Royer: Father Yvon Royer

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Priest with a religious community called Voluntas Dei Institute (Institut Voluntas Dei). Ordained 25 January 1962.  Served in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall for several years.  Reported to then Bishop Proulx in 1970 and was moved from the diocese virtually overnight.  At some point became incardinated in the Archdiocese of Montreal.  It seems he MAY also have been incardinated in the Diocese of Grourard-McLennan, Alberta.  Disappears from Catholic directories in early 199os.


Father Rejean Lebrun testified at the Cornwall Public Inquiry that his 15-year-old brother was molested by Royer when Royer was serving at Nativity

1992:  not listed

1991:  Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Roman Catholic Church, Verdun, Montreal, Quebec (Pastor Father Jean Gagnon)  (CCCD) –  now shown as incardinated in Archdiocese of Montreal, Quebec

1985-86: Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Roman Catholic Church, Verdun, Montreal, Quebec (Pastor Father Jean-Paul Anctil)  (CCCD) now shown as incardinated in the Diocese of Grourad-McLennan, Alberta – but Verdun is in Archdicoese of Montreal so that may be an error  (CCCD)

 1973-74:  index shows address as St. Edouard, St. Vallier St., Montreal, Quebec (Pastor Father Philippe Laramee)  (CCCD)

1971-72:  index shows address as St. Maxime, in Comeday, Quebec (Pastor Father Antonio Mondor)  now shown as incardinated in the Archdiocese of Montreal, Quebec (CCCD)

1970:  Monsignor Rejean Lebrun told Bishop Proulx that Royer molested his, Lebrun’s, young brother and another boy.   Royer disappeared over night.

1968-69:  Nativity of the Blessed Virigin Mary, Cornwall, Ontario (PastorFather Bernard Guindon) (CCCD)

1967:  Not listed in index (CCCD)  – was he ordained out of the coutnry?


Excerpts from Closing Submissions of the Victims Group at the Cornwall Public Inquiry (19 February 2009) (DAC = Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario)

This practice of the “silent shuffle” was the hallmark act of non-compliance within the DAC. Father Lussier is not the only example. Evidence supports the conclusion that Father Carl Stone, Father Donald Scott, Father Lucien Meunier, Father Paul Lapierre, Father Yvon Royer and Father Deslauriers were all dealt with by some form of the silent shuffle. (p. 327)


Father Yvon Royer

Monsignor Lebrun, a current priest of the DAC, testified that, in 1970, he received a disclosure that Father Yvon Royer had attempted to touch a 15 year old boy and another young boy his age. Monsignor Lebrun went to see Bishop Proulx at the time and informed him of the situation. The next day, Father Royer was gone from the Diocese. Father Royer was not incardinated in the DAC but he had been ministering at the Church of Nativity prior to the allegation.

Evidence of Monsignor Rejean Lebrun, July 21, 2008, Vol. 258, pp. 206-207 347


The evidence of Lebrun on this point was unexpected but is perfectly consistent with what we know of the DAC’s past practices. An allegation was received, it was reported to the bishop and the priest was shuffled out of the DAC. This is another case of the silent shuffle hard at work.


Google translation of excerpt from Monsignor Reajean Lebrun’s testimony at the Cornwall Public Inquiry

MONS. LEBRUN: I had – I was there residence in Christmas, in ‘ 70 almost. A young man comes to see me. It was my brother. He was 15 years old. It comes to see me to tell myself that a priest who was not incardiné with us, but which made of the ministry in Nativity church, had had a reprehensible behaviour in its PUBLIC place and towards another young man of his age.

Then, I asked him what belongs crossed. It was, according to what I could understand, it was of – I think of touches that he tried to make.

Then, I took my courage in two hands, I went to see monsignor Proulx. I said to him what I knew.

The following day, the priest left our bishopric. It is turned in his community. Here is a hard case for me, very hard.

MISS HAMOU: I can ask you the name of this priest?

MONS. LEBRUN: He was called the Father – it died – now Yvon Royer, I think. It made 14 party of a religious community.

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  1. Pam says:

    No they are not the same person. They just have the same name. Sorry.
    This Fr. Yvon Royer is much younger than the accused.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Explanation to all: There is apparently a Father Yvon J. Royer in Vermont who has the misfortune of sharing the same given and surname as this Father Yvon Royer.

    Thanks Pam

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