Noel: Levi Noel

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Levi Noel 1950

Levi Noel. 1950.

Father Levi Noel. Convicted molester

Father Levi Noel. Convicted molester

 Levi Noel (Father Levi Noel)

Mr. Levi Noel (defrocked/laicized in 2012)

Priest, Diocese of Bathurst New Brunswick.  Ordained 1956. Charged 2009.  Offences transpired between the years 1958 and 1981.  Victims ranged in age from 8 to 16. Some victims committed suicide. GUILTY

January 2010:  GUILTY plea .  Sentenced to 8 years in jail for convictions in 22 sex-related offences.

31 August 2011:  GUILTY plea  –  sentenced to one year and six months to run concurrent to his other sentence

13 May 2016:  DIED at Lakeshore Hospital in Pointe-Claire Quebec

“Can we in conscience continue to expose children to these scandals”/  Levi Noel:  The Cover-up

17 May 2016:  “Ex-priest Levi Noel died” & original French text



Diocese of Bathurst loses bid to recoup $3.3 million from former insurer AVIVA

07 October 2016:  PART ONE:  L’Eveque Catholique Romain de Bathurst and Aviva Insurance Company of Canada (contains info re numbers of identified clerical molesters and victims, and info re Father Levi Noel recycling and cover-up

07 October 2016:  PART TWO:  L’Eveque Catholique de Bathurst and Aviva Insurance Company of Canada (contains info re numbers of identified clerical molesters and victims, and info re Father Levi Noel recycling and cover-up)

07 October 2016:  PART THREE: L’Eveque Catholique de Bathurst and Aviva Insurance Company of Canada (contians info re numbers of identified clerical molesters and victims, and info re Father Levi Noel recycling and cover-up


Documents and papers (Scroll down for MEDIA coverage)

(Settlements/Bastarache ‘Conciliation’ deals)

14 September 2012: Jean-Guy letter to the Editor in response to Archbishop Vienneau comments

04 September 2012: Father Wesley Wade appointed administrator of the Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick

03 September 2012:   Bishop Valery Vienneau letter to the editor

04 August 2012: VIDEO  Bathurst Catholic Diocese Accused of Cover-Up

03 August 2012: Press Statement re Father Levi Noel’s sex abuse of Denis Theriault and the subsequent cover-up

02 August 2012: 03 August Bathurst Press Conference re Father Levi Noel sex abuse

22 January 2011:  R. c. Noël, 2010 NBCP 8 (CanLII)

IVAS: Our 12 Xmas Wishes (IVAS is, in French, “Innocente victime d’abus sexuel,” and in English, “Innocent Victims Abused Sexually,” a group of about 80 victims of clerical sexual abuse

29 December 2012:  Évêque Catholique Romain de Bathurst v New Brunswick (Attorney General) – (ENGLISH document – Bathurst Diocese receive permission from the courts to, amongst other things and as I tend to say ” raid the seminary funds”)

25 February 2009:  “$ 100 000 French songs” & original French text    – Is this Father Levi Noel?


13 May 2016:  Died at Lakeshore Hospital in Pointe-Claire

June 2012:  announcement that he has been defrocked/lacized

31 August 2011:  GUILTY plea  –  sentenced to one year and six months to run concurrent to his other sentence

April 2011: two new charges laid.

January 2010:  GUILTY plea .  Sentenced to 8 years in jail for convictions in 22 sex-related offence.

Next court date:  12 October 2011. For sentencing.  Tracadie Shelia courthouse, Tracadie-Sheila, New Brunswick;  GUILTY plea. 31 August 2011. 10 am.  Tracadie Shelia courthouse (“for election”). 20 July 2011. 10 am.  Tracadie-Sheila court house New Brunswick (to enter a plea);   22 June 2011 09:30 am. Tracadie-Sheila court house New Brunswick (to enter a plea)


Bishops of Bathurst:  Patrice Alexander Chiasson (September 1920-January 1942); Camille-Andre Le Blanc (July 1942-January ’69); Edgar Godin (June ’69 – April ’85);  Arsene Richard (November. ’85 – January. ’89); Andre Richard (20 May 1989 – 16 March 2002 [then on to Archbishop of Moncton, NB]); Valerie Vienneau (03 July 2002 – 15 June 2012 [then on to Archbishop of Moncton]); Daniel Jodin (22 January 2013 – )


The following dates and information are drawn from available Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD), personal contact with victims (P) and media (M)  Additional timelines will be added as information becomes available. 

13 May 2016:  DIED at Lakeshore Hospital in Pointe-Claire Quebec (M)

June 2012:  announcement that he has been defrocked/laicized

31 August 2011:  GUILTY plea

April 2011: two new charges laid.

2011: not listed in CCCD (CCCD)

January 2010:  GUILTY plea .  Sentenced to 8 years in jail for convictions in 22 sex-related offence.

2010: 1988,  boul Sainte Marie, app 1, Sallaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec J6T 3B4 .(CCCD) (in Diocese of Valleyfield, Quebec)

2008-2009:  794 Villieu St., Apt. 5. Quebec, QC  G1X 2Z9

May 2008:   RCMP commenced investigation after a victim came forward alleging he had been sexually abused as a boy by Noel (M)

1993-2007:  784 Poitou st., Apt5,  Ste Foy Quebec

2002, 2000, 1999, 1998 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993:  794, rue du Poitou, app 5, Ste Foy, G1X 2Z9, Quebec (part of the Archdiocese of Quebec.  What was Noel doing here? It is not a Church address.  Did he retire? At age 67?  Or, was he serving in some capacity in the Archdiocese of Quebec –  Maurice Couture sv, Archbishop of Quebec) .(CCCD)

1992:  address P.O. Box  459, Sheila, NB. (was Noel assisting at Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette, P.O. Box 30, Sheila?  The Pastor was Father Zoel Sauinier) .(CCCD)

1991: France (Why?  Doing what?) (Andre Richard bishop of the Diocese 1989-2002.  As of March 2002, Archbishop of Moncton, New Brunswick).(CCCD)

1988-1990:  France (P)

December 1989:  funeral in Tracadie (P)

1985- 1986:  Pastor, Ascension Church, Beaverbrook, N.B.(CCCD)

1983:  France (P)

1973-1981:  Tracadie (P)

1973-74, 1972-73:   address, St. Jean Baptiste (St. John the Baptist) Tracadie (Pastor, Father Benoit Rioux) .(CCCD)

1971-72:  Notre Dame des Érabes (P)

1970:  according to victims was at Inkerman  (P)

1968-69:  assistant, St. Jerome,  Shippegan, N.B. (Pastor, Father Michele Mailiet) .(CCCD)

1967:  assistant, St. Jean the Baptist and St. Joseph, Tracadie, N.B. (Pastor, Father Yvon Sirois) .(CCCD)

between 1967 and 1968 spent about 7 months at Lameque (P)

1962-63:  Rivière du Partage (P)

1958-61:  St. Augustine,Paquetville, New Brunswick (P)

1959:  assistant, St. Augustine, Paquetville, N.B., (Pastor, Father  Stanislas Robichaud)  (CCCD)

1956-58:  St. Isidore, New Brunswick (P)

1956: Ordained (CCCD)


MEDIA coverage

09 December 2015:  “Diocese of Bathurst wants Aviva Insurance to pay $3.3M” & related article

07 December 2015:  Insurance company says Bathurst diocese knew of abuse by priests

03 December 2015:  “Victims of sexual abuse by clergy opened up to Michel Bastarache” & related article

24 August 2012: Bathurst diocese defends sex abuse conciliation in ad

24 August 2012: Bishop Says Reconciliation Process a Success

07 August 2012: Lawsuits launched against Bathurst diocese

04 August 2012: Abuse victims allege diocese coverup” & related articles

04 August 2012: “Church sex abuse scandal deepens” & related article

03 August 2012: Bathurst Catholic Diocese Accused Of Sex Abuse Cover Up

03 August 2012: Lawsuits launched against Bathurst diocese

03 August 2012: Lawsuits filed against New Brunswick Catholic diocese alleging sex abuse coverup

01 November 2011: N.B. church sex abuse report due

06 April 2011:  Former N.B. priest faces 2 new sex charges

09 December 2010:  The group IVAS wants the names of “bad” pedophile priests

07 December 2010:  BLOG Something’s amiss

06 December 2010:  Other priests shamed

06 December 2010:  Bathurst Diocese victims’ Press Conference (Innocente victime d’abus sexuel / “Innocent Victims Abused Sexually”)

01 December 2010:  Court to award sexual abuse compensation

30 November 2010: Diocese can use funds to compensate victims

November 2010:  N.B. court opens church funds to abuse victims

29 November 2010:  N.B. court opens church funds to abuse victims

16 November 2010:  Compensation paid to sexual abuse victims won’t be made public

15 November 2010:  Clergy sex assault deals sealed by N.B. court

15 November 2010:  Diocese of Bathurst Press Release re Trust Fund

15 November 2010: N.B. court seals info on clergy sex assault deals

15 November 2010: Bathurst diocese back in court

10 November 2010: New Brunswick Catholic diocese seeks to pay sex abuse victims from training fund

10 November 2010: N.B. diocese wants victims to get clergy funds

03 November 2010:  “N.B. diocese to offer apology, money for abuse” and other related articles

03 November 2010:  Bathurst diocese to offer victims financial settlements

02 November 2010:  Sexual assault victims want their day in court

o2 November 2010:  Deadline extended for Church abuse victims

02 November 2010:  Bathurst Diocese Press Release: “Conciliation Process Nears Completion”

02 November 2010:  Victims hope to help prevent any further sexual abuse by clergy

01 November 2010:  Charles Lewis: interview with authors of new book on abuse in Canadian Catholic Church

01 November 2010:  N.B. Church sex assault report delivered (and comments)

01 November 2010:  NB church sex assault report due

27 October 2010:   N.B. Catholic clergy sex assault report due soon

Media coverage of Father Levi Noel charges

17 July 2009:  RCMP seek victims in priest sex abuse case


Retired priest sentenced to eight years on sex charges

Justice: Victims call on Bathurst diocese to apologize; civil action being considered

The Telegraph-Journal

Published Saturday January 23rd, 2010    

The 84-year-old retired Roman Catholic priest, who worked on the Acadian peninsula for three decades, was sentenced to eight years in prison Friday in Tracadie-Sheila provincial court.

