Bishop Says Reconciliation Process a Success

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95 CKNB (Campbellton, N.B.)

Last updated: 2012-08-24 10:23:39

By Vic Negus.

The bishop of Bathurst says critics of the process by which the diocese reached settlements with victims of sexual abuse by clerics in the diocese are wrong in wanting to take their cases to court.

Most Reverend Valery Vienneau calls the independent reconciliation process for the victims of former priest Levi Noel and other clerics, which has been accepted by 80 of the 86 victims, a success.

The process was overseen independently by retired Supreme Court of Canada Justice Michel Basterache. Bishop Vienneau says he has spoken with many of the victims and they praised the process as being speedy, fair and dignified. He says they are grateful that they did not have to share a large part of their compensation with lawyers.

In a press release, the bishop says the Ontario lawyer, not named in the release, who now publicly criticizes the process represented a number of people who successfully participated in the process and who, with the lawyer’s counsel, accepted awards. Bishop Vienneau also says a number of victims who criticize the process did not even participate. He says they suggest their lawsuit is about seeing that further details come to light, intimating that they believe the diocese is hiding something or has denied its failures in acknowledging mishandling of Noel and others.

2 Responses to Bishop Says Reconciliation Process a Success

  1. Mike says:

         I would like to hear from some of the victims to see if this really is such a booming “success”.
        As for “intimating” that the process is hiding something, well it IS” The names and actions of some of these criminals, by order of this “consiliation process” will remain forever a secret. Why?
         Is the bishop going to place some/all of these perverts (Men of God) back in parishes in New Brunswick so they can continue to do the “work of God”?
          Who are they, and why have they gotten away with their crimes? You or I would never fare so well in court with criminal charges against us.
         I guess it pays to be a catholic priest; if you are a catholic priest and you are engaging in criminal sexual behaviour and get caught or someone complains about you, you will get the bishop’s full support, and receive the best legal counsel the country has to offer.
         Oh yeah, and don’t bother about the victims – we’ll just give them a bit of money and shut them up.     Mike.

  2. PJ says:

    Mike:  The process was a huge success….for the pervert collars of course. They get to walk away free from prosecution after sucking in the victims with a mere pittance of what they could have received. Yes, it’s a success for the RC (Reverent Criminals) church because they saved a lot of money by bribing the victims with confidentiality and pennies. Damn them all!

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