MacNeil, Edward Mark MacNeil (Father Ed MacNeil omi)

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Edward Mark MacNeil (Father Ed MacNeil omi)

Oblate priest.  Ordained 1965. Charged 1994.  GUILTY plea.   CONVICTED 1996. Sentenced to 30 months.

Email exchange with Ottawa’s Vicar General Msgr. Kevin Beach re Fathers Ed MacNeil omi and John Huels and Msgr. John Renken

30 November 2010:  BLOG Good News! (Father MacNeil’s faculties for the Archdiocese fo Ottawa were revoked)

20 November 2010:  BLOG  Recycling (The Recycling of Convicted Molester Father Ed MacNeil omi)

  November 2010:  Convicted clerical molester recycled to minister to native peoples with the Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa

     15 November 2010: Statement given to Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa staff

19 September 1996: R. v. MacNeil Between Her Majesty the Queen and Edward Mark MacNeil

Father Ed MacNeil omi was charged in 1994.  It seems however that his Oblate superiors were aware long before charges were laid that MacNeil was molesting.  The following dates are from the 1999 Oblate Directory and R.v.MacNeil (link above).  Note that court documents indicate that 1983-1984  MacNeil spent a year  “of personal renewal and studies in Mexico” (“treatment” centre?) and, according to court documents  in 1993 was “relieved of all responsibilities as a priest.”  Also note that court documents indicate that after his stay at Southdown he was “engaged in various ministries for adults only” but according to the Oblate directory from 1990-1994 he was at the  Native People’s Parish in Toronto, Ontario.  Doug Crosby omi, now Bishop of  Corner Brook Newfoundland, was MacNeil’s provincial from 1988-1994


10 December 2010:  BLOG Major faux pas Part 2

09 December 2010:  BLOG Major faux pas

01 July 1980:  Father Ed MacNeil says Mass at Waupoos Farm


29 December 1936:  DOB  (Oblate Directory 1999) Bridgeport. Nova Scotia (close to Glace Bay)

13 June 1965:  Ordained  (Oblate Directory 1999) Father Ed MacNeil omi ordination and first Mass, (Immaculate Conception Parish, Bridgeport, Nova Scotia 1885 1985 A Century of Faith and Community by Catherin A Godwin ([1985])

1965-1966: Pastoral year, St. Pat’s College (Ottawa, Ontario)

1966-1970: St. Agnes Parish, Fort William, Ontario  (Oblate Directory 1999)

1970-1971:  St. Joseph’s Parish, Ottawa, Ontario  (Oblate Directory 1999)

1971-1974: St. Agnes Parish, Fort William, Ontario  (Oblate Directory 1999)

(1995 sex abuse charges and subsequent convictions relate to abuse of 7 boys ages 9 to 11 between 1968 and 1973.  All but one victim was an altar boy at St. Agnes in Fort Williams.)

1974-1976:  Galilee Oblate House of Renewal, Arnprior, Ontario  (Oblate Directory 1999)

1976-1982:  Provincial, Ottawa, Ontario  (Oblate Directory 1999)

1980:  says Mass at opening of Ottawa Waupoos Farm, a “fun farm for underprivileged families”

Provincial of St. Peter’s Province (article above)

1983-1984: according to court documents spent “a year of personal renewal and studies in Mexico”

1983-1989:  Rector, Galilee, Arnprior, Ontario  (Oblate Directory 1999) (according to court documents served as “Administrator in the Program for Personal and Spiritual Renewal”)

1989-1990:  Vocations work/Galilee Renewal Centre   (Oblate Directory 1999)

1990-1994: Native People’s Parish, Toronto, Ontario (Oblate Directory 1999)

July 1990:  according to court documents requested help for his sexual problems

March 1991 – September 1991:  according to court documents attended Southdown for his sexual problems

From September 1991: According to court documents was “engaged in various ministries for adults only.”

( In the Summer of 1992 MacNeil was a director at the Summer Institute Human Sexuality at Galilee Mission Centre, Arnprior, Ontario.  MacNeil co-directed the July directed retreat “A time to ‘Be still and know that I am God.'” Click here to see the promo for the 1992 “Summer Institute Human Sexuality” ) .

June 1993:  according to court documents, was relieved of all responsibilities as a priest.  According to the same documents, “he worked as a volunteer at the Wellesley Hospital with special responsibilities for the care and comfort of AIDS patients.  In addition as a volunteer with the Street People’s Association of Toronto and he delivered soup, coffee, sandwiches, plus warm coats and sleeping bags.”

1994–  Charged.

Chaplain, Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse, Peterborough, Ontario  (Oblate Directory 1999)

According to court documents MacNeil told the sisters that he was dealing with problems in the past. (Did MacNeil tell the sisters that he was a child molester?  That I don’t know, but I do know that at that time MacNeil had not been charged – charges were laid in 1995.     Looking at the time-lines it is obvious MacNeil’s sexual proclivities were known to his Oblate superior long  before he was charged..)

1996:  GUILTY plea.


has been living at Springhurst Oblate residence in Ottawa Ontario.

Often at Galilee Mission Centre in Arnprior, both helping out and/or leading workshops or giving talks.

