Bazin: Monsignor Roger Bazin

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Roger Bazin (Monsignor Roger Bazin)

Priest – Diocese of Saint Boniface, Manitoba.  Ordained 1962.  Spent many years as chaplain with the Canadian Armed Forces – rose to the position of Chaplain General and rank of Brigadier General 

Next court appearance: CHARGES WITHDRAWN 22 December 2010. 22 December 2010 (Barrie, “to be spoken to”)  4 November 2010   (09:00 am, Courtroom #9, Barrie. ON,  “to be spoken to.”)  07 October 2010  ( Barrie, Ontario.)  18 August 2010 “to be spoken to” 21 July 201023 June 201025 May 2010


Bishops of Thunder Bay, Ontario during Monsignor Roger Bazin’s years of service in that diocese:  Frederick Bernard Henry (24 March 1995 – 19 January 1998 Appointed, Bishop of Calgary, Alberta); Frederick Joseph Colli (2 February 1999 Appointed – )


Unless otherwise indicated the following dates and information are drawn from available Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD) of the same date, media (M) and personal contacts (PC).

28 April 2010:  First court appearance in Barrie Ontario (age 73) (M)

Early 2010:  Charged with one count of buggery, one count of indecent assault on a male and one count of gross indecency.  The charges relate to Bazin’s time at CFB (Canadian Forces Base) Borden Ontario (M)

June 2009:  Sex abuse allegations reported to military police

2006:  Cash settlement of approximately $24,000 paid to family of sex abuse victim from Keewatin. (M)

Late 2005: allegations of sexual abuse reported to the Bishop of Saint Boniface Manitoba Diocese.  The allegations related to Bazin’s time at St. Louis Church in Keewatin, Ontario (Diocese of Thunder Bay ,Ontario)

2002: 222-1st Street North, Kenora Ontario  = Notre-Dame-du-Portage (pastor is listed as Father A. Campeau)  (CCCD) 

2000: Pastor – Saint Louis Church, Keewatin, Ontario (Bishop of Thunder Bay now Fred Colli) address in index still given as Longbow Lake,  Ontario, POX IHO vs that of the church. (CCCD) 

 19 January 1998- 02 February 1999:  Diocesan Administrator for Diocese of Thunder Bay, Ontario. (bishop seat vacant) also listed as Pastor – Saint Louis Church, Keewatin, Ontario but address in index now given as Longbow Lake,  Ontario, POX IHO vs that of the church. (CCCD)

1997:  Pastor – Saint Louis Church, Keewatin, Ontario (Bishop Fred Henry – Bishop Diocese Thunder Bay, Ontario)  P.O. Box 843, Keewatin  (CCCD)

1996:  Pastor – Saint Louis Church, Keewatin, Ontario (Bishop Fred Henry – Bishop Diocese Thunder Bay, Ontario)  P.O. Box 843, Keewatin   (CCCD)

1995:  Retired from Canadian Armed Forces(M) 

1992-1995:  Chaplain General Canadian Armed Forces (CCCD & M)

1991:   National Defence HQ, Ottawa, Ontario – Director of Chaplaincy Administration (RC) (Col. Roger Bazin) (CCCD)

1985-1986:  Belleville, Ontario – Command Chaplain (RC) Canadian Forces Europe (Lt. Col. Roger Bazin) (CCCD)

date unknown:  spent time at Air Command Headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba

1971-1972:  CFB Borden Ontario (with Major J.E. Troy and Capatin M. Allard) (CCCD)

(according to media, the current charges of buggery stem from Bazin’s time as chaplain in Borden around 1972)

1968-1969:  Rector – Petite Seminaire, S. Jean l’Evangeliste, Otterburne, Manitoba (CCCD)

1967:  Rector – Petite Seminaire, S. Jean l’Evangeliste, Otterburne, Manitoba (CCCD)


