Lambert: Brother Lawrence Lambert fic

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Lawrence Guy Lambert fic

sometimes referred to as Guy Lambert in Mennaisian documents

Child molester Brother Lawrence is back living in Canada

Canadian-born Religious Brother with the Brothers of Christian Instruction, a religious order of Brothers founded by Jean-Marie de la Mennais and Gabriel Deshayes.  The brothers are also known as La Mennais Brothers , Mennasians or Mannaisians  (They are, specifically,  the Brothers of Christian Instruction of Ploërmel, not to be confused then with the Brothers of Christian Instruction of St. Gabriel)

In late January 2014 the Principal of St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo sent a letter to parents advising that an allegation of sex abuse has been made against Brother Lawrence Lambert dating to 1965 when  Brother Lawrence was teaching at St. Mary’s.

St. Mary’s International School, founded by the Christian Brothers of Instruction in 1954, is an all boys school in Tokyo Japan.   The Brothers are also known as the Mennasian Brothers.  The school was operated and staffed by the Japan district of the Brothers in Canada.  According to its website, St. Mary’s now has close to 1,000 boys from approximately 60 different countries attending classes ranging from Kindergarten (“pre-first grade” ) to high school (four-year college preparatory curriculum.  The Canadian Brothers now form the Province Jean de La Mennais.  Japan and the Philippines  is a Vice Province  – part of the Canadian Province.

There are now allegations that five brothers sexually abused boys at SMIS:  Brother Lawrence Lambert (Guy Lambert); Brother John Paradis fic(Brother Paul-Emile Paradis or Brother Paul Paradis); Brother Benoit Lessard fic (Brother Daniel Lessard).  Brother Lessard died in 1980,   Brother Marcel Villemure fic (Brother Claude Villemure) and Brother Alban Cyr fic

It has also been learned that Frank Selas, a  layman who taught at SMIS, is a child molester.  Ditto Donald Andrews.


Died 08 June 2019

F. Guy Lambert est décédé
paisiblement à l’Infirmerie FIC de La Prairie
le 8 juin 2019 à l’âge de 85 ans,
dont 69 années en tant que Frère de l’Instruction chrétienne.

Fils de Hector Lambert et Marie-Ange Desjarlais,
il est né à Louiseville le 21 décembre 1933.
Il entra au noviciat de Pointe-du-Lac le 15 août 1950
et fit profession perpétuelle le 1er juillet 1956.

Après quelques années d’enseignement en Mauricie,
il partit pour le Japon en 1961.
Il enseigna d’abord à Shizuoka Seiko
et fut supérieur de la communauté de Yokohama.
L’année 1982 marque pour lui le début d’un long et fructueux séjour
à St.Mary’s International School à Tokyo.
Il y fut d’abord enseignant puis principal.
Homme de relation, de joie et de service,
il remplit aussi la fonction de supérieur de sa communauté
et de Provincial adjoint de la mission du Japon et des Philippines.
De retour au Canada en 2014,
il vit de belles années de retraite à Pointe-du-Lac,
avant d’emménager à l’infirmerie en avril 2019.
La mort l’y surprendra pendant son sommeil
quelques semaines plus tard.

Outre sa communauté,
il laisse dans le deuil ses belles-sœurs :
Gertrude Lavaute et Jacqueline Nolet,
de nombreux neveux et nièces,
ainsi que des amis-es un peu partout dans le monde.

La communauté et la famille vous accueilleront
en présence des cendres
jeudi 13 juin 2019 de 19h à 21h
et le vendredi 14 juin à compter de 10h
à la Maison funéraire St-Louis,
11900 Notre-dame O.
Trois-Rivières(secteur Pointe-du-Lac)

Les funérailles auront lieu
en cette église de Ponte-du-Lac
le vendredi 14 juin 2019 à 11 h.

L’inhumation aura lieu
au cimetière de la communauté .


Google translation

F. Guy Lambert passed away
peacefully at the La Prairie FIC Infirmary
on June 8, 2019 at the age of 85,
including 69 years as a Brother of Christian Instruction.

Son of Hector Lambert and Marie-Ange Desjarlais,
He was born in Louiseville on December 21, 1933.
He entered the novitiate of Pointe-du-Lac on August 15, 1950
and made perpetual profession on July 1, 1956.

After a few years of teaching in Mauricie,
he left for Japan in 1961.
He first taught Shizuoka Seiko
and was superior of the Yokohama community.
The year 1982 marks for him the beginning of a long and fruitful stay
at St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo.
He was first teacher then principal.
Man of relationship, joy and service,
he also fulfills the function of superior of his community
and Deputy Provincial of the Mission of Japan and the Philippines.
Back in Canada in 2014,
he has a great retirement in Pointe-du-Lac,
before moving to the infirmary in April 2019.
Death will surprise him during his sleep
few weeks later.

In addition to his community,
he leaves to mourn his sisters-in-law:
Gertrude Lavaute and Jacqueline Nolet,
many nephews and nieces,
as well as friends all over the world.

The community and the family will welcome you
in the presence of ashes
Thursday, June 13, 2019 from 7 pm to 9 pm
and Friday, June 14 from 10am
at St. Louis Funeral Home,
11900 Our Lady O.
Trois-Rivières (Pointe-du-Lac area)

The funeral will take place
in this church of Ponte-du-Lac
Friday, June 14, 2019 at 11 am

Interment will take place
at the community cemetery.


