Miller: Father Daniel Miller

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Michael Daniel Miller

Dan Miller (Father Dan Miller)

Father Daniel Miller June 1983

Father Daniel Miller circa 1982

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Priest, Diocese of Pembroke, Ontario.  Ordained 1969.



29 February 2012 charged with three counts of gross indecency and three counts of indecent assault against a male. The offenses dated to 1970-1980. In December 2012 was committed to stand trial in Ontario Superior Court on 12 charges:  7 of gross indecency and 5 of indecent assault male.

02 June 2014:  released after serving six months of a nine month sentence

28 November 2013:  Sentenced to nine months plus 10 days in jail, will be placed on sex offender registry. three years probation with conditions, and not to attend any places such as parks where children are for 20 years


22 October 2013:  MORE charges laid

03 June 2013GUILTY plea to 5 of 12 charges.  All the charges of gross indecency have disappeared.  The charges against one complainant have not been resolved and could be resolved only by going to trial – the complainant is not at this time prepared to move on to trial.


04 December 2014:  BLOG   The writing was on the wall

03 December 2014:  BLOG   The verdict

03 December 2014:  “Father Miller Not Guilty of Deep River Assaults” & related article

22 October 2014:   Priest claims no recollection of victim denies molestation allegation

22 October 2014:  Priest denies charges of child sexual abuse

15 October 2014:  Alleged victim grilled after he testifies against Father Dan Miller


28 November 2013:  Reasons for Sentence (Ontario Superior Court of Justice:  Between Her Majesty the Queen and Daniel Miller)

17 September 2013:  PICTURES  Outside the courthouse:  Pictures from Father Daniel Miller sentencing hearing 17 September 2013


Next Court dates (new charges):  03 December 2014:  10 am, verdict, Pembroke court house (297 Pembroke Street East);  14 & 17 October 2014:  10 am,  TRIAL Pembroke court house (297 Pembroke Street East); 15 & 16 September 2014:  10 am, Pre-trial motions (in court and open to the public) Pembroke court house (297 Pembroke Street East) ;

16 April 2014:  judicial pre-trial hearing (NOT open to the public) , Pembroke court house (297 Pembroke Street East) – (the case has been moved to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice);  20 March 2014:  09:30 am, Pretrial hearing?  Preliminary hearing, Pembroke court house (297 Pembroke Street East); 29 January 2014:  11 am, “to be spoken to,” 2014 Pembroke court house (297 Pembroke Street East); 16 January 2014:  Pembroke court house (297 Pembroke Street East);  26 November 2013: 09:00 am,  courtroom #2, Pembroke court house (297 Pembroke Street East)  (13-1267)


Victim Impact Statements after guilty verdict at first trial

17 September 2013:  Victim Impact Statement by mother whose sons were sexually abused by Father Daniel Miller

17 September 2013:  Victim Impact Statement of “Victim C” who was sexually abused by Father Daniel Miller

17 September 2013:  Victim Impact Statement of “Victim B” who was sexually abused by Father Daniel Miller

17 September 2013:  Victim Impact Statement of “Victim A” who was sexually abused by Father Daniel Miller

17 September 2013:  Victim Impact Statement from mother whose son was sexually abused by Father Daniel Miller


Breaking News & Recent media coverage (for all media scroll down to “BLOGS & MEDIA COVERAGE”)

15 October 2014:  Alleged victim grilled after he testifies against Father Dan Miller

11 July 2014:  BLOG  No notification to others in building?

05 June 2014: BLOG  Released from jail

05 December 2013:  Former priest jailed for nine months

04 December 2013:   Justice? (Eganville Leader editorial)

04 December 2013:   Father Daniel Miller victims feel betrayed by church hierarchy

04 December 2013:   Priest gets nine months plus in jail for molesting boys

28 November 2013:  Father Dan Miller sentenced to nine months for indecent assault

26 November 2013:  BLOG An awkward moment in court

26 November 2013:  BLOG An insult (re sentencing hearing)


Bishops of PEMBROKE Diocese from time of  Father Daniel Miller’s ordination: William Joseph Smith  (19 May 1945 – 08 February 1971 ); Joseph Raymond Windle  (08 February 1971 – 05 May 1993); Brendan Michael O’Brien 0(5 May 1993 –  04 December 2000);  Richard William Smith (27 April2002 – 22 March 2007 ); Michael Mulhall (30 June 2007 – )


Anyone with information about this investigation is asked to contact the Renfrew County OPP Crime Unit at 613-432-3211 or 1-888-310-1122.


29 February 2012: Diocese of Pembroke Press Release re Father Daniel Miller charges



04 December 2013:   Justice? (Eganville Leader editorial)

04 December 2013:   Father Daniel Miller victims feel betrayed by church hierarchy

04 December 2013:   Priest gets nine months plus in jail for molesting boys

28 November 2013:  Father Dan Miller sentenced to nine months for indecent assault

26 November 2013:  BLOG An awkward moment in court

26 November 2013:  BLOG An insult (re sentencing hearing)

30 October 2013:  New charges laid against priest

26 September 2013:  Emotional victim-impact statements read before Crown seeks prison term

22 September 2013:  “Ex-Ottawa Valley priest faces new sex assault charges on historical cases” & related article

18 September 2013:  Priest stole their innocence

18 September 2013:  Crown asks for nine-month sentence for Father Dan Miller in sexual abuse case

17 September 2013:  Ontario victims describe consequences of priest’s abuse

03 June 2013:   Priest pleads guilty to molesting five boys  (pdf file – Eganville Leader)

05 June 2013: Email exchange regarding absence of reporters for Father Daniel Miller “Guilty” pleas

04 June 2013:  BLOG `Just tickling`

03 June 2013: BLOG Photos from Father Dan Miller’s guilty plea, 03 June 2013

03 June 2013: Pictures coming

06 June 2013: Father Miller pleads guilty

03 June 2013:  Guilty to five of twelve charges

19 April 2013:  Guilty plea coming

13 December 2012: Father Miller to stand trial on 12 sex charges

17 August 2012:  Father Miller returns to court Aug. 17

13 June 2012: BLOG   That was it

24 April 2012:  Pembroke Priest Facing New Charges

23 April 2012:  Valley priest facing more charges as three more alleged victims come forward

01 March 2012:  BLOG Have they been deceived?

01 March 2012:  BlOG Contact police

01 March 2012: Pembroke priest faces sex raps

01 March 2012: Ottawa Valley priest charged in sex assaults


29 February 2012:  “Pembroke priest arrested and charged” and comments


The following information is drawn from Canadian Catholic Directories (CCCD) which I have on hand, the 1980 Ontario Catholic Directory (OCD), media (M), personal information (P) and The Church on the Hill: A History of St. John Chrysostom Parish 1857-1982 (TCH)

02 June 2014:  released after serving six months of a nine month sentence

28 November 2013:  Sentenced to nine months plus 10 days in jail, plus must provide DNA sample, be on sex offender registry, stay away form males under age 18 for three years probation, and for 20 years not be near parks or places where children are likely to congregate

22 October 2013:  MORE charges laid

03 June 2013GUILTY plea to 5 of 12 charges.  All the charges of gross indecency have disappeared.  The charges against one complainant have not been resolved and could be resolved only by going to trial – the complainant is not at this time prepared to move on to trial.

