O’Keefe: Father Kenneth O’Keefe csb

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John James Kenneth O’Keefe (Father Kenneth O’Keefe csb)

(also referenced as Father J.J.K. O’Keefe)

Basilian priest.  Ordained 1958.  August 2010 charged – allegations said to relate to 1972 when he was at St. Pius X High School in Ottawa.  06 September 2012:  GUILTY plea – nine-month conditional sentence.  There are also two charges against Father O’Keefe in Hull, Quebec. 22 January 2013:  GUILTY plea in Hull, Quebec – sentenced to nine months house arrest.


Died 20 March 2018


27 August 2013:   Father Kenneth O’Keefe’s teaching licence revoked (Ruling of OCT Discipline Committee)

19 September 2013:  Pedophile priest has teaching licence revoked

September 2013:  Kenneth John O’Keefe – Ontario College of Teachers (ref to revocation of licence)

30 July 2013:  Sex assault victim sues teacher, board for $3M

07 September 2012:  Another ‘Tut Tut Bad Boy’


Next court-date (Quebec): (GUILTY plea)  22 January 2013:  09:00 am, courtroom #4, (“French – “pro forma”), Hull Quebec courthouse (17, rue Laurier)26 October 2012: 09:00 am, courtroom #4, to set a trial date, Hull Quebec courthouse (17, rue Laurier);10 September 2012:  08:30 am, Hull Quebec courthouse (17, rue Laurier)/

Court file no.:  550–01-056328-117 for Quebec charges

 Next court date (Ontario):  06 September 2012:  GUILTY plea. 09:30 am, pre-trial conference (NOT open to public) “to be spoken to,” Ottawa, Ontario courthouse (161 Elgin St.);  03 May 2012: “for a plea” – Ottawa courthouse13 January 2012:  pre-trial, 10 am, court room 13, Ottawa courthouse;  16 December 2011:  Assignment court, Ottawa, Ontario court house (time and courtroom on assignment court can change, but originally scheduled for 10 am court room #37);  (28 October 2011 committed to stand trial in Ontario Superior Court of Justice);   28 October 2011 (Preliminary hearing. 10 am, Courtroom # 10.  Ottawa courthouse); 16 March 2011 (08:30 am.  Courtroom #5, Ottawa courthouse); 26 January 2011 (08:30 am, Courtroom #5, Ottawa courthouse); 24 November 2010 (08:30 am, Courtroom #5 “to be spoken to.”);  03 November 2010 (08:30 am Courtroom #5);   29 September 2010;  01 September 2010 (adjourned)

Court file #: 10-905095


[Picture credit: Tim Wieclawske/Metro Ottawa]

From St. Basil’s Ottawa 25th anniversary commemorative publication “25 years at St. Basil’s





 Recent news (for other news scroll down to MEDIA coverage and BLOGS)

24 January 2013: Priest and ex-Windsor teacher pleads guilty to sex assault for second time in a year

06 September 2012: Elderly priest admits molesting student (VIDEO)

07 September 2012: “Aging priest sentenced to house arrest for sex assault on student ” & related articles


Unless otherwise noted the following dates and information are drawn from the Basilians via the 12 August 2010 Catholic Register (B/CR), available Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD), media (M) and Ontario College of Teachers (OCT).

20 March 2018:  Died

22 January 2013:  GUILTY plea – Nine months house arrest (M)

06 September 2012:  GUILTY plea – nine-month conditional sentence (M)

2010:  95 St. Joseph St., Toronto – address for Congregation of St. Basil, Cardinal Flahiff Basilian Center (CCCD)

1994-2006:  Brescia College, University of Western Ontario  (B/CR)

September 2005: Moved to Henry Carr Farm in Beeton, Ontario (2006 Basilian Annals) It is unknown how long Father O’Keefe was there.  There is no indication in the Basilian cv that O’Keefe spent time at the Henry Carr Farm in Beeton, Ontario

1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002 :  1285 Western Rd., London, Ontario 519-432-8353 – same address and phone number for Brescia University College, an all women’s university affiliated with Western University (CCCD)  Chaplain.

around Fall 1995:  Southdown

1992-94:  Newman Centre, University of Toronto  (B/CR)

1993, 1994:  89 St. George St., Toronto, Ontario – same address and phone number as Toronto Newman Centre (CCCD)

1992: 940 Rex Ave., Ottawa, Ontario 613-729-5149  – Address and phone number for St. Basil Church, Ottawa, Ontario.  Parish priest listed as Father William Reigel csb (CCCD)  There is nothing in the Basilian cv which indicates that O’Keefe spent time back in Ottawa in the early 90s.

