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Jean Primeau (Father Jean Primeau csv)

Viatorian priest (csv – Les Clercs St. Viateur).  Ordained 1953.  Teacher at Cornwall Classical College.  Numerous allegations of sex abuse against him.  Stepped away from his priestly duties and into the political and secular world, first to work for  his friend and Quebec MLA Marcel Masse and then, into the early 80s,  as a  Quebec civil servant. Died 1999 before charges were laid.


09 January 2001:  Lawsuit filed by Richard (Dick) Nadeau et al against Les Clercs St. Viateur (Viatorian priests) who operated the Cornwall Classical College and the Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation for the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall in Ontario, Canada.  (The Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall manged to extricate itself from the action.   The suit was settled out of court in 2004.  the victims were gagged regarding the terms of the settlement.)

according to the 19 January 2009 testimony of Crown attorney Shelley Hallett at the Cornwall Public Inquiry one of Primeau’s victims from the Classical College would be disciplined “very harshly” by one of the Viatorians and then Primeau “would provide sympathy and then take  the young man into his bedroom and that would be the opportunity for sexual overtures.”  I know from other sources that this one victim was molested by Primeau over 300 times.


12 November 2010:  BLOG Helping a friend in need

The following information is taken from Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD) which I have on hand and personal information (P) ( In this case the P relates to information I received from someone who found it in a French book on the Viatorians )

Ordained:  24 June 1953    

(According to Directory listings there are lengthy gaps in Primeau’s presence at the College.  This could be due to errors in reporting or entering information, or it could have been that Primeau was removed for several years at a time after allegations of sexual abuse were reported against him.)   

spenttime at both the Classical College and Rigaud College (Rigaud Quebec) in the 50s (P)

1959:  on staff at Cornwall Classical College (CCCD)

  Began his PhD in the 60s. (P)

1964:  on staff at Cornwall Classical College (P)

–  presented thesis for PhD in Classical French Literature at Rennes University, France. (P)

1964-67: Outremont (P)

1967:  St. Viateur College, Montreal, Quebec (CCCD)

1967-1968: Dean of Studies and Principal at Cornwall Classical College  (CCCD)

1968-69:  St. Viateur College, Montreal (CCCD)

teaching in Montreal in 1969. (proably St. Viateur College? ((P)

around 1970 ?:  hired as Chief of Staff by his friend Marcel Masse, a member of the Quebec Legislative Assembly (this is the Marcel Masse who later won the Frontenac seat in the 1984 Federal election. After his election as a fderal MP  Masse variously held positions as Minister of Communications, Minister of Energy and Minister of National Defence in the Brian Mulroney PC government. Before he became involved in politics Masse was a History teacher in Joliette, Quebec. Masse was member of the Union Nationale – after losing a bid for party leader in 1971 he sat as an Independent)  

– Primeau did not return to service with Church after Masse lost his seat, instead he carried on working in the secular world occupying a series of posts as a civil servant, some more prestigous than others.  Dates of some are unknown(I believe but am not positive that he may have ceased his employ for Masse after Masse’s failed bid for leadership of the Union Nationale) 

Two addresses listed in the CCCD which would have been shortly after his time with Masse

1971-72: 10820 rue St. Urbain. Montreal 357, Quebec (CCCD)

1973-1974:  250 Grenade Alle O, Quebec  (CCCD)

date unkown:  –  department of International Affairs, Asia and Europe sector

1976:  Councillor for Cultural Affairs (for province of  Quebec) (P)

78-’80:  Councillor for Culture, House of Quebec, in Paris (P)

’80-’82:worked in field of educational and cultural relations with U.S.A. (P)

1985-1986: St-Viateur D’outremont, Outrement, Quebec (CCCD)

1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995,  1996, 1997:  St-Viateur D’outremont, Outremont, Quebec 183 ave Bloomfiled 514 274-8832

1998. 1999:450 av Querbes 524-274-3624 (address for Clercs de Saint Viateur du Canada)

– under investigation by Project Truth probe

08 November 1999:  died, allegedly after learning he was about to be charged.  There were numerous sex abuse allegations against Primeau.

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