03 June 2013:  GUILTY plea to 5 of 12 charges (M & P)

23 April 2012: six more charges laid (M)

13 April 2012 – six more charges from three complainants laid for total of 12 charges.  There are now 6 complainants.

February 2012:  three counts of gross indecency and three counts of indecent assault against a male laid (M)

2012:  Our Lady of Lourdes, Pembroke, Ontario “in residence”

Neville Funeral Home website (Pembroke, Ontario)
As a convenience to our community we have included a listing of many of the local churches in our area. A growing number of churches are starting to publish their own web sites to allow visitors to learn more about their clergy, congregation and many other features and services of the church……
Our Lady of Lourdes
Lourdesview Dr, Box 146 Pembroke ON, K8A 6X1
Phone: (613) 735-6392
Alternate Phone: (613) 735-6448
Contact: Pastor: Rev. William J. Kenney
Contact: In Residence: Rev. Daniel M. Miller
Mass: Saturday, 4:30pm � Sunday, 10:00am

2011, 2010:   Our Lady of Lourdes RC Church, Pembroke, Ontario (Pastor Father W. Kenney) (CCCD)

2010:  living “in residence” at Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church in Pembroke, Ontario and presumably ‘looking after’ the nuns at the Grey Sisters Convent – that would probably entail saying Masses for them and hearing their confessions (P)

2011 (?) :  Father Dan Miller and Michael Costello in charge of St. Edward’s Roman Catholic Church in Bristol, Quebec (that is on the Quebec side, but still within the Diocese of Pembroke.

Father Dan Miller at St Edwards in Bristol  (this page shows Father Miller serving at St. Edwards.  It was saved last year.  The Municipality of Bristol website accessed 29 February 2012 still shows both Fathers Miller and Costello at St. Edwards.  The website may not have been updated recently, but Father Dan Miller was certainly there not too terribly long ago)

29 April 2011:  officiated at funeral Mass at the Marguerite Centre Chapel, Pembroke, Ontario (online)

20 May 2010:  officiated at funeral Mass at the Marguerite Centre Chapel, Pembroke, Ontario ( Miller Funeral Mass 20 May 2010)

2002:  address for Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church (Pastor, Father H.L. Chabot) (CCCD) (29 July 2013:  Father Chabot charged)

2000:  address c/o diocesan centre (CCCD) what happened here?

1999, 1998, 1997, 1996:  Pastor, Our Lady of Sorrows, Petawawa, Ontario (CCCD)

Served as Chaplain at Bishop Smith Catholic High School in Pembroke while he was Pastor at Our Lady of Sorrows (P)

1976-1995:  seems to have served at St. John Chrysostom Roman Catholic Church, Arnprior, Ontario, first as assistant and then as Pastor

1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1985-1986:  Pastor, St. John Chrysostom Roman Catholic Church, Arnprior, Ontario (CCCD)

from “References and Endorsements on Tom Edwards Evangelist Assoc. Inc website:

“It is with great appreciation that I am writing this thank you letter to you after our Lenten Parish Mission of February, 1989. Your obvious love for God’s Word has nourished hundreds of people in our parish and area. I hope that you will be able to visit us again and conduct another mission some time in the future.”

Rev. Daniel Miller, Pastor

St. John Chrysostom Parish

Arnprior, Ontario

1982:  assistant at St. John Chrysostom Roman Catholic Church, Arnprior, Ontario (Pastor: Father R.M. Tardiff) (TCH)

The following is an excerpt from The Church on the Hill

“Of strong physique, Father Dan seems to take everything in stride.  His glowing, friendly personality has made him a favourite with youngsters at St. Joseph’s and John XXIII schools, and, of course, he is highly respected and thought of by all teenagers and adults as well.

“Father Miller’s superior and Parish Priest, Father Tardiff, has voiced publicly his tremendous appreciation of the help rendered to him and the parishioners of St. John Chrysostom’s by Father Miller.

“We know we speak for all parishioners when we offer to Father Miller our prayers and best wishes for a very long and fruitful life in God’s vineyard.”

1980:  St. John Chrysostom Roman Catholic Church, Arnprior, Ontario (with Fathers R.M. Tardfiff and J.O. Affleck) (OCD) (Father Howard Chabot’s address is listed in the index as c/o  of the St. St. John Chrysostom address)

September 1976: assigned as assistant at St. John Chrysostom Roman Catholic Church, Arnprior, Ontario (TCH) (Pastor: Father R.M. Tardiff)

1971-1976:  Our Lady of Good Counsel Roman Catholic Church, Deep River, Ontario (TCH)

1973-74:  Our Lady of Good Counsel Roman Catholic Church, Deep River, Ontario (Pastor Father T.G.Klatt) (CCCD has erroneously has it as St.  Anne’s )

1971-72:   Our Lady of Good Counsel Roman Catholic Church, Deep River, Ontario (Pastor Father T.G. Buckley) (CCCD has erroneously has it as St.  Anne’s )

Approx June 1970 or 1971:  transferred to Deep River (see excerpt from Lift Up Your Hearts and reference to The Church on the Hill below)

June 1969 – approx. June 1970 0r 1971:  St. James The Lesser Roman Catholic Church, Eganville , Ontario

According to Lift Up Your Hearts (Rev. Joseph C. Legree, 1988, p 291)  Father Daniel Miller arrived in Eganville in 1969 and was there for one year before being transferred to Deep River.

According to The Church on the Hill Father Miller served at St. James in Eganville from 1969 to 1971 (TCH)

10 May 1969:  ORDAINED (CCCD) at Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church in Renfrew (M) by Bishop William Smith (TCH)

– attended St. Augustine’s Seminary, Toronto.  Attained a Bachelor in Theology and Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology (STB) (TCH)

– Secondary school education at Bishop Ryan Memorial Boy’s High School (later known as St. Joseph’s) where he was taught by the Christian Brothers of Toronto (TCH)

– attended St Francis Xavier and Our Lady of Fatima elementary schools (TCH)

– Born in Renfrew, Ontario (TCH)


Pembroke priest arrested and charged

Pembroke Daily Observer  29 February 2012


RENFREW – Father Daniel M. Miller, 67, a priest of the Diocese of Pembroke, has been arrested and charged by members of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Renfrew County Crime Unit with sexual assault offences dating back several decades.

According to the OPP, the offences occurred against, then pre-teenage boys and an adult male, between 1970 and 1980.

Rev. Miller was arrested on Feb. 29, 2012 and charged with three counts of gross indecency and three counts of indecent assault against a male.

He has been released from custody on a promise to appear and officer-in-charge undertaking. He is scheduled to appear in the Ontario Court of Justice in Renfrew on March 28, 2012.

The investigation is continuing under the direction of the OPP Criminal Investigation Branch.

The Daily Observer attempted to contact the OPP for more information but calls and emails were not returned by press time.

A news release issued on behalf of the Diocese of Pembroke Wednesday night stated that Rev. Miller has not been participating in public ministry for over a decade. He has been living in Pembroke.

Rev. Miller was ordained in Renfrew in 1969 and served briefly in Eganville, with other positions in Arnprior, Deep River and Petawawa, prior to 1999.

“The Diocese of Pembroke prays that the truth concerning this matter may be brought to light and extends support to any parties concerned in this case,” said the Most Reverend Michael Mulhall, the Bishop of Pembroke, in an email statement.

The release stated that the “…Diocese of Pembroke will continue to offer its complete cooperation with civil officials as the process unfolds and will encourage and support the healing process for all parties concerned following the resolution of the case.”

The investigation is continuing under the direction of the OPP Criminal Investigation Branch. Anyone with information about this investigation is asked to contact the Renfrew County OPP Crime Unit at 613-432-3211 or 1-888-310-1122.

Anthony Dixon is The Daily Observer’s news editor


Pembroke priest charged with sex assaults dating to 1970

Ottawa Citizen

February 29, 2012 5:50 PM

By Meghan Hurley

OTTAWA — A Pembroke priest faces charges in sexual assaults dating back to 1970, police said Wednesday.

