Victim Impact Statement from mother whose son was sexually abused by Father Daniel Miller

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[The following is the Victim Impact Statement which was prepared by a mother whose son was sexually abused by Father Dan Millerthe statement was read to the court on 17 September 2013 by her daughter, the victim’s sister]

I sit here in this court room as a mother of a son who was your victim Dan Miller.   I was a mother who trusted you with her son, to go with you to the movies and overnighters to your mother’s house.  Now I know, years later that I had completely failed him as a mother.   I trusted in you with my son as I waved  goodbye  to  him as he headed away on an adventure   as he would  call it with  you.   I was a failure as a mother not to see beneath your smile and charismatic personality that you were truly evil. You-were and are a pedophile.                              .

In our home you had been welcomed.  You were invited in as a faithful leader of my family, with open arms and trust, a trust that I had allowed my children to have with you. A trust I never thought would be broken or shattered as it has now been.

I have spent this past year and a half sad beyond words. It has consumed me and my thoughts.  The guilt, the anger, the sadness has taken control of my aging thoughts.  This Mr. Miller  is how I will spend my last days on earth.  This is what your actions have done. The tears still fall but the love for my God has not faulted.  He is with me always.  I tell God that I forgive you each and every day of my life  but I know that God knows differently, so  far.  It is because of your disgusting actions as a man, a man that I called Father & friend that I now live a life of sorrow.   I have died inside knowing that I failed to protect my son from you. I did not know that a wolf in sheeps clothing existed in my family’s world but we do now, don’t we Mr. Miller.?

Why as a man of the cloth did you extend your friendship to us and to the families of all your victims?

Why as a confessed pedophile have you continued to assault us mentally with this fiasco?

What role did your mother play in your encounters with my son?

Was your love for  God a means  and way for  you to get to the  little boys?  God’s pure children?

Did you use God in that way like you used the kindness of the flock?

These are questions   I will never have answers to, but for the rest of my life I will always ask.

My son’s life is one of complete devastation.     How could you have done this to him?  He was just a child, my child but most of all a child of God.

It has been painful for {redacted] to remember and talk about it, as it is painful for me not to feel  like a complete failure to him when he needed me the  most.  I will always feel like I didn’t protect him as a mother should. I will this never understand what and why you have done this.

All have now is prayer to cling onto. I pray as best I can for my son and all the boys and their families. I pray for the lost souls of faith in God. I pray for my family, right down to my grandchildren who have been touched by your abuse.

Here today we are all your victims for the same reasons but it is our sons, our brothers, our uncles, our nephews who were your targets. Let us all stand together united in hopes that justice will be served today for our loved ones that have suffered yesterday, will suffer today and again tomorrow.

7 Responses to Victim Impact Statement from mother whose son was sexually abused by Father Daniel Miller

  1. gloria sullivan says:

    These are arrogant, elitist, uncaring beasts of the devils own hands, when they do the evil deeds they have done to our children, whether hands on or by ignoring what they KNOW is happening to our precious ones. It is disgusting to me. and should be to all . You were not a bad mother. These are bad evil monsters

    • Mr. JJ says:

      This evil priests should be castrated by God himself; no more protecting these evil doers. The Vatican Must be held accountable for unpurifying our children as God would have said. I can’t believe the Church deceives its congregation. What a Disgrace at the least.
      The church must stop this culture and get with modern times, release the Priest from the chain of hypocritical celibacy. Separate the Men from the Criminals.

      • Sunflowers says:

        Celibacy is not connected to this man’s being a pedophile. Pedophiles are attracted to places where there will be contact with vulnerable children. Whether he is single, married, whatever will not be a deterrent to someone who wants to overpower a child to satisfy his sick needs.

  2. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    My Mom is going through the same devastating emotions and feelings that you are right now.
    You sound like my Mom! If you are like my Mom (it sounds like it) you are a caring, loving, devoted Mom who would do whatever was necessary for the good of your kids.
    Please don’t beat yourself up over this. You had NO way of knowing what this bastard was doing to your son. You trusted the church and the priest, as my Mom did as well.
    You have done NO wrong, and I’m very sure that your son knows this.
    Getting through this process is long and difficult, but you and your son will succeed, and you will come out on the other end a much better person than the church can ever provide. Your obvious love for your family will take you through it.
    PLEASE continue to provide the loving example you have done, that the church cannot and will not provide. Mike.

  3. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    By the way, you did NOT fail as a mother!!!!!! Your presence in court proves that!
    If you were not a caring, loving, broken-hearted mother you would not be seen in a courtroom.
    My hat is off to you, Mom! Mike.

  4. Roy Woodford says:

    Father Mills sexually assaulted me two times. I met him when I hitchhiked home from a church camp out side of Kernville. I hope he was found guilty at some point!!!

  5. Sylvia says:

    Yes, Roy, he actually entered a guilty plea in one instance and was sentenced to nine months plus 10 days in jail.

    After that he was charged again and terribly unfortunately was acquitted

    Where is Kernville? Is that perhaps a typo?

    My thoughts and prayers are with you

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