Scroll down page to “Media Coverage & Blogs” for further details on the abuse and cover-up



21 January 2014:  Brother Lawrence Lambert fic apology to his victim (one of two)

21 January 2014:  Brother Lawrence Lambert fic apology to his victim (one of two)

21 January 2014:   Apology by Brother Raymond  Ducharme fic as VP to Brother Lawrence victim

21 January 2014:  Apology by Brother Michel Jutras fic signed by Brother Raymond Ducharme fic


Letters & Documents of Interest

Agreement (First draft) with Brother Lawrence victim and Brothers of Christian Instruction Japan-Philippines (blog commentary attached)

BLOG  Making the problem go away commentary on the Saburo Kagei letter of 18 November 2014

18 November 2014:  Saburo Kagei letter re appointment of panel of experts for inquiry into allegations of abuse (TEXT file)

18 November 2014:  Saburo Kagei letter re appointment of panel of experts for inquiry into allegations of abuse (original pdf file)

04 October 2014:   Kagei letter to parents and alumni re contact by victims and talk of some sort of inquiry

 11 September 2014:   Kagei letter Alumni Letter acknowledging he knew of Brother Lawrence apology January 2014 and victim came forward May 2013

2014 :  Statement re abuse by Brothers Marcel Villeneuve fic & Lawrence Lambert fic

23 December 2013:  Brother Raymond Ducharme email  explaining  bumps in life balls of both victim and Brother Lawrence, and that there is a “potential abuser” in everyone.”

11 December 2013:  “RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES”  Brothers of Christian Instruction  Declaration to send money to To Australia to finance victim’s trip to meet with brothers in Tokyo (filed to comply with tax law)

24 October 2013:  Brother Raymond Ducharme asks victim to send copy for fees for trip and references Brother John Paradis apology

“From December 7 and 11, we are available to meet you. For the fee of the trip, if you send me a copy of the bill and the information necessary to send you money by bank account or to give you money another way, we will be pleased to do so.

“I have asked the superior of br. John Paradis in Canada to get in touch with br. John, and see what could be done for the apology. By the way, actually his name is Paul-Émile but “John”, I think, was his religious name, which was taken when a brother made his profession as brother: that was the way of doing things in the past). I am still waiting for his final answer, I believe that, anyway, br. Paradis is very sad about what happened to you and regret the whole thing. Since he is now a 87-year-old man, I wonder if it will be possible but I hope that he might do something.”

10 November 2013:   Trouble at the Embassy (Statement signed by victim’s mother recalling events which transpired after son was sodomised by Brother Lawrence)

Trouble at the Embassy (text version of above with pseudonyms rather than redactions for  many of the names)


Media Coverage & Blogs

20 April 2016:  “Japan Catholic school sex-abuse victims demand to be heard” & related articles

19 August 2015: BLOG Rife with secrecy and conflict of interest

16 August 2015:  Australian diplomat’s son in Tokyo St Mary’s child sexual abuse story

11 May 2015:  Sylvia’s Site article  Duplicituous Duo

06 May 2015:  BLOG Trouble at the Embassy

04 May 2015:  BLOG An exercise in futility

02 May 2015:  BLOG Bumps on balls

30 April 2015:  BLOG  “Religious Activities”

29 April 2015:  BLOG Gang raped by two brothers

29 April 2015:  A child rape at St. Mary’s school in Tokyo, then a 50-year wait for closure

15 April 2015:  BLOG “Done once

21 November 2014:  BLOG  Does he have the best interests of victims in mind?

19 November 2014:  BLOG Making the problem go away

27 October 2014:  Former St. Mary’s teachers faced child sex abuse charges in U.S.

27 October 2014:  St. Mary’s school in Tokyo to investigate child sex abuse after teacher’s rape confession

27 October 2014:  St. Mary’s school in Tokyo to investigate child sex abuse after teacher’s rape confession

06 October 2014:  BLOG SMIS sex abuse scandal

01 September 2014:  St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo rocked by sexual abuse claims

28 April 2014:  BLOG “I had sex with bro Lawrence”

03 April 2014: BLOG  More on the Brothers and SMIS

02 April 2014: BLOG  New pictures of Brothers

20 February 2014:  BLOG  Three of them

12 February 2014L  BLOG  A bit of a challenge

10 February 2014:  BLOG  Allegations against Canadian brother in Japan


The Letter to Parents

The following is the text of a letter posted on St. Mary’s International School Labor Dispute website 01 February 2014:

Dear Parents,

In recent days, it has come to the attention of the school administration that an allegation of sexual misconduct has been made against Br. Lawrence Lambert by a former student. The misconduct allegedly occurred in 1965 when Br. Lawrence was a teacher at the first St. Mary’s campus in Sengakuji.

After the school administration learned of the situation, we notified the local Japanese police authority and the Archdiocese of the Catholic Church in Tokyo. Both agencies are conducting investigations with the school’s full cooperation. While the investigation is ongoing, Br. Lawrence Lambert is prohibited from having any contact with students, staff or parents at SMIS.

Please feel free to discuss this with your son if you feel it is appropriate, although some of this information may not be appropriate to share with early elementary age students. As always, please be reminded that our counselors are ready to provide guidance and support to you or your sons in any way.

