Pembroke Priest Facing New Charges

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Josh Pringle

A Pembroke priest is now facing 12 charges in relation into historic sexual assault allegations dating back 40 years.

Ontario Provincial Police charged Daniel Miller in February for alleged offences that occurred against then pre-teenage boys and an adult male between 1970 and 1980.

The OPP says the 67-year-old Miller was charged on Friday with six additional changes related to 3 additional victims in Arnprior, Deep River and Eganville dating back to 1969.

Miller is now facing 12 charges of indecent assault and gross indecency in relation to six victims.

Miller will appear in court in Renfrew on May 9.


Priest facing additional charges

The Pembroke Observer

24 April 2012

RENFREW – Father Daniel M. Miller, 67, a priest of the Diocese of Pembroke, is facing further charges for sexual assault offences dating back to the 1960’s and 1970’s.

On April 20, the Ontario Provincial Police charged Father Miller with six additional charges in relation to three additional victims. He had been originally arrested and charged back on Feb. 20, 2012 for alleged offences that occurred against then pre-teenage boys and an adult male between 1970 and 1980.

He now faces a total of 12 charges in relation to six victims.

Rev. Miller has been charged with six counts of gross indecency and six counts of indecent assault.

According to the OPP, the three additional victims are from Arnprior, Deep River and Eganville and the alleged incidents occurred between 1969 and 1978.

Rev. Miller has been released from custody on a promise to appear and an officer-in-charge undertaking. He is scheduled to appear in the Ontario Court of Justice in Renfrew on May 9, 2012.

A news release issued on behalf of the Diocese of Pembroke shortly after Rev. Miller’s arrest in February, stated that he had not been participating in public ministry for over a decade.

Rev. Miller has been living in Pembroke.

He was ordained in Renfrew in 1969 and served briefly in Eganville, with other positions in Arnprior, Deep River and Petawawa, prior to 1999.

The investigation is continuing under the direction of the OPP Criminal Investigation Branch. Anyone with information about this investigation is asked to contact the Renfrew County OPP Crime Unit at 613-432-3211 or 1-888-310-1122.

6 Responses to Pembroke Priest Facing New Charges

  1. Larry Green says:

    This so called priest has been living in the Pembroke Diocese for nearly half of a century and no Bishop or no brother priests were aware of these allegations! No bishop or no BROTHER priest ever in all this time heard any complaints that this ‘holy’ man was molesting little children!!! Really!!! One has to wonder how many vulnerable and unsuspecting young children were subjected needlessly and recklessly alone with this “alleged” predator. The Catholic church i.e. her priests and bishops continue persistently to give the faithful ( as well as society in general) absolutely no indication or cause for hope that they are willing to handle these predators in a way that puts the safety , well being , respect and dignity of children above all other concerns. Instead , all we here is how the church is a ‘ victim’ of negative media attention and ‘anti Catholic agendas. ( It amounts to nothing less than propaganda and a declaration of war on those who oppose church authority and are committed to revealing the truth behind the façade). Any catholic who explicitly denounces the way in which the church handles sexual abusers and reports of sexual abuse are labelled from many within as ‘weak Catholics‘ or ‘disruptive’ or ‘haters of the church’ Victims who complain of being sexually molested by a priest are repeatedly treated with no dignity at all , merely as money seekers and anti-Catholic low life. It is a tremendous travesty of justice and love , ironically , both moral subjects of which the holy men of the church claim to be such an authority on in terms of being the guide for the collective flock to the accomplishment of either.
    It is my opinion that every responsible member , whether it be bishop or brother priest in every particular instance of abuse and subsequent cover-up or reckless disregard for potential victims placed in harms way must be held accountable and subject to the scrutiny of our secular law and face the repercussions accordingly. The church must also be forced to change it’s way by the faithful members of the laity as well. One small way was suggested some time ago by Fr. [deleted] of the Pembroke diocese which is to put a penny in the envelope at the collection basket along with a note to demand change immediately.
    It is a sad commentary that so many of the Catholic laity are willing to SPEAK OUT in defence of the church , the pedophiles within, and the negligent and careless attitude of hiding and covering up of these crimes , while so very few are willing to speak out AGAINST the whole predatory and enabling con-glomeration. It is not to difficult to understand the reluctance in victims to come forward when we see so many who are willing to speak out Against those victims who do eventualy resolve to bring these criminals to justice rather than to speak out in SUPPORT of the victim. The perceived need to protect the Catholic church’s image -in a very twisted way- supersedes the right of human beings to be treated with dignity and respect, which is in stark contrast to the pervasive secular written and un-written rule and ethic in society.
    I for one am totally sickened and disgusted with the way these pedophiles have been treated with so much respect and dignity and so well cared for in most cases for nearly a whole luxurious lifetime while their victims were tossed aside and left for non-existent. It always amazes me how lips are sealed so tight during the course of these trials for these ’alleged’ clergy pedophiles. To any member of clergy or any other holy roller who may find it neccessary to remind me that Miller is innocent till proven guilty and therefore I should shut my mouth , you can presume that the victims are liars if you choose to but I believe they have been presumed to be liars for long enough so keep your mouth shut!

