Leblanc: Brother Olivain Leblanc

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notre dame college yearbook 1981

Olivain Leblanc

Holy Cross brother (Religious Brother with the Congregation of the Holy Cross.  This is the same order to which Brother Andre belonged.   Some media articles refer to Leblanc as a priest.  He is NOT a priest.)    Charged 2012 – charges relate to allegations that he and Brother OGeorges Sarrazin sexually assaulted students at College Notre Dame between 1966 and 1980. (Age 70 in 2012)

14 November 2017Fifteen months house arrest for long-term sexual abuse of student which started when the boy was 13 – for first seven months must, with exception of specific circumstances,  be in his residence all day; for remaining eight months must respect a curfew.  Also 39 years on Canada’s sex offender registry.


14 November 2017:  House arrest for Collège Notre-Dame pedophile


Next court date: 14 November 2017:  Sentencing.  19 September 2013: 09:00 am, courtroom #406, “orientation declaration,” Montreal, Quebec courthouse


 Families still waiting for sex-abuse settlement money


 11:13 am, March 6th, 2013


 MONTREAL – Relatives of sexual abuse victims say they haven’t received most of the money owed to them, 13 months after reaching a deal with the Congregation of Holy Cross for $18 million.

 Alain Arsenault, the lawyer representing 223 abuse victims, asked a judge Tuesday in Montreal to sanction the congregation. He claimed the congregation’s lawyers have purposely slowed down the payment process.

He said the court has processed less than half of his clients’ files.

“(The lawyers for the priests) want to stretch out the process,” he said. “After the pedophilia, it’s sadism.”

Judge Claude Auclair denied Arsenault’s demand. Auclair said the delays are reasonable.

Abuse victims launched a class-action lawsuit in 2009 against the Congregation of Holy Cross, for abuse committed by its priests and other lay workers in Montreal-area schools between 1950 and 2001.

The two sides settled out of court for $18 million. Victims can receive up to $250,000 each.

However, the settlement will likely exceed $18 million as lawyers involved in 108 of the 223 cases cannot agree with congregation lawyers over indemnity costs.

Lawyers for the congregation said Tuesday in court that the payment process is moving “smoothly” and denied that they were acting in bad faith.

The two sides are scheduled to be back in court in June.

Montreal police issued arrest warrants in December for two Holy Cross priests, Olivain Leblanc, 70, and Georges Sarrazin, 91, accused of sexual assaults dating back to the 1960s.


 Second priest to be arrested for sexual abuse


February 2013

Montreal police will arrest a second priest believed to have sexually abused students of a school run by the Congregation of Holy Cross one of Quebecâs pre-eminent religious orders. The arrest of Olivain Leblanc, 70 follows that of Georges Sarrazin, 91. Full Article at Montreal Gazette [The latter article is no longer available online]


 Two elderly Que. priests accused of sexual assaults


 By QMI Agency

 29 December 2012

 Montreal police have issued arrest warrants for two elderly priests accused of sexual assaults dating back to the 1960s.

 Olivain Leblanc, 70, and Georges Sarrazin, 91, both brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross, could face charges including gross indecency, indecent behaviour and sodomy.

 It is alleged they sexually assaulted students at the College Notre-Dame in Montreal between 1966 and 1980. Police said four people have filed complaints against the two men.

 Police said they have proceeded slowly in the arrests because the men have “significant health problems” but expect to apprehend and charge them in the new year.

It’s just the latest scandal for the Congregation of Holy Cross, which was the subject of a 2009 class-action lawsuit brought by former students of College Notre-Dame and two other schools, who claimed they were sexually abused by priests or lay people working at the schools – some as far back as 1950. In 2011, the order agreed to an $18-million settlement to be paid to the victims. No criminal charges were laid.  