Noël pleaded guilty to 22 sex-related charges involving 18 boys. The incidents took place between 1958 and 1981 while he was working at eight different parishes in the Bathurst diocese. His victims were between eight and 16 at the time.

During sentencing, Judge Donald LeBlanc denounced Noël for taking advantage of his position of authority, breaking the trust of the community and the church, and manipulating vulnerable children.

LeBlanc said he is not convinced that Noël regrets what he did, or fully understands the impact the abuse has had on the victims and their families.

Many of the victims were abused once a week on an ongoing basis for several years, the judge said.

Crown prosecutor Pierre Gionet told reporters outside court that he believes it is the longest sentence ever handed to a priest for sex-related charges in Canada.

“I’m extremely satisfied,” Gionet said. “Before we were giving sentences that were too low. I think judges realize the impact on the victims is serious and that we should denounce offences committed by priests in positions of trust towards young children.”

Gionet said it is up to Corrections Canada to decide when Noel will be eligible for parole, but it will likely be after about one-sixth to one-third of the sentence.

Later in the day, three men who were abused by Noël as boys held a news conference at a nearby hotel, calling on the Bathurst diocese to apologize, provide services for victims and to take steps to ensure such abuse never happens again.

The men decided to remove their names from a court publication ban to speak out about what happened. The group is calling on others who have been abused to come forward and seek help.

“I felt like I had been carrying a million pounds on my shoulders my whole life, until I spoke,” said Conrad Brideau, one of the victims. “It’s the first step.”

Each of the men had photos of themselves as children pinned to their shirts.

“We wanted to show what we looked like at the time it happened,” Brideau said.

“We were just boys.”

Donald Landry, another of the victims, said that, although he was pleased Noël was sentenced to eight years in prison, no sentence would ever be enough.

“We’ve lived with this for 45 years,” he said. “He (Noël) won’t be in prison that long.”

Robert Talach, a London, Ontario-based lawyer, helped the victims organize the press conference. He said several of them are considering civil litigation. Talach said it’s up to the Bathurst diocese to determine whether that happens.

“If they do the right thing right now, and put some policies into place, and look to offer any compensation to those who seek it, a lawsuit would be unnecessary,” he said.

60 Responses to Noel: Levi Noel

  1. Sylvia says:

    Thnaks Lowell. It is now posted on the site.

    I made a comment at the bottom of the article. I am a little puzzled Noel’s comments but am unsure if that us due to a problems with the google translation? Perhaps you can help?

    (A reminder to all that the ruling can be translated into English using the Translate link at the top of the page. )

  2. Sylvia says:

    Court time for Wednesday, 22 June 2011 is 09:30 am (Tracadie-Sheila courthouse). I encourage all those who are within driving distance to attend as a show of support for the complainants.

  3. Michel B. says:

    So how is it thast this criminal gets 8 years while marshal only gets 2 years.. the judge says.. “During sentencing, Judge Donald LeBlanc denounced Noël for taking advantage of his position of authority, breaking the trust of the community and the church, and manipulating vulnerable children.

    LeBlanc said he is not convinced that Noël regrets what he did, or fully understands the impact the abuse has had on the victims and their families.

    Many of the victims were abused once a week on an ongoing basis for several years, the judge said.”

    Pretty much the same travesty lived by the survivors..

  4. The pedophile priest Levi Noel was refused a court lawyer and will be back on July the 20, 2011 at 10am to enter à plea!

  5. Sylvia says:

    Thank you for that new court date Lowell. I will update the Legal Calendar accordingly.

    I don’t quite understand what you mean by saying he “was refused a court lawyer.” Did he not have a lawyer representing him in court today?

  6. Levi Noel was told, on arrival at the court house, yesterday morning, that the province has refused pay for his lawyer or as in legal aid. He must come back on the 20th of July to enter a plea, I guess this, with or without a lawyer. The judge gave him 4 weeks to find one. By the bishop’s lawyer was in court, but didn’t say a word!
    Hope this helps, in understanding the situation, Lowell

  7. Sylvia says:

    Thank you Lowell. That is truly bizarre. The Diocese isn’t picking up the tab? And legal aid won’t pick up the tab?

    He must have assets and/or income which prevent him from securing legal aid?

    I wonder if this is a bit of a game? Was there perhaps an attempt here to get the diocese off the hook by getting legal aid to pick up the tab? and now that Noel has been turned down by legal aid the diocese will step in? or, will Noel now manage to find the necessary funds himself?

    It’s bizarre!!!

  8. Père Lévi Noël sera de nouveau en cours le 31 août pour répondre à 2 charges. Mr. a pas pu trouver un avocat pour aujourd’hui!

    Father Lévi Noël will be back in court on the 31 of August to answer on 2 charges. He could’nt find a lawyer for today!

    Wondering out laud: how can another 30 days in prison going to help him find a (guilty plea) lawyer?

  9. Your calendar does not have Lévi Noël back in court on the 31 of August 2011?

  10. Sylvia says:

    I have added the date to the calendar. I confirmed: 10 am, 31 August 2011 at the Tracadie Sheila court house, “for election.”

    Here’s a link which explains what “for election” means: Scroll down to “How do criminal cases proceed?” That section deals with the right of the accused to elect the manner in which to proceed.

  11. OK, looked up your link, but it does not show how & where, Lévi Noël will get a lawyer, with 30 more day behind bars, of his 8 years sentencing? He couldn’t find one in the last 30days, what makes 30 more days any different?

    I was told by a lawyer (legal aid) in Campbellton while waiting for Charles Picot’s sentencing: “He (Levi Noel) was refused free legal aid because he must have some holdings that he doesn’t want to use to pay for his legal aid/lawyer” I asked him if his employer’s (the bishop) holdings have anything to do with him? He smiled!

    Has he got holdings or not?
    Your guess is as good as mine!

  12. Sylvia says:

    He must be getting legal advice from someone Lowell. The next step for him is deciding how he wants to proceed, in which court and whether trial by judge, or trial by jury.

    I think you and I both know he will not be left high and dry. Either he cashes in some of his holdings (if that’s why he’s been denied legal aid), or the diocese will find a way to take care of him, or some friend/former parishioner with deep pockets will come to his rescue.

  13. père Lévi Noël viens de plaider “coupable” sur 2 charges de/sur pédophilie et doit revenir pour sa sentence le 12 octobre 2011 à 11am! father Levi Noel pleaded guilty on 2 charges and must come back for sentencing on the 12 October 2011 at 11am.

  14. Sylvia says:


    Thank you for that welcome news Lowell.

    A guilty plea. What a relief for the victims.

    I will add the 12 October 2011 sentencing date to the legal calendar.

  15. He got 1 years and 6 month for the 2 charges, but no more time to be spent in prison! He is following a program on pedophilia in prison and got a good reference about it,
    from prison staff! Still it did good for the victim, even though his excuses were done with a grin! Can’t imagine what’s going on in his head!!!!
    Next stop is his application to be released from prison next March! Gee 8 years go by so fast!!!

  16. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for the update Lowell.

    What would we do without you? You’re almost becoming a permanent fixture in the courtroom! What a blessing for the victims to have you there as a friendly face. Thanks for all that you do for them Lowell.

  17. Sylvia says:

    According to media Michel Bastarache was supposed to submit his report to the Bathurst Diocese yesterday. Has there been anything in the news? or is this a hush-hush do between Bastarche , the Bishop and select diocesan officials?

  18. JG says:

    …a deafening silence, Sylvia.

  19. Sylvia says:

    Let us know as soon as – if?!!! – there is a murmur JG. Surely at some point there will be a press conference and grand announcement of all the good that has been accomplished – just like the last time it was supposed to be all over and done with, a year ago I think?