  2. Larry Green says:

    As it pertains to one diocese it does to all: I am sick to my stomach from hearing priests who claim they didn’t know anything about COMPLAINTS against borne, kelly, whalen ,this thing miller and God knows who else during the time my son and my daughter were altar servers and I was so actively involved with the church . You didn’t know about any COMPLAINTS involving these men during the time my kids were altar servers? I think you are a liar and whether you sue me or you don’t , I am determined and committed to the task which is to eventually demonstrate that you are a liar.
    Just because the rest of us ARE NOT priests doesn’t imply that we are to stupid to understand the concepts of “slander” and “rush to judgement” and “innocent till proven guilty” and ” priests are holy” and ” you did your duty by reporting it to the police” and all that stuff, doesn’t mean there was ever anything stopping you from approaching those who , at the very least from your peripheral vision , appeared likely vulnerable and wherefore you could simply disclose the FACT that there were COMPLAINTS about this or that particular individual. You and so many other priests like you could have saved so many human beings -with such a simple act of human decency- from the life long agonizing effects of child sexual molestation. Stop the pathetic defensive attitude and aim for reconciliation yourselves in the presence of God and where God is making His presence felt more in the world .Let your ears and mouths reverse roles.

  3. Mike says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Larry. I have also felt this rage in the last couple of years.
    Our faith is a difficult thing to work with at the best of times, in our human weakness. The Church continues to make it even more difficult with it’s silence, heel-dragging, hypocritical approach to criminal activity by it’s clergy. I am angered by all of this, as you obviously are as well. It is VERY difficult to reconcile growing up being taught that the Catholic Church is the supreme authority in doctrinal matters pertaining to God, only to find out the hard way that unfortunately the “old boys club” practises an entirely different set of standards behind closed doors.
    I myself think back to my experiences and remember loathing the priest, because I KNEW what was on his mind, and it wasn’t God. He couldn’t wait for the bell to go off at the end of mass, so he could have his “play” time.
    I’ve lived with this for forty some years now, and it has affected my faith in the church (doesn’t exist) My faith in God however, is stronger than ever, and this is what keeps me going.
    My wish is the same for you. God does exist, and I believe that he, she, or it is good!! It’ll all come out in the wash! Mike

    • PJ says:

      Another one who doesn’t mind speaking the truth! All the has been written in the comments ring true for me. I am a believer in Christ…no longer a catholic. When will that church realize the pain it has caused? When will they genuinely admit their guilt and really do something for the victims/survivors? To date it has been nothing more than smoke and mirrors designed to fool the majority of their faithful. Offering prayers and hollow promises has done nothing. If that church was truly repentant, it would cease defending all claims against it that have been proven in criminal court and settle. I guess their almighty dollar is more important than souls.

  4. Anne C says:

    A man sentenced 240 years in prison for molesting 2 boys. I hope the Canadian courts are listening.

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