Correspondence: Pembroke Priests for Justice, Truth & Integrity

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Pembroke Priests for Justice, Truth & Integrity                           25/09/2010 9:28 PM

To:  [Archdiocese of Edmonton, Alberta; Chancery – Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario]

Cc: [various media and Catholic diocesan offices, and the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario]

Monsignor Robert Borne – Two Former Bishops of Pembroke          

The attached document represents the sentiments of many good Catholic people and priests who have been betrayed by two former bishops: Archbishop Brendan O’Brien, Archbishop of Kingston and Archbishop Richard Smith, Archbishop of Edmonton. 

Both bishops are former bishops of Pembroke, Ontario Canada and had FULL and complete knowledge of the immoral and illegal behaviour of Monsignor Robert Borne and did nothing to protect the young.  It was only with the appointment of Bishop Michael Mulhall, Bishop of Pembroke, that Monsignor Borne was removed from his parish. 

Borne now faces criminal charges, slated to begin this fall in Pembroke. 

For obvious reasons, priests of the Diocese of Pembroke must remain anonymous in this communication in order to protect them in their present assignments and from the vindictive nature of those in episcopal authority. 

Future questions can be relayed to this email address.



Pembroke Priests for Justice, Truth & Integrity

In Service of Christ the Lord 

To: Archbishop Brendan O’Brien, Archbishop Richard Smith

Date: August 25, 2010

Re: Monsignor Robert Borne

cc: Media Outlets, Archbishops

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

We are all keenly aware of the pending criminal case concerning Monsignor Robert Borne.  Some charges have been bound over to trial, which will likely begin this fall.  Although your ministry today takes you far and away from any particular concerns about the Diocese of Pembroke, I am sure you can appreciate the considerable pain, anxiety and anger that exist concerning this case and that concerning Bernard Prince. The clergy and laity of this diocese have suffered tremendously.  Worries about the safety of priest pension funds, attempts to offer counsel to the laity who are disappointed and angry, verbal assaults that priests have faced in the confessional and the quiet and isolated path that we have had to walk during this juncture has been most difficult. 

Priests of this diocese know full well that both of you, as bishops of Pembroke, were fully aware of Monsignor Borne’s immoral and illegal behavior. His reputation and actions was brought to your attention when you were in office here.  These facts are spoken about openly among the priests today.  For some unknown reason, you both chose to ignore these facts and left him in positions where teenagers (minors) could be at risk.  One assumes that your interest in moving on to Episcopal advancement would free you from such concerns in time. 

The question: during this interval, some reporters (both national and local) have contacted some of us to make inquiry about Monsignor Borne and his history. Who knew what and when? What did Bishop X do about this?  For what reason should your identities be shielded about this case? Why shouldn’t the full facts be disclosed to those who are seeking them? Why should you be protected when the priests of this diocese have not been spared this pain as a result of your inaction?  

Clearly, it is time for these facts to be made known and for you to be held accountable!  We can assure you that the above sentiments that have been expressed represent many in the diocese.  These matters have been shared with many offices of the Holy See by priests of the Diocese of Pembroke.  You should both answer for this terrible case. 

As you continue in your ministry, in whatever form, may your first instincts be that, not of politics and self-promotion, but honor, truth and holiness in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

31 Responses to Correspondence: Pembroke Priests for Justice, Truth & Integrity

  1. Jenny Green says:

    Hi — I am the reporter for faith and ethcis at the Citizen — could you tell me anything about this? We’d like to do a story.

  2. Sylvia says:

    The Pembroke priests copied the Editor-in-Chief of the Ottawa Citizen. I directed Jenny Green to him – once she sees that she will have the email address of the priests and opportunity to contact them and others who were copied directly.

  3. Lina says:

    I believe this website is very important for so many people.

    Sylvia has done a fantastic job with this site.
    She does need our constant support and prayers.

    I like mystery novels by:
    Mary Higgins Clark,
    Dan Brown,
    Andrew M. Greeley (author of The Priestly Sins)
    Sherlock Holmes
    Linden MacIntyre’s: The Bishop’s Man
    And numerous other types of books

    What caught my attention for some time what happened in the year 2010.

    That mystery group of priests, from Diocese of Pembroke ON.

    Date: August 25, 2010
    The Correspondence:
    “Pembroke Priests for Justice, Truth & Integrity”
    (In Service of Christ the Lord)

    I wonder who the mastermind behind this group of priests is.