I would like to emphasize that we are resolute in our determination to ensure the safety of all students. Additional information will be shared as deemed appropriate.


Saburo Kagei


The Website

01 February 2014:  The end of Culture of Silence? (St Marys International School Labour Dispute website posts copy of the letter and breaks the news that a letter has been sent to parents re sex abuse allegations against Brother Lawrence Lambert.  Scroll down for several comments)

20 February 2014: St. Mary’s International School Labor Dispute Forum (forum set up to address sex abuse allegations against Brother Lawrence)


2010:  Brother Lawrence Lambert fic celebrates his 60th anniversary (English article in Contact – Brothers of Christian Instruction)

1963:    Group picture of Brothers of Christian Instruction after a retreat at St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo (Brother Lawrence Lambert is Brother Guy Lambert.  This is Page 8 from April 2010 edition of LaMennais magazine)

On the occasion of Brother Marcel’s 60th anniversary, Brother  Guy Lambert talks of the time the pair spent in England, travels to Japan in 1961, and parting in 1966 (Brother Marcel is the name under which Brother Claude Villemure is known in Japan) (French text – extract from 19 October 2012 Contacts )

October 2012:  Br. Lambert speech at Brother Marcel’s 60th (re their time in England in 60s with Br. Lessard etc.)  (English translation)


Brother Lawrence is introduced during this October 2010 tour of the prestigious St. Mary’s International School’s new campus



The first day of school, September 1969

St. Mary’s International School, Japan.  Silent video clip


Unless otherwise indicated the following information is drawn from St. Mary’s International School Labor Dispute website (SMISLD)  and the article in Contact re Br. Lawrence 60th anniversary celebrations in 2010 (C)

08 June 2019:  DIED.  Had been resident at La Prairie FIC infirmary since April 2019 (Obit)

April 2019:  moved to the La Prairie FIC infirmary (Obit)

2014-2019:  retired and living in Pointe-du-Lac, Quebec (Obit)

2014:  Back living in Canada (Obit)

31 January 2014:  Letter sent to “Parents” from Saburo Kagei, current Headmaster at St. Mary’s International School. Tokyo (SMISLD)

It seems that Brother Lawrence has been teaching and/or Principal at St. Mary’s from 1982 until this year?

06 October 2012:  travelled to Philippines for 25th anniversary of the La Mennais Brothers in the country  (pp 47 & 48, Contacts 19 October 2012, pp 47-48,  personal account travels to Japan )

2011:  -announcement in 15 February 2011 Contact magazine that he will retire at the end of the school year.  Referred to in article as Frère Lawrence (Guy) Lambert  (Contacts 15 February 2011, page 12 – text French)

– until mid year doing layout for Contacts, a monthly publication of the Brothers of Christian Instruction Japan and Philippine -referred to in credits as Brother Guy Lambert) (OC)

2010:  celebrates 60th anniversary as a religious brother with the Brothers 0f Christian Instruction.  He is teaching  at St. Mary’s International School (C)

– doing layout for Contacts, a monthly publication of the Brothers of Christian Instruction Japan and Philippine *referred to in credits as as Brother Guy Lambert)

– listed as Principal. Tokyo Community  (Brothers of Christian Instruction 2010 administrative report)

2009Brothers with Brothers of Christian Instruction November 2009

2009:  Principal at St. Mary’s Elementary Elementary school, Tokyo (St. Mary’s International School) ( Lambert principal 2009)

(Brothers of Christian Instruction 2010 administrative report)

2009Brothers with Brothers of Christian Instruction November 2009



1985:  Assistant Headmaster & Elementary Principal

September 1982: Principal at St. Mary’s Elementary Elementary School, Tokyo (St. Mary’s International School ) – named Vice-Provincial to mission in Japan (while VP he opened the mission in the Phillipines) (C)

1980-81:  year of spiritual renewal in Rome.  Stayed with the Capuccini Fathers in San Lorenzo di Brindisi (C)

1975-1979:  Superior of Shizuoka community (C)

Summer 1971:  assisting at Camp Chimikepp.  During the summers in the 60s the SMIS boys were regularly taken to Camp Chimikepp (see picture: Brother Lawrence Lambert at Camp Chimekepp 1971 – with Brother Roger)

January 1971:  Seiko Gakuin, Shizuoka to teach catechism in English (C)

1968 – 1970:  in Japan studying Japanese at Tokyo Nihongo Center (C)  —  see below, was teaching at SMIS while he was studying Japanese?

1970:  St. Mary’s yearbook – Picture below:

Brother Lawrences 1970_Redacted

1970:  St. Mary’s yearbook has picture of Brother Lawrence with Faculty – teaching English (see pic top of page)

1969:  SMIS yearbook shows Brother Lambert as Grade 6 teacher (see pic at top of page)

1969 school year:  see picture below – assisting at First Friday Mass at St. Mary’s International School (he appears to be singing?)  (Click photo to enlarge)

 Lawrence Lambert SMIS 1969 Year Book-Religion faces redacted




1966:  back to visit in Canada, then to Washington DC to study theology (studied Thiellard de Chardin) .  While in Washington stayed at the Capuchin residence. (C)

1961-1966 :  St. Mary’s International School – taught Grade 3 for two years, Grade 5 for two years, and Grade 6 for one year (C)