29 December 2012:  Montreal police to arrest two priests accused of abusing students decades ago


20 Responses to Leblanc: Brother Olivain Leblanc

  1. Sylvia says:

    The next court date for Olivain Leblanc is :

    19 September 2013: 09:00 am, courtroom #406, “orientation declaration,” Montreal, Quebec courthouse

    As I said in my comments on the next court date for Georges Sarrazin, I am a little lost here because of language issues, however this is definitely the next set court date. Like Leblanc, Sarrazin has not yet entered a plea and therefore at this point the proceedings are still moving toward trial. My understanding is that the 19th of September is to determine if there is sufficient evidence to move to trial. This sounds like it might be the same as a preliminary hearing, but I’m just not sure.

  2. Alfred LeBlanc says:

    I think my uncle is a good man that made a mistake. Who I blaime is Rome They could have Allowed thr Brothers Nuns and Fathers to marry> This is Mans law NOT Gods

    • David Barrett. says:

      A good man does not have sex with children. Are you a pedophile?

      I am the illegitimate son of Gilbert Theodule Aime LeBlanc, Olivains dad. Gilbert left his wife and two kids and met my bio mother, got her pregnant and left her as well. Perhaps that lack of honor must run in the family.

      • 1yellowknife says:

        Oh my goodness, I am so sorry, David Barrett. Speechless.

        • Kelly Leblanc says:

          I am doing research on my grandfather Gilbert Leblanc, trying to do a genealogy and came across this article, and I am not sure if this is the same person but my dad me me my grandfather died when he was 19 but this does not seem to be the case. Do you know of a Diane Parent. My grandfather wife. I am thinking he left them. My father Guy had a sister Nicole. You mention h leaving his wife and 2 kids.

  3. PJ says:

    Alfred: “I think my uncle is a good man that made a mistake.”…NO, he’s NOT a good man, he’s a sexual predator! And he didn’t make “a mistake”, he made a lot of them over that timeframe! So stop defending him and face the reality of the monster he is. Also, blaming what he did on the non-marriage thing is wrong. Pedophiles are found among married people too so that’s not a defines or excuse for what he did. Time for you to face the facts of what your uncle is, and innocent, is not what he is.

  4. B says:


    A “good” man does not satisfy his sexual desires by destroying the lives of the most vulnerable members of his congregation. A “good” priest would recognize that he swore oaths to be celibate which he is no longer able to keep, would exit the priesthood, and would then seek out a consensual relationship with an adult. Blaming others for your own mistakes is not the sign of a good, healthy person.

    God does, in fact, have many laws about not harming children.

  5. 1yellowknife says:

    Hello Alfred Leblanc: I found your comments interesting. You believe your uncle, Olivain Leblanc, made a mistake. Since I believe you are sincere — if you can — please encourage your uncle to plead guilty to any mistakes he may have made which resulted in the charges against him. Taking this step may help his victims in their healing. And that would be important, don’t you agree?

  6. Michel Bertrand says:

    I beleive oops I made a mistake….I Believe….Sexually abusing children is a crime. If you believe it was a mistake your not seeing it for what it is a tragic unecessary selfish criminal action.

  7. Alfred LeBlanc says:

    I myself hate any kind of abuse I know my uncle was wrong but he is my uncle and i love him is that wrong??

    • Sylvia says:

      There’s nothing wrong with loving him Alfred. You can still love him while you seek and pray for justice, for his own good, and for the good of all those whom he has harmed. And truly you do him no favour by minimizing the crime of sexual abuse of child as no more than a “mistake.”

    • Larry Green says:

      No Alfred. That isn’t.
      According to Buddha , to Ghandi, to Mandela, to Martin Luther King, to Jesus Christ, to the GOD of every single culture and nation you are not wrong. You are the light. Why would you ask here if you are wrong ? Your attitude mirrors all of these great men and Gods. YOU are the teacher and your method is humble indeed.