The sexual assaults against teenage boys and one man occurred between 1970 and 1980, Ontario Provincial Police said.

Daniel Miller, 67, has been charged with three counts each of gross indecency and indecent assault.

Miller was released from custody on a promise to appear in a Renfrew court March 28.

Police continue the investigation. Anyone with information can call the Renfrew County OPP crime unit at 613-432-3211 or 1-888-310-1122.


Record of court-dates from first set of charges

Next court date (first set of charges with GUILTY plea):  28 November 2013; 09:30 am, courtroom #5, for sentencing, Pembroke, Ontario courthouse (297 Pembroke Street East)17 September 2013:  10 am, Sentencing with facts, Pembroke, Ontario courthouse

03 June 20133 pm, guilty pleas and statement, Pembroke, Ontario courthouse (297 Pembroke Street East); 19 April 2013:  2 pm, “to be spoken to,” Pembroke, Ontario courthouse15 March 2013:  3 pm, continuation of pre-trial, Pembroke, Ontario courthouse (NOT open to the public); 22 January 2013: judicial pre-trial, 2 pm Pembroke, Ontario courthouse (NOT open to the public); 11 December 2012:  teleconference with judge re examination for discovery – this could result in committal to trial in Ontario Superior court; 08 -09 November 2012 and 26-27 November 2012:  examination for discovery, probably NOT open to the public (this will NOT be conducted in the courthouse in Pembroke, Ontario courthouse); 17 August 2012: 9 am for setting a date, Pembroke, Ontario courthouse; 14 August 2012: 14 August 2012:  11 am, for setting a date, Pembroke, Ontario courthouse; 24 July 2012: 09:30 am, Pembroke, Ontario courthouse, “pre-trial” (generally not open to public) ; 27 June 2012: 09:30 am, “to be spoken to,” Renfrew courthouse, (127 Raglan St. S.);  27 June 13 June 2012:  09:30 am, Renfrew, Ontario courthouse (127 Raglan St. S.);  09 May 2012: 09:30 am, Renfrew, Ontario courthouse (127 Raglan St. S.) (I believe the first set of charges will be merged with a second set of charges) (rescheduled to 13 June)

First set of charges:  25 April 2012: 09:30 am, Renfrew Ontario courthouse (rescheduled to 9 May);  28 March 2012, 09:30 am Renfrew, Ontario courthouse

143 Responses to Miller: Father Daniel Miller

  1. Tim McParland says:

    Currently a parishoner in Amherstview,Ont. where Mike Reed and Paul Hamilton,until recently, have been hanging their “Tilley Hats”. I was deeply saddened to read about Dan Miller this a.m. I was an alter server for him for his entire stay in Deep River and he was very close to my entire family. Just wanted to mention that the church in Deep River is “Our Lady of Good Council”. Thank you and keep up the great work!

    • Sylvia says:

      Thanks Tim. That is strange – both the 1971-73 and 1973-74 directories give the name of the church in Deep River as St. Ann. Since you posted your comment I have double checked the directories, and then went on a hunt for a St. Ann RC Church in Deep River. I can’t find one.

      I checked on the directories before and after: Our Lady of Good Counsel! That’s the first time I’ve seen an error like that in the directories. What I wonder led to that?

      Anyway, correction made.

      Can you tell me Tim if Fathers Buckley and Klatt were at Our Lady of Good Counsel in the early 70s? Is that part correct?

      • Tim McParland says:

        Yes those two were both pastors in Deep River at the times you have specified. I remember them both quite well:)

  2. Mike says:

    Mulhall’s generic response to this matter regarding Dan Miller is eerily similar to O’brien’s response regarding Rene Labelle.
    It would be my hope that they really mean what they say, and extend some REAL help and support to the victims of clergy sexual abuse.
    What saddens me is the apparent fact that they knew about these two for some time, and appeared to do nothing until it was splashed all over the papers.
    An interesting point is made by Walter Holman in that we should “pray for all those concerned.” Where were these prayers and all this “concern” back a few years ago when these dirty deeds were being done? Mike

  3. Larry Green says:

    I believe St Anne’s is in Chalk River Sylvia.

    • Dolly says:

      St Anthony’s parish is in Chalk River, but there was also a parish in Stonecliffe and the one in Swisha I belive was
      St Anne’s

  4. Sylvia says:

    No, Larry, Chalk River is St. Anthony of Padua – and I checked several directories to be sure that is right 🙂

    In the long run I think it really doesn’t matter where St. Ann’s, the thing is that it was erroneously listed two years in a row as the RC church in Deep River.

  5. Larry Green says:

    Sorry no, Chalk River is St Anthony. St Anne is either Wilnow or Barry’s Bay.

  6. Larry Green says:

    Wrong again. I had St Mary in mind. I dont know where in the name of God St Anns is !!! And okay Sylvia it dosn’t matter.

  7. Valley Girl says:

    St. Anne’s is the Catholic Church in Mattawa, Ontario.

  8. Sylvia says:

    Thanks Valley Girl.

    I was told that the church in Deep River changed its name when a new building was constructed, and that because there were already older parishes with St Ann as patron the decision was made to name it Our Lady of Good Counsel. However that doesn’t make sense because the 1967 and 1968-69 directories identify the church as OLGC. The 1959 directory identifies it as St. Alexander, and, according to this website it was originally called St. Alexander:

    So, from what I can see it has been OLGC since at least 1967, and it was once upon a time St. Alexander, and it has never been St. Ann’s, and it was not St. Ann’s in the early 70s, and for whatever reason there is an error in the name of the church in the those two directories.

    Confusing, but, for the purpose of the site, it’s sorted out. Father Miller was at OLGC 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    I was shocked and devastated to hear the news about Father Dan.
    I do not believe it for a minute and hope it is not true. Is it possible
    that this is a case of mistaken identity? Father Ed MacNeil served
    at the Galilee House in Arnprior from 1974 to 1976, just before Father
    Miller’s arrival. Father MacNeil is a known sexual abuser in other
    areas according to your site, but I do not think any altar boys from the
    Arnprior area ever came forward to report sexual abuse. I do know
    personally of one who never reported it and I am sure there are many

  10. Sylvia says:

    Anonymous, I doubt that it would be a case of mistaken identity. I don’t know Father Miller at all, but my understanding is that there are no similarities between Fathers MacNeil and Miller. I could be mistaken, but my recollection is that I was told some time ago that Father Miller is quite portly. Father MacNeil is lean.

    Did Father Ed MacNeil help out at St. Chrysostom in Arnprior regularly while he was at Galilee House?

    As for those who were abused by MacNeil in Arnprior, I pray that they will find the courage to go to police to seek justice. It is never too late.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What they looked like 40 years ago is quite different from what
    they look like today. And, yes, Fr. MacNeil helped out at St. John
    Chrysostom when he was at Galilee House in Arnprior. In reading
    your blog, I am flabbergasted that Fr. MacNeil was still practicing
    and performing the sacraments in the areas you mentioned! I do
    hope the ones abused by Fr. MacNeil do come forward. I, for one,
    am going to work on that for justice sake!