– sex abuse allegations date to 1965

_ was at Pell Wall Hall School with Brother Lessard.  It looks as though Brothers Lessard and Marcel Villemure  probably landed in Japan and started teaching at St. Mary’s a the same time as Brother Lawrence?   They were definitely both there in 1963

1959 – 1961:  teaching at Pell Wall Hall School, (St. Joseph’s College) Market Drayton, Shropshire,  England (the stately mansion, acquired by the brothers 1928,  was abandoned in 1962 and sold in 1965. )

Before heading for England taught at St. Charles de Mandeville for one year.   Taught at St. Yves de Pointe-du-Lac (Trois-rivieres, Quebec) for two years.  Taught at Lafleche de Grand-Mere for two years.  Taught at St Marc of Shawinigan, Quebec for one year (C)

01 July 1956:  Perpetual profession (Obit)

15 August 1950:  entered the Novitiate (C)

1948:  joined the FIC Brothers in Pointe-du-Lac Quebec for formation (C)

mid 40s ?:  in Grade 7 spent six months at Louisville, Quebec boarding school which was run by Brothers of Christian Instruction attended primary school Numéro 2 du Rang Beauséjour at Louiseville, Quebec. (C)

DOB:  21 December 1933  (C) in Louiseville, Quebec (obit)

58 Responses to Lambert: Brother Lawrence Lambert fic

  1. a heartbroken alumnus says:

    This is a shock to hear, as an alumnus of St. Mary’s International School. Many years ago, St. Mary’s was the best school in Tokyo for expat children. Now, the American School in Japan, Yokohama International School, and St. Maur International School have over taken my alma mater. This is too sad.

    I ask myself, “Why can’t all brothers be sincere, genuine and holy like the good brothers I knew; these brothers were not pedophiles. They were professional and kept safe boundaries. I recall good brothers such as Brs. Trudel, Fernand, Gervais, Julien, Andre, and Charles Desjarlais?” This breaks my heart.

  2. do not wish to leave name says:

    Why in the article you have for October 12, 2012 why does Brother Lawrence write using the pseudo name Brother Guy Lambert … what was he attempting to hide from. Brothers do not just change names. … was it a dark secret from perhaps the days in England and the mystery closing of that school. If you are reading tis Brother Lawrence please tell us why the name change?

    • Sylvia says:

      Religious brothers have both their given name and a religious name, the latter the name of a Saint whose name they take prior final voes and usually whom they wish to emulate. I believe Brother Lawrence’s given name is Guy and his religious name is Lawrence.

      I have been told that in more recent years many religious brothers prefer to be called by their given name.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Picture of Brother Lawrence from 1970 St. Mary’s yearbook added to page. Brother Lawrence is listed with Faculty – on the same page as Brothers Charles, Trudel and Michel, and Chaplain Father Felix Verwilghen cicm. Father Verwilghen , of Belgian birth, was a priest with the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  4. Yuu says:

    Slyvia, your due diligence on documenting these cases is legendary!

    This case with Brother Lawrence has blindsided the whole school community. It’s helpful that you are able to get in there and publish teaching records, photos and information we otherwise would not know. Keep up the great work–you’re a beacon to victims.

  5. Dennis says:

    I would like to know how long it is since the administration FIRST
    knew about the allegations. I would like to know why he was permitted
    on school property. An a cussed should not be on ANY school land. But
    it seems he was recently farmed out to another of the Mennasian

    Endangerment is a crime surely?

    We now need administration to come clean. The letter to parents would
    not have been sent without VERY GOOD proof.

    If any one knows please share it here. We need to know.

    We also need to know if parents will be paying legal bills for Brother

    We need to know Canada as the organization with control over SMIS pays
    all associated costs and compensation.

    If the brothers knew and did nothing they should be jailed. We could
    operate the school free of them .

    And we have heard nothing of how the school is supporting the victim.
    So much for compassion

  6. Sylvia says:

    Another picture of Brother Lambert added – 1985 – Assistant Headmaster & Elementary Principal

  7. a heartbroken alumnus says:

    I remember Br. Lawrence as a nice man who is very kind. I was not at the school for elementary school. I was never under the impression that he would molest a child. This news took me by shock and was upsetting. Many alumni are upset by the news.

    However, we must let the investigation go on. Most of us did not know what happened back in 1965. I only hope and pray that the truth will come out.

  8. there is no honesty left at SMIS says:

    A phone call to SMIS local KOBAN (Police station) revealed no knowledge of any sex crime being reported by SMIS. The police officer was so curious and advised he would know if such a crime had been reported to them.

    A phone call to KEIDHICHO (Police head quarters at Kasumigaseki also drew blanks, there was no knowledge of any sex crime being reported involving foreigners and children in years. eg no reporting of Brother Lawrence seems likely. It was revealed that any allegations must be reported by schools immediately AT ANY TIME OF THE DAY OR NIGHT. It was advised that it was a breach of Child Welfare Law for a school or a teacher not to report allegations immediately to the National Police.

    THESE PHONE CALLS TO POLICE WERE MADE BY A NATIVE JAPANESE SPEAKER (not a foreigner where language may be misunderstood.

    Mr Kagei the Headmaster asserted on January 31 2014 he reported the allegations against Brother Lawrence. It appears this is was not truthful.

    The school is now saying that Brother Michel will not be back, and that the Headmaster is not available.

    Who else will be removed? Any of the brothers who knew and did nothing will now be ethically required to be removed from any position where they have contact with children.

