Lambert: Father Gerard

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Gerard Lambert

Priest, Diocese of Mont Laurier, Quebec.  Ordained 10 June 1967.   1994 charged in relation to allegations of sex abuse of six boys ages nine to 13 charges dated to the early 1970s and in 1990-91.  Died, age 52,  September 1994 before standing trial.


The following information is drawn from Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD) which I have on hand, and Media (M)

1994: Died (M)

1994:  address for Diocese of Mont Laurier, Quebec (CCCD)

September 1993:  studying at St. Paul University, Ottawa, Ontario

went for couselling (M)

1991:  Pastor, Christ the King, Maniwaki, Quebec (CCCD)

1985-86:  Nativity Roman Catholic Church, 25 rue de Couvent, Labelle, Quebec (CCCD)  (De Natevite De Marie) (Pastor Father Gadton Potvin)

1973-74: studies, St. Jean the Baptist, St. Boniface, Manitoba (CCCD)

1971-72:  Notre Dame Cathedral, Mont Laurier, Quebec, (Pastor Father Bernard Cloutier)

1968-69 – “vic évêché ” (CCCD)

10 June 1967:  ORDAINED


Priest dies before sexual assault trial

The Ottawa Citizen

20 July 1994

A former parish priest in Maniwaki scheduled to appear in court Monday on sexual assault charges died on the weekend.

Gerard Lambert died Friday at a chalet in Lac des Iles, say Quebec police. The 52-year-old priest was found outside the chalet next to a lawnmower and appeared to have died of heart failure, says Const. Lucy Boult.

An autopsy is scheduled.

Lambert was charged with sexually assaulting boys in Mont-Laurier and Maniwaki. The alleged incidents occurred in the early 1970s and in 1990-91 while Lambert was at Notre-Dame de-Fourvires in Mont-Laurier and at Christ King Church in Maniwaki, police said.

He was alleged to have fondled and masturbated six boys, aged nine to 13.

Lambert had been parish priest at Christ King Church until July 1, 1993. Since last September, he had been studying at Saint Paul University in Ottawa.

Lambert was not active in the church since being charged by police, said Bishop Jean Gratton of the Mont-Laurier diocese.

“He was very concerned about the charges, but he looked to me to be bearing up quite well, says Gratton. Lambert‘s only family members live in the Quebec City area, he added.

Lambert had agreed to go for counselling this year, says Gratton.

“I was very surprised to hear about what happened to him last year, but I knew him as a devoted priest, says Gratton.


Priest charged with sex assaults

The Ottawa Citizen

12 January 1994

A 52-year-old priest has been charged with sexually assaulting boys in Mont-Laurier and Maniwaki. Grard Lambert, now a student at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, is alleged to have fondled and masturbated six boys, aged nine to 13, in the early 1970s and in 1990-91, said police. Lambert was chared in Mont-Laurier court Monday with sexual assault and gross indecency. He faces other charges of gross indecency laid in November. The police investigation began in July after a mother of one of the boys complained. The alleged incidents occurred while Lambert was a parish priest at Notre-Dame-de-Fourvires in Mont-Laurier and at Christ King Church in Maniwaki.

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  1. NORMAN BERARD says:

    Priest Lambert anally raped me and made me suck him off numerous times … along with a Nun who demanded sex from me …I will publish her name later …. this was while I was at Grouard (St. Bernard’s) in Alberta … a Residential School. He was a very creepy and a perverted person without any fear of God.
    My claim was substantiated in full by the Government of Canada: Barbara Yates, Adjudicator, QC who writes : “I want to stress that I accept and believe Mr. Berard’s story.”

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