Bathurst Press Conference re Father Levi Noel sex abuse

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August 2, 2012

Sexual Abuse Cover-up Exposed

Bathurst Catholic Diocese knew since 1958 but made young victims swear on the Bible to never tell

The law firm of Ledroit Beckett Litigation Lawyers will hold a Press Conference on:

DATE/TIME:   Friday, August 3, 2012 11:00 a.m.

LOCATION: Lakeview Inn & Suites –

Conference Room

777 St. Peter Avenue, Bathurst, New Brunswick

This press conference will expose the decades long cover-up by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bathurst concerning the sexual crimes of Father Levi Noel. Father Noel was convicted of abusing 22 boys between 1958 and 1981 throughout the Acadian Peninsula. On January 10, 2010 he was sentenced to eight years in prison.

His primary accomplice to his crimes, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bathurst, has faced little scrutiny or sanction over its complicity and cover-up.

This press conference will expose that as early as 1958 two young victims informed various clergy, including a Bishop, of Noel’s abuse, with the only result being cover-up.  Noel went on to abuse many more over the next 23 years.

Lawyer Robert Talach, who represents dozens of victims of Father Noel and others will be on hand along with a number of Noel’s victims, including one who was required to swear on the Bible that he would never speak of it again. The commencement of 11 related lawsuits against the Diocese will also take place.

The goal of these victims is truth, accountability and prevention.

The contact person for this matter is Robert Talach who can be reached at

1-866-674-4994 / (519) 673-4994, ext. 31 (w) or (519) 639-2807 (c) or

The contact person for the victim advocacy group Innocent Victims Abused Sexually (IVAS) is Lowell Mallais who can be reached at (506) 395-5635 or

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