  12. Waterlillimm says:

    There is no case of mistaken identity whatsoever with Dan Miller. I refuse to call him Father as he is no longer a shepherd and fit to be in that category. He was close to my family and we shared various home life activities with him. He became what all abusers tend to become, a trusted and loved extended family member.
    We never knew that he was abusing my brother and will need to forgive ourselves for not seeing the signs… It would be so obvious today as more of this type of abuse has been reported and the public and parshisoners have become educated.
    I hope and pray that every victim of Miller’s comes forward and is able to deal with this life altering abuse in their life and will seek the help and understanding that is offered to them and not hide behind the shame they feel. No one will ever be able to change the path that being abused did to their life and I pray that all victims can find the strength they need to come forward and be able to deal with this effectively and get this Miller defrocked quickly!

    • lady says:

      I was also shocked and left feeling such disgust with the news of Dan Miller, he also befriended our family for many years he was a part of weddings , baptisms and all family functions, I had a friend who was sexually abused my Monsignor Dillon who of course has long since died and was never brought up on charges, however the damage far surpasses he passing, We always and still believe that other priests and bishops have long since known of this behavior and as long as they were not caught it seemed to be ignored, now that the abusers are finally being charged we (former) parishners are having to pay for their homes, holidays, legal council, salaries etc so the abuse continues, the church continues to rape the people to keep ghosts and pedophiles with hard earned money, and use faith Not in God to collect. I guess I am far to cynical and angry to really respond the way I want to. Sorry for the rant.

      • Sylvia says:

        “lady,” Can you tell us any more about Monsignor Dillon’s abuse of your friend?

        • lady says:

          I tried to speak to him about this and he only said that it was not only him that Dillon did this to, he mentioned that others may still come forward but because of the shame associated with it and this small town he has chosen to not share much more with me. He did indicate that there still may be charges in the future depending on the number of people to come forward.

          • Sylvia says:

            Thank you “lady”. Unfortunately Monsignor Dillon is dead so he can no longer face charges or face his accusers. The only legal action which could be taken now is civil, i.e., launching a lawsuit.

            If there is anyone out there who has more information on allegations against Monsignor Dillon would you please contact me? I don’t feel that I can add his name to the list until I have more information about the allegations against him.

  13. Billy bob says:

    She is referring to this church in the article where at one time it had a good size congregation with the dam workers and commonwealth plywood. Stonecliff, Ontario had a church called Our Lady of the Snows. With not enough man going into the priesthood and financial backing these churches were closed. “St. Anne’s Parish, Rapides-des-Joachims, Quebec, is suppressed and will be added to the territory of Our Lady of Good Council Parish, Deep River, Ontario.”

    I known Father Dan Miller when I went to Bishop Smith during my High School years. I had the honour to altar serving his masses. He was a great teacher of the gospel of Christ and showed a lot of knowledge in it. I pray that God will reveal the truth in this situation. I want to quote this verse from the bible: Hebrews 13:5b “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”

  14. Heather Brennan-Wyatt says:

    I grew up in Deep River going to St. Mary’s School and Our Lady of GC. Dan Miller seemed to be a great ‘family-friend’ to all. He ran the CYO, (Catholic Youth Organization), drove hockey players from the ‘Deep River Knights’ to out of town games, etc. When Miller was in Deep River I recall other priests that were there
    – Fr. Leo Buckley, Fr. Klatt, Fr. Harrington and I do believe it was Fr. Neville that replaced Miller.
    Having brothers and close family friends that were Alter Boys during his time in Deep River sickens me. Victims now have a face. I hope justice will be served!! Bless his victims as he sure didn’t!!!

  15. Mike Mc says:

    Heather, I couldn’t help but notice the spelling of alter/altar boys. Yes indeed, ‘alter’ boys…….there’s no doubt they have been sadly changed forever. Someone said above: “No one will ever be able to change the path that being abused did to their life and I pray that all victims can find the strength they need to come forward and be able to deal with this effectively and get….(priest)… defrocked quickly!”

    I do believe abuse victims need to see the RC Church defrock abusive priests…not as vengeance…..but as a sign that these priests are no longer fit to be called a priest. It will help in the healing process as will their victim statements to these priests. I can only imagine the healing process is a long road….but a necessary one. May all victims please come forth.

  16. Tim McParland says:

    Heather, I echo your comments and share in the feelings which you have expressed. I spelled alter (altar) the same as you in an earlier posting (perhaps we had a shared ‘grammatical freudian slip’). To the victims: please know that I am hurting deeply with you and praying for you!

  17. Heather Brennan-Wyatt says:

    ooops!!! spelling error!!!

    Tim – email me –

  18. Sylvia says:

    Heather, I will send your email to Tim. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have your email address out there – it will get picked up by spammers and that will be the end of that email address.

  19. Kathleen Gayda-McDougall says:

    I have been following this blog since it was brought to my attention some time ago. I wish to say hello to Tim & Heather as I see that you are both commenting as well. We were all Parishoners of OLGC in Deep River with Miller. I am disgusted and very sad to know that the trust has been broken and he has been accused of such immoral acts. He was a trusted family friend as well as the priest who returned numerous times after he left the parish for special family sacraments…
    While I sit here in Venice Italy ruminating on this situation, I find the following to be an act I wish was still in place at Campanile today. The famous brick bell tower, in which I visited yesterday: I learned that in the 15th century cleric found guilty of immoral behavior were suspended 325′ high in wooden cages from the tower, some forced to subsist on bread and water for as long as a year, others left to starve!
    Much of ancient Italy seemed barbaric to me before….today, not so much. I only wish that those whose lives have been affected by the abuse, know that we all feel so very sad at this time knowing what we do now.

  20. Suzanne Herrick-Lee says:

    Sylvia: Could you double-check to see if Fr Miller’s court appearance next week is in Renfrew as published in media; or in Pembroke? As always; your fine efforts are appreciated so very much…Suzanne

  21. Sylvia says:

    It is in Renfrew Suzanne: 9:30 am.

    • Suzanne Herrick-Lee says:

      Thanks so much; Sylvia; many local people thought it to be an error; will spread the word that it really is in Renfrew…

  22. Sylvia says:

    Father Daniel Miller’s court date of yesterday was rescheduled to 25 April 2012. Miller was not in court. His lawyer is Dominic Smith of Ottawa. My understanding is that Smith asked for a postponement.

  23. Lina says:

    Sylvia, this postponement by the accused lawyer D. Smith is not unusual is it?

    It’s probably part of their plan to keep delaying the process to make it harder on the victims?

    You would think the priest would want to clear his name as soon as possible.

  24. Sylvia says:

    No Lina, it’s not unusual at all. There is however something which may be a little different with this one – I’m trying to find out 🙂

  25. Anonymous says:

    Shame on all of you who think Father Dan is guilty! Whatever happened
    to innocent until proven guilty?? Unless you know differently, don’t crucify
    him just yet!!! Thank you Billy bob for your kind words. God will reveal the truth!
    I, for one, am praying for all involved.

    • Lina says:

      “Anonymous” (from April 21, at 11:02 p.m.)

      When I first read your post I told myself: ” Oh God…not another one that doesn’t believe and is in denial.”

      Then I realize I shouldn’t jump to conclusion and be so hard on you “Anonymous” person. I am sorry.

      After all, I had the same reaction when I saw the picture and read the news about Msgr. Robert Borne in the Pembroke Daily Observer newspaper in April 2009.

      It must be all a mistake, there is no way this priest did what they are accusing him of doing.
      That’s not the priest that I know. He is such a nice man. He always had a smile when he saw me.
      I’m sure all this will be cleared up in a short time, etc…

      “Anonymous”, Father Dan Miller will have an attorney and his rights will be protected.

      If you believe in prayer…pray for him and pray for all who are involved in this case.
      Furthermore, it wouldn’t hurt to pray for all the priests in the Pembroke Diocese because these priests/clergy are going through round number 3 with another brother priest of theirs in crisis with the law and it can’t be easy for them.