1985- 92:  Newman Centre, University of Western Ontario  (B/CR)

1991: 211 Broughdale Ave., London, Ontario    519-433-6884 This is the address and phone number for Holy Spirit University Parish, as of 2006 known as Christ the King University Parish. The parish serves the University of Western Ontario. (CCCD)

1985:  89 St. George St., Toronto, Ontario – same address and phone number as Newman Centre (CCCD)

1983-85: Newman Centre, University of Toronto, Ontario  (B/CR)

1982-83:  Chaplain, Basilian Father of London, Ontario  (B/CR)

1980-82:  Assumption College School, Windsor Ontario (B/CR)

1975-1980:  St. Pius X, Ottawa, Ontario (The Basilians indicate 1977-80.  That is incorrect. O’Keefe left St. Joe’s when it closed in 1975 and went straight to Pius X)

1980: St. Pius X High School, Ottawa, Ontario (Father Len Lunney Principal.  Also listed on on staff Fathers W.J. Allen [recently charged], M. Campbell, P. Baxter, R. Bedard, D.F. Gavan, R.J. Jenkins and P. Garland) (1980 Ontario Catholic Directory)

 Taught Latin, English and served as a guidance counsellor at Pius X.

1975:  St. Joseph’s HS closed its doors.  Father O’Keefe transferred to St. Pius X High School.  He began teaching at Pius X in the Fall of 1975.

Guilty plea to sex abuse of boy at St. Pius X. The boy’s parents reported the abuse to the principal the next day.  Nothing was done.  The Principal was Father Len Lunney.

1959-1975:  taught at St. Joseph’s High School, Ottawa, Ontario.  (The Basilians  indicate 1959-77 at St. Joe’s.  That is in error.  St. Joe’s closed its doors in 1975)

One of his former students at the school was the present Basilian Archbishop of Vancouver, J. Michael Miller. (The BC Catholic, 03 September 2006 – there is an error in the article – it should read St. Joseph’s  High School in Ottawa.  There was no St. Michael’s High School in Ottawa.)

(initial media reports re the charges put O’Keefe at Pius X in 1972.  That is incorrect.  In 1972 O’Keefe was at St. Joseph’s in Ottawa)

1974:  B.A, and M.A., University of Toronto, Ontario (OCT)

1973-74:  St. Joseph High School, Broadview Ave., Ottawa, Ontario (CCCD)  (according to media was at Pius X in Ottawa in 1972) 

Amongst his other duties O’Keefe served as Guidance counsellor at St. Joe’s

The Basilians allegedly owned a cottage at Lac McGreggor , Quebec.  It has also been referred to as retreat house.

There are allegations – unproven – on this site that “victims were sometimes taken to the cottage” and of some sort of “naked spiritual session

1973:  qualified as a Guidance Specialist (OCT)

1971-72:  St. Joseph High School, Broadview Ave., Ottawa, Ontario (CCCD)

1967, 1968-69: St. Joseph High School, Broadview Ave., Ottawa, Ontario (CCCD)

1960 – ?:  actively involved and assisting at St. Basil’s Roman Catholic Church, Ottawa from the date of its opening 24 December 1960


1958:  Ordained (CCCD)

1955:  completed studies at Ontario, College of Education, Toronto, Ontario (OCT)

1954-55: St. Michael’s College, Toronto (B/CR)

1953-1954: St. Basil’s College (B/CR)

1950-53: University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto (B/CR)

1949-50: Richmond Hill Novitiate (B/CR)

07 October 1930:  DOB

Born and raised in St. Andrews West, a small community on the outskirts of Cornwall, Ontario


