Paradis: Father Leonard Paradis omi

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Leonard Patrick Paradis

Oblate priest.  Ordained 16 July 1977.  GUILTY plea December 1989 – three years probation.  Spent time at Emmanuel Convalescent Foundation in Aurora, Ontario, now known as Southdown.

The following information is drawn from the 1999 Oblate Directory (OD), Canadian Catholic Directories (CCCD) of that date which I have on hand, and media (M)

2010:  not listed

2002:  Springhurst Ave., Ottawa (Oblate residence)

civil suit settled for undisclosed amount

1999, 1998:  Treasurer, Manitoba Province (of Oblates) (OD)

199o-1999 -?:  Provincial Treasurer (OD)

1999, 1998: Springhurst Ave., Ottawa (Oblate residence) (CCCD)

1997, 1996:  Springhurst Ave., Ottawa (Oblate residence) (CCCD)

saying Masses at St. Joseph’s RC Church, Ottawa with knowledge of his superior, Father Chris Rushton omi (Pastor at St. Joseph’s – Father Robert Smith omi)

1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991:  175 Stewart St., Ottawa (Oblate residence) (CCCD)

1997Jacki Leroux (Ottawa Sun) discovered Paradis was offering Masses at St. Joseph’s RC Churchin Ottawa, Ontario.  His superior, Father Chris Rushton omi, was aware.

1989-1990: Study/Renewal, Toronto, Ontario (OD)

1989-90: Lansdowne House, Ontario (OD)

1984-1986:  study (where unknown) (OD)

1985-86:  Sheshatshits (North West River), Labrador, Newfoundland (CCCD) (Pastor at Our Lady of Snows in  Sheshatshits listed as Father James Roche  omi)

1977-84:  Happy Valley, Labrador, Newfoundland (OD)

04 February 1948: DOB (OD)


19 March 2011:  No big deal?

04 February 2011:  Troubling

20 November 2010:  Recycling


Church Settles Sex Abuse Cases with Labrador Innu

CBC News
06 April 2006

The Roman Catholic church has settled three more civil lawsuits alleging sexual exploitation of Innu boys by clergy in Labrador.

The lawsuits, which were rooted in incidents dating back as far as the 1970s, were settled this winter.

Two cases involved two Natuashish men who claimed they were sexually abused by a lay member of the Oblate order in the 1980s.

Gordon Paul Baynham was charged with three counts of sexual assault in 1990, but the provincial government refused to pay the cost of his extradition from the U.S.

Justice officials argued a conviction would likely have resulted only in a suspended sentence or a short prison term.

The civil suit against Baynham and the Labrador City-Schefferville diocese was settled for an undisclosed amount.

In the third case, an Innu man recently reached a settlement in a case alleging sexual assaults by Leonard Paradis, a former Oblate priest who was sentenced to three years’ probation for gross indecency.

Paradis began working in the Innu community of Sheshatshiu, in central Labrador, in the 1970s.

The Catholic church has now settled nine of 27 civil suits for sexual abuse in Innu communities.

Simeon Tshakapesh, the former chief of Natuashish, is one of the two men who allege that Baynham molested them in Davis Inlet, the Innu community which was resettled in 2002.

Tshakapesh said now that the civil case is over, he wants to put the matter behind him.

However, he added that he is still upset that Baynham never faced charges in a criminal court.


Canadian Press

December 15, 1989  15.45 EST


A Roman Catholic priest who pleaded guilty to four charges of gross indecency against teenage boys was sentenced to three years’ probation and continuation of treatment Friday.

Judge James Igloliorte also ruled that Rev. Leonard Patrick Paradis, 41, not be placed in isolated parishes and or be allowed to be alone in the company of anyone under 18 years of age.

The charges stemmed from allegations the priest fondled Innu boys while they slept. The boys were in his custody at the time.

The judge said the priest has received insightful and professional assistance from the Emmanuel Convalescent Foundation in Aurora, Ont.

“This is cold comfort for the victims of this case and the Innu have characteristically not attacked or condemned a fellow human,” added Igloliorte.

However, the judge added, “a great deal of time has passed for circumstances which are at the lower end of the scale of sexual offences, even for today.”

The priest fondled the boys’ sexual organs while they slept but did not go further when they awoke. The boys were 14 to 17 years old at the time.

“I find it difficult to justify a jail term for this kind of fondling incident,” said the judge.

Paradis was priest to the Innu from 1977 to 1980.

Evidence presented before the judge showed the incidents were brought to the attention of then-Bishop Peter Sutton. Sutton told police the matter was investigated and nothing was done.

6 Responses to Paradis: Father Leonard Paradis omi

  1. John says:

    *Len Paradis has left the priest hood and is living with his partner running an antique furniture shop in Ottawa.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Thank you.  Do you know when he left the priesthood? Also, do you know if his partner is male or female?

  3. John says:

    *Does it matter the gender of his partner?

  4. northern fancy says:

    John:  Does gender of partner matter? If he no longer is a priest, who cares, right?

    But this question was asked  within the context of establishing  what the clerical status of Paradis is, where Paradis is now and – if possible – the cessation of abusive behaviours (see rationale below).

    I am pleased Sylvia asked — she understands the pattern of abuse of  First Nations/Inuit/Metis children by cleric/church workers well. 

    If he has a male partner and if this partner is Innu, Paradis could fit the  pattern of  priests/church workers in isolated settings in (Northern) Canada,  who sexually abuse  children… leave/are forced to leave and take a victim with them. Sometimes they even take their victim across borders. Sometimes they stay together in the order’s mother house. 

     Note: No implication whatsoever  any of this has occurred with Paradis.  The question is based on recent pedo-priest  history and  is just determining this sordid pattern has not repeated itself.  Since Sylvia has been Canada’s foremost tracker of cleric sexual abuse, she knows.

    Therefore it is a valid contextual question.  I thank Sylvia for asking.  And I thank you for asking, as well.

  5. bc says:

    Radio-Canada`s flagship investigative journalism tv show Enquête reporting that the Oblates; despite all of their public representations are not at all in a hurry to address their abuse and it`s cover-up of Innu children on Québec`s Côte-Nord . Enquête talked with anthropologist Josée Mailhot who is a specialist of the Innu`s language. According to Mailhot who was translating for Innu parents who were informing Bishop Peter Sutton about Oblate Father Paradis abusing children, Bishop Sutton quickly transferred Father Paradis urging the parents to be discreet about his abuse. Bishop Sutton told Mailhot that the children who enjoyed being abused by Father Paradis were to blame.

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