    • Anne says:

      I can’t imagine what you would think the reasoning would be for these victims to come forward if they were not telling the truth. I hope you can bring yourself to see the truth. This Miller guy is still having a powerful impact on people like you in completely duping you.

  26. Lloyd Bennett says:

    A Pembroke priest is facing more sex related charges. Renfrew OPP say another three alleged victims have come forward and on Friday, police laid another six charges against 67 year old Daniel Miller for alleged indecent assault and gross indecency.
    That brings to 12 the number of counts Miller is facing currently. The latest charges are for alleged incidents that occured between 1969 and 1978 in the Arnprior, Deep River and Eganville areas. Miller was originally arrested in late February and charged for alleged offences against two then pre-teen boys and one adult man between 1970 and 1980. Miller is out on bail with a promise to appear in court in Renfrew on May 9th.

  27. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for that Lloyd. The article is now posted. I asked in a comment on the article and will also ask here if anyone knows if the court date of 25 April has been postponed?

  28. Lina says:

    From 580 CFRA News Talk Radio

    Pembroke Priest Facing New Charges

    Josh Pringle
    Tuesday, April 24, 2012

    A Pembroke priest is now facing 12 charges in relation into historic sexual assault allegations dating back 40 years.

    Ontario Provincial Police charged Daniel Miller in February for alleged offences that occurred against then pre-teenage boys and an adult male between 1970 and 1980.

    The OPP says the 67-year-old Miller was charged on Friday with six additional changes related to 3 additional victims in Arnprior, Deep River and Eganville dating back to 1969.

    Miller is now facing 12 charges of indecent assault and gross indecency in relation to six victims.

    Miller will appear in court in Renfrew on May 9.

  29. Lina says:

    News from
    MYFM Radio Daily News
    Local Breaking News


    Miller is out on bail with a promise to appear in court in Renfrew on May 9th.

  30. Sylvia says:

    The court date for tomorrow morning in Renfrew still stands.

  31. Confused Catholic says:

    In the beginning, I too was hopeful of Robert Borne’s innocence. I applaud the victims for having the courage to come forward, they have suffered for a long time, some in silence. I can understand those who knew and were close to Dan Miller are shocked.
    When the news was first reported, it was “not another one”

    It is a very confusing time. I am having difficulty attending church, I know it is not God’s fault, but it is very hard to listen to the priest preach the word of God, and trust in him. How do we encourage our children to attend mass?

    What a mess Bishop Mulhall has inherited. Those before him must have turned a blind eye, Msgr Barry, Bishop Smith, who of course are now dead. Bishop O’Brien was climbing the ladder and Bishop Smith (?) was just passing through.

    I found this site when the news about Robert Borne broke. I was looking for answers. It was upsetting to read some of the posts. I didn’t like Sylvia. But now, time has passed, some truth has come out and it is helping me come to terms with what has happened. I think your posts are more accurate than what has been reported in the local newspapers. So, thank you. However, I don’t believe all of the truth has been told…..yet.

  32. Mike says:

    No, all of the truth has not come out yet, unfortunately. This IS a sad time for the Catholic Church, brought on by it’s own leaders.
    “Confused Catholic”, please do not let this sway your faith in God. God is still very real, loving and benevolent. These troubled times will pass, and as I’ve said before, it will all come out in the wash. Mike

    • Suzanne Herrick-Lee says:

      Have been wanting to post my thoughts for quite a while; but my emotions got in the way; hoping now as I type through my tears that my thoughts are lucid; I am one of those from the Prior who knew Fr Dan very well; as a parishoner; professionally and on a personal level;I have decided that the best way for me to come to terms with the charges and eventual outcomes is to attend the court hearings; because only then will we come to the truth; you can go as a neutral party; going to the trial of Msgr Borne was very healing for me; and I gained an insight to a totally different person than the public one he presented to me both professionally and on a personal level…those of you up; down and across the Valley and the parishes who are in disbelief about Fr Dan please try to make some of the trial when it comes up x? number of years; I do understand the shock and disbelief; I recently told someone that I’d be in the court crying in the corner; both for the VICTIMS; and the man we all thought we knew; I never thought in my imagination that I would be emailing my son in the North asking him questions about when he served under Fr Dan ( he hasn’t responded; he’s a Valley boy; and probably thinks my question to be insane); but as a mother I wanted to pose the question; I know I’m not the only Arnprior mother who posed the question of their very adult sons; my prayers go out to ALL

  33. Larry Green says:

    Suzanne, I am so sorry to hear that this case in particular has such a profound and personal impact on you.

    • Suzanne Herrick-Lee says:

      Thanks Larry!The victims are the really silent sufferers; there are; however; many other residual vistims who have such a sense of betrayal and who question their judgements….

  34. Sylvia says:

    Suzanne, you speak for many who are in a state of shock and disbelief over these charges, and you speak well and from the heart.

    Yes, you are so right in encouraging others to do as you have done- go to the court yourself and see and hear for yourself.

    I look forward to seeing you 🙂

  35. Lina says:

    There are many Grey sisters of the Immaculate Conception from Pembroke are fearful to speak out publicly for obvious reasons about Fr. Dan Miller.

    These nuns are not happy with the Diocese of Pembroke to let this Fr. Dan Miller minister to them by saying Masses and hearing their confessions knowing full well there was something very wrong with this priest for a long time. They feel they were betrayed by certain priests and bishops.

    Sisters whoever you are…I share your pain and betrayal!

  36. Sylvia says:

    And I wonder what the Sisters of St. Joseph think Lina? Fr. Miller is, as one of my contacts put it, “a house guest” at the Sisters of St. Joseph motherhouse in Pembroke, Ontario.

  37. Lina says:

    I spoke to a St. Joseph nun (she was using her words very carefully) that Fr. Dan Miller was a twin and his twin sister was dead as well as his parents. She said he has no close family here. She added all the Sisters at St. Joseph’s Motherhouse are praying for him, all the clergy and the victims in the Pembroke Diocese.

    I did write here at this website some time ago about a nun of St. Joseph visiting an elderly man while I was there. She walk into the house and spoke with so much confidence and she told us and I quote:

    “What do you think about our Msgr. Robert Borne?…you know he’s guilty!”

    Months late that same nun told us we must have misunderstood her words.
    We both knew what this nun shared with us that day but for some unknown reasons she recanted her statement she had made to us.
    I didn’t want to get into an argument with her so I decided to just let it go. But I knew this nun lied and she did share other stuff that same day about Msgr. Borne.
    Such as…..’you would be surprise how many more priests (clergy) are around…are just like him, Borne’.

    Sylvia, those are very disturbing and scary comments coming from a nun!

    This is the same nun that told me about Fr. Dan Miller so she must have been told to keep quiet and not talk about any priests especially about Fr. Dan Miller.

    This St. Joseph nun was not her usually CONFIDENT self the last time she spoke to me about the concerns of the clergy abuse scandals in the Pembroke Diocese.

    • Suzanne Herrick-Lee says:

      Sylvia and Lina: Fr Dan Miller’s sister; Anne? is deceased; she belonged to a religious congregation; if memory serves me right; she was a Sister of St Joseph; Fr Dan was very close to her; his parents are both deceased; he has/had a cousin who in the early 1990’s lived in Sudbury …..

      • Lloyd Bennett says:

        *Father Dan still has lots of relations in the Renfrew area,  Don’t know howclose they are
        as I have been away from the Renfrew area for many years.

        I grew up just a few houses down the street from Dan.

        If I remember correctly his father died while a patient in the hospital
        He tried to light a cigarette while he was in an oxygen tent and it exploded.