 Media coverage and BLOGS

24 January 2013: Priest and ex-Windsor teacher pleads guilty to sex assault for second time in a year

24 January 2013: Priest and ex-Ottawa teacher pleads guilty to sex assault for second time in a year

22 January 2013: BLOG And there you go…

07 September 2012: “Aging priest sentenced to house arrest for sex assault on student ” & related articles

06 September 2012: Elderly priest admits molesting student (VIDEO)

28 October 2011:  BLOG On to trial

27 October 2011:  BLOG Prelim tomorrow

15 March 2011:  BLOG Relief

23 October 2012:  BLOG Stereotypical?

01 October 2010:  BLOG Is this the best ‘they’ can do?

02 September 2012: BLOG Minutiae of change

01 September 2010:  Priest case back in court September  29

19 August 2010: BLOG   Enough said 

18 August 2010: Fr. Joseph Redican, CSB, Responds to Serious Charges Against Basilians – August 18 2010

17 August 2010:  BLOG Are Quebec police investigating?

16 August 2010:  BLOG Part of the riddle solved

14 August 2010:  BLOG No response (relevant blogged comments)

13 August 2010:  BLOG Too big a mess to leave as is (relevant blogged comments)

12 August 2010:  Basilian priest charged with abusing Ottawa student in 1972

11 August 2010:  BLOG Another Basilian charged (relevant blogged comments)

11 August 2010:  Ex priest facing sex assault charge gets bail

11 August 2010:  Priest charged with decades old sex assault

11 August 2010:  Former priest faces Ottawa sex charge

11 August 2010:  Ex priest charged with sex assault in Ottawa and comments


Ottawa police arrest Catholic priest on abuse charge

Kenneth O’Keefe, 79, of Toronto arrested on alleged assault of teenage boy in 1972

Toronto Globe and Mail

11 August 2010

Ottawa — The Canadian Press

Ottawa police have charged a former priest with indecent assault relating to an alleged incident dating back almost four decades.

Police say they began investigating in July after a complaint of inappropriate contact between a Roman Catholic Priest and a teenage boy that allegedly happened in 1972 in Ottawa.

Kenneth O’Keefe, 79, of Toronto was arrested on Aug. 11 and is being held for a bail hearing today in Ottawa.

32 Responses to O’Keefe: Father Kenneth O’Keefe csb

  1. Sylvia says:

    I have updated the information on Father O’Keefe csb. Please let me know if there is anything I have missed.

    As you can see, there are still a couple of dates and locations which should be ironed out. I have had no response from my original query to the Basilians. I will try again.

  2. Annie says:

    FYI the 1992 listing that Fr. O’Keefe was in Ottawa is an error – once he left Ottawa in 1980 he was never posted there again. Any word on yesterdays court date yet?

  3. Sylvia says:

    I see nothing in the papers and have heard nothing in the news re Father O’Keefe’s court date of yesterday. Does anyone have any information?

    Re the 1992 info. Are you absolutely sure Annie that he never spent even a few months back in Ottawa? It strikes me as strange that the 1992 CCCD has his address listed as 940 Rex Ave., Ottawa, Ontario with phone number 613-729-5149 (St. Basil’s). The publishers surely had been given that information by someone? tion

  4. Annie says:

    I am certain as I was in that parish at the time…he would occasionally visit but was never in full time residence there from the time he left Ottawa in 1980. At the time he left Ottawa he was distressed to be leaving there as he had been there so long. He did continue to return to the area to visit family and friends and spend a fair bit of summer holiday time at the Basilian cottage. Other than occasional weekend visits he was never back there as his posting.

  5. Annie says:

    in fact it was in June 1992 that the parish of St Basil’s was turned back over to the diocese of Ottawa and the Basilian order pulled out. Fr. O’Keefe continued to drop in once in a while when he was back in the Ottawa area but was definitely not assigned there. If memory serves me correctly the parish priest as of July 1992 was Fr. Corbin Eddy, a priest of the diocese of Ottawa – not a Basilian.

  6. Annie says:

    wondering what the news on Fr. Ken O’Keefe’s court date yesterday is?

  7. Sylvia says:

    I have heard nothing. Does anyone have an update?

    I came across this CTV clip as I was checking – there’s some good footage and pictures on the video clip: http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/Canada/20100811/ottawa-ex-priest-charged-100811/

  8. Annie says:

    any news on this case? I have heard rumblings through the grapevine that there may be more victims coming forward.

  9. Sylvia says:

    Annie, I will definitely call tomorrow to find out about the next court date and whatever else I can learn.

    If you hear anything definitive about more victims let us know, OK?

  10. Sylvia says:

    Annie,I called the courthouse on Friday to get the nexy court date – left a meassge – no call back by day’s end. If I don’t get a call Monday am I will try again.

  11. Sylvia says:

    The next court date is 24 November 2010, Ottawa courthouse, 08:30 am, courtroom #5 “to be spoken to.”

  12. Annie says:

    delay delay delay…what else is new? nothing concrete on other victims yet…will keep you posted as i hear things.
    one interesting note – read your posting about Fr. Ed MacNeil and his being at Galilee House in Arnprior…Iknow that Fr. O’Keefe used to spend time there in the summers of 1978 1979 and 1980…and I believe he spent some time there in either late 80’s early 90’s as well – wonder if they knew each other????