    Will we ever find out who these priests were?

    Do I have a theory?


    I will just leave it at that.

  4. Sylvia says:

    I just saw and deleted your last post Lina (7:16 am). I know you are frustrated, but I think best you meditate carefully on revealing who you think this person might be and what you want to say about him.

    • Sylvia says:

      For the record and for my detractors: Lina’s comment was posted at 7:16 am this morning. It was not, as has been erroneously stated by some, posted last night.

    • Lina says:

      I am so sorry Sylvia for that post of mine (Friday 17, 2012) that I posted early last Friday morning .

      You were correct to delete it if you believe I did wrong.

      I seem to have watch too many episodes of: “Criminal Minds”.

      It’s a television show that does profiling to help police solve crimes.

      I took this group of so call priests and tried to see if I could do a profile about them.

      I gather it was not one of my brighter ideas. I should have kept it to myself and not post it.

      Again, I’m truly sorry Sylvia.


  5. Mike Mc says:

    For the record…..a few quotes from previous postings relevant to this issue I want made public:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    1-…..”Both bishops are former bishops of Pembroke, Ontario Canada and had FULL and complete knowledge of the immoral and illegal behaviour of Monsignor Robert Borne and did nothing to protect the young.”

    2-….”Robert Talach, a partner at London law firm Ledroit Beckett, which is representing many of the victims, said “quite frankly, we are getting fed up with the number of cases we’re seeing and it’s time for our criminal justice system to step up and launch an investigation into how these crimes were covered up over time.

    “Any institution involved in such crimes should be investigated by the secular authorities and, just like other corporate crimes, face substantial penalties,” he said.”

    3-…..“……crimes against humanity”. I actually think if we leave the words God and satan out of this….at least for this life….and concentrate on the crime within the Catholic Church…..and the MEN…be they priests, Bishops, Cardinals or even the Pope….who allowed these crimes to continue……whether through ignorance or deceit…..then YES… ABSOLUTELY………….”Any INSTITUTION involved in such crimes should be INVESTIGATED by the secular authorities and, just like other corporate crimes, FACE SUBSTANTIAL PENALTIES,” .
    Perhaps the penalties should be eventual bankruptcy and closure.”

    Simple Question:>>>>>> What do “Archbishop Brendan O’Brien, Archbishop of Kingston and Archbishop Richard Smith, Archbishop of Edmonton.” have to say about this?

  6. Larry Green says:

    We already know where O’brien is , with his stone cold response to a complaint from one of the victims of convicted molester and predator Robert Borne who resided in numerous parishes within the Pembroke Diocese throughout his preistly life. Parishes that include St. James in Eganville, St Columbkille’s Cathedral in Pembroke and
    Holy Name in Pembroke.
    Maybe he didn’t tell Smith what was going and poor Richard Smith was in the dark the whole time he was in Pembroke and is completely innocent of any activity or non activity involving cover-up. Maybe!!!
    I own a bridge in New York city that I would like to sell if anyone is interested.
    With regard to penalties and bankruptcy , I think Fr. Tim Moyle had a great idea when he suggested we put a penny in the enelope for collection at church. I think many have taken his advice on that and the church is suffering a great deal of financial pain. Thanks for that Father Tim ! You have been a great help to a worthy cause with that suggestion you made ( as Ed Sullivan would say ) RIGHT HERE… OOON THIS SITE!!

  7. Michel Bertrand says:

    12 of the 16 signs of Psychopaths. We should be afraid.

    Superficial charm and good “intelligence”
    Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking
    Absence of “nervousness” or psychoneurosis manifestations
    Untruthfulness and insincerity
    Lack of remorse and shame
    Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior
    Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience
    Pathological egocentricity and incapacity for love
    General poverty in major affective reactions
    Specific loss of insight
    Unresponsiveness in general interpersonal relations

    Does this describe some of these men ?

  8. Larry Green says:

    Probably some people would forget that it was Father Tim who started that ‘campaign’ and just so we make sure to give credit where credit is due . We dont want any imposters claiming to be the mastermind behind this scheme and since Father Tim and Steven are banned from posting here , I have decided to take the high road and on his behalf, show the proof !