        • Suzanne Herrick-Lee says:

          Yes; Lloyd; Fr Dan’s Dad died in hospital in manner in which you stated; I was raised beside OLF Church; on Barry St and vividly remember my Mom telling me about the tragic death of his Dad

  38. Anon says:

    I was surprised by the news of Father Daniel Miller, as I found out just a week ago.  I’m a past parishioner of St. John Chrysostom in Arnprior, and my parents are still parishioners…they are shocked as well.  We remember him as being very well liked and popular in church and community.  He’s in our prayers.

  39. twain says:


    My Mother-in-law once told me that God doesn’t judge you entirely on the worst things you have done in your life.  For Dan Miller I hope this is true.  

    I knew Father Dan during the time of the events for which he is charged. Now I ask myself these questions.  Was he checking out potential victims while conducting mass?  Was he comforting families after loved ones had died and at the same time was he making predatory plans against vulnerable innocents?  There is no doubt that in his role as the parish priest he comforted the grieving, celebrated the joyous occasions of baptisms and weddings and listened to confession.  But was this just a cover to hide the evil motives of a pedophile preying upon those who fully trusted him?  Only God knows.  But these charges have hit me like a ton of bricks because an innocence from long ago, hidden deep in my heart, has been ruptured.  Something evil was happening while Miller was a trusted teacher and guardian of the flock.

    I have had to rethink my Catholic upbringing over these past couple months.  Way back when, if Dan Miller could be a young and hip priest that could relate to the local youth as none of the older priests could, then maybe it was cool to attend church and show your faith.   But because of these charges, I now consider all priests as either predators or potential predators.  I will never allow any of my children near a priest without an adult present.  The institution that tolerated and sheltered these pedophiles is rotten from the Vatican down to the parishes.  The trust is now gone.

    I pray for his victims.  I probably knew you.  May you heal from the damage inflicted by this man.  There is a special place in the afterlife, I like to think, for people who harm children.  I also pray for Father Dan.  I pray that some of the good he did throughout his life will in some way be considered when he is answering to God for the unspeakable harm he inflicted upon others. 

    • Mike Mc says:

      Well said and written, twain. I know the feeling through the Bishop Lahey affair. You start to rethink your Catholic upbringing. And certainly a site like Sylvia’s shows a Church that has indeed betrayed Catholics and their trust.
      Somehow a Boy scout leader is so very different that a priest. Ok, both are men and have leadership roles connected to trust etc. But a priest or Bishop that molests and sexually abuses, or covers up someone who does, makes the Church suddenly an evil place. Evil…that’s a pretty strong word. But I think I now see a confused and fractured Church…and one that has priests…who are men only….at the root of the problem.  I like to call it “the old boys club” that has been around a long time. I have a real issue with this today. Men have proven themselves too often to be at the root of problems…war, politics, religion, rapes, sexual abuse and so much more. I do realize it has always been a male dominated world. Hopefully things are changing. And that change should definitely start within the catholic Church. Until that happens, the male priesthood has proven very clearly it is now verymuch an unholy priesthood. I don’t make these comments lightly.

      Twelve charges against Dan Miller is just the tip of the iceberg.

  40. Sylvia says:

    Two coloured photos of Father Daniel Miller have been added to the above page.

  41. Disillusioned says:

    *since the news of the charges against Dan Miller, I have completely lost faith in the Catholic Church.  Suzanne, you and I worked professionally with this man.  We both had such high regard for him and he did spend time with our kids, our family, and seemed so genuinely kind and caring.  Such a facade….I’m having a really hard time dealing with this……and as others have said, I too have lost that trust, not just from the charges laid, but from the rather obvious “cover up” and “protection” given to these men.  My heart goes out to the victims……how they have suffered silently for so many years and now see these criminals given expert counsel and protection.  As far as attending the court sessions, I’m not sure I could do that.  When I think about the times Fr. Dan was in our home, all the while hiding his true character…..just can’t get my head around this one at all.  Don’t know if I will ever get my faith back…..after growing up in a very “Catholic” home, living and teaching my children, the “Catholic” doctrine……I’m truly disillusioned!  And now another delay in the legal process because he has now been assigned a new lawyer who apparently succeeded in getting lighter sentences for similar cases……doesn’t seem like justice to me.  Is this the “Catholic” way????

  42. Lina says:


    This lady. Her and her husband were married by Fr. Dan Miller.

    He was known to her family. She is also having a difficult time with the Fr. Dan Miller’s situation.

    She went to confession and told the priest about her not coping well with all the scandals in the Pembroke Diocese and this last case with Fr. Dan Miller is very upsetting . The priest only told her to go talk to the Bishop.  

    She told her friends she is so disappointed in all he priests.  

  43. Lina says:

    *You call it gossip Tim Dooling?  I call it…you don’t care what the rippling effects are doing to parishioners across the Pembroke Diocese. You rather pretend like your buddy priests and others like you that the scandals are no big deal. 

  44. Sylvia says:

    The next court date for Father Daniel Miller is this Wednesday, 27 June 2012 at 09:30 am in the Renfrew, Ontario courthouse, 9:30 am, “to be spoken to.”

  45. Sylvia says:

    Father Daniel Miller’s next court-date is a pre-trial,  09:30 am in the Pembroke, Ontario courthouse.  Pre-trial hearings are generally NOT open to the public.  Note too that this is in Pembroke, not Renfrew, Ontario

  46. Lina says:

    *What would be the reason(s) for Fr. Dan Miller’s court case move to Pembroke from Renfrew?

    I know the priest who usually represents the Pembroke Diocese in these priests’ court cases has been transferred from Renfrew to a Pembroke parish recently. 

    Could that be one of the reasons Sylvia? 

  47. Sylvia says:

    The move is not unusual Lina.  There would be a point where the proceedings would transfer to Pembroke.  There is next to nothing for facilities in Renfrew – just the one big courtroom where everyone sits waiting for their name to be called..

  48. Sylvia says:

    Father Daniel Miller’s next court date is 14 August 2012, 11 am, to set a date, Pembroke, Ontario courthouse

  49. Sylvia says:

    There was another court-date for Father Daniel Miller this morning.  Dates for examination for discovery have now been set:  08-11 November 2012. This is NOT open to the public.

    There is also a court-date set for “continuation of preliminary hearing.”  I am unsure and was unable to find out why it is listed as a “continuation” – there has been no other date prior to this for a preliminary hearing.  I will find out more before the date comes up.  For now, the scheduled court-date is: 11 December 2012

  50. Donna says:

    *I am not sure what the legal terms mean such as discovery? It is too bad that Dan Miller doesn’t get to face his former parishners as well as his victims while going to court.

  51. Sylvia says:

    I have been looking online to find a good explanation of examination for discovery.  I haven’t found one yet – will continue to look.

    Here is my understanding…

    Examination for discovery is in essence an opportunity for each side (defence and Crown) to look at the evidence of the other side.  It is also opportunity for a party to find evidence which is favourable to its argument.

    Potential witnesses are ‘examined’ under oath  to discover what the witnesses know and how they will testify if they are put on the stand.

    There is no judge present.  The proceedings are recorded and can later be transcribed and purchased by either party. 

    Both sides are also required to disclose documents and other evidence to the other party.  There are usually  requests for other documents or evidence which has not been disclosed but which the other party knows or thinks exists.  There may be objections to disclosure of evidence or even to questions posed to a witness, for example there can be objections that certain evidence or testimony is protected by solicitor-client privilege. 

    All in all, it’s sort of a fact finding mission.