  13. Sylvia says:

    That’s an intersting little tid bit Annie.

    Ed MacNeil was Provinical from 1976 to 1982. I’m sure he would have dipsy-doodled his way out from Ottawa to Arnprior more than once in those years.

    Do you by chance know if O’Keefe was there to take part in the many retreats offered at Galilee?

    Perhaps he participated in the 1992 Summer Institute Human Sexuality ‘sessions?

    Perhaps he was even in on the “Be Still and know that I am God” sessions directed by MacNeil?

  14. Sylvia says:

    Annie, you reminded me of something.

    Father Ed MacNeil is a “native son” of Immaculate Conception Parish in Bridgeport, Nova Scotia (Cape Breton). He said his first Mass there 14 June 1965.

    Father Leo Campbell csb, like O’Keefe a Basilian, was also a ‘native son’ of Immaculate Conception. He said his first Mass there 16 June 1974.

    The difference in date of ordination does not reflect the age difference. Campbell was born 1939. MacNeil was born 1936. MacNeil was only three years older than Campbell. They must have known each other – it’s a small community.

    Anyway, just intersting. I had intended to scan the MacNeil info some time back but it obviously slipped my mind. I will do so this weekend.

  15. Annie says:

    any news on O’Keefe’s latest court date?

  16. Paul says:

    Father O’Keefe used to stay at a small cottage just across from our family’s cottage on a small lake in St. Pierre de Wakefield Quebec which is about 45 minutes from downtown Ottawa. I am 41 years old and we’ve known him since then as he would periodically drop by and visit us and was considered a good friend of the family. he was always a loving caring man and never were there any inappropriate incidents. Quite a shock when my family heard the news! Last time I saw him was about 5 years ago when he droped by to let us know that the cottage was sold and he would not be returning.

  17. Sylvia says:

    Was that the cottage owned by the Basilians Paul? Do you know?

  18. Bob says:

    The cottage was well known ,by those who were taken there for some ”summer fun” in the 60’s and 70’s .Ken O’keefe brought many of us to the ”cottage” during our high school years .Not sure who owned it ,but the priests from St Joes seemed to have the run of the place ….the ”cottage ” was known to those who went there and those who thought they were missing something

  19. Sylvia says:

    Next court date for Father O`Keefe is 13 January 2012 for pre-trial, 10 am, court room 13, Ottawa court house, Ottawa, Ontario

  20. Sylvia says:

    Father O’Keefe’s next court date is 06 September 2012, 09:30 am, Ottawa courthouse (161 Elgin St.) “to be spoken to.”  The court room number will not be known until September 6th.

  21. Eve says:

    *Fr O’Keefe was a teacher at St Pius X, it seems like most of the clergy at that school have been either charged or conficted of sexual abuse, birds of a feather flock together. They literally have each others backs.

  22. PJ says:

    And likely each other’s backsides too.

  23. Sylvia says:

    I was able to find out that Father O’Keefe had a courtdate at the Hull Quebec courthouse this morning at 08:30 am in courtroom #4.  There are two charges against him in Quebec.  If anyone knows anything of the outcome please post a comment or send me an email at: cornwall@theinquiry.ca

  24. Sylvia says:

    Father Kenneth O’Keefe’s next court date on his Quebec charges is: 26 October 2012:  09:00 am, courtroom #4, to set a trial date, Hull Quebec courthouse (17, rue Laurier)

    I wonder if he’s actually going to battle these charges out in court?  This is a different jurisdiction and a different province.   Perhaps there is no hope of a plea bargaining a conditional sentence over on the Quebec side?  or, perhaps a trial date will be set and Father O’Keefe will enter a guilty plea at the 11th hour?

    I personally am hoping it’s the former.  I think the man should spend a few days behind bars for his horrific crimes.  I actually think time in jail would serve him well – time to ponder the years he spent deceiving unwitting Catholics and molesting their children. Time to pray and sacrifice for his victims.  Time for a really good examination of conscience.  Time to think of the day he stands before his Maker.

    I recall all too well the case of Father Paul Lapierre.  Lapierre got off at trial in Cornwall, Ontario.  He shouldn’t have, but he did. Lapierre got an acquittal from Justice Paul Lalonde 

    However, Lapierre was later found guilty on sex abuse charges against him in Quebec.  Believe it or not, this was the same victim – Claude Marleau –  who had been abused by Lapierre in both Cornwall, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.  Lapierre was finally sentenced to one year in jail. Not a lot for what Claude endured at this priest’s hands, but at least a guilty verdict and we can all now say (legally) what Father Paul Lapierre  is: a child molester; a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

    Perhaps the legal system in Quebec will pull through in the case of Father O’Keefe? I for one am hoping that’s the case.  

