Bathurst Diocese victims’ Press Conference

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We’re stronger now than we’ve ever been; we started off with a handful of victims and we’re now over 80 victims, this from Levi Noel and other pedophile priests.  Our facebook group has over 235 victims & family member and our web site is going on 8,000 visitors.

The Bastarache first round is now over.  Mgr. Vienneau, truth comes from LOVE.  Please tell us who are/were the bad ones?  You gave money, so you know it happened.  We demand that you reveal the names of the bad priests.  How many are dead; how many are still alive; how many are still practicing.  How can we know if there is no more active pedophile priest?  We want to keep the children of our community safe.

“The clergy will handle it” as said by Wesley Wade to the media, is not an answer of compassion, let alone of LOVE!

This Bastarache route has no long term help and has a deadline.  Mgr Vienneau there could never be a deadline on abuse done to children, even more so, if his abusing person/priest is still living!

The victims, the children of a loving GOD, need psychological help and this, for the next 10 years as recommended in the Cornwall sexual abuse report!  

Since you won’t divulge the name of other pedophile priest, we will start by naming Father Abel Laviollette who abused little girls in Bas-Caraquet and Father Gerard Gautreau who abused little boys at too many churches to mention, at this time.   Our group IVAS, would like to speak with any victims of these or any other priests, via our web site: , our facebook group or/and our lawyer.

Please victims of the clergy, may I stress the point that you haven’t done anything WRONG, when you were a lad and you are not doing anything wrong today.  Also please consider one victim’s (D.T.) comment/answer to “are you doing this for money?” at a local coffee shop;  Would you consider 10,000$ from me to you, if one of my son, would have raped one of your grandchild? Would that help your grand-daughter to heal and get help? Would it keep you from calling the police? Walk a mile in my shoes, please!

If you are confused or need guidance, remember that there are professional to help you and they can be reached at 1-866-674-4994. This same number can also help those with Bastarache’s offer. 

Mgr Vienneau, we have 12 wishes for XMAS and will send you each a copy each day, this till December 25 2010. 

P.S., Mgr Vienneau, when it comes to your public excuses to the victims you said you wanted to do, could you please do it on National TV; we have victims from all over Canada.  The retired judge is not supposed to tell you that but, we thought we should!

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