    Please read the comment on Brother Lessard on Sylvia’s Site.

    The school updates its Facebook page to show a nice and pure snow fall, but is silent on something not so pure falling over the school.

  9. a heartbroken alumnus says:

    Saburo Kagei is Japanese and speaks Japanese well; I even heard him.

    Br. Michel has been fired, as President of the Board of Directors of St. Mary’s, and removed from St. Mary’s by his superiors for covering up; that is what I heard from a reliable source. Br. Michel can no longer go onto the grounds of St. Mary’s. This act was done by the Provincial in Quebec and the Vice-Provincial in Japan, as I heard from a reliable source.

  10. a heartbroken alumnus says:

    any way, it was Sab Kagei who called the police. He speaks Japanese very well and I even heard him speak Japanese.

    • Ken says:

      His Japanese sucks. Are you deaf?

      • "ditto" Kagei must go (with so many others including Brother Michel) says:

        Kagei is not an ethnic Japanese, Japanese is his second language. And, yes it is adequate but not fluent. If you were fluent or a native speaker “a heartbroken alumnus” you would pick this up if you listen to him. We can all perhaps sound fluent in foreign languages in short bursts, but to go to a Police Station and make a statement requires fluency (or an interpreter).

  11. TA in Tokyo says:

    there is no honesty left at SMIS:

    I wouldn’t expect the police to answer questions over the phone about an on-going investigation. Would you? If you went in and reported an incident, PERHAPS they might tell you that the alleged perpetrator is under investigation. They might not. At least not until charges are laid.

    If you have something to report, PLEASE, go to the police.

  12. there is no honesty left at SMIS says:

    Good to know Brother Michel has been given the ax. Cover ups are a criminal offence. Will the Japanese National Police now charge him? Let us hope the Provencal in Canada does not block a criminal investigation and spirit him back to Canada. If he is sent back to Canada prior to Police investigating it will be writing on the wall for Bro Gabriel the Provencal in Canada.

    But I heard on the Vice Provincal also knew about the allegations at the same time as Brother Michel. So isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black? Oh, by the way Brother Michel was boozing with the Singapore Alumni chapter on Tuesday January 28th, just days before he and Kagei were both boozing with Alumni in Boston. Looks like the days of partying at Alumni expense have gone … the free whiskey and business class airline tickets was good while it lasted. Check out the Alumni Facebook sites. They don’t comment on the sex allegations but feature Brother Michel .. the party boy.

    How do we know Kagei actually called police over this. Of course he speaks Japanese. But isn’t is strange he put out the parent letter on January 31st and then flew off to party in Boston

    As I advised KEIDHICHO (Police head quarters at Kasumigaseki) had avised less than one week ago they had NO knowledge of ANY sex crime committed by a foreigner against a child in recent years.

    Nice to see Silvia’s Canadian blog has both Bros Lawrence and Michel featured in the 2010 St Mary’s video presentation. The only 2 brothers featured and both involved in pedopilia.

  13. a heartbroken alumnus says:

    I know that the Provincial will cooperate with the authorities. I know the Archbishop is cooperating with the police too. Br. Robert Smyth and Archbishop Okada did help out an alumnus of St. Mary’s, who was bullied and molested by his peers, to bring closure to what had happened to him. The alumnus is a devout Catholic who became a Catholic while at St. Mary’s as a result of the bullying & sex abuse by his peers. That alumnus is now happy and has forgiven the classmates who hurt him and the school’s lay administrators who covered it all up.

    Alumni gathering are planned far in advance. If a school administrator goes, the alumni chapter pays for the expenses. It would not have been wise to have Sab Kagei throw away the plane ticket and hotel room. Alumni would have been upset.

    Yes, many alumni and former teachers know and are heartbroken and upset as I am. It has been talked about among alumni. I thank Sylvia for her hard work. She is a woman of faith!!!

  14. there is no honesty left at SMIS says:

    That is fine, but how about a public comment? Nothing more from Kagei, and not one word from the Archbishop.

    The Archbishop could issue a simple pastoral message that he has launched an inquiry into allegations and it will be led by “@##$$/

  15. raphaella Sakuma says:

    Why wait 49 years to make such an allegation ? Whether it comes true or not, it might only leave a trail of destruction and sufferance in its wake.

    • Sylvia says:

      The trail of destruction and sufferance belongs to the victim and no one else.

      No, apologies. On second thought in many cases it belongs also to the victim’s family, and sometimes to his close friends.

      I remind you that if there is one victim there are without doubt more. Who are they? Where are they? What do your cold indifferent words say to them?

      • Katherina says:

        I must remind you about statistics. It is a difficult subject.

        If there is one victim then there must be more. That is such a false statement.

        Your statement would agree with such a situation as: I robbed a bank, I killed the first guard, but the second killed me, so who are the other victims? Your logic is weird my friend.

        Example 2: No one ever has to win a lottery no matter if the sales are infinite.

        I do feel for those involved, however, your comments are always emotional and not factual nor containing verifiable support to back the emotional ranting.

        Fix that, and you shall be more reputable.


        • PJ says:

          Kat…go back to the world of academia and your stats books, your rant is not pertinent on this site. There are usually more victims, tertiary or otherwise. on this site we are dedicated to bringing pervert collars to justice, we’re not interested in your ridiculous comments, they are not welcomed here. Go make your arguments on stats amongst your colleagues, they would appreciate the dialogue. Goodbye.