  52. Sylvia says:

    There are changes to Father Daniel Miller`s next court date.  As it stands now Examination for Discovery is booked for four days:  08-09 Nov. and 26-27 Nov. 2012.  This will NOT be conducted in the Pembroke courthouse and will probably NOT be open to the public.  It sounds as though it is very similar to a preliminary hearing – witness will be examined and the proceedings will be recorded. I am awaiting a return call to get further clarification.

    Then there is another court-date on 11 December 2012.  This date will apparently be a teleconference with the judge and will will be related to the examination for discovery.  It will probably be in the Pembroke court house.  At this time, depending on circumstances,  the case could be sent to the Ontario Superior Court for trial.  As I said above, I am awaiting a return call at which time I will get further clarification on all of this.  I am not at all familiar with criminal cases which go for Examination for Discovery vs a preliminary hearing so really want to get it all clarified.

  53. Winnie says:

    When I found out that Fr. Millar was charged I told my brother you worked at the Priest house in the late 70’s and 80’s as a student, and he was not at all surprised with the charges . Fr. Millar would often have breakfast with a group of people after 8:30 Mass and my mother who is now deceased will probably be rolling in her grave as the Priest were someone who they revered as a superior being. I have now become very disillusioned with the Catholic Church not so much my faith but how it is run and how they can justify what these men have done. It has been a known fact for years that people like this often become priest because no one would ever believe they could do things like that. Even with this in the news the church stills try to cover up the fact that they are putting their heads in the sand. I know God is a forgiving being but I hope he can give the families of the victims some sort of solace in whatever the outcome will be. Defrocking would be the best punishment and jail time.

  54. Lina says:

    Winnie you are not the only one who is disillusioned with the Catholic Church in how it’s run and how these men were help to cover up their crimes.

    As for Fr. Dan Miller I believe he has the same lawyer as Msgr. Robert Borne? Maybe I’m wrong?

    I was told my a St. Joseph nun that Fr. Dan Miller is staying at their Mother house.

    I gather Fr. Dan Miller has to live someplace and the people at the Convent should be safe.

    I don’t understand why the Pembroke Bishop who has and lives in a large house why can he have Fr. Dan Miller stay with him.

    I don’t understand why the Bishop of the Pembroke Diocese needs a house all by himself anyway. I believe all the other former Bishops didn’t.
    Some of that money they save could go to the clergy abuse victims.

  55. Ceilidhe says:

    Unless there are little boys or teenage boys staying at the convent I think the residents there are safe from Dan Miller! I really don’t think the nuns have anything he would be interested in.
    I pray for his victims.

  56. Lina says:

    It’s not unusual for the Catholic Church to use a place like a convent to help certain people in immediate crises situation in order to give them a temporarily place to dwell.

    Obviously, Fr. Miller needs a safe place to stay and a convent would give him that security.

    I remember while I was working at that same convent in the early 1970’s I saw a very pregnant nervous girl staying there. She was about 14 or 15 years old. Some very elderly nuns would come and eat their meal in the same little dinning room. That poor young girl would come and eat her meal quickly and leave.

    Some elderly nuns whose eyesight were still clear didn’t like an unwed very pregnant girl eating at the same table with them. (good thing not all nuns acted that way)
    It wan’t long, the girl was moved to another part of the convent.

    A short time later, a kind nun quietly told me that the girl had made a mistake and the sisters were helping her and their prayers were answered because the girl decided not to go through for an abortion.

    So this pregnant girl who was in need of help had a temporarily safe place to stay in this convent.

  57. Sylvia says:

    Father Dan Miller was a no show at court yesterday. He was paged several times. Not there.

    A new court date was set: 22 January 2013, 2pm.

  58. Sylvia says:

    Please note that Father Dan Miller has been committed to stand trial in Ontario Supreme Court.

    13 December 2012: Father Miller to stand trial on 12 sex charges

    The court date of 22 January 2013 is a judicial pre-trial. This will NOT be open to the public.

  59. Lina says:

    Thank you Sylvia for the update about Fr. Dan Miller.

    • Suzanne Herrick-Lee says:

      Thank you so much, Sylvia, for your diligence in following the long process as Fr Miller winds his way to the trial. Is it unusual that he didn’t make this appearance in light of your experience with the courts? The good news, for me at least, and certainly for the courageous victims who have come forward, is that none of the cases were thrown out…

      • Sylvia says:

        I’m not sure Suzanne that he was obliged to appear on the 12th. Sometimes ‘deals’ are made whereby the accused is not obliged to appear in these early stages of the process. That may well have been the case here and therefore it may then have been oversight which prompted the paging.

        Yes, it is good news that all of the charges still stand. That however may change during the judicial pre-trial. It is not unusual for charges to be whittled away during pre-trial. I am sure Mr. Carew will work as diligently on the whittling process for Father Miller as he did for Father Borne.

        • Suzanne Herrick-Lee says:

          I shall pray for the witnessess/victims that they survive Carew’s questioning and that the charges stick, my question, who is paying for Carew?, All parishioners within the Diocese of Pembroke should be asking the same question?

  60. Sylvia says:

    Father Daniel Miller’s next court date is 15 March 2013 in Pembroke, Ont. at 3 pm.
    This is to be a continuation of the pre-trial hearing which was started yesterday at 2 pm.

    These pre-trial hearings are NOT open to the public.

    I just checked: Father Miller was first charged 29 February 2012. It’s just coming up on a year. I am sure it seems an eternity for the complainants.

  61. Ceilidhe says:

    So what is the latest on Dan Miller? Week after week passes and I sit at Mass wondering if my priest will be the next one unmasked as a child molester. I hate this waiting game! Why can’t these monsters resign when they break the law and dishonor Christ’s Church by molesting a child? I am sickened by the length of time this is taking and I wonder what the hold-up is?

    • PJ says:

      Because they are being protected by fellow collars. And to add insult to injury, they are likely using parishioner’s donations to help defend the pervert. Until parishioners begin withholding donations until that church really begins dealing with the issue of collar abuse, the vicious cycle will continue. Unfortunately, many of the collars have blinded their parishioners to the point where they believe what they are being told as gospel.

    • Sylvia says:

      I have a call in to get the next court date for Father Miller. I should have it tomorrow.

  62. Ceilidhe says:

    I stopped contributing financially to the Catholic Church a few years ago for these same reasons. I believe that until the sexual abuse of minors has a direct effect on their finances, they will continue to harbor pedophiles. Morally I found that I could not support my parish without condoning child abuse so I stopped contributing. I still attend Mass and it saddens me that I no longer put an envelope in the collection plate but I know of no other way to show that I want change!

  63. PJ says:

    God bless you for your stand!! Another angle would be to “spread the news” about what and why you are doing this with other parishioners if you don’t mind some resistance and negative commenting. It is something we victims face on a regular basis when dealing with that church. I admire your stance and would also encourage you to share Sylvia’s List with others…it’s the only way to get the word out. Have a great day, you just made mine!

  64. Sylvia says:

    The next court date for Father Miller is Friday 19 April 2013, “to be spoken to.”

    There is some confusion re start time – I am awaiting a call back – will post as soon as I have it.