  20. Baspuits says:

    This came out this morning on L’Acadie nouvelle (translated)

    I would like to add a comment to the editorial by François Gravel in Acadia – News of March 9, 2012 “… The name of pain” from the name of the arena in Cap-Pelé.

    You wrote: “Above all, the alleged victims have gained credibility by saying they do not want to persue the diocese or get money, but want a peace of mind. This request is fair and reasonable. They deserves our support ….. ”
    I would like to note that claims for compensation in money do not detract from the credibility of victims, for which the devastating effects of their attacks is also economically. How many have not successfully had an education, beyond these misdeeds/abuses? And clergy can not pretend to be anything in terms of complicity when we know now repeated assignments of “suspicious” and moving these priests from one parish to another?
    Regarding the support deserved from the media, can we count on the support of our cause, or that of a group of abused Northeast victims, that require reform in order more than ever there will be no more children at risk (of abuse) in the Diocese of Bathurst?

    On the tube, Téléjournal in Acadia on March 8, they discussed the recommendations of the former Justice Michel Bastarache, who gave it to the Diocese of Bathurst in November 2011. One of his recommendations, as former judge, would’nt it not stipulate that the diocese must turn to the police records concerning all other pedophile priests, as did the Archbishop of Dublin in Ireland Colling? Former Justice Bastarache did he not formally recognized that there are other abusive priests? It has even been a headline in the Acadie nouvelle on Thursday, October 28, 2010: “They are other abusive priests in the Northeast, according to Michel Bastarache” It’ll be a year & a half, and the other wrongdoers are still at large, to the dismay of the victims and to the detriment of society. I ask “why”? thank you

  21. Baspuit says:

    One of our best support letter and they say women can’t be priest! After reading this, I ask you WHY? (Translated)

    The scandal that tarnishes our diocese doesn’t find its source in the disclosure of man having been abused, but it finds its source in the disgraceful acts of a pedophile priest, who chose to abuse young children throughout many years.

    To denounce the abuse is absolutely necessary and does not put the church in perish; on the contrary it gives us a chance of renewal by the truth.

    The rape conducted on those young church servants broke their lives and affected them deeply in their sexuality, their spirituality. It also influenced their capacity to discover the good sense of life. It shattered their self esteem and established in their thoughts painful torment.

    The abuse greatly disturb their emotional world through nightmares, guilt, shame, anguish and left them alone to cope with hate, resentment, bitterness, fear, sadness, anger, rage, deception and some lived through this for over forty years.

    This profound injury to their whole being, body, mind, soul, sense, sexuality, in a church context, even injured their way of living their spirituality. Even reconciliation had to be received from a priest.

    Being molested profaned their soul, mind and body and left within themselves a sense of malediction of their whole life. The abuse stole the beauty of life in their souls, then innocence and the candor of a child. This was a profound blow of their right to liberty, respect and justice in the church.

    It also falsified their truth and their sense of value for themselves and for the other and even affected their relationship with God!

    These priests, victims of their own suffering, spread it wherever they were and left in their path many broken lives.

    When I was a child, another priest at my native parish, also abused many young church servants.

    One of my childhood friends, who was precious to me, had a fragile psychology. He committed suicide in his thirties. He is not the only one. It is because of him that I chose to write this document today. It’s my own way of giving him respect and justice.

    The many abuse perpetrated by pedophile priest are now known worldwide.

    Sexual offenses in our diocese and throughout the world have ruined many lives.

    The victims will be hurt by the memories of the abuse all their lives. So will their families, the clergy, the parishioner and the abuser himself.

    Such disgracing gestures; will stay imprinted in our history like an important memorandum that we must not forget or see as being banal, so we must not turn the page too fast.

    We must read every word of this experience to draw a sense of recognition to prepare and experience reconciliation and prevention.

    No use in trying to hide this. It has happened and saying it out loud, is the only way to unmask shameful but true reality of those hurtful gestures in our church.

    We must and I insist, must recognize it in order to assume it.

    It is only then, than enlighten by the experience we will be able to assume it and build a new church founded on equality of humans with the basic value of justice, respect and truth.

    The possibility or the certainty that the authorities of the time choose to close their eyes and their ears and simply decided to change the priests form parish to parish is both deceiving and incomprehensible.

    The persons in authority in church are considered to be very intelligent men.

    Isn’t it horrible that they let them have new parishes? Did the do it in the hope that it would stop? Did they wrongly judge the depth of the problem? Were they scared or possibly did they simply wash their hands of the whole situation?

    Whatever was the reason one thing is sure. It’s an abomination! The link of confidence and trust in the authorities has been shook to their foundation and roots.

    Is it possible that the clergy did not know just how much the abuse on young children can be harmful to their whole being?

    Keeping such secrets is always harmful to everyone involved, including the church and clergy.

    Or is it that the authorities clearly lack the wisdom of a good judgment because they wanted to protect the church or possibly evade a scandal?

    The law is clear. Whoever knows of sexual abuse on children has to report it or become accomplice.

    Somebody clearly missed this whole file because theses abuses continued for over twenty years in different parishes on many children.

    We must understand that it is easier to believe a colleague priest than a distant parishioner who represents a treat to the church. It is difficult for the church to be objective in these matters because everything is decided uniquely by the authorities and single man who live in solidarity as elite priest.

    They bond as family between themselves.

    In the last month in Rome, there were reunions regarding sexual abuse in Ireland.

    Lay people were excluded woman and men although a good number of victims and parents could have brought interesting points and enriched the discussion with different point of view.

    All were excluded but the clergy and this also is another form of abuse in the church. Can we have true objectivity in making choices regarding the church, if all humans are not represented?

    To recognize an error is the first step toward making new recommendation.

    These abuses left in the heart of those youngsters the legacy of a broken life and the impossibility to regard his person as a value.

    The sense of discernment was falsified and thus installed in their being the dynamic of a victim.

    The way the authorities handled the disclosure by silencing the victims and ignoring their truth was like a second abuse and hurt the victims again even more at the core of their being and spirituality.

    They became incapable of choosing the best for them, incapable of affirming themselves in the respect of their capacities and limits.

    They became incapable of saying no to things they felt didn’t respect their true self. So they lived as victims of life circumstances and victim of the church attitude of covering up.

    Those young children became men, husband, father, and grand-father. They live their life based on the legacy of hurt.

    Their whole sense of value at its lowest hurts them as people belonging to a church, hurt in their live at their capacity to choose as believer belonging to a church, which they felt had abandoned them.

    They lived a desert in their faith. Their quest for justice was denied they were simply abandoned and misjudged as enemies of the church.

    The human being is both fragile but resilient. A person has the capacity to heal the worst offense; psychological, physical, sexual spiritual by engaging in recognizing this hurt truthfully, by recognizing the depth of the wound.

    It is the great gift of resurrection.

    The first step is making new choices and revealing the truth of the experience instead of denying or protecting the other.

    The truth shall set you free.

    The truth gives a new way of life and become the now road that precede and favor the reception of pardon, reconciliation, peace and trust.

    A person is a bit like a tree. He needs its roots to stand and feel rooted to life. Being rooted to life supposes drawing strength from all experience in life including the past. We can’t live just for today.

    The choice to stop the denial is a must. It is the first move needed to contribute to stopping the abuse within. The lying and the secret create the opposite and gives stillness, hate, rupture, division and mistrust.

    We don’t always have a choice regarding what we will encounter in our lives. But we always have the choice regarding how we will choose to live it.

    We are encountered by two different powers. We may choose the truth that sets free or denying the truth which contributes to hurt even more. The abuser usually entices the victim to silence. The truth liberates the capacity to express the injustice the abuse freely.

    The lack of truth or cover up perpetuates a second hurt deep down in the heart and soul.

    It is linked to denial to being indifferent and betrays the call of the truth itself.

    The lying or camouflage of the truth denial of the reality brings the person to a standstill in his life.

    It is link to fear and it paralyses the heart and soul.

    Having the courage to name the hurt is difficult but also brings the hope of a new life. It is link to faith and confidence.

    Assuming the past is of great value.

    Yesterday’s experience enlightens today and prepares for a tomorrow, enriched by the assumed experiences.

    Every experience in life can be transformed through goodness and love and may become a beacon to guide one’s life and can collaborate to enrich both ourselves and the others.

    The coming of such a state in our life has to be chosen and suppose a continuous development.

    Nothing is completely lost; we are always enriched by the experience in some way.

    Those abused children became men and they drew up on their last residue of self esteem to denounce the injustice and the lack of respect of the abuse.

    They dared saying the truth. Imagine how hard this must have been for them because this involved the church.

    They exposed themselves to rejection a possible rupture with members of their family and being pointed at or misjudged as enemy of the church.

    Their choice of a new gesture breaking the silence was the first step in setting in motion a new way for their life by taking action.

    They restored a new sense of value for themselves and invited us all to do the same including the clergy and the whole church.

    One of the last document produce by Jean Paul 11 was in reference to hell. He said that hell is not a place but a state. Denial and lack of truth brings on such a state it is an inner prison.

    Nobody can heal a wound without cleaning it first. The depth of the recognition will give precisely the same amount of healing. A surface recognition gives a surface healing.

