Reed: Father Michael Reed

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M. A. P. Reed

Priest, Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario.  Ordained 1982. January 2012 lawsuit alleges Reed knew that Father Paul Hamilton was sexually abusing a teenage boy and failed to notify the proper authorities.  Close friend of Father Paul Hamilton.

May 2015:  Lawsuit settled out of court


Archbishops of the Kingston Archdiocese from the time of Father Michael Reed’s  ordination:  Joseph Lawrence Wilhelm (14 December 1966 – 12 March 1982); Francis John Spence (24 April 1982 – 27 April 2002 ); Anthony Giroux Meagher (27 April 2002 Appointed – 14 January 2007 ); Brendan Michael O’Brien (01 June 2007 – )


 09 June 2015:  Civil abuse case settled

17 January 2012:  BLOG The Bobbsey Twins


The following information is drawn from Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD) which I have available, media (M), Blessed Sacrament website bio (Bio) and personal information (P)

Since ordination served in parishes in Prescott, Smiths Falls, Trenton, Cardinal and Brewer Mills (Bio)

Member of the Knights of COlumbus for over 30 years (Bio)

Gifted singer (Bio) Plays guitar (P)

spent time as Chaplain at several hospitals and schools (Bio)


early November 2011:  placed on administrative leave (CCCD)

2005-Nov. 2011:  Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church, Amherstview, Ontario (online)

20112010:  Blessed Sacrament in Amherstview and St. Bartholomew in Amherst Island, Ontario (CCCD)

2005: appointed Pastor at Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church in Amherstview and St. Bartholomew RC Church in Amherst Island, Ontario (Bio)

2001-2005:  Pastor at Holy Name of Mary Roman Catholic Church in Marysville, mission  in the mission church Desoronto, Ontario, and Read (Bio)

2002:  Pastor at Holy Name of Mary Roman Catholic Church in Marysville, mission  in the mission church Desoronto, Ontario and St. Charles Borromeo in Read (CCCD)

2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996:  Pastor, Saint Charles Borromeo Roman Catholic Church, Read (Shannonville) Ontario (CCCD)

1999:  invested as a priest Knight in the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem (Bio) and had arranged several pilgrimages to the Holy Land and Jerusalem (Bio)

1995, 1994, 1993:  Pastor, St. Barnaby Roman Catholic Church, Brewers Mills (Seeley’s Bay), Ontario

1992, 1991:  Pastor, Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church, Cardinal, Ontario (CCCD)

1985:  address for St. Peter Roman Catholic Church, Trenton, Ontario (Pastor Father J. J. Hanley) (CCCD)

prior to ordination was an active member of the St. Augustine’s Charismatic Prayer group in Ottawa.  He and Paul Hamilton attended together and both regularly played guitar (P)

1975:  St. Paul’s Seminary, Ottawa Ontario to pursue theological studies (Bio)

1949:  Born in Belleville, Ontario


17 January 2012:  “Allegations against former Belleville Priest” and comments


Allegations against former Belleville Priest

Tue, Jan 17th, ’12 – 9:14 am

A former Belleville Priest is being taken to Civil Court on claims involving sexual and physical abuse.

The Catholic Priest, who has been on administrative leave for a number of years has been accused of sexually abusing a former Belleville man, while at Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Belleville a number of years ago.

The claim alleges Father Paul Hamilton sexually assaulted Joseph Hanoski for a number of years, starting when Hanoski was 16.

A second Priest, Father Michael Reed, has been accused of knowing of the relationship and not reporting it to the proper authorities.

The alleged incidents, outlined in the court documents, include taking Hanoski on trips out of country between 1997 and 2002, during which time Hamilton is accused of sexually assaulting Hanoski.

The Archdiocese of Kingston, the local Catholic jurisdiction, has also been named in the Statement of Claim, which says the Archdiocese failed to protest the victim in a situation where he was vulnerable.

Court files show the Archdiocese is denying any fault in the Civil Trial.

Court documents also show Hamilton and Reed deny all of the Hanoski allegations.

Meantime, Hamilton has not been serving as a Parish Priest in the Archdiocese for seven years, and recently it is believed Father Reed was placed on administrative leave by the Archdiocese.

These claims have not yet been proven in court.

Joseph Hanoski who is now in his thirties, is seeking a total of $3,500,000 in financial compensation in the case.

Claims in the case include physical and sexual assault and battery, mental suffering and negligence.

It is not known when the case will be heard, but sources close to the case tell the newsroom it will be in front of a judge in March.


Nick Reed: ‘Drawing for the angels’

Kingston Whig Standard

30 December 2003

A train whistle pierced the silence yesterday afternoon as the coffin of Nick Reed was brought into St. Paul the Apostle Church.

The sound was a harsh reminder of a life cut tragically short.

The 15-year-old Holy Cross high school student was killed last Tuesday night when he was struck by a train while walking on tracks near Rankin Crescent in the city’s west end.

Tales of friendships and family closeness filled the funeral service, each denoting the tight relationships Nick shared with those who knew him best.

One such tale was recounted in the eulogy given by Father Paul Hamilton, when he spoke of the last moments Nick shared with his father, Harvey.

The night before the accident, Mr. Reed was resting on the couch while Nick was brushing his teeth.

Nick came over to his father, kissed him, and was kissed in return.

The father told Nick he loved him; Nick did the same. That was the last time Mr. Reed saw his son alive.

A procession of fellow students from Holy Cross followed the casket, draped in the church’s white pall, inside.

Students filled seven rows of the crowded church.

They were all sharply dressed in school uniforms, the boys wearing grey pants, white shirts and ties, while the girls sported black, green and grey-checkered skirts and white blouses.