        • 1 abandoned sheep says:

          Katerina, here is a statistic for you !
          About 1 out of every 42 posters here is an imposter, a troll, or, in too many cases, a religious, (a Priest or Nun or a C Brother) who need to spill some bile on suffering victims. Where do you fit in ?

        • B says:


          If you are so interested in statistics, have you looked at any? For example experts in the US have established that typical sexual predators abuse an average of 117 children. Also, only 1-10% of abuses are ever reported.

          How can you choose to believe, when every statistic points in the other direction, that the statement “if there is one victim there must be more” is “emotional?” What is your agenda? What is your relationship to the school administration or to the accused?

  16. B says:


    If you would be willing to study the subject of child molestation, you will find that most victims spend so long in denial, in hating and blaming themselves, in trying to get past their self-harming reactions to the abuse to discover who they really are, and in finding their voices (which were suppressed by the abuser ordering them to keep silent) that it’s only in later life that they are finally able to express the inexpressible.

    In addition, they have spent so many years fearing that if they spoke out, they would not be believed. Can you see how your reaction only confirms their fears?

    No, the “trail of destruction and suffering” is not caused by the victims telling the truth. It is created by the perpetrators, and needs to be carefully brought to the light and scrutinized, for healing to begin. Hiding and denying this suffering only gives molesters the message that they can get away with their monstrous acts.

  17. Mother of a former student at SMIS says:

    Bravo Sylvia.

    What wonderful expression in trying to explain what only a victim can know. No one can really know how they feel.

    Sexual abuse of children is a crime against humanity.

    SMIS must learn to adjust and grow from this horrific part of its history just as Germans have from the legacy of WW2. I put those who want the past history of SMIS forgotten in the same category as those who deny that places such as Dachau existed in WW2.

    • Katherina says:

      Would you like them to build a monument and museum on the ball field?

      Moving on means never forgetting the past, but it also means healing and working and moving forward.

      These old old men that did this alleged molesting, should be brought to justice (even the dead ones) if it can be proved, but we still must move on and make everything as safe as possible for our children.

      How do you plan to do that? I am very curious.

      I am serious. I challenge you as I want to see you reach further heights in justice for kids.


      • JG says:

        Cold Kat,
        What have YOU done besides acting like a cold wet noodle?…and I am being polite! Your statistical approach, your answering a question with another question may be of value in a boardroom meeting but showing your lack of emotion only says one thing: you are using a lot less of your brain than you think you are!
        You wish to “elevate” ….to a new height in Justice for kids!
        You couldn’t do a worst job if you were a clam under a foot of sand, professor!
        Fix yourself! You’re so limited!

        • PJ says:

          Well said..”Kat” is so far out of touch with the real world…must be book overload.

          • JG says:

            She’s a new version of the same old approach that says “get over it”!!! Been hearing that for several years now from so many “battlefields”…I hope she finds her emotions, wherever they have been misplaced in favor of a career….
            Practical, educated, methodical can make a difference if it is well seasoned with humanity.
            “Smart” is what we have been getting from a lot of the educated abusing priests and brothers. That is probably why this approach feels so offensive.
            There is nothing “mathematical” here to satisfy an arrogant “brain”. She needs to visit the trenches or she’ll continue telling everyone we “can always eat cake!”…

        • PJ says:

          jg: Also funny how these trolls always disappear once we take them to task…cowards just like the pervert collars and their defenders. Run and hide kat…the yellow on your back is showing!

          • JG says:

            I don’t think we should ever wish for any possible “protectors” of children to go away but they should certainly and very humbly try to wear a victim’s shoes…and just walk a short distance to understand. In this case I wonder if it is not a culture thing where emotions are a sign of weakness in a stoic society???…I don’t know but I have a feeling it would be a perfect environment for the abusers to “proliferate”…
            The message to the victims would be to move on, appreciate the education you received in “exchange”….pretend nothing happened: heads-up, chin-out, shoulders back and forget the weight of emotions!…
            Even the well educated can always use more of it: education ….! Kat didn’t run away! She is looking down on us and really doesn’t understand why we were not impressed. Maybe she will make the effort, if she is legitimate and wants to hear the truth. She needs to challenge herself first or chose to remain in a fantasy of “statistics”, official reports or “academic opinions”…
            Just read more of the testimonies on this site and weep, if she can.

  18. there is no honesty left at SMIS says:

    Raphaella, if you are the same Raphaella Sakuma who is a professor of French at the Sacred Heart University in Tokyo you seem to have no idea of the requirements of academia and the need for sound research. I sincerely hope this is another Raphaella Sakuma. Any Professor at a university should be a person of scholarship based on evidence. A Professor at a Catholic University whilst enjoying academic independence, should not become embroiled in a SMIS issue.

    If this is you, I hope the University and other academics becomes aware of this. The university will be made aware of the suggestion it is you who made this outrage, and I hope the university will distance themselves from a Professor who seems to be making outrageous statements trying to be an apologist for another arm of the Catholic Church.

    If this is you I hope you both apologize on this site and rescind your offensive remarks.

  19. there is no honesty left at SMIS says:

    MICKEY DEEZ suggests on the Labor Dispute site today to contact the Koban (Police Station) in Futakotamagawaen may be the place to ask.