    A deep recognition gives a deep healing and is link precisely to the choices we make.

    The truth is a choice of love.

    Lying or covering up is a choice of inner death.

    There is no delicate way of breaking the cycle of the subterfuge as there is no delicate way to puncture an abscess.

    The grace of healing finds its source at the root at the core of every wound.

    The Bathurst church and the world church is in a wounded state humiliated and poor longing to be saturated with the power of love that heals.

    This humiliated sense is precisely the state needed to welcome a new sense of value. It is the fertile ground for resurrection. Refusing to admit the error and the suffering, denies us the great gift of experiencing healing.

    Every injury recognize and offered to God in faith finds its healing in the depth of love the inner gift who has the power to recreate in an incessant way a new genesis, a new being, a new church, a new person but always in reference to the truth the life and the way.

    It could be a new way of being a new church at the service of the truth.

    It liberates the heart and soul and heals the body senses, sexuality, spirituality, in fact the whole being.

    It is the great gift of salvation.

    The hurt and pain is inevitable in our lives. Every human being is both capable of creating the best goodness or the worst evil.

    The first offense is link to the great pain of pedophilia, which is said to be incurable.

    The second offense is link to betrayal of the truth and the indifference of deafness and blindness used to cover up.

    In Acadie as elsewhere we often regard our priest as idols. Aren’t they human in every sense of the word not better or worst simply human.

    Aren’t they sense to be humble servants of God’s love and compassion?

    We have the right to expect them to be role model who chose to built justice and truth that create peace.

    As a church we must accept to lose appearance and accept the vulnerability and the fragility of human kindness to create humbleness any subterfuge is unhealthy and destroys the great value of confidence and trust.

    I read in the papers and heard on the radio that the authorities feel compassionate towards the victims.

    Compassion is synonym of being permeate to the suffering of other and being able to listen to their needs.

    Being compassionate is contrary to force control of the hurtful being in any way of shame and guilt people in any way.

    Compassion means having the capacity to exceed the word to create a behavior that will collaborate to reinstate and reestablish a climate of respect and dignity.

    Those people abused for long are now asking today’s authorities to have for them a true recognition of their value.

    They would like to collaborate to the edition of a new protocol for the prevention of sexual abuse in the church.

    Through their experience they feel that they can bring new element and they wish to collaborate to favor a better judgment, a better objectivity and a better understanding to unmask the subtle way and manipulation of the abuser.

    Isn’t it a demand that’s just and fair?

    If we look upon the past experience the abuse and abuser have been dealt with in a very light way.

    We may even say that this was overlook as being important. Therefore doubting the competent way of the authorities to deal with the facts is permissible. Isn’t it normal to want changes in the way of dealing with such matters?

    The persons who have been abuse know better than anyone else through their experience the roots of the dynamic of the abuser. They paid the price of learning it in a true experience.

    They still pas the price.

    All they are asking is to share their experience and their knowledge as collaborators to the well being of the children of our diocese and the church.

    Isn’t it the role of a father and grand father?

    That validation of theirs experience would contribute to their self esteem and is even an important of their healing process.

    It would also contribute to our healing as church members who want to promote the value of each person.

    Let’s not miss the chance as a church to share the truth once and for all and let’s not be too fast on giving the status of layman to a person who has been protected by the diocese for so long.

    Shouldn’t we draw a precious lesson from all this and keep it preciously in the bishop’s annals? Let’s hope that guided by the experience of the lack of justice never again shall we judge as banal the facts or simply refuse to hear the cry of lay people often regarded at as not so important.

    It is a unique chance of a new beginning that is offered to us now.

    The deep wound in the life of those me would become fruitful by the collaboration to the well being of our church, our children and grand children and would collaborate in establishing a new bridge between the lay people and the clergy.

    All this could take place through humility, openness and collaborate to changing mentalities of absolute knowledge.

    These men with a bruise and abuse inner child are asking for the recognition of their value as a human being by the authorities.

    The week the abuser pleaded guilty the spiritual column in l’Acadie nouvelle invited us to look at the beauty of the stars in the sky.

    Was it a subconscious remark to blind us to the reality of the truth again?

    I say in these human stars hope for them and hop for the church.

    The primitive church was built on the evidence of resurrection in the life of the first disciples.

    Let’s not miss the chance as a church to go deep inside our wounds to welcome healing and renewal.

    The term « layman«  use to describe the new status of Lévi Noël hurt many lay people.

    Since he is no longer dignified enough to be a member of the clergy because he was convicted of wrong doing, he is now part of ordinary people layman.

    He is retrograded and it is presented to us as through he has not the value of being impressive because he made mistakes so he will now be part of the inferior part of the society.

    Nobody is sheltered as to never make mistakes or bad choices in his life.

    Will we also retrograde all the people who protected him?

    In the eighties the Petit Rocher Church was vandalized by layman. The authorities of the time decided right away to have a purifying ceremony of the building.

    How come after forty years of the abuse in churches of la Péninsule Acadienne no such ceremony has been done or judge as being Necessary?

    The gross indecency was not purified.

    The abuses made in the church by Lévi Noël were sacrilegious not only of the church building but also of the body of young children true temple of God.

    Is it again the difference between the elite clergy versus the secular?

    The law who protect the values in our society gave a wise sentence a first in Canada as to the length of the time to be sent in prison.

    It is now up to the people responsible in our diocese to have the courage to face up to the true fact.

    This would have a healing effect not only on our diocese but also in the whole church.

    Aren’t we all related to the same spiritual body?

    Our church needs badly transparency openness and accountability to regain its credibility.

    Let’s just hope that we will have the courage and strength needed to do it now once and for all.

    Let’s not despair.

    We are in a time of great grace in our church because we are invited to be touch and moved by the truth.

    Our church is now graced worldwide with an invitation to be faithful to the truth believing and having confidence in the resurrection to welcome the possibility of a new way of managing the great gift of love bestowed upon us all.

    We are invited to drive deeply and confidently in our suffering as a church and welcome being baptized in God’s unconditional love.

    We are blessed that our God Jesus Christ loves us infinitely at the heart and the deepest root of our suffering our poor way of loving and justifies our miss with love.

    Let’s not miss the chance that is given to us.

    Let’s not be scared to experience what seems to be a form of death in our church.

    It is necessary and just and could it bring the first breath of the possibility of a new church who values the person before the appearance.

    The resurrection in our church will have the same depth as the recognition of our miss and suffering.

    The victims will have greatly collaborated to open tombs sealed with the silence of death killing the value of love for over forty years.

    Every human being is brought into life by God and is of great value.

    Questioning the choice of action in people as a society as a church is a must. The acts of wrong choices are reprehensible but the persons are excusable.

    We have been graced by the victim’s truth which is empowering our church to set it free.

    Let’s hope that justice will prevail to favor dignity and openness to the truth.

    Isn’t it the role of every catholic believer to reinstate justice, dignity and respect with the truth to create peace?

    April 5, 2010

    Martine Morais Matteau M.A.

    Master in Theology

    Petit Rocher, Acadie.

  22. Suzanne Mealey says:

    *Newly appointed Moncton Archbishop Valéry Vienneau officially announced yesterday that Lévi Noël has been defrocked.  The only article I can find on the announcement is in L’Acadie Nouvelle and that’s all in French.

    BATHURST – Lévi Noël, ancien curé du
    diocèse de Bathurst condamné pour des crimes de nature sexuelle, a été
    renvoyé de l’Église par le Saint-Siège.

    Lévi Noël, qui fut vicaire dans la
    Péninsule acadienne avant de prendre sa retraite, redevient un laïc.
    Lorsqu’il a été condamné en janvier 2010 pour crimes sexuels, l’évêque
    de Bathurst a demandé sa révocation de l’Église catholique et a écrit au
    Vatican dans ce sens. La demande a été acceptée par le Saint-Siège.

    «Il est laïcisé officiellement depuis
    tout récemment. Je ne l’avais pas encore annoncé publiquement, même
    auprès du diocèse parce que j’attendais de le faire lors de la
    conférence pour clôturer le processus de conciliation des victimes, a
    révélé en primeur à l’Acadie Nouvelle le nouvel archevêque de Moncton,
    Mgr Valéry Vienneau, vendredi. C’est le pape qui a le pouvoir de
    laïciser quelqu’un. En tant qu’évêque, nous ne pouvons que recommander
    la laïcisation à partir de tout ce que nous avons appris».

    Peu de temps après la condamnation de
    Lévi Noël, le diocèse de Bathurst a également enclenché un processus de
    dédommagement dirigé par Me Michel Bastarache, qui est toujours en

    «Beaucoup de victimes ne veulent pas être
    publiques, mais elles ont besoin d’être entendues et que l’on
    reconnaisse ce qui leur est arrivé. Elles ont besoin de dédommagement.
    Tout cela fait partie d’une libération. C’est ce que nous avons essayé
    de faire avec le processus de Michel Bastarache», a dit Mgr Vienneau.