  8. JG says:

    Mr. Leblanc,
    What do you mean you Love him?….I love my dog, I love my old apple tree in the back yard… Did he buy you gifts when you were young, made you feel special, tell you touching stories or play hide and seek?? Maybe you Love the memories and the man he pretended to be? Do you Love the abuser, the man who had control over young boys and “chose” to do with them as he pleased because they were vulnerable, because they came from broken or poverty stricken homes…
    Imagine him pursuing young boys in the darken halls of the College…imagine he is threatening them with being sent home in shame…imagine he is telling a young 10,12,13 year old that if he says anything, “no one” will believe him!!!
    That is in a very restrained description how your uncle treated his victims….
    He probably said he Loved them as well and that he had a special connection with God and that he would help them rid themselves of the devil in their tormented desires of the flesh?…that he was of the same cloth as dear Brother André and that he could make them walk without a crutch also!!!
    You probably Love what you want to believe about him! Nobody wants to be related to a monster who was hiding under some “child’s” bed!
    You don’t have to feel guilt by association. Just try to feel what it was like for the victims. If you have any connection to him, tell him to “confess” and spare the victims further agony!
    That would really be Love!

  9. Alfred LeBlanc says:

    I know my uncle was wrong and I pray that all victems of abuse heal. All I said was I love my uncle I am not going to judge he will be judge by someone higher them my self I have Cerebral Palsy and I know abused people it is a long road back and some never get back. I never said it was right to abuse I feel all abusers should be shot and pissed on . I love my uncle I just cant find it in my heart to judge him

  10. Alfred LeBlanc says:

    I live in New Brunswick All I know is what I read on this site and from Mama We are a big and very close family This will be the last u will hear from me I wish u all lots of LOVE and Peace I LOVE U ALL

  11. JG says:

    Thank You. I didn’t realize that I have been in pain over a more recent incident in my life and I have been lashing out at anyone I could to ease that pain without realizing it. Like Larry said above you are being a source of light in more ways than one. Right now I could say you are also a silver lining, a discreet angel…
    That is what I have found on this site that eventually all who have visited can take some good from it and hopefully we help each other to become better human beings.
    Maybe it is not the time for you to go away, maybe we need you to stay!
    Recently I had even made a comment that generosity was highly overrated, that “caring” was just a trap for “abusers” of all kinds…Anyway, as I have done before on a few occasions, I was doubting everything and fighting everything I hold to be True…
    You coming here to ask:”Is it wrong to Love?” was a good lesson for anyone to rewind and pause.
    He does work in mysterious ways and you are obviously in his realm.
    You are a good representative or your family and Mama! I can only envy you and wish you would continue to share on this site.
    Maybe you are more than a light…maybe your candor could recharge some “old batteries”…
    Bonne chance à toi Alfred et Merci de ta participation. J’espère que tu vas demeurer et continuer d’échanger ici… il y a beaucoup a faire comme tu peux le constater!
    Salut, à la prochaine?…


  12. Lina says:

    When a person in the clergy is accused, arrested, found guilty in a court of law, his name is added to the Sex Offender Registry, etc….
    The family members of this clergyman suffer in so many ways and their pain is real.

    Once a Roman Catholic deacon told me there is nothing wrong for family members of a convicted priest to pray, support and love their brother and the parent love their son.

    But the actions of one family member going around and telling everyone their loved one is not guilty. This deacon was making it clear to me that family member actions were wrong.

    {The victims didn’t seem to matter}

    I recall what New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan said.

    The teaching of the church is based on the words of Jesus that we can’t judge people; we can judge actions.

  13. Alfred LeBlanc says:

    I wish all that reads this a very good day and BE SAFE AND HAPPY I LOVE U ALL

  14. BC says:

    So here’s the conclusion to one complaint against Brother Leblanc. Sentenced to house arrest; part of a 15 month community sentence +20 years sex offenders registry.


  15. Sylvia says:

    Thank you BC, for both. The French one went through google translate, with the usual outcome! So, ……I personally was particularly happy to get the English article 🙂

    Both articles are now posted:

    14 November 2017: House arrest for Collège Notre-Dame pedophile .

    14 November 2017: House arrest for an abusive ex-brother: He made a victim in a college in Montreal (With original French text) .

    I commend the victim for being so gracious at a difficult time. I personally believe that at least some time behind bars is warranted for every single one of these predators, but I’m guessing that unfortunately costs of looking after inmates with health issues comes into play here and becomes a major factor in determining the where of sentencing.

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