Parents Harvey and Angie Reed and younger brother Jordan each clutched a white rose tightly as they embraced one another.

Jordan spent much of the ceremony limply buried in his mother’s arms, who herself leaned on her husband’s shoulder for support.

Father Michael Reed, Nick’s uncle and a Roman Catholic priest, reflected on the loss of one so young.

“We seek to understand your purpose,” he said, prompting sniffles from the crowd and loud sobs from Nick’s mother, which filled the silent pauses of each hymn.

The long faces and bowed heads of the mourners were surrounded by stunned looks, hinting at the suddenness and shock of Nick’s untimely death.

Hamilton spoke of the pain the family has endured and the outpouring of community support that has helped them over the past week.

“We cannot touch your sorrow, but are with you,” he said.

Hamilton related Mr. Reed’s determination to find a silver lining.

“He told me, ‘I have to find something positive. I believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe Nick’s death will help someone.’ ”

Nick was lauded many times for his artistic ability. Friends and teachers said he could draw anything he wanted. “His art was just amazing,” remembered Denise Adamson, an art classmate. “When he did a project, it was awesome.”

Adamson lamented that many students never had the chance to really get to know Nick because of his quiet demeanour.

But those who did know the blond-haired, youthful-looking 15- year-old, said Hamilton, had nothing but positive messages.

“You’ve heard so many stories of the blessing Nick has been in many people’s lives,” he told the crowded church.

“Nick has known love, friendship, encouragement, faithfulness and joy,” through his close relationship with his family, he said.

“And yes,” he added, “even with friendships and donuts shared at Tim Hortons.”

The condolence messages that flooded a Web site created by Jordan reflected Nick’s many friendships. There were tributes from family friends, fellow employees from Loblaws, and close friends.

“Nick will be drawing for the angels,” wrote the Flood family, who knew Nick through work.

Hamilton said Nick’s life, and his enduring love for his family and friends, will leave a lasting legacy that will comfort those who now mourn him.

“Love is stronger than death.”



The Kingston Whig-Standard

26 June 1992

Robert Nicol

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Kingston, the Most Rev. Francis J. Spence, has made a number of diocesan personnel appointments, all of which came into effect on June 16.

Rev. William J. Powell, a native of Smith’s Falls, has been made the pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Cardinal, replacing Rev. Michael Reed. Fr. Powell, who has served as the associate pastor of Holy Family Parish and St. Joseph’s Parish, was ordained in 1957.

Fr. Reed will serve as the new pastor of St. Barnaby Parish in Brewer’s Mill, replacing Rev. Joseph Ainslie. Fr. Reed grew up in Belleville and obtaineed a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and Diploma in Pastoral Studies from St. Paul University and Seminary in Ottawa.

Fr. Reed will also serve as chaplain during the week at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital.

Fr. Ainslie was ordained in 1942 and served as pastor of St. Barnaby’s Parish from 1983. He is a former pastor of St. Francis de Sales Parish and retires in this his fiftieth year of priestly service.

Rev. Paul Hamilton, who has served in the past as chaplain at St. Joseph’s Provincial House, has been appointed pastor of Queen of the Holy Rosary Parish in Belleville.

Fr. Hamilton, who was ordained in 1984 at St. Mary’s Cathedral, has graduated with a master’s degree and licence in Canon Law after two years of study in Ottawa. In 1989, he was appointed as chancellor, episcopal vicar and judicial vicar for the diocese and associate judicial vicar for the Kingston Office of the Catholic Marriage Tribunal.

He will continue as associate judicial vicar and diocesan judicial vicar.

Rev. Richard Racine, a native of Cornwall and a graduate of St. Paul’s University and Seminary in Ottawa, is the new pastor of Holy Name Parish in Kingston Mills, replacing Rev. James McGarvey.

While serving as chaplain in the Frontenac-Lennox and Addington County Roman Catholic Separate School Board, Fr. Racine will work to evolve a house of discernment for young men who might be interested in the priesthood.

Fr. McGarvey was ordained in 1952 and has served throughout the Kingston area, including pastoral assignments at St. Mary’s Cathedral and St. James’ Parish in Stirling.

In 1983, Fr. McGarvey was named pastor of Holy Name Parish, from where he now retires after forty years of priestly service.

Rev. Robin Gwyn, a native of Montreal, was ordained at St. Mary’s Cathedral in 1988 following an internship there. Afterwards he was assigned to St. Francis Xavier Parish in Brockville, where he served as associate pastor and administrator.

In 1991, Fr. Gwyn was appointed chaplain of Regiopolis-Notre Dame High School. He will continue in that position, but will also serve as pastor of St. Francois d’Assise Parish, Kingston’s francophone parish.

As well, Rev. Charles Gazeley and Rev. Joseph Lynch have been appointed associate chancellor and chancellor, respectively.

Fr. Gazeley studied at St. Augustine’s Seminary in Toronto and was ordained in 1958. He has served most recently as Catholic chaplain at Kingston General Hospital and Kingston Psychiatric Hospital, and has given chaplaincy service to the Sisters of Providence at Providence Motherhouse in Heathfield. He will now serve as associate chancellor.

Fr. Lynch attended Queen’s University and taught at Regiopolis- Notre Dame for 19 years before entering St. Augustine’s Seminary. He began his priestly assignments at St. Mary’s and will remain there in addition to serving as Chancellor of the diocese and episcopal vicar for chancery matters pertaining to marriage.

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    Fr. Reed was suddenly moved from Brewer’s Mills in the mid 90’s when parishioners started to express concern about the amount of time he was spending with a teenage boy.

  2. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Strange – he was replaced by Fr. Rene Labelle, no? Connecting the dots? Mike.

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