…
    As suggested above you should read back on the previous information and be thankful there is a way for you to attempt to understand that some “innocents” are sometimes condemned without justification. More often than not, this has been the weight to bear by victims of sexual abuse at the hands of clergy: the people in “power”!
    Under the above posting by Sylvia, o6 March 2013, …”sex charges dropped”..
    you will find this quote:

    “The Crown assessed the entire situation,” defence lawyer Andrew Bradie said Wednesday. “It won’t be a surprise to anyone. Everyone was consulted.”

    In plain language this simply tells me that “all concerned” decided there was little to be gained by proceeding for several reasons including the age of the “accused”, the pressure from the Polish community(on the victms and families probably!), the wear and tear of the victims over this endless process…
    To make a long story short, this is a “political” settlement and doesn’t really pass the “innocence” test. Consider that one charge was “stayed”…There is and was evidence to proceed with charges but there is no blood in this rock. For the “good” of all(mostly church and Polish community-soon to welcome a Pope Saint!-) everyone was convinced of another “sacrifice” for the victims….for the good of “all”!!??
    Edward, sometimes the innocent is condemned and sometimes the guilty are freed…Continue your reading on this site and in the “Good Book”….eventually you get to a story about an innocent man placed on a cross and a criminal who is released by a faithless mob…Spend some time and reflect on ways to best spend your energy. If you choose to defend the “innocent”, do it all the time…if you can’t say something good about those who have decided to do just that, learn not to gloat and condemn in the name of ..anything! Keep God and hell and violence out of your personal conflicts if you can ‘t tell them apart…
    Your last post is a senseless attempt without even a remote connection to what you would claim to be your “Faith”…
    You have spelled a new word with your “Fhate”…
    If “father” is truly innocent, he should be (and you) thankful to have truly followed in the footsteps of the “first innocent” he claimed to represent.
    That should make “father” and you very thankful…and very quiet in your respectful ways with all those who simply seek “the truth”…


  51. edward busko says:

    To all of the crucifiers of Fr. Peter Sanczenko, if i asked you if you personally know this priest you would all say. no. no no. no. no. etc. but here youre all passing judgement on someone you do not know personally. im amazed. if the media told you that BOZO the CLOWN is a female you would believe it. sounds like all of Fr. Sanczenkos enemies are naive gullible no minds with adherence to everything they hear. these kind of people are referred to as SHEEPLE. baa. baa. baa. they cant discern or think for themselves. they just follow the crowd. someone else has to make up their mind for them whether good or bad. its easy to go on a web site and say EDWARD BUSKO is an idiot. but i KNOW the man. you DONT. your comments towards me make me laugh. im being insulted by people that know more about HOLLYWOOD gossip than they know about an innocent CATHOLIC priest. that is sickening and disgusting. unless you personally know Fr. Peter DONT reply. you are going to make yourself sound stupid with your know NOTHING comments. if you want to bow down to QUEEN SYLVIA and believe her LIES, all i can say its a free country. but YOU will be culpable for lies YOU promote. im curious to know how many of these condemners of Fr. Sanczenko have been in CONFESSION lately ? they probably havent been in CONFESSION since their FIRST COMMUNION. am i pricking your conscience ? i hope so. you DESERVE it. please leave this Holy priest alone. GOD wont JUDGE you for it if you do. if you keep talking about Father in a bad way, you are promoting scandal. if you reply to my words, then i want PROOF. if you say unknown things about Father then you are in obedience to the father of LIES. but im sure most of you dont care about the SALVATION of your soul to be with GOD for ETERNITY. its much easier to get satisfaction NOW through your lies. but you WILL pay for it later. EDWARD BUSKO

  52. Sylvia says:

    You’ve more than had your say in defence of Father Sanczenko Edward. That’s the end of it.

    • Jean-Louis says:

      Holy RANT!!!

      Funny how someone who “claims” to be so offended by others’ comments here because they don’t know F Sanczenko personally is awfully quick to send us all to eternal damnation, including Sylvia, who has done nothing but support those of us who were abused by priests (it’s true, Eddy, this has happened!!!)

      Edward, please refrain from your screeching from whatever pulpit you’re visualizing, and perhaps seek professional help to get your meds adjusted… You’re just not making very logical arguments.


  53. PJ says:

    Edward…go to hell with all the pervert collars. You are probably one of them anyway. You can defend your “holy” collar all you want but the vitriol you spew about everyone on this website speaks volumes about your intelligence and compassion. Go back to bed with your collars…you deserve each other.

  54. Baspuits says:

    Edward Busko, if ever Sylvia let’s you spew out any more volcanic ash………
    I’d love to see your comments on other priests on this site! You seem to know a lot about confession and I’ve (and many other victims) been wondering, all of my life what did ex-father Levi Noel ment when he said to me (this after abusing me for an hour or so) ”If you had pleasure you must confess that sin, if you didn’t you don’t have to, cause I’m going to confess”! Could you explain this to me, ……….this from a lost sheep……………baspuits

  55. EDWARD BUSKO says:

    sylvia, you removed my last comments, very cunning lady that you are. you have power. its your web vile site. actually its a sickening site to visit. hate coming from the bowels of YOUR mind. i will personally shake FR. PETER SANCZENKOS hand when he is totally acquitted in MARCH 2014. sylvia, visualize me shaking the hand of an innocent PRIEST. im sure that this thought with all the insane rage of hell will infuriate you. i feel so bad for you confused lady. im being sarcastic. after FR. SANCZENKO is off of your list you will venture like a ravenous predator to find another PRIEST to condemn. its your agenda. this site is your claim to FAME. but its also your claim to hell. enjoy a hot miserable eternity syvia. you earned it if you dont repent. EDWARD BUSKO

  56. EDWARD BUSKO says:

    first of all, PJ go back to the comics in the newspaper. thats more of YOUR mentality. you might read other peoples words, BUT YOU DONT ABSORB THEM. is that the result of a THICK SKULL ? P J . dont you have a real name ? too ashamed to expose youself ? throwing rocks at someone in the dark ? people living in glass houses shouldnt throw stones. but youre too stupid to realize that. id LOVE to talk to your neighbours to hear the dirt they can say about you. i think it would shut you up pretty quick. i know im right. your comments about me make no sense at ALL. right now, tell me all you know P J about Fr. Sanczenko. im waiting ………….P . J . times up. you are just another no mind along with sylvia that needs attention. people that need attention in life were neglected by their parents. its a true FACT. thats why these people look for attention throughout life to make up for attention they didnt get from their parents. am i striking a nerve P J. neglect is ABUSE. i think youre so sensitive to abuse is that you were abused and neglected by your parents as a child. i say these words to you P J, because i cant understand the nonsense that you are talking about myself and an innocent PRIEST. ill give you an example. a child doesnt get attention from its parents. throws a rock through a window in the house to get attention. sure, its not positive attention from the parents, but its ATTENTION. thats what you P J are doing. throwing rocks. its time to GROW UP. P J you got my attention briefly. are you happy ? NOW ITS TIME TO GROW UP. EDWARD BUSKO

  57. EDWARD BUSKO says:

    oh hi sylvia, almost forgot. alleged victims have until march 2014 to produce concrete evidence about fr. sanczenko. the clock is ticking. EDWARD BUSKO

  58. PJ says:

    Busko…I would love to meet with you face to face. But I know your type, all bark until confronted then you run away with your tail between your legs. Besides, one of us would end up horizontal. Goodbye you idiot. You’ve exposed yourself to all of us victims on this site as the neanderthal you are. You are the most pathetic excuse for a human being I have ever had the displeasure to interact with. You are the weakest link…goodbye.

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