24 January 2011:  Sex charges get secret exit

19 January 2011:  1972 buggery charge dropped against Catholic chaplain

13 January 2011:   Sex charges against former chaplain dropped

29 October 2010: BLOG A ‘mistake’?

31 July 2010:  BLOG The pressure is on

19 July 2010:  Defence will move to have buggery charge dropped

28 April 2010:  Accused in buggery charge makes brief appearance in Barrie court

28 April 2010:  Former military chaplain Roger Bazin in court on sex charges

31 March 2010: Accused

18 February 2010:  BLOG Missed this

18 February 2010:  Ex Chaplain in sex case paid off teen –  the following articles are attached:

 18 February 2010:  Canada: Former top Catholic armed forces chaplain recently settled 2nd abuse allegation

17 February 2010:   Sex charges laid against former top Forces Chaplain

17 February: 2010:      Capital Region. Ex-military chaplain facing sex charges

16 February 2010: Former chaplain-general faces sex charges

16 February 2010:  Former top military chaplain faces sex charges

10 Responses to Bazin: Monsignor Roger Bazin

  1. Trudy Danko says:

    When is the court case for Father Roger coming up or has he been exonerated?

  2. Sylvia says:

    His next court date is 22 December 2010 in Barrie, Ontario. I don’t know what stage things are at, only that another court date is pending and it’s moving toward trial.

  3. Nicole Wilkes says:

    Please update your information regarding Roger Bazin.
    Crown Counsel has dropped ALL charges against Roger Bazin.
    Thank you

  4. 1yellowknife says:

    Nicole, I happen to know that Sylvia (post#2 and the site administrator) is travelling for the holidays. She may or may not see your posting for several days. Once she does, I am sure she will respond. I have no knowledge of this matter and informing you of a possible delay as a courtesy only.

  5. Sylvia says:

    Nicole, can you tell us any more about the charges being dropped? Has there been anything in the media? I can’ find anything.

    If they were dropped, do you know the reason?

  6. Isabel Ulak says:

    How is it that Monsigneur Roger Bazin was maligned in every newspaper across the country and yet after he was exonerated ,there was nothing in the papers. There was no evidence against him and therefore, he had to be innocent of any wrong doing!!!!!

  7. Rich Langtry says:

    Hello. It is November 2019
    Roger Bazin became a very good, not close, but good friend of mine beginning in around 2000.
    This man was put through HELL.
    My personal opinion is this was pure GREED on the part of some good ‘Catholics’.
    Money !!!! His wealth and generosity cost him dearly.
    Talk about having a Cross to bare !
    And where are the Canadian Bishops? Standing Up for a good man or hiding under a rug somewhere ?
    As the Expreesion goes:
    ” Lord love a duck! ”
    Rich Langtry, Catholic.

    • Phil Johnson says:

      langtry, your personal opinion about “this was pure greed…money” is really misplaced. bazin paid hush money to keep things quiet. No one would pay money to stop a case if they were innocent…so really, he was trying to suppress something. “this man was put through HELL”???? What about the victim? I guess he doesn’t matter to you because bazin became a “very good friend”. You make me laugh.

  8. bc says:

    The matter was settled. That means that there was no possible debate as per facts. The only matter that could have been debated during the settlement process was the amount of damages itself. That it was settled also means that on a balance of probability; Monsignor Roger Bazin harmed the plaintiff. The (criminal) charges were dropped because there was no prospect of conviction as per canadian where the burden of proof is not +51% as is the case in civil litigation; but beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt (i.e.+99.9%).

    Charges are routinely dropped every day in Canada… because of clerical errors, as part of plea bargains, because of too lengthy delays etc. The presumption of innocence is not it’s proof: it prevents a conviction based on insufficient proof i.e. less than 99.9%. And so you have this range between 51% and 99.8% concerning your good friend Monsignor Roger Bazin. Them` are good odds to win the lottery but your good friend. might not be as good as you`d want a friend to be.

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