    «Le dossier n’est pas fermé parce qu’il y
    a des victimes avec qui nous devons encore traiter, mais je dirais
    qu’il est très avancé. Je commençais à dire aux gens que je voyais la
    lumière au bout du tunnel, mais ce sera mon successeur qui va faire la
    clôture du dossier», a ajouté celui qui vient d’être nommé achevêque de
    Moncton (lire texte en page 3).

    Plusieurs victimes se sont jointes à ce
    processus de conciliation, tandis que d’autres ont choisi la voie des
    tribunaux pour obtenir réparation. Bien que leurs noms soient gardés
    confidentiels, même pour le diocèse de Bathurst, certaines victimes ont
    accueilli la main tendue par Mgr Vienneau et accepté de le rencontrer.

    «Sans avoir les noms, puisqu’ils sont
    confidentiels, j’avais envoyé une lettre générale aux victimes à travers
    Me Bastarache pour leur dire que s’il y en a qui voulaient venir me
    voir, que je les accueillerais. Il y en a qui sont venus et j’ai pu leur
    présenter de vive voix les excuses de l’Église, prier avec elles et
    reconnaître ce qui est arrivé. Nous savons que certaines n’ont pas voulu
    entrer dans le processus. C’est leur liberté et leur choix entier», a
    précisé Mgr Valéry Vienneau.

    Il y a deux ans et demi, Lévi Noël, de
    Tracadie-Sheila, avait reconnu sa culpabilité pour des accusations
    d’agressions sexuelles sur 18 jeunes garçons sur une période s’étalant
    de 1958 à 1981. Il avait écopé d’une peine de prison de huit ans.

  23. Suzanne Mealey says:

    *Here’s a translation, part Google’s, part mine to correct Google’s errors.

    – Lévi Noël,  a Diocese of Bathurst retired priest convicted of
    sex crimes, has been dismissed from the Church by the Holy See.

    Lévi Noël, who was an Assistant Pastor in the Acadian Peninsula before retiring, becomes a layman. When Noël was sentenced for sexual crimes in January 2010, the Bishop of
    Bathurst wrote to the Vatican and requested his laicization. The application was accepted by the Holy See.

    “He has officially been returned to the secular state only recently. I
    had not yet made the public announcement, even within the diocese, because I
    expected to do it at the conference to conclude the conciliation process with the victims,” stated the new archbishop of
    Moncton, Bishop Valéry Vienneau, in an exclusive interview with L’Acadie Nouvelle on Friday. “It is only the Pope who has the power to laicize someone. As a bishop, I can only recommend the laicization based on everything I’ve learned. “

    after Lévi Noël’s conviction, the Diocese of Bathurst had initiated a process of compensation (for all victims of abuse in the Diocese) directed by Michel Bastarache.  This process
    is ongoing.

    “Many victims do not want to go public, but they need to be heard and know that we recognize what has happened to them. They need compensation. This process will hopefully bring them closure, a a certain freedom. That’s what we tried to do with the Michel Bastarache process, “said Bishop Vienneau.

    “The file is not closed because there are victims with whom we have yet to deal, but I would say it is very advanced. I
    had begun telling people that I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, but
    it will be my successor who will bring this process to a close,” said the one who
    has just been named the Archbishop of Moncton.

    Several victims have joined the reconciliation process, while others have chosen to seek redress through the Courts. Although
    their names are being kept confidential, kept even from the Diocese of Bathurst,
    some did accept the hand extended by Bishop Vienneu and agreed to meet with him.

    knowning the names, since they are kept confidential, I sent a general letter to
    victims through Mr. Bastarache to tell them that I would meet with any who wanted to
    come see me.  There
    are some who came and I was able to offer them the apology of the
    Church, pray with them and acknowledge what happened.  We know that some victims opted not to join this conciliation process.  That was a choice they were free to make,” said Bishop Valéry Vienneau.

    Two and a half years ago, Lévi Noël, of  Tracadie-Sheila, had pleaded
    guilty to charges of sexually assaulting 18 young boys over a period
    stretching from 1958 to 1981. He was sentenced to eight years in the penitentiary.

  24. Baspuit says:



    August 2, 2012

    Sexual Abuse Cover-up Exposed

    Bathurst Catholic Diocese knew since 1958 but made young victims swear on the Bible to never tell


    The law firm of Ledroit Beckett Litigation Lawyers will hold a Press Conference on:


    DATE/TIME:   Friday, August 3, 2012 11:00 a.m.

    LOCATION: Lakeview Inn & Suites –

    Conference Room

    777 St. Peter Avenue, Bathurst, New Brunswick

    This press conference will expose the decades long cover-up by the Roman Catholic Diocese

    of Bathurst concerning the sexual crimes of Father Levi Noel. Father Noel

    was convicted of abusing 22 boys between 1958 and 1981 throughout the Acadian

    Peninsula. On January 10, 2010 he was sentenced to eight years in prison.

    His primary accomplice to his crimes, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bathurst, has

    faced little scrutiny or sanction over its complicity and cover-up.

    This press conference will expose that as early as 1958 two young victims informed

    various clergy, including a Bishop, of Noel’s abuse, with the only result being

    cover-up.  Noel went on to abuse many more over the next 23 years.


    Lawyer Robert Talach, who represents dozens of victims of Father Noel and others

    will be on hand along with a number of Noel’s victims, including one who was

    required to swear on the Bible that he would never speak of it again. The

    commencement of 11 related lawsuits against the Diocese will also take place.

    The goal of these victims is truth, accountability and prevention.


    The contact person for this matter is Robert Talach who can be reached at

    1-866-674-4994 / (519) 673-4994, ext. 31 (w) or (519) 639-2807 (c) or

    The contact person for the victim advocacy group Innocent Victims Abused Sexually (IVAS)

    is Lowell Mallais who can be reached at (506) 395-5635 or


  25. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for the heads up Baspuit. 

    I think it goes without saying that if this information were in the hands of Mr. Bastarache via the Bathurst Diocese conciliation process it would never see the light of day.

    I have posted the Press Release on the site.

    Please everyone keep those victims who will be speaking or just in attendance at the Press Conference tomorrow in your prayers.  It is not easy for them. I commend them for taking this step to shed some more light in the darkness.

  26. MS says:


  27. Baspuit says:

    Press statement

    August 3, 2012

    Just over two and a half years ago the Acadian Peninsula was struggling to understand how one priest could have abused so many for so long.  It wass January 2010 when Father Levi Noel was convicted and sentenced for abusing 18 boys over a almost a quarter century (1958-1981). Many wondered if his employer, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bathurst had covered up his crimes, like we have now come to recognize as a longstanding and illicit practice of the Catholic Church hierarchy.  In a region so rich with Catholic heritage no one here wanted to believe that cover-up was possible in their own backyard.

    We are here today to tell you that cover-up was exactly what happened.  Cover-up and a conspiracy of silence by the local clergy were the crucial factors which allowed Levi Noel to continue to abuse for decades.  Had his colleagues and Bishops not covered for his crimes he would have been munch shorter, the overall damage he did to this community and this church less.

    Today we annonce the commencement of 11 new lawsuits against the Diocese of Bathurst for its complicity in these crimes.  This brings the total lawsuit count to 20.  Twenty victims who have refused the pieces of silver offered to them through the Concilliation Process.  Victims who want truth, prevention and accountability before compensation.  Their silence is not for sale.

    For them it is through the process of the civil courts that they hop for the Diocese’s full complicity in Levi Noel’s reign of terror to be exposed.  We connot prevent this tragedy from happening again in the future, if we do not hold accountable those individuals and institutions which allowed it to happen in the past.

    Of the many cases and victims here today I wish to highlight one which demonstrates just how much this Diocese was prepared to pervert its own principles and integrity to cover up the crimes of one of their own.

    Denis Theriault is a 69 year old man today but in the 1957 when he was only 13 years old he was sexually abused by Father Noel.  To make Denis feel like he was at fault for what had happened, Noel ordered Denis to confess these sins but to not mention Noel’s name.  Denis attended the next scheduled confessions as directed but during his confession he in fact told the priest that it was Father Noel who had sinned with him.

    What would you and I expect a Roman Catholic priest to do with such information?  Surely he would encourage the young and frightened Denis to tell his parents, or the police.  Clearly he would want Denis to speak to him again outside of the confessional so the priest could report it to the Bishop. Did any of that happen?  NO.

    What did happen was that the priest, Father Stanislaw Robichaud, stepped from his seat, pulled Denis out of the confessional and slapped him so hard on the side of the head, Denis sayed he saw stars.  Denis got the message; “don’t speak of this again”.

    Denis kept silence until a summer party at a cottage in 1958.  At the party there were teenage boys, alcohol, and Father Levi Noel.  What some would now call a “recipe for disaster”.  In the morning afterwards some of the boys talked about Father Levi Noel being touchy with them in the night.  Denis realized that he was not the only victim.  He decided to tell someone again.  His mother was a faithful Catholic and he was concerned she would not believe him.  He therefor shared his dilemma with his boss at the gas station where he worked part-time.  His boss Andre Theriault thought the matter to be very serious and said he would inform Father Robichaud, the pastor of the parish.

