P.E.I. bishop’s brother abused Ont. children

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Ex-priest Donald Grecco to be sentenced next week

CBC News

Last Updated: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 | 9:28 PM AT

While P.E.I. Bishop Richard Grecco deals with fallout from sex-abuse allegations against a priest in Kinkora, P.E.I., he’s also bracing for the sentencing in Ontario of his older brother, a former priest, for sex offences.

Donald Grecco, 70, pleaded guilty to gross indecency in April. He will be sentenced next week in Hamilton.

The charges date back about 30 years when Donald Grecco was a Roman Catholic priest in several parishes in southern Ontario. All the victims were teenage altar boys when Grecco molested them in the late 1970s.

Richard Grecco is on an annual retreat in North Rustico this week, along with most priests on P.E.I.

Emotional time

The bishop declined to be interviewed Wednesday. He said he didn’t want to appear to be trying to influence the judge’s decision on his brother’s sentence.

He also said he didn’t want to say anything that might offend the victims.

Richard Grecco did say it is a very emotional and difficult time for him and he would comment after his brother is sentenced on June 3.

The bishop said his brother’s situation had no bearing on how he handled the allegation against Rev. George Smith in Kinkora.

The Roman Catholic priest has been removed from his duties over an allegation of abuse stemming from his time serving in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Smith was working at St. Malachy’s Church in Kinkora.

Richard Grecco said he followed protocol by removing the priest from church duties as soon as the allegation was made and notifying all the other priests on P.E.I.

Story comments (6)

JustaJR wrote:Posted 2010/05/27
at 6:35 AM ETPedophiles become priests, priests don’t become pedophiles. BIG difference.

There are lots of amazing priests out there in the world. Just like there are amazing policemen and teachers. My point is that not EVERYONE is evil……but I admit you can’t seem to turn on the computer without seeing that another priests/bishop/cardinal/etc is up on sexual abuse charges. There is certainly a special place “down under” for those that hurt children.

Completely disgusting!

animals matter wrote:Posted 2010/05/27
at 12:40 AM ETI whole-heartedly agree with Gerhardius’ comment.

We have to move away from the cultist mentality of organized religion. It’s all rubbish to control and manipulate the guillble and the ignorant, so the freeloaders (employees of the church) can have ‘fun’ avoiding the real responsibility of living a life of hard work.

The church has actually PROTECTED these criminals. What’s with the double standard. These guys should be hauled out of their inner sanctum and thrown in prison!

Gerhardius wrote:Posted 2010/05/26
at 11:12 PM ETNothing shocking here: the church is a criminal organisation and should be treated as such. Let the believers guide their own services and let the secular authorities deal with the priests and other Catholic functionaries. Even at this stage the Church thinks they should inject themselves into secular society with Cardinal Oullet’s call for a reopening of the abortion debate. The only debate the Church should be involved in is their own defence against confiscation of their properties in this country. This opening to move on the Church must be taken, not a move against individual belief but against a criminal organisation that has done more damage around the world than any other.

clankk wrote:Posted 2010/05/26
at 10:45 PM ETabsolutetly sickening but completely not surprising this is only .1% of whats going on and what has happenend in the past the catholic church from the top down are a bunch of dirty criminals that think they can hide behind the church even the good priests and there are some know dont tell me they dont its two faced double standard where do i apply to get my name off that list?

it’s my island wrote:Posted 2010/05/26
at 10:07 PM ETone has to ask why priest are doing these evil acts against children when jesus states in the new testament matthew 18-6 but whoever causes one of these little ones to sin , it would be better for him to have a great millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depts of the sea . along with luke 17-2 . my point is priest have to study the bible so they damn well know these passages . there is no excuse for them for they are wolves in sheeps clothing . i still have faith in jesus but not the roman catholic church .

dyslexic nam wrote:Posted 2010/05/26
at 9:55 PM ETWow, the Catholic Church is really doing well these days.

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