    A final note.  When I first laid eyes on Father Kenneth O’Keefe in the Ottawa courthouse I thought of Father Paul Lapierre.  They don’t really look alike per, but there is something about Father O’Keefe which instantly put me in mind of Laierre.  Affable,  Charming.  Smiling.  Out going.

    Some wolves in sheep’s clothing really do look more like sheep than others.

  25. Sylvia says:

    The next court date for Father Kenneth O’Keefe csb on his Quebec charges is: 22 January 2013 – 9 am, courtroom #4

    This date is

    pro forma“ – that is French – I was unable to get an English translation for this,  but did find this online on Wikipedia:

    In law, pro forma court rulings are intended merely to facilitate the legal process (to move matters along).

    Pro forma audiences are used to obey a formal demand. For example, one pro forma audience may be heard for a judge to order the production of a certain proof or to schedule another date.

    IF that is accurate it looks as though this is once again to set another date?  Bottom line is there is another court date set.

  26. Sylvia says:

    I’ve just posted another article – same text as the one in the Ottawa Citizen but it has been picked up by the Windsor Star. These articles are online right now – I am hoping they will be published in the print editions tomorrow. It’s important that the many people who do not follow the news online see the news that Basilian priest and former teacher Father Kenneth O’Keefe has pleaded guilty to sex crimes a second time in a matter of months.

    For all those who followed the Cornwall Public Inquiry, Father O’Keefe was born and raised in St. Andrews West, a small community on the outskirts of Cornwall and part of what was then the Diocese of Alexandria and is now the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.

  27. Sylvia says:

    I just heard that Father O’Keefe spent time in Southdown around the Fall of 1995.

  28. ROC says:


    Any news about this guy? Where is he now?

  29. Mac says:

    My family was actively involved with St Basil’s church back in 1966/67/68, back when we lived on Churchill Street, and I attended St Basil’s school. I had my confirmation at St Basil’s as well. By the time we moved to St George’s parish in 1968, I was already showing the symptoms of child sexual abuse.

    Unfortunately, nobody knew what those symptoms meant back then, so instead of getting any help, I was treated like some kind of monster, and was eventually admitted to the Royal Ottawa Hospital’s Child In-patients Unit, or CIPU. After several escapes from there (the last time, I made it all the way to Banff, Alberta before I was finally picked up and returned) I was transferred to Brockville Psychiatric Hospital at only 14 years of age. Whatever horror stories you may have heard about that place, trust me, it was much, much worse for an already severely abused 14 year old!

    I’ve known all along (intellectually, at least) that I was sexually abused sometime prior to moving to St George’s parish, but I couldn’t name my abuser; I have virtually no memories from before that move. The damage and the trauma are things I’ve had to deal with all my life, but the most frustrating part was not being able to name the evil bastard who abused me.

    Moments ago, I learned that Father. Ken O’Keefe, formerly of St Basil’s Church, Ottawa, has been charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse against minors; the instant I read his name, I started shaking all over, and feeling faint and nauseous at the same time. When I saw his picture, I had to run to the bathroom and vomit. That was half an hour ago, and even as I type this, I’m still shaking like a leaf!

    Can you tell me who to contact regarding this matter? I need to find out for sure if this is the sick bastard who molested me, and if so, what legal recourse I might have.

  30. ROC says:

    Dear “Mac”

    I was a student at Western back in the 80s when he was a Chaplain. This creep pulled a fast one on me. Although I was a young adult, when I look back on this event I feel an incredible sadness and darkness. A charming outgoing man but deep down a pervert and a predator. Sorry to hear about your experience.

  31. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Mac – If you can, go to the nearest police authority and report what you think happened. Also, seek out a reputable counselling service and pour it out!
    It sounds like you might have some problems with memories, and the counselling service will help you with that. All the best – Mike.

  32. JMac says:

    Mac, after following Mike’s advie, I would like to suggest you contact a reputable legal coucil. I am using Beckett Personal Injury lawyers. Rob Talach, Aaron Lealess. Google around for the area you live in, if London, ON isn’t geographically suitable for you. You need to realize and understand you are a victim. Then you need to start the healing process. As you did, it was here that I located a monster from the past. His record was shocking, prior to and after me. Get this SOB that did this to you. Go forth safely.

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