    Well Mickey, I had a native Japanese speaker phone them today and ask about any St Mary’s allegation, and to speak to anyone who may be investigating. After speaking with many officers there, no one was aware of anything, no child sexual abuse cases involving foreigners. Just like the other calls, all have been a waste of oxygen.

    If the school has reported it perhaps it was to Police in Quebec where the Order is based? Or perhaps Ulan Bator may have been a good place to hide it? The evidence is clear it was seemingly not reported in Japan

  20. Sylvia says:

    I have heard that Brother Lawrence has been relocated to a Japanese school within the school corporation in Shizuoka.

    Would that be Seiko Gakuin Shizuoka, the Japanese school which. like SMIS, is run by the Brothers of Christian Instruction? I assume it is but may be mistaken.

    Anyway, that’s the word via the grapevine as to where he is right now. Still very much around children I’d say?

    I thought that by now he might have been packed onto a plane and sent back home to Quebec?

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Chaput is not as great as you make him out to be! Just look at these cases alone.
      They go back many years, and though Chaput was not there at the time , he was in another Diocese where there was plenty of abuse.
      I am surprised when some people here are content with there being ONLY A FEW cases of sexual abuse. The goal is supposed to be NO CASES OF SEXUAL ABUSE BY MEMBERS OF THE CLERGY !
      It seems that some are content to minimize it as long as it is not in their own backyard !

  21. a heartbroken alumnus says:

    Here is a case of a pioneer with dealing with clergy abuse. He took action as a new Bishop.

  22. there is no honesty left at SMIS says:

    With no response it was seemingly the Raphaella Sakuma from Sacred Heart University who responded above.

    Clearly you were no expected to be “outed”. Oops, outed can also refer to your sexuality choice.

  23. parody says:

    So, any new news?

  24. Former alum says:

    I have taken classes from Mr. Kagei and also had him as a track coach. I know him to be very sensible. It seems to me that adequate time needs to be given for the investigation to run its course.

    • there is no honesty at SMIS says:

      FORMER ALUMNI, are you for real? It has been almost two months since Kagei released his letter. No investigation takes that long to start, and it has quite obviously not begun. As we see here on Sylvia’s site, and the Labor Dispute site, there has been no police investigation which would be a precursor to any investigation. Kagei has fobbed off any parents who ask for progress.

      IT IS QUITE OBVIOUS THAT HIS MASTERS IN QUEBEC HAVE SILENCED HIM. This would be the reason for no investigation, and no reporting.

      As a former student he probably prefers that so that no one is aware of any sessions he had with Brother Lessard when he was a SMIS student. He would no doubt be ashamed to have students and staff know if he was called to that little office on the roof to show Brother Lessard how he masturbated. I wonder if these sessions were photographed by Brother John? Perhaps he is afraid of this too? If the pedophiles at SMIS had posted photos of him masturbating on an illegal web site it would be most irritating for him to even think of, and hence start an investigation.

  25. Balogna on White says:

    Howdy! If you really want to see a sex scandal in blown out proportions, look at the JapanTimes from last week. Front Page, top story! ASIJ That teacher puts this brother Lawrence to shame with his antics, even though it was a guy into little girls. Pedos have no class.

  26. Simon Scott says:

    Hi! My name is Simon Scott and I am a Tokyo-based freelance journalist who is a regular contributor to the Japan Times. I am also the Japan correspondent for the New Zealand Herald. Many of the stories I have published are up on the web, so Google: Simon Scott + Japan Time etc., if you want to check out previous stuff I have written.

    I am currently researching a story about sexual abuse at St. Mary’s International School for the Japan Times and want to communicate with anyone who has any relevant information. I would like to talk with not just the victims of the abuse, but also anyone who may have information they feel could help with my story or who may be able to put me in contact with someone who does. I fully understand this is a sensitive topic and be rest assured that I won’t disclose the identity of any sources who wish to remain anonymous.

    Please email me at my personal email address:

    Simon Scott.

  27. Alumni in hiding: par for the course, ditto Kagei says:

    Barol Shinjyuku : It does not surprise me that the Facebook photo has been deleted. After all the photos of Brother Michel and Kagei at their booze-ups with alumni in Singapore and Boston were deleted very quickly after the scandal Kagei kindly quasi-created on this site with his letter to parents.

    Kagei you will have to go. Your cover-ups are notorious. How could you go on an expense paid trip after releasing that letter?

    You audacious comment that the matter was being investigated by the Archbishop in Tokyo and the Japan Police were another of your cover ups.

    And you who were taught by Brother Lessard at times in grade 6 have said nothing, nothing about these allegations on this site. Yes, it may be embarrassing to say that perhaps you too were a victim of Brother Lessard and/or possibly his band pedophiles, however you should have stood up and spoken.

    You will not arise from the ashes, you had your chance. There might be an Indian village school who will take you on as a teacher, no one will have you as a headmaster or teacher in authority.

    Protectors of pedophiles invariably do it for one reason: to cover up for their own behavior/s. If the shoe fits, you will have to wear it, along side of Brother Michel and the others who while not accused of pedophilia to my knowledge, but who have created an ecosystem to allow it to thrive and multiply at SMIS.

    • Ken says:

      Kagei most definitely needs to resign.

      He should not be in a position of authority.

      He hides behind a facade of being a righteous Jesus lover and follower. However, he shows total lack of respect for his teachers, staff and self. To lie is a given right by this so called head master.