    Fr. Tim Moyle says:
    March 13, 2011 at 1:34 pm
    Brenda: If you’re interested in a way to practice you faith and still make your point, attend mass but put one penny in your collection envelope. If you put in nothing the priests might just ignore your statement, but it’s hard to ignore a ‘penny campaign’ because you are making a CLEAR statement about what you believe.

    Just a thought.

    Fr. Tim

    Way to go Tim. Very very noble indeed!!!

  9. Sylvia says:

    It’s good to give credit where credit is due Larry, but I ask one and all not to allow this to open the door for another rash of pros and cons re Fathers Ballard and Moyle.

  10. prima facie says:

    Oh boy…a replay of the “Superbowl Fright Night”?
    And, “a penny in the collection plate resolution”. Really, if 100% of the parisioners prescribe to this idea, maybe some great effect….anything else is not even worth discussion,; furthermore it does not provide a definite, longterm intervention. A diversion?

  11. jon smith says:


    Are you afraid of Fr Tim and Fr Steve? Do they know too much?

  12. Mike Mc says:

    Sylvia, with the following comments……………………………….

    jon smith says:
    February 11, 2012 at 6:50 pm
    Talach’s in for the pay cheque!

    Let’s be honest!

    jon smith says:
    February 18, 2012 at 6:50 am

    Are you afraid of Fr Tim and Fr Steve? Do they know too much?

    ………….Question: Do we really have to put up with this in here? Jon smith is just baiting people. Perhaps he should go the way of Fr Tim and the other priest.

  13. Larry Green says:

    I have a theory. I have been browsing through the history of this site. Several months ago someone by the name of Michael asserted that Larry Green is Sylvia and Sylvia is Larry Green. I think he is wrong. I think jon smith is a weasel. I think Prima Facie is Larry Green , PG is Mike , Larry Green is 1 abandoned sheep and 1 abandoned sheep is 1 lost sheep. I think Inhiservice is Sylvia and Lina is Happy Martin. Tim Moyle might be Lina. I don’t believe Steven really exists.

  14. Larry Green says:

    If sucking an egg makes one happy then that is what one should do.

  15. Sylvia says:

    jon smith

    Father Moyle and Ballard have a venue to say all they think they know about me. If that is your interest you are free to follow on their website and believe and say what you will.

    No more on either one please. From anyone. From here on in I will delete all comments which reference either or both by name.

  16. jon smith says:

    If calling some people to honesty is baiting, then I am guilty. If you want this site to be a cesspool of anger, hatred and some slander, go ahead, but I believe that justice and truth will not be served by that!

  17. prima facie says:

    “Father” Yon? Why do you stick around, when it is obvious you are unhappy here? This site seems to be very difficult for you. If I were feeling your obvious frustrations, I would try something new and improved-so-to-speak. Something that meets your expectations.
    In addition, it seems to me, you have no idea what criteria must be met to meet the standards of defamation (slander-libel). Do you know crying slander, while at the same time being incapable of meeting the criteria, invites litigation too?

  18. Michel Bertrand says:

    Sometimes to take the high road means to not comment at all. Keep to the subject and it is quite obvious that many have passed the test of conviction while others are mentioned due to being a little to close to the cookie be it…time tells if allegations becomes convictions. The most important issue in this matter is the the information that assists parents in the protection of children from harm and not the whining of a few about how unjust it is that people are mentioned. Grown ups should know better.

  19. Mike says:


    For some of us, this is the only outlet for our anger, our years of betrayal at the hands of a priest, and the on-going treatment of same.
    If you think this is a “cesspool” of anger and hatred, (which you don’t seem to care for) then offer me something constructive.
    All I have been offered is 40 years of hurt, frustration, anger, resentment, and scorn.
    If it wasn’t for Sylvia’s site and her dedication to this matter, a lot of us would have went unheard. Is that what you want? Mike.

  20. PJ says:

    Mike, you are absolutely right in your comments. Whoever this other person is is trying to stir things up. Don’t let him get to you…yeah, he gets to me too but I’ve learned who to believe and trust, and who to ignore. When the “ignore” ones post something, I scroll past it before I can read it. Works for me although I’ve only been on this site a month, it’s not hard to know who’s genuine.

  21. Mike says:

    Larry – re; your post of Feb. 17/12

    Richard Smith was VERY well aware of the goings-on with Borne. I had a private meeting with Smith in 2003 on an un-related matter. Haven’t heard from him since. Need I say more? Mike

  22. Larry Green says:

    Thanks Mike!!

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