December 2006:  Installed as part of the Ontario leadership team for Lacombe-Canada, the Oblate province which was formed in 2002 after the merger of all other provinces. (From Info Lacombe December 15 2006:   ” The closing liturgy saw the installation of the new Ontario Local Community leadership. Roy Boucher OMI was named superior, assisted by Vaughan Quinn OMI, Edward MacNeil OMI, and Richard Kelly OMI.”)

04-11 May 2007:  Conducted a ‘retreat’ at St. Joseph’s Motherhouse, Pembroke Ontario “The Spirituality of Letting Go.” The activity was sponsored by the Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada

2008:  Actively involved in and spoke at the 21-22 November 2008 first” mini-conference” of the Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa – according to the 16 January 2009 Lacombe publication: “Fr. Ed MacNeil, OMI gave an inspired talk on Hope, setting the tone for the rest of the conference.”

May-June 2008:  along with Father Robert Smith omi and others created “Growing Our Adult Faith: Reflections Illuminated by St. Eugene de Mazenod and the Oblate Charism”.  Representatives from three Ottawa parishes participated in the program (St. Joseph’s, Canadian Martyrs and and St. Basil’s).

??:  Named Director of MAMI (Missionary Association of Mary Immaculate) East Office.

04 June 2010:  Active participant in the Kateri Native Ministry of Ottawa 12th Annual Healing and Reconciliation conference held in the Marguerite Centre, Pembroke, Ontario.

20 June 2010:  MacNeil’s name and phone are listed in Saint Joseph Parish bulletin ( Ottawa) as the contact for MAMI (Missionary Association of Mary Immaculate)

address 130 Springhurst Ave., Ottawa, Ontario (Oblate residence)


Canadian Press

13 September 1996

THUNDER BAY, Ont. — Court appearance for Father Edward MacNeil, former assistant pastor of St. Agnes church, who now lives in Toronto. He was convicted of four counts of indecent assault that occurred as far back as 1968 and he now faces a fifth charge.


Ex‑priest jailed for molesting seven boys

Canadian Press

October 11, 1996  00.32 EST


A former Roman Catholic priest has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison for the “depraved” and “despicable” crimes of indecently assaulting seven young boys 25 years ago.

All but one of the victims was an altar boy at a church in Northern Ontario where Edward Mark MacNeil was the priest, Justice Stanley Kurisko noted in a judgment released Thursday.

The victims, aged nine to 11, weren’t physically harmed but some have suffered “permanent emotional and psychological consequences,” the judge said.

Some of the victims talked about failed relationships and alcohol abuse. One feared he would become a homosexual and now “says he has lost his faith in God and the Roman Catholic  Church and mistrusts all religious organizations,” Kurisko said.

The judge concluded MacNeil, now 60, finally “requested help for his sexual problems” in 1990 and voluntarily entered a treatment program. He was relieved of all responsibilities as a priest in 1993, pleaded guilty to the charges and apologized to the victims in open court.

Nevertheless, Kurisko concluded, “the overriding need for general deterrence and denunciation of the depraved and reprehensible conduct of the accused requires” a prison term.


Priest’s sex assault trial delayed

Canadian Press

January 29, 1996  19.40 EST


A judge apologized to witnesses after a sexual assault case against a Roman Catholic priest was postponed Monday.

Rev. Edward MacNeil, a former assistant pastor at St. Agnes Church, is charged with four counts of gross indecency and two of indecent assault.

“This matter has been around since February 1994,” Justice John Wright said. “This is extraordinary that it can be in court (that long) and not be disposed of.”

Prosecutor Dave MacKenzie said he thought Monday’s session was to be a sentencing hearing. But defence lawyer Lee Baig said some matters were in dispute and more time was needed.

Wright adjourned the trial to June 5.



July 16, 1995  07.23 EST

Canadian Press


The following people, believed to be travelling in the Atlantic

provinces, are asked to contact the nearest detachment of the


— William and Carolyn Joslin, Pebble Beach, Ca.

— Kelly Sanderson, Monson, Me.

— Edward MacNeil, Peterborough, Ont.

— Alfreda and Marvin MacPhee, Nova Scotia

— Charlie and Meg Mooring, Malagash, N.S.

— John David Sloss, Ottawa.

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  1. daniel hall says:

    Hi, Sylvia,
    Just discovered your site by accident! I have a story to tell, but I’m not about to do it over the Internet, no matter how secure a site appears to be! I don’t know where you’re located, but if you’re in Ottawa or close by, I’d like to arrange to meet you.
    Please feel free to contact me at: 613 xxx xxxx. Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you. ~ daniel

  2. Sylvia says:

    I will be in touch with you Daniel. I Xed out your phone number – no need of having the whole world calling you 🙂

  3. *It disgusts me to know that many priest who have been charged and found guilty are returned to ministry and many hold positions of leadership.

    If ever I can be of assistance, please call me.  It is important children are protected and the church be held accountable to ensure these men are not active ministers or priests.  Incredible to think Molesters are serving.  

  4. PJ says:

    It’s an issue we all would love to see resolved but until popesy and that church finally decide to to the right thing, these convicted collars will continue to serve. Mr Wilson, what is it you can help with? I’m just curious as to what you are offering. Every little bit helps and sometimes help comes from unexpected sources.

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