      Lining up each morning while dropping off our kids at school, and seeing that man do that dumb archaic American Black Man fist pump daily makes us want to puke.

      Does he think that God will forgive him for his wanton lack of real faith and justice? Does he think that going to the campus Priest Jim will absolve him of his sins? This man lives in a fairy tale.

      Retire now! Go back to Boston or where ever else you try to make believe with that accent you come from.

      By the way, most of the Alumni made believe they thought it was like cool for you to show in NY on the dole once again using tuition monies this past summer.

      Retire now!

      • No need to retire: Kagei says:

        There is no need for Kagei to retire.

        Just watch the press in Japan over September and Fall, and you will see why there will be no need for him to retire. He will be dismissed. He won’t be flaunting himself at the Alumni 60th, but hiding his head in shame.

        GO KAGEI !!! Your involvement in the cover-ups of the molestation at SMIS of which you have first hand knowledge will be your downfall.

        ps Are you going to tel us about your little sessions with Brother Lessard when you were a student? You probably enjoyed them, hence your lack of comment so far. But “all will come out in the wash”.

        • Jen Yatz says:

          Kagei was fortunate to have rich parents with connections that got him his initial posting at SMIS as an elementary teacher. Perhaps it was a sure thing because he experienced Brother Lessard’s passions…only Kagei knows for certain.

          His reputation as a SMIS student was an odd little boy that was picked on because he never fit in, and was often the brunt of others whims. This carried on in his early years as a teacher sitting on the lap of his old PE teacher drinking beer in the gym (gotta love the good old days!), while even then he was humiliated with pats on the head and bearing the brunt of his peers jokes. These formative years helped produce the Kagei we see today…a conniving…butt kissing…sycophant that pretends to have the interests of children in mind…but when tested under actual conditions that need an authentic advocate for the children, find him absent sucking up and protecting his masters/fellow pedophiles, thus throwing the injured under the bus.

          Why?? Where does his power come from?? How does a little twerp like him spend only a couple years in the classroom, only to rise to his current level of admin with no experience?? It certainly was not due to his experience, training, or any skill set that one would want to see in a top notch private school…could it be that he has taken butt kissing to a literal level and capitalized on sodomy essentially selling his ass for money and power??

          Much like observing celestial events, perhaps it would be easiest to study his wife’s current ascendance at St. Mary’s sister school Seisen. She is following a similar unexplained path up the administration hierarchy, and plainly put she is veritable, stupid introvert! There is simply no explanation to her success as one only has to do a brief survey of the current staff , including the many that are exiting this year due in great part to her catastrophic ineffectiveness and bullying. The probability of one idiot rising through the ranks is questionable…but the chance of multiple challenged folks getting there indicates there is an interesting story under the surface. As they say…follow the money and the positions of power. Even the blessed can’t pray their way to the top like this!

  28. Kagei is overing up "again" says:

    Why doesn’t Kagei name the Japan National Police section or person who a person can contact? No one in their right mind would go through the school eg the perpetrators. Kagei we are not stupid.

    Kagei why don’t you publish the apology from Brother Lawrence?

    Why don’t you say when you found out, your letter reeks of another cover up like your January letter.

    Will the Order announce that after Brother Lawrence’s apology for sexual assault that he will be made available to Police in Japan.

    Will the Order remove him from the Order, eg kick him out, or have they? We need to know.

    Kagei your letter shows this is fact not allegation. What is the Order doing for his victim?

  29. SMIS forum site is going wild says:

    No sooner has Sylvia posted the Alumni and the SMIS site has numerous posts!

    Sylvia will you be the first to tell us that it is now Mr Lambert, and will you be the first to tell us what exactly he apologized for? What ever he did must be very high end for him to seemingly attempt to plea bargain. It must be without precedent for a child molester to apologize to a victim before going to a court trial. We can but assume that he is at the upper end of the scale.

    But why and how is he out of Japan? Wouldn’t a transparent school like SMIS hand him to the Japanese Police? The Brothers don’t have money, it is not as if he could buy his own ticket and escape. But perhaps those who condone these types of behaviors bought him a First class ticket on Ethiad or Emirates back to Canada via their hubs in the Gulf?

    I can see Sylvia off to Tokyo to be interviewed by the Japan Times before long. The story as to how she gets all her facts is a story in its self. There must be District Attorney’s who would like her on staff.

  30. disgusted says:

    put the sick bastard in jail until he dies.

  31. Freedom of information needed at St. Mary's says:

    It is hard to believe that Lambert (Lawrence) got promoted to top positions at Brothers of Christian Instruction Japan when it may be perceived at this point that he was promoted after being known to other Brothers in Japan that he was a predator, although not alone. Was he jokingly promoted for euphoria sake? It is black humor. It is sacrilegious. It is known that the late Bro. Isidore had the final say in things possibly even after 2000, although he was in retirement from the 80s. Bro. Isidore’s professionalism should be re-appraised. Even for those who were in management such as Mr. Hauet. Many in management can now be deemed tainted for long, with unbalanced, biased, and warped ‘common sense’ pressed on unfortunate students who come to sense the situation.

    For example, who were getting scholarships at St. Mary’s and for what reasons, how much, for how many times? I am not saying that some recipients got them for return of pedophile services but information on reasons for scholarships need to be transparent and contestable if found strange.

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