  65. Sylvia says:

    Start time for the Father Daniel Miller court date on 19 April 2013 is 2 pm. For those who have asked, yes, it is open to the public. There probably won’t be too much happening – this is working toward either entering a guilty plea or setting a trial date (or date for a preliminary hearing). It is usually over and done with in the twinkle of an eye, and will probably result in the setting of another date, either again “to be spoken to,” or, if things are moving along, “to set a date.” If you have been following other cases on Sylvia’s Site you will have seen that these court dates “to set a date” can go on and on for months. I doubt that Father Miller will be there. At the end of the day however, as I often say, one never knows 🙂

  66. Sylvia, would I be safe in assuming that Miller’s case is still being dealt with in Pembroke court? Mike.

  67. Sylvia says:

    I received a message from the Crown, Mr. Nichols, this morning. Here is the info regarding upcoming court dates for Father Daniel Miller:

    3 pm, 03 June 2013, Pembroke, Ontario courthouse, for guilty please and “facts.”

    I wasn’t here to take the call, but am quite certain that “facts” will be a statement of facts presented in court regarding the crimes which Father Miller committed.

    Note that the start time is 3 pm NOT 10 am. That’s what I was anxious to get clarified. It is 3 pm.

    The second scheduled court date is the sentencing hearing on 10 am 17 September 2013.

    I am unable to access the Father Miller page to update the start time. Would you please pass the word so those who plan to attend have the correct time.

    • Suzanne Herrick-Lee says:

      Thanks Sylvia, for your persistence in finding out the date and times for the court appearance on June 3rd, I will be in attendance, hoping others can see their way clear to also attend….. A little bit of closure, maybe….am continuing to keep the victims in my thoughts and prayers… You are the brave ones!!!

  68. Sylvia says:

    Oops! Typos. I can’t correct it right now sow ill have to do it this way. That obviously should be “pleas,” not “please” 🙂

  69. Sylvia says:

    I just posted the article from the Eganville Leader (pdf file):

    03 June 2013: Priest pleads guilty to molesting five boys

    • Lina says:

      Kudos to the Eganville Leader newspaper.

      That is what I call an adequate coverage of the news about Fr. Dan Miller.

      Thank you Sylvia!

  70. Larry Green says:

    Sylvia, in the news article above the writer refers explicitly to some of the quotes you made. Is the following also in reference to a quote by yourself “she has not let the actions of a few men hinder her in her faith?” Or have they added that out of conjecture based merely on the information that you are a practicing Catholic?

  71. Lina says:

    This on-going movement to expose the clergy abuse crimes in Catholic Church is necessary, even in the Pembroke Diocese.

    There’s nothing wrong if you follow the Catholic Church, but when you follow the Church blindly that’s when it gets dangerous and nasty.

    The Catholic clergy need to do more in taking responsibility for these evil crimes. If they continue, this business as usual attitude, it sends out an atmosphere of news that the clergy are entitled to make all kind of excuses why these crimes are and were covered up. Therefore, we will keep on witnessing very little progress in accountability on the Catholic Church’s part. The Catholic Church thrives on silence, secrets and fear tactics.

    True, it’s difficult to comprehend why many Catholics keep giving their support (some unknowingly) to any clergy that down play the seriousness of these crimes against the innocent.

    The stalling tactics for justice only makes it worst for victims, their loved ones, their supporters and the Catholic Church.

    The maltreatment of victims under the cloak of religion can never be justified and should not be tolerated.

    To report abuse to the authorities does not diminish your faith or even your spiritual beliefs.

    Remember…not one of those clergy walks on water.

  72. Claire I Fied says: is the link Steven Neuman’s article in the Arnprior Chronicle-Guide. I had heard rumors that the crowd was admonished by the judge, and that he had indicated some of the victim impact statements ventured outside the intended boundaries of it – was Mr. Neuman there to give the first-hand report or did he hear those rumors too?

    • Suzanne Herrick-Lee says:

      I was there, it is true re judge, he did tell crowd they could leave or be escorted out if emotions couldn’t be contained, it was when Miller’s lawyer was equating Southdown with jail time, also he inferred that the statements went beyond the boundaries… comments about Church and lack of action

    • Sylvia says:

      Thanks for the link Claire I Fied. A good article. It is now posted: 26 September 2013: Emotional victim-impact statements read before Crown seeks prison term

      And, as Suzanne says, yes, it’s true – the judge did admonish the crowd. I personally thought he could have been a bit more understanding of the emotions in that room and could have said what he felt he had to say in a much kindlier and sympathetic fashion. It’s not as though there was yelling a screaming or very audible outbursts. There was none of that – it was more murmur and a few stifled gasps.

      And, yes, the judge also made known that he felt that some victims had strayed beyond the set boundaries for their Victim Impact Statements. Most people do not realize that victims are not at all free to say what they want to say in their VIS. I too was shocked some years ago to find out some years ago that there are rules and regulations.

      • Claire I Fied says:

        A(ny) judge does not take kindly to any sort of disruption in his/her court room by observers or the parties themselves and regardless of the ‘content of the case’ will in no uncertain terms stop any in its tracks harshly.

        “victim impact statement allows victims to participate in the sentencing of the offender by explaining to the court and the offender, in their own words, how the crime has affected them.” The Church was not in the offender’s box – Miller is – and I surely hope that (any) going outside the boundary doesn’t diminish the IMPACT on the victim in the judge’s eyes when considering sentence.

  73. Larry Green says:

    Surely to God any judge could recognize the fact that the implicitly articulated inability on the victims part to differentiate the church from Miller is very much a part of how he has been impacted by Miller’s molesting him. It should speak louder than if he had said the same explicitly.
    Whatever the rules and regualations are that govern VIS, there’s always the spirit of the law.

    • Claire I Fied says:

      That’s precisely what my concern is: whether the victim(s), you or anyone else has difficulty differentiating who the accused is (MILLER the person), the judge [apparently by his observation] does differentiate. Spirit of the law isn’t likely to have any ‘weight’ in this particular instance: the VIS is to assist the judge to consider the IMPACT the ACCUSED HAD ON the VICTIM(s) – not what impact a/ny “enabler(s) perceived or otherwise” may have had. ….and why I said I hope that (any) going outside the boundary doesn’t diminish the IMPACT on the victim in the judge’s eyes when considering sentence.

  74. Larry Green says:

    @ Claire I Fied, clarified…thank you!

  75. Gerard says:

    I read the Observer and The Leader and I am absolutely appalled and disgusted by the replies to the victims and their families….the Mother is vindictive and needs anger management?!!! How DARE you so-called religious representatives even think this way. And the Judge? Miller’s only gonna get 9 months ?!!!!! I was never overnight with this vile disgusting pedophile criminal, but I was an altar boy, I was in his car for a day trip, and I know the victims. A very wise and scientific man told me a decade or so ago that all religion is brainwashing of innocent children. At the time I thought it was a harsh judgement, but no more. I am struggling to understand how intelligent people can ignore science and believe all this B.S. called religion. If I believed in HELL I’d wish that they all burn there….

    • Lina says:

      I do support clergy abuse victims. It’s a real living nightmare for so many of these survivors.

      I’m not proud of the way the Pembroke Diocese deals with the victims of these nasty vile clergy.

      The Catholic Church has failed world wide and can’t afford to be indifferent towards clergy abuse victims/survivors these days.

      I don’t think moving forward with this canonization of Pope John Paul II is helping matters then again it’s a nice public relation move by the Vatican especially for those who live in a world that clergy abuse victims don’t seem to matter or even exist!

      So many people, including clergy keep blinders on and prefer to keep them on so they can feel somewhat comfortable to support these villainous priests. Gee whiz, maybe they think they will get an extra jewel in that halo of theirs in heaven…whatever?

      People just do not like to see children, the innocent being victimized and the Catholic Church doing very little or even nothing about it!
      One only need to read a few clergy abuse victims’ impact statements and you will get the message how they were treated by church authorities.

      Those days of not speaking up and pretending the Catholic clergy are above criticism that is so…OVER!

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