    Denis was not sure what would come of this since Father Robichaud had earlier shown little concern for the actions of Noel.  Denis though was surprised to be approached shortly afterwards by Father Donat Albert of the neighbouring parish.  He asked Denis if he would meet with the Bishop to discuss this.  Andre volunteered to drive Denis and his cousin whom had been at the cottage party to attend the meeting with the Bishop.  Andre had concerns that the Church was only out to silence the boys.  His apprehensions proved to be accurate.

    At the meeting with then the Bishop Camille Andre Leblanc that is exactly what happened.  After being required to kneel and kiss the Bishop’s ring, both Denis and his cousin were ordered to place their hand on the Holy Bible and swear in front of the Bishop that they would never speak of this again, to anyone, ever.  Both boys made the oath.

    Later that same summer of 1958, the Diocese approached Denis’s mother in an effort to have Denis entered junior seminary and begin the path to the priesthood.  Denis now fully disillusioned with the Church refused and broke his oath by telling his mother of the abuse.  His mother, blinded by her own faith, told her son to never speak of that again as long as she lived.

    Denis respected this mother’s wish for another two decades but then finally in the late 1970’s he talked of the abuse again.  This time it was to Father Benoit Rioux the then pastor of the parish in Tracadie.  Noel was now back in town and working in the same parish.  Denis told Rioux of his hatred of Noel and the basis for it.  He threatened that if he saw Noel in town he would run him over with his car.  Rioux’s response?  He threatened to call the police on Denis for making such threats agaisnt Noel.  Though Rioux worked with Noel at the same parish Denis knows of no actions taken against Noel by anyone in the Diocese at that time.  Noel would go onto abuse more boys until sa late 1981.  Noel was nont charged until almost another three decades after Denis spoke with Father Rioux.


    Denis’story highlights the complicity, cover-up and conspiracy which ran from as low as fellow parish priests to as high as the Bishop in a concentrated effort to conceal the crimes of their brother priest.  What other reports were made to the Diocese and when?  Surely there are more.  The Diocese to date has failed to provide any investigative internal report on how this could have happened.  What have they done instead?  They have quietly asked the court to seal everything they have learned about their own corporate crimes.  Frankly, this Diocese is unrepentant, unreformed and unaccountable.

    These men, these victims here today, are about to change that.  Letting this little piece of truth be know is just the beginning.  Stay tuned for the rest, Thank you.

  28. PJ says:

    You guys ROCK!!! Hats off to you all for your bravery to step forward. I hope that church is trembling.

  29. Sylvia says:

    Thank you Baspuit.  Thank you Denis.

    I have posted the Press Statement as my blog for today.  I don’t want anyone to miss it.

    Nice to see that you made it too JG 🙂 

  30. Baspuit says:

    What was said on CTV Atlantic news last night of our press conference:

  31. JG says:

    *I had to take some time “off”to recuperate after the news conference in Bathurst yesterday…This was the second time I met some of the “men” involved in this action and each time it has been emotional…and inspiring! Good company…

    I also wanted to make sure I made my first comments to them on their Facebook, “IVAS”, site. I just did !

    After 24 hours of reflection, I have come to the realization that I don’t believe it is just or correct to call them and others “victims”…When I think of everything they have gone through and survived…in many cases thrived, raised families while keeping all that pain for themselves…like a cancer patient going to work with the pain, to feed his family…

    To paraphrase my sentiments for them this morning…if they had all been victims of horrific car accidents and had miraculously survived against all odds, people would line up at the door to be in their presence…medias, town councils, politicians, neighbors, friends…couldn’t say enough good things about their perseverance, their courage, the inspiration they are for others …

    Instead of feeling they have to hide from the cameras, they would feel quite comfortable explaining their coping mechanisms after a deadly crash…their mangled bodies, maybe their wheelchair, missing arm or leg, would leave us in wonder!…and humbled!

    It is so easy to measure the visible wounds and we are so like “Thomas” when the blood is visible…and so like Judas otherwise!

    They survived and they are still fighting to make sure this type of abuse does not go on because of the church cover-up. They are going to Court so that the details be out in the open…not to seal payments to judges and victims or the names of the abusers behind the “wall” of secrecy,  in the bishop’s “secret files” or his ‘sacred’ ring!!!!

    These guys are not victims! They are my “HEROS”!….and so are the rest of you who have shared, struggled and just survived the horror of it all. You are also my HEROS and God forbid you feel any less of yourselves!…ever!

    Remember…”the first shall be last and the last shall be first”…

    You are all FIRST in my little book, before any priest, bishop…and anyone else in their higher “ranks”…right to the top failure!

    In a most profound way, I consider you as guests in my heart…

    Don’t give up…but feel very FREE TO SPEAK UP! My last wish for all you real HEROS!


  32. Mike Blum says:

    *Well said JG

  33. Mike Fitzgerald says:

         Thamk you from the bottom of my heart! You have summed it all up exactly like it is. Sadly at times my anger resounds loudly on this site, but I must say that what you have said has had a very calming effect. All the best to you, and THANK-YOU!    Mike.

  34. JG says:

     I hear you! You don’t have to loose the anger “energy”, transform it into something happy, useful…Count to ten, or 100,000 if need be, and accept that you can win this battle…that nothing can put you down anymore!….Look how far you have come, on your own!  Thank me but others especially who keep the “good” coming this way…Look after yourself and your family.Tell them you Love them as often as you can. ….and you will feel that calm take over ! Promise.

    Look after that “Hero”…and the little things you have not been paying attention to….

    Say it: “F-R-E-E-D-O-M”   and  Live!


  35. Baspuit says:

    Google translation:

    Press release
    Diocese of Bathurst, NB

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012, the administrator of the diocese Bishop of Bathurst, Bishop Valéry Vienneau, issued the following press release to some comments in relation to the reconciliation process in the Diocese of Bathurst

    “I read some unsubstantiated statement made regarding the reconciliation process independent and sponsored by our diocese headed by former retired judge of the Supreme Court of Canada, the Honourable Michel Bastarache.

    Some 86 victims of sexual abuse by Levi Noel or other priests in the diocese of Bathurst participated in the process. Of this number, about 80 have accepted the compensation they were offered, a success rate of over 93 percent, which represents one of the highest success rates achieved in such a process.

    I spoke with several victims who praised Mr. Bastarache process as quick, fair and grateful to report that allowed their experience in a responsive, respectful and confidential. They were grateful to have received compensation without having to share in a large part with lawyers.

    The process was designed, organized and led by a leading lawyers in Canada and a man who fought all his life to the interests of New Brunswickers and Acadians. This Ontario lawyer who now publicly criticized the process and the Diocese of Bathurst, itself represented a number of victims who have successfully participated in the process and have accepted the compensation offered his agreement.

    A number of victims who criticize the process of reconciliation and the diocese did not even participate in the process. They suggest that their lawsuit has as its goal to get more information implying that the diocese hiding something or does not recognize the poor management of the record before Christmas and other Levi. This is simply not correct.

    When I started the process of reconciliation, I already knew the extent of the abusive actions of Levi Noel. I have publicly acknowledged the wrongs of my predecessors who died were not recognized or prevented the abusive actions of Levi Noel. This led me to extend the process to other victims to be fair to all.

    We must remember that at that time, no group, whether churches, police, teachers, scout leaders and other public services, did not know the extent of harm caused by abuse sex. The attackers were rarely arrested. When they were, it was thought that they could change their behavior, which over the years has proved false.

    On behalf of my predecessors died, I apologize to the victims and their families as well as diocesan diocese. People at that time did not recognize the damage caused by sexual assault on the mind and experiences of victims. In our time, assisted by professionals and research, we know that these ways of conceiving the attacks were not correct and that many people have suffered.

    To overcome these situations and because of the social scope of these attacks, the Diocese of Bathurst has implemented strict policies to prevent attacks; policies to deter any potential aggressor. All clergy, employees and beyond 3500 volunteers were informed directly of our policies and regulations. All priests, including Bishop, employees of the diocese and parishes, the volunteers directly related to children and vulnerable person given a copy of their police verification. Dare to suggest that we have not learned from the past or that we should be subject to extensive and costly long pursuit is not correct.

    In my opinion, apologizing for past mistakes requires us to take serious steps to prevent any form of abuse in the future. This is the raison d’être of our policies that are subject to frequent revisions. We want our churches and parish facilities are places of welcome and comfort for all and special places to witness the love of Christ.

    In addition to providing compensation to the victims and to show that we take our responsibilities seriously, the main aim of the process was to achieve reconciliation and apologize to the victims. They are special in God’s eyes because it will not forget their innocence and the suffering they and their family members.

    Although everyone has the right to resort to the judicial system through lawsuits, emotional upheaval and costs associated with the defense of any such action are best answered through a process of resolution and reconciliation. People with whom we are not come to an agreement, I sincerely invites to join other victims to arrive at a just and negotiated. Together, we can move forward while continuing to walk our way to forgiveness, following our best in the footsteps of our Savior.

    In closing, I ask you to pray for all people in our church and attacked elsewhere. I also ask you to pray for the clergy and all those who serve in our diocese, that they still live in fidelity to their appeal following of Christ, true model of love and compassion for all . ‘

    Valéry Vienneau
    Bishop-administrator of the Diocese of Bathurst.

  36. Baspuit says:

    What is the difference in asking for forgiveness or excusing oneself? For what his (dead) predessors did!  Then mgr Andre Richard has to step up to the plate and explain himself (for one our meeting in 1991) of how he dealt with it?
    This so called new protocol (which came out only this spring) has nothing on what to do with a pedophile priest in the future or anything spelled out, as in professional help for victims that come foward!!!
    How many files do the RCMP have on priest, in order to do a backup search of criminal behavior? NONE, one of them told me, we do not have any files on them(priest)!
    Bastarache told us that he was not there for changes and he will offer an amount, take it or leave it, so there was no NEGOTIATION done, as implied by the bishop!
    Would benchmark case, help other victims, compared to the Bastarache route?

    No mention of other priest pedophile, who are still in service or still alive, what are they going to with them????

  37. Sylvia says:

    Thanks Baspuit.  I tried to get the English of the Press Release on the Bathurst Diocese website but the website is under construction and I can’t find the official English translation of the release anywhere.  As soon as it is available I will post it. I and I am sure many others are interested.

    I can not for the life of me understand how these bishops continue to repeat the tired refrain that they or their predecessors didn’t know and/or didn’t understand.  As bishops they are as capable of understanding that Our Lord promised that those who harm any of His little ones would have a millstone hung around the neck and they would be hurled into the depths of the sea. 

    And I am getting tired of the old excuse that bishops didn’t understand the damage done to victims of clerical sexual abuse.  Let’s just pretend for a moment that that is fact, but why do we hear nothing of the spiritual reality of this crime/sin?  From a purely spiritual perspective bishops, and all clergy for that matter, should inherently realize that, for a multitude of reasons, any priest who sexually violates a child is unfit to remain in the priesthood.  How could they not?  Why then were these predators recycled? Why were they deceptively paraded from parish to parish and/or diocese to diocese and presented to Catholic faithful as men of God?

    As for understanding the damage done to the victims of clerical sexual abuse, there has been a wave of first-hand accounts in the media since the 80s.  An absolute wave.  Are we to believe that the bishops knew nothing of these?  Are we to believe they had no interest in reading the heart-rending accounts of abuse which were  splashed across the pages of mainstream media from coast to coast for years?  Are we to believe that they, well-educated and presumably prayerful bishops, were reliant on ‘professionals’ to understand the damage done?

    I gather from the google translation above that Bishop Vienneau wants to apologize for ‘past mistakes’ and move on?  What mistakes?  What mistakes were made in/by the Diocese of Bathurst?  If it’s time to move on, then, is it not best to start by honestly addressing the past mistakes?  Is it not best to let Catholics know which priests were – are? – wolves in sheep’s clothing?  Is it not best to let Catholics known which clergy and which bishops protected and cover-up for these wolves in sheep’s clothing, and perhaps continue to do so?

    From what I see this press release is no more than a desperate attempt at damage control. Victims are retaining lawyers seeking settlements.  True that will cost the diocese legal fees, but, and I think perhaps a greater cause for concern, it will also force the diocese to disclose documents and information which otherwise would never see the light of day.    It also means that victims such as Denis Theriault can publicly give account of their abuse the subsequent cover-up, ie the Bishop Camille Andre LeBlanc obliging him to swear on the Bible that he would keep his abuse secret for the rest of his life.

    I personally have no problem with a conciliation process if it means the victims are fairly compensated AND the truth is revealed, both in identifying the molesters and those involved in any and all related cover-ups.  Contrary to previous assertions, this can be done in a way which gets the truth out while retaining the anonymity of any victim who prefers to remain anonymous.

    Do I understand correctly that other victims who were not part of the Bastarache/Bathurst Diocese “conciliation” process  are now being invited to climb aboard?  and this many months after the deadline?

    A final question:  Where is the Bastarche report?  When will Roman Catholics see the Bastarche Report in its entirety?

    Thanks for bringing this press release to our attention Baspuit.

  38. Donald R says:

    *Sylvia ,you bring very good point .You bring in writing what came to my mind when l’ve read Vienneau press release. To add to this Vienneau mention about the share that our Ontario lawyer will get but never said any amount of Bastarache and his Ontarion firm is getting $$$$$$$.More then all of us together …..At Levi Noel court  he had two lawyer  probably paid by the diocese ,when we had none. We could keep comparing ball field  in public if he want . 

  39. Sylvia says:

    Thanks Baspuit.  I just posted it:

    24 August 2012: Bathurst diocese defends sex abuse conciliation in ad

    They’ve actually taken out an ad in the newspaper!  This really is a desperate circling of the wagons. 

    This still isn’t the actual text of the Press Release/Ad.  I went looking for it and stopped when I realized that because it is an ad I won’t be able to get it online.  Can someone out there who has a copy of the paper with the ad scan it and send it send to me? Also, can anyone tell me which papers the ad is running in?  is it just one, or several?

  40. Sylvia says:

    You’re right Donald R.  How much is Michel Bastarche being paid for his services?  The last I recall the files on that piece of information was ordered sealed.  Why the secret on the salary?

  41. JG says:

    *The PR blitz continues for vienneau and the Bathurst diocese….August 31, the same all encompassing text was reprinted in “The Tribune”, Campbellton , N.B….They are obviously more concerned with the public opinion of those who still read the newspapers, those who may still be willing to part with their hard earned savings…and who have not been paying much attention to all those trying to ”get money from the church”…

    The ”Most Rev. Valey Vienneau apologizes for his ‘deceased” predecessors…

    What an hypocrite!

    The primary reason for this letter is a last effort to stay out of the Courts…and of course to ”dilute” and minimize the role of the church…Like so many before he brings in ”other groups”…teachers, police, scout leaders… and he slips in one significant word in my opinion when he says that …”we must be made subject to an extensive and expensive lawsuit is wrong.” He fears more details, more scrutiny in “his” process.  I think  a Judge in a Court proceeding could have his ”sealed” process opened up!?…after all, Bastarache was only acting as a mediator with no more legal power than any of us! So, a real Judge may find it very “necessary” to have a look at those sweet deals for Bastarache and at least 6 unnamed molesting priests!…

    “All victims are God’s special people. He will not forget their innocence and the suffering that they and their families have borne.”  Nice words but a very hollow echo coming from this “Valey”!!..The only place I saw his name in relation to “my” family was to ask for a “RECEIPT”!!!…

    The money paid was to hide previous and current lies! He is no better than his “predecessors” and just as much of a coward for his attempt to blame them, blame the “lawyer from Ontario”, blame the victims for a lawsuit that is “wrong”…blame all of a society “that didn’t know how seriously these types of abuses harmed victims”. ..

    “” for anyone who would like to respond to this “photocopy” of a Bishop.


  42. Baspuit says:

    I like to annonce that 8 victims (and their wives) assisted this morning Levi Noel’s parole hearing in the Dorchester prison, for a halfway leave of prison. After his intoragation and 3 victims read an impact statement…………………………………………….he was refused, for his lack of remorce, understanding of what he is and is still a HIGH RISK to the public (regardless of his age of 86)!
    I wish to thank those who made it and yes we did see again justice done!!!!!

    The monster is still in a cage!!!!!

  43. Baspuit says:

    This came out yesterday in our French newspaper l’Acadie Nouvelle
    (Google translation)

    Levi Noël is denied parole

    BATHURST – Levi Noël former priest convicted of sexual assault, was denied parole, has learned L’Acadie Nouvelle.
    By Beatrice Seymour

    The Parole Board of Canada has refused to grant day parole or full parole for former priest who is serving eight years in prison following his conviction in January 2010. He is currently incarcerated at the Westmorland Institution in Dorchester.
    In the decision of the Committee, dated 29 November 2012, which Acadie Nouvelle has obtained a copy, the latter said to have “taken into account written comments received by numerous” victims of Levi Noël, “heard testimony from three (of it’s) victims who shared the serious psychological damage they have suffered (…) as well as financial and social problems that still persist after all these years. ”
    Eight of his victims, many accompanied by their spouses, were presented at the parole hearing in late November.
    “The lady who guided us in this process we were told that this is the first time she had seen so many people at such a hearing. I told her she does not realize what a very big criminal is here, and I know six people who could not come because they are working, otherwise we would have been a lot more, “said Lowell Mallais, one of victims”.
    Mr. Mallais is one of those who delivered an account to the commissioners, of the impact that sexual abuse had on him.
    “I told them that he wants to get out today, but me, it’s been 40 years that I’m in prison and I do not know what day I’m getting out. ‘
    Although Levi Noël, an octogenarian, the Commission concluded that the level of risk “significantly increase” if he was to be in the presence of boys, adding that “all contacts with young boys could easily fuel a return to his negative thoughts and could increase (its) inappropriate sexual impulses. ”
    The former priest of the Diocese of Bathurst had pleaded guilty to charges of sexual assault of 18 boys, aged 8 to 16 years over a period ranging from 1958 to 1980.
    In the document release release, we learn that Levi Noël “well suited to the prison environment,” it is “cooperative”, but in 2010, it would have made sexual advances to prisoners without this having been proved.
    The year after his incarceration, he completed the Program for moderate intensity sex offender.
    Although the Parole Board recognizes that Levi Noël has made some progress in the path of reinsertion, it considers that due to the quantity and severity of his crime, the large number of its victims, its diagnosis pedophilia, a longer period of reflection is set to deepen its newly acquired and used to manage negative thoughts.
    Commissioners consider it is always a risk to society and noticed it was still evidence of manipulation.
    This year, the Vatican removed Levi Noël from the church. His next appearance before the Parole Board is scheduled for October 2014.

    BATHURST – “The monster is still in a cage and we are happy. “It is with these words that Lowell Mallais, one of the victims of Levi Noël welcomes his denial of release. Mr. Mallais judge his former abuser still minimizes his crimes. Moreover, in its decision, the Parole Board of Canada says that Levi Noël expressed regret for his crimes, but demonstrates “little empathy” towards his victims, “tend to justify (his) criminal actions (on a) high level of testosterone and the culture of the time. ”
    “A question that was burning for us to know, if he understood why he is in prison. He turned around the pot saying it was because of the court, before saying that he recognized the harm he had done. It is still a manipulator, “noted Lowell Mallais.
    “We wanted to know if the guy had changed, or has he learned something. But unfortunately no, we have not seen it. Nobody had remorse of conscience to leave him in prison for two more years, “he added”. – BS

  44. PJ says:

    That is awesome news and a HUGE thank you to all who had the courage to attend! It lifts my spirit to know your hard work and determination has kept this pervert in prison much longer than he hoped! He can stay there until he dies for all I care. Well done people.

  45. Sylvia says:

    Picture of Levi Noel dated 1950 added to page. Father Noel was ordained in 1956.

    I am told that there are victims who were abused by Noel in 1950. If those dates are accurate, and I have no reason to believe they are not, Levi Noel was molesting when he was in seminary and long before his ordination.

    It’s hard not to wonder if anyone in the seminary knew or suspected what he was up to?

  46. Baspuit says:

    This a goolge translation of my impact statement for Levi Noel applying for release on November 29, 2012

    Honorable Judges

    In January 2010, Levi Noel was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of eight years, and now after almost three years of incarceration, he is applying for parole. When I was a young lad at the time, my only mistake was to trust a priest and for this, I was put in jail at the age of 12 ½ years. Today, over 50 years of imprisonment, I still do not see the day where I am released. I am a prisoner of my suffering. I continually struggle against depression. My nights are often haunted by nightmares, when at daybreak I am empty of energy. I have great difficulty controlling my mood swings. I have no self-esteem; I have a hard time trusting someone, I’m often on the defensive. As a child, having been placed in a position where I had no control over what happened to me, I can not accept someone who tells me what to do. I have to stay in control.

    One of the cruelest legacy you left me, is not having the ability to take my sweetheart or my children in my arms. Let me explain about 1 year and a half ago I realized why I am afflicted with this problem and I was able explain to my wife; who often asked me why I do not take her in my arms. One day, I had an erection and I grabbed my wife and hugged her and said to her “do you feel my erection? She replied yes, and I said “now imagine that you are in arms of Levi Noel and he’s rubbing his penis against you! At that moment she shoved me and got out of arms very quickly and I told her “You’re lucky to get out of arms, because I was puny kid at 12 years, I did not have the strength to do what you just did!

    This puts a lot of stress on my relationship as a couple and interpersonal. I have a lot of trouble expressing my thoughts, feelings and show my love to my wife and my youngest daughter who stayed by my side anyway. My eldest daughter could not live with the individual I became and cut all ties with me and her mother whom she accused of always being at my defense. He killed my soul and joie de vivre. He destroyed my innocence and deprived me of a future, that could have been totally different. He took all that matters. The religious society even makes me carry the burden of forgiveness. The community must understand the devastating impact of this crime and I think your honors that keeping Levi Noel in prison would send a good message to the public. Pedophilia is a time bomb and when it will explode, Mr predator, no matter who you are, you will taste justice and Levi Noel will be an example to follow! After all, he has received the highest punishment (in time) for a pedophile priest and got EIGHT years in prison!

  47. Baspuits says:

    This is mgr Vienneau’s answer to have a proceeding closed to the public;

    ‘In the darkness of secrecy, sinister interest and evil in every shape have full swing. Only in proportion as publicity has place can any of the checks applicable to judicial injustice operate. Where there is no publicity there is no justice.’ ‘Publicity is the very soul of justice. It is the keenest spur to exertion and the surest of all guards against improbity. It keeps the judge himself while trying under trial.’

    this from ;

  48. Sandi Sheppard Robertson says:

    My husband, Charles Michael Robertson was a nephew to Levi Noel. My mother in law was Germaine Noel and was Levi’s older sister. He had a house full of sisters and was the only boy and I believe, the youngest child. They lived in a town called Six Roads (I believe). When Levi came to Saint John to study during the summer, long before he was ordained, he stayed at my husbands home with his sister Germaine. He shared a room with my husband Charles. My husband was a child then and he would wake up in the night with Levi in his bed. He would jump out of bed and go to the kitchen and make a racket and wake up his father. His father would then yell for him to go to bed and be quiet and he would go back to his room and Levi would be back in his own bed. Charles couldnt tell his parents because his mother would not have believed him and his father would have killed Levi and gone to prison so he kept this from them until the day he died. Charles did not give me a lot of details as it was too painful for him to talk about. He cried when he first told me the story. The only thing I know for sure is that this all happened before Levi was ordained. Charles was born in the summer of 1941 and they lived on Pitt Street in Saint John. His parents were Germaine and Charles Robertson. I hope this information will be of some help in keeping people like Levi behind bars and away from innocent children.

  49. Baspuits says:

    Thank you Sandi, for this much needed info…….and yes this informations will help, other victims ……
    They should have never ordained this poor excuse for a humain being, or should I say this animal…………..after meeting so, so many of his victim!
    Rest a sure “WE” will find out why no charge were laid in 1985 in the Beaverbrook area after abusing 2 boys, one in a wheelchair, only to come back in hiding from France in 1989, at the time when the cops were busy with the terror of the Mirammichi Alen Leger!
    If he was stopped in 1985, please think, 12 victims or so would have not committed suicide since then and could of got some help!!! A public inquiry is called for!

  50. jg says:

    Does anyone know why Valery Vienneau was in Court today on this subject, Levi Noel?
    Only got a quick glimpse on the news and it concerned his testifying in relation to “insurance” about his(Vienneau) time as Bathurst bishop….and the child abuse file.

  51. jg says:

    OK! I just found the answer to my own question online and sending it to Sylvia.
    The Court appearance is because the Diocese of Bathurst is suing Aviva Insurance to obtain payment for the 7 million the Bathurst abuse cost the Diocese. Aviva has refused to pay as they were never made aware of any claims before 2009, 25 years after the end of the policy!!!
    The Moncton Diocese is suing another insurance(Co-op?) for 2.5 million for their pedophile mess and settlements with the victims.

    …I better not comment further!! I’m sure someone out there will…

  52. Clarence Landry says:

    koodoo to all the victims who had the courage to come forward to bring this monster to his knees when he thought he could be shield by the church forever.amen.

  53. Baspuits says:

    We are still asking the church to stop using the secret of confessional on matters of abuses, same as Australia:Je



  54. Baspuits says:

    To: name of local MP of New Brunswick
    As you may be aware, Nova Scotia has recently made a leap forward with amendments to the Act which now allow victims of sexual assault to start a civil action regardless of the time since that the aggression took place (retroactively). This decision modifying the limitation period in the law is a great victory for people who have been abused as children!
    While in New Brunswick, victims of sexual abuse are still struggling with a countdown. This countdown means for these victims that they only have 10 years, after becoming aware of the negative and destructive effects of aggression, to be able to launch a civil suit against their aggressor. Testimonies reveal that it takes a lot of courage to come forward as a victim of sexual assault. These people, although totally innocent, generally feel shame and guilt and do not trust people in positions of authority. This limitation period in the current law in New Brunswick has the effect of deterring victims from coming forward. Why come forward if they are going to be told it’s too late? Have their sufferings expired?

    Of course, withdrawing the retroactive limitation period in New Brunswick will unfortunately not prevent other people, many of them children, from being sexually abused, but this would demonstrate to them that society cares about them and that they are behind them, at any time of their life! In addition to doing them justice, this would show that their suffering and after-effects are not considered negligible, while supporting the fact that the abuse was not their fault, regardless of whether it happened yesterday or there is 15 years old. When they are ready, the system will fight with them, not against them!
    Our greatest responsibility as adults and as human beings is to protect the most vulnerable people in our society. So please, let’s follow the footsteps of Nova Scotia. Let’s stop protecting predators and put power back into the hands of the victims. Let’s make New Brunswick a province that does not tolerate sexual abuse in any form !!
    Signature: _________
    Address: ___________
    CC: Office of the Attorney General (or Minister of Justice) :

    Thank you my friends….

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