Pembroke Diocese Press Release re conviction of Monsignor Robert Borne

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The Diocese of Pembroke wishes to express sincere compassion to the individuals who have brought forward the charges concerning Msgr. Robert Borne. We recognize the anguish with which they are struggling.

These charges have been challenging for all involved in the process. In respecting the decision rendered by the court, the Diocese of Pembroke continues to pledge pastoral concern to all involved in this matter.

For further information, please contact Bruce Pappin, (613) xxx-xxxx.

Friday, November 25, 2011

6 Responses to Pembroke Diocese Press Release re conviction of Monsignor Robert Borne

  1. Sylvia says:

    Is it me? This strikes me as strange press release.

    The diocese ‘respects’ “the decision rendered by the court” and pledges “pastoral concern” for all involved.

    What does it mean to pledge “pastoral concern”?

  2. Larry Green says:

    “Concern” is the is the term of concern. Sounds like a very weak and disingenuous offer to support “those involved.” We shouldn’t be to hard on them though because they can’t simply pretend to care about the victims, they have to pretend to care to a fine tuned degree or level. If the level is to low they look unholy, if they care to much it might cost to much. Its a mathematically calculated response not a compassionate or empathetic one.
    It’s to low!

    • Tim Dooling says:

      This is the milquetoast that prevails, before civil lawyer get into how the victim (s) will be suing for. Then the tone changes. In some circles it is called balogna sliced VERY thin.

  3. 1yellowknife says:

    “Hard on ALL concerned” you say! What a punch in the nose. What an appropriation of voice and pain of the victims. The ONLY ones who matter right now, the ONLY ones who had it HARD, are the victims and their families. Mr Pappin: you are not suffering at all. You are probably billing by the hour and my guess is that you are doing just fine. However, you are not doing a credible job and you are not helping matters with your psychobabble legalese. Your lack of